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Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen $49 (OOS), Nest Mini $29, Nest Audio $74 (OOS), Nest Hub Max $249 Delivered @ Telstra


Edit: It started an hour early!

Nest Hub 2nd Gen $49 Sold Out
Nest Hub Max $249
Nest Audio $74 Sold Out
Nest Mini $29
All Google accessories

Yes, you need a Telstra ID. If you don't have one, a $10 prepaid SIM will work. You can also use your Boost number.

Update: Looks like you can check out as guest, no Telstra ID required.

Cheapest price ever for the Nest Hub Gen 2!

This is the 7" model without camera. You can use it for things like setting kitchen timers by voice, following recipes, watching YouTube, playing music, controlling your home automation, using it as a auto-updating digital photo frame with a very well-tuned ambient screen, getting weather reports, viewing CCTV cameras or your Nest doorbell, sleep tracking (requires a sub from next year), etc.

It also works great as a bedside clock as the screen can auto-dim really low. The screen colour temperature also follows the room's ambient light so photos look more like a printed photo than a bright blueish screen.

Deal starts Feb 9th 1am AEDT.

As with all these sorts of deals, stock would be limited so be quick if you really want one.

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  • +13

    Thanks Telecom.

  • -2

    Is this the old version with no camera?

    • +2

      Only the large 10" Nest Hub Max has a camera. That's $249. Works with Zoom too.

      • I’m guessing the max is not on sale

        • It's $100 off.

  • +3

    What you guys do with Nest Hub? Just need some reasons to pull the trigger

    • +48

      Buy first, justify later

    • +25

      if you need to ask, don't buy. just waste money, not saving.

      • +8

        if you need to ask, don't buy. just waste money, not saving.

        I think it depends on the person. Sometimes devices like this can genuinely be useful to someone but they just don't know about it yet.

        • +1

          Gonna check some youtube reviews then

    • +2

      Play music, and ask it questions.

    • +23

      Spotify, the best kitchen timer you'll ever use, home automation, radio streaming, photo album… That's pretty much it for me.

      • Netflix, YouTube and cooking recipes to add this list.

    • +5

      NIce bedside clock. Easy to set alarms and wake-up routines. Sleep sensing. Control other smart devices via touch controls.

    • +4

      We have ours in the kitchen, use it for spotify or netflix when cleaning or cooking. Also use it for Ambient mode, it can sync with google photos, I have it only showing photos of the kids.

    • +8

      I got one from the 20,000 Telstra Plus promo 2 years ago. It sits in the kitchen and I mostly yell at it to set a timer and occasionally cast a podcast or ask it to play the radio when cooking. For essentially free it's been more than handy and imo would be worth $50.

    • Home automation (if you just want voice control the Mini can do that too), weather (you can see/scroll the hourly forecast), watching videos in the kitchen, setting countdown timers, watching CCTV cameras, auto-updating photo frame, Nest doorbell screen.

      If you get the Nest Hub Max you can use that as a Nest camera too.

    • +12

      Automatic photo frame of my kids. Take a photo, it auto uploads to google photo, facial recognition of my kids, dumped into an album… its lovely to have in a world where you take thousands of photos but never print any to have them auto displayed for you at home.

      Outside of that, kitchen timers, weather, questions.. do NOT get it for music, speaker is rubbish, you are 10000% better getting Nest Audio for that.

      • do NOT get it for music, speaker is rubbish

        The Gen 1 was rubbish, sounded like the Nest Mini.
        The Gen 2 is supposed to be much better. I haven't heard it myself though.

        • +1

          If you don't need the display get two nest mini gen 2 for audio. You can set them up as a stereo pair and the audio is pretty good.

          • @julz: Another option is the $74 Nest Audio, that should be even better with its larger driver and higher output. It won't be stereo though.

            • @eug: Sounds pretty good. Esp for that price. I understand you can pair them for stereo but you can't then pair them with a Chromecast to be the stereo for that without lag issues. Amazon works better for that with a Firestick

              I use Amazon for home automation and as sound for a Firestick but keep a Nest Audio on my desk for radio and the occaisional question which it is much better at than Alexa. For this price it is great sound. A little mid focused for voice but for me that makes it perfect for talkback and podcast listening.

          • @julz: Is the nest mini on sale tomorrow the gen 1 or gen 2?

        • I have a gen 1 hub, and a heap of nest Mini 2's around the house and the Nest Mini 2's sound so much better than the gen 1 Hub that people assume something is wrong with it on multi room audio.

