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Telstra Day: Apple iPhone 12 64GB $949, Oppo Find X3 Pro 5G $999, Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G $448 w/ Eligible Mobile Plan @ Telstra


Telstra Day this Thursday
Apple iPhone 12 Now $949. Save $250 when you add to an Eligible Mobile plan.
Oppo Find X3 Pro 5G Now $999. Save $500 when you add to an Eligible Mobile plan.
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G Now $448. Save $200 when you add to an Eligible Mobile plan.
Home internet deal - Save $20/mth for 6 months on selected home internet plans. For new customers. If you leave within 24 months, simply return your modem or pay $200 non-return fee. Plan prices may change.

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  • You seem to post a lot of Telstra deals. Are you associated with them?

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      No, I just like Telstra day deals.

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        [Activate sleeper cell 6]

        • :D

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            @Anchit27: Longing, rusted, furnace, daybreak, seventeen, benign, nine, homecoming, one, freight car

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          [Activate sleeper cell 6]

          Don't you mean sleeper cell phone?

      • What have you bought from Telstra deals?

        • 2x Google Nest Cam Battery for $228.96 each from the last Telstra day. Cheapest local stock to-date that I could find.

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    So the iPhone 12 is really only going to be a $50 saving, as right now most majors have the 64gb for ~$998. Pretty lame and you’re better off with the 10% TCN gift cards for JB

    • Given the 10% TCN deal just started today it’s a shit deal

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    When you add eligible phone plan save..

    Change title

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      Yep agree unless this is a mistake all outright phones say the following

      Was $xxx. Save $xxx when you add to an Eligible Mobile plan.

    • You can buy them outright in store.

      Its a weird Telstra quirk.

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    Are these phones completely outright or you have to be on Telstra plan?

    • You can buy outright, or add to a plan and pay off. No contract, but if you cancel the plan you need to pay the reaming handset payments off!

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        That's not what the link says.

        All outright phones say the following

        Was $xxx. Save $xxx when you add to an Eligible Mobile plan.

        Hope this is wrong and you are right that you can buy the phone without a plan.

        Edit : based on the last Telstra day you can buy the phone outright and still get the discount, just skip add a plan. Let's hope so for this one too.

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    I highly recommend you avoid Telstra internet plans even if offered for free.
    They take forever to connect despite having FTTP.
    4G backup never worked.
    Support is pretty much useless and will feed you all sorts of lies.
    Incompetent Facebook support team disconnected my NBN service by mistake and couldn’t reconnect without provisioning service again as a new client.
    2 Complaints went unanswered for 2 months.

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      If you’re still having issues, pm your details and I’ll get it sorted

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        After dealing with 30+ Telstra Employees I managed to get a decent complaint manager whom reimbursed my expenses.

        I am happily now connected with More Telecom after wasting 2 months with Telstra and it’s incompetent support.

    • Wow! Thanks for the warning
      That is pathetic service

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      Also, they are a ripoff and easily matched elsewhere with no lock in contracts.

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    How many Telstra Days are there a year?

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      365 in a leap year.

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        Can't wait for not-Telstra Day

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          That was yesterday for Tasmania.

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    Full List of Deals as it stands:


    Device RRP Telstra Day Price Save
    Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G $648 $448 $200
    Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G (128GB) $999 $849 $150
    Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G (256GB) $1099 $949 $150
    Apple iPhone 12 (64GB) $1199 $949 $250
    Apple iPhone 12 (128GB) $1279 $1029 $250
    Apple iPhone 12 (256GB) $1449 $1199 $250
    Oppo Find X3 Pro 5G $1499 $999 $500
    Apple iPad Air (4th Gen) (64GB) $1099 $999 $100


    Accessory RRP Telstra Day Price Save
    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic $649 $529 $120
    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 $499 $379 $120
    Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 $219 $149 $70
    UE Boom 3 $199 $149 $50
    Apple AirPods Pro $399 $349 $50
    UE Wonderboom 2 $129 $99 $30
    HK Onyx 6 $299 $239 $60
  • Any google nest devices this time?

  • My 2 cents: Don't buy an iPhone with 64GB even if you're going to subscribe iCloud of 999999TB. That won't work.

    • mind elaborating? i was considering it!

      • iOS is becoming more and more bulky and your instant messengers like Whatsapp start taking up GBs of storage because of the photos & videos from your fds and family.

        After that, you won't be able to backup your instant messengers or even your other data on your phone to iCloud.

        • yeah and with Iphone you cant move your photos from phone to desktop
          and cant put SD card as well
          BUT! you always can spend some buck here and there in appstore!

  • Whats the diff between Samsung Galaxy A52s and the s21? Besides having slighly slower CPU and little less ram for 1/2 the price it seems comparable

    • No wireless charging, IP67 waterproof rating compare to IP68 (whatever it means)

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      random website tells me this:

      Reasons to consider the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

      The rear camera has a 3x optical zoom
      51% better performance in AnTuTu Benchmark (739K versus 491K)
      Supports wireless charging up to 15W
      Waterproof body (IP68 classification)
      Slow-motion recording at 960FPS
      Uses a faster type of memory: LPDDR5 2750 MHz
      The front-facing camera can record video at 4K

      Reasons to consider the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

      Shows 23% longer battery life (113 vs 92 hours)
      Newer Bluetooth version (v5.2)
      Expandable storage via MicroSD card up to 1024GB
      Includes a 3.5 mm headphone audio jack port
  • Can anyone advise me that these mobil phones are still locked to Telstra if I buy it outright ? I have another service with Telstra. Thanks

    I can’t find any info on that page.

    • +1

      Thought they don't lock phones unless it's prepaid, and from memory it comes with a warning somewhere.

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    @tztong -Unlocked

    The only phones locked are prepaid ones.

    • Thank you 😊

  • so I need to make an account with them first to buy?

  • Looks like is mostly older devices? No need to discount the latest tech

  • +1

    Seems like a way to flog non-moving obsolete stock at four fifths of stuff all under RRP to me?

  • Lol ipad air is $1029 on edu store and has 5% cash back and free air pods.

    You gotta be crazy fall for these telstra day deals. Only the first one had decent prices. Now days the Rep doesn't even post the deals because of the negs.

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    A52s seems decent. Are these in store as well? The online process is a PIA. Or has anyone had success getting JB / Officeworks to price match?

    • No you can’t because you need to add a Telstra plan. So no!

      • I was able to add the phone outright without adding a plan, but store pickup isnt an option. Will go try purchase outright in store (without a plan)

        • How did you do that?

          • @Galaxyman: I have a telstra account, despite no active plans or anything, maybe thats why? I simply didnt add a plan and hit next

  • I was going to buy.. but then it shows it needs to do a credit check before buying any mobile or plans, telstra rep said!
    I tried to price match at officeworks and was declined as they said apparently the phone is locked to the Telstra network only?

    • yeah wtf, why do they need credit check and ID check if you're buying a phone outright?

      • Indeed.

      • I recently tried to change from an expired $69 JB HiFi BYO plan to the new $55 plan with no handset. They insisted a credit check was required! I'll port out to a prepaid deal, cos that's straight up bs.

  • I’m already with Telstra nbn. Can I disconnect and sign new contract on the same day to get that new modem and $20 off a month for 6 months?

  • Anyone know when the next Telstra day for April, must be some day this week?

    • Should be Thursday.

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