        • Got both gen 1 & 2 and the Nest Audio. Sound on the display is garbage IMO, Nest Audio is MUCH better.

          • @mooney: How is the Nest Hub gen 2's audio compared to the gen 1?

            The Nest Audio would definitely be much better. Heaps more power with a bigger driver.

            • +1

              @eug: I must admit i didn't do a side by side comparison but neither seem strong to me, I couldn't enjoy listening to music on either. My boy has the nest audio and it destroys the hubs for sound.

      • +1

        wonder how Nest Hub Max is for audio though..

        • I have the Max and I think the audio is really good for a screen. Much better lows than the Nest Hub Gen 1 and Mini.
          I'd expect the Nest Audio to be better though.

    • +5

      Handy for photos, Music, questions, recipes etc whilst in the kitchen. I’ll get a bigger one when I find it half price.

    • Thanks guys!

      • Buy it at this price then ebay it for $60 if you're not happy.

    • +1

      Get a JBL linkview if you're after sound, far better than the Nest Hub

      • I have one and agree completely. I thought they were discontinued though. Not to mention that they are a lot more expensive than this deal It also uses a different (legacy) operating system, compared to the one used in the Hub, and the 3rd party displays will not be getting future updates from Google. The difference in audio quality is worth it for me though.

    • +1

      Use it to play lullaby music for the little one, broadcast message, view who's on the front door, play netflix, ask random trivia question, digital photo album, alarm clock, etc.

    • +1

      I have it next to my bed. Listen to music before going to sleep. Check the security cameras if motion is detected. Alarm. Sleep monitoring,…

    • +1

      I use it to view my Swann cameras. As well as a lot of the above. Will hook it up to a Google Doorbell once the price drops on them.
      Kids use it all the time to ask questions. I also use that one to set alarms for when it is time for the kids to get off of their devices. And if they don't get off, I get it to play really load annoying sounds that drives them nuts making them get off.
      You can use DUO to call it from another compatible device. i.e. I can call home using my Google Home app. Works great if you have the Nest Hub Max.

      Also have one as a alam/clock radio in the bedroom.

      • How did you call home from your mobile? I tried it with my duo (when I'm away from home), it just never really works. Thanks

        • From the Google home home screen. There should be a Call Home button.

          • @The General: Thanks for your reply; yup, I tried that; clicked on 'call home', it then brought up Duo app and it tried to call and went back to Duo again (it shows that the app tried to make the call, but failed)

            Does yours working when you are out and about too?

            Ps: I have a google home mini (the previous generation, before nest) and recently google nest home mini 2nd gen

    • Setup on kitchen bench. Nice as a photo frame linked to my Google Photos. Main use is music and also me putting on something on Youtube while prepping dinner or cleaning up.

      Can cast from usual sources, but Plex casting seems to be a bit hit and miss (at least with larger files).

      Certainly got the money's worth over last two years.

    • Can yell at it to put things on your shopping list as you notice/run out. Set up a shopping list in Google Keep.
      Set up shared folders in photos for a digital photo frame.
      Set up find my phone!!!!!
      Ask it to play whatever song popped into your head. I have YouTube music and will auto generate an awesome playlist.
      Set Multiple timers while cooking

    • @a2741890 buy it first, set it up and ask Google HUb "what can you do" ? :D
      spotify, youtube, smart devices controls, timer, weather forecast, quiz, jokes, night light

    • I have it at my night stand and use it to set alarm, listen to music, control smart home devices, sleep tracking and listening to news headlines every morning. Obviously you can cast videos too but not practical in my case.

    • +1

      Hi, welcome to ozbargain, you must be new.

      Buy without reason, accumulate eneloops and join the cult.

      • I’m still trying to buy devices that I can use my big stash of Eneloops for.

    • what i do:

      since it is beside my bed, it tracks my sleep meticulously. how long deep sleep, light sleep, REM non REM everything.
      bed side clock.
      soft music play just before bed.
      works as a great digital album viewer
      not very good as speaker. but what can you expect from a 49$ device (well, we are selling our information to google)

      got it on blackfriday deal for 59$.

    • Play music, or ABC News 24, in the bathroom in the morning.
      In the kitchen, play music, set multiple kitchen timers (eg in 15mins turn off the turkey), check the weather, show and search for recipes, make phone calls

    • watch netflix

  • anyone know if you can connect you ring door bell to this?

    • +2

      Nope, Ring is owned by Amazon and requires Alexa for use of the full features.

    • +2

      My google devices don't access ring , but my Alexa ones do see the cameras.
      Purchased this smart speaker when they first came out for sleep tracking.It had me concerned as it said would snore for 300 minutes a night, but I would wake up refreshed and oxygen saturation tracker said my SA O2 was fine overnight.
      Then I locked my cat out of the bedroom and it said I was no longer snoring. Now the sleep tracker says I had a great sleep that lasted 90 minutes then stops tracking.
      Would NOT purchase this speaker if you want it for sleep tracking as very innacurate and have to position it at the same height as you are in bed.

      • -2

        So your snores?
        Do you blame farts on it also?

        • +1

          Nah , my cat breathes loudly.

      • Sleep tracking on mine is pretty inaccurate too, detects me sleeping in intervals but awake for many hours in between, but doesn't say why it thinks you were awake. My assumption is it can't detect me in certain positions so assumes I'm not in bed.
        Also IMO a bit annoying that you have to angle the screen towards your bed to use sleep tracking, rather than it being more out of the way like a bedside clock.

  • +1

    So they have a decent sale this time.
    Phone prices are still mediocre though

  • Can we price match with jb/tgg/ow???

    • I doubt it, they'll say "it's only available to Telstra customers".
      Could be worth a shot though.

  • +3

    Timer is good if you have young kids. We use it all the time to help manage expectations and get them into routine. Also use the alarm.
    Main thing we use it for from a home Automation perspective is to turn on the sandwich press which is connected to a smart socket given that I've never found one with a built in switch.

    • The Tenda Beli smart socket I got (from an OzBargain post) has a switch on the top.
      Cost me $15 at the time.
      No Home Assistant integration though, just Google, and maybe Alexa.

  • +2

    Grr. 1am start. Dunno if I can be bothered to risk buying the starter pack and limited stock.

    • You don't need to have a current service to get Telstra ID apparently. At least it says so in it's T&C!

      • I had an old one from previously abusing the system for cheap movie tickets. It was asking for a mobile number for set up. I tried using my dad's number who is on boost. Didn't match their records :(

  • +5

    Just a comment for those wanting to use the nest hub for sleep sensing. Since the start of the year the device is randomly turning on with full screen brightness in the middle of the night, waking people up. It's ironic when something designed to aid your sleep is disturbing it!

    • I have noticed this recently too

    • It's a feature. Designed as a control measure.


    • 100% agree it’s been really annoying really lately and yes it does turn in randomly in the middle of the night and interrupting the sleep with 100 brightness

    • Not sure if you can control it anywhere, but I notice that my nest hub restarts somewhere around 2am - which would cause it to turn on with full brightness. You would think especially if it's doing sleep sensing that it would be smart enough to not restart while you're trying to sleep.

  • Can use your Telstra points on this deal?

    • you can. I got the nest hub for $43 + 2100pts.

      • Was trying to do that but can't see how. When I look at the doorbell, for example, it's more expensive when I log in and try to use points.20k points + $273.

        • I think only some of the items have been discounted on the plus store. Shame.

  • Would this qualify for officeworks price beat?

    • may have a try

    • +5

      I work for OW, answer is no because you need to have a Telstra ID account!!

  • +4

    If you are a boost customer, this should also work as technically you are a Telstra customer.

  • These are great for syncing with a TP link camera. I’ve just set mine up as a baby monitor if I need to watch my kid playing while I’m cooking etc.

    • which model TP link camera did you use? would love to get this working on my nest…

    • I agree. Also works with our Arlo. We have it running when we are expecting something so we can ignore if it's a door knocker rather than relying on the alerts

  • Does anyone use Google hub with a Eufy doorbell? Is it responsive?

    • +4

      Eufy Google integration is rubbish. It will not automatically show video. People have been complaining for a long time.

      I have hub but use old Android tablet instead with Macrodroid routine which brings the door bell camera on when it rings.

      • Ok good to know, thanks.

    • +1

      eufy and google integration sucks as WalterBiH noted.

      Alexa works well as a secondary bell chime

    • It is possible on echo shows to automatically show doorbells presses through routines not native support though. Not sure if it it’s easy to do in Aus but it’s possible on an American account.

    • +2

      Both Google Nest and Echo Show suck bigtime with Eufy doorbell. You can setup routines to automatically display video feed upon bell press but the latency is simply terrible.

      Alexa set a new record for me last week by displaying the notification 5 minutes after the bell press.

      • I have been thinking about getting a Eufy doorbell, more for the recording feature.

        Is it any quicker to your phone than Alexa/Google or still laggy?

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