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20000 Everyday Rewards Points with New Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy @ Woolworths Insurance


Reposting previous long running deal

Simply switch to a Woolworths Comprehensive Car Insurance policy online to receive:

The option to save more with Drive Less Pay Less for eligible drivers

This offer is valid until Sunday, 20 March 2022.

Simply enter your Everyday Rewards Card number and promo code REW20K for a quote and buy online.

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    Not really a bargain if you end up paying more for this insurance…

    • +3

      Absolutely. However in my case works out that on our second car going Drive Less Pay Less option and spending $250 a week on grocery shop we will be coming out on top :), even without the 20k in points :)

    • +2

      Love quoting the obvious don’t you. Of course it wouldn’t be a bargain if you paid more! Lol.

      Just been quoted $240 for Comprehensive insurance thru this. Cheaper than current provider

      • Just been quoted $240 for Comprehensive insurance thru this. Cheaper than current provider

        Have you checked elsewhere though?

        Might be able to save even more by not switching to Woolworths Insurance..

        • I did a lot of searching and found this the best deal for my situation.

        • +1

          Lol. I don't need to with the pts and grocery offer. But you know that already.

    • A lot of insurance companies price match. I've even had a mate that just called for a better plan and got it.

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    $65.28 for third party. I'm paying $42 a month with AAMI. $700 excess,too!

  • +5

    Woolworths PDS is actually pretty good compared to others. I cancel and renew every year to get the 20k points and will pay a little more with Woolies as the cover and conditions are way better than the others in their price range.
    Oils ain't oils, read the PDS.

    Also, make sure you create new Rewards accounts for every policy you have with them. You then get multiple 10% off your shop each month.

  • Just did a quote and it's not even close to https://rollininsurance.com.au/ who i'm with.
    Interestingly, I didn't even know they changed their name. I used to be with Poncho but at some point they clearly changed over \0/

    • had a look at Rollin' since you mentioned and just signed up lol. far cheaper than others, and seem to have a good rep on whirlpool

  • Thanks OP! Cheaper than my current insurer. Is the 20k points per account or per policy?

  • I'm confused why this is a deal when the old deal was still active and available when this was posted.

    Same code, same reward, same discount.

  • Does anyone else notice that when getting a quote with the promo code it says 'Bonus 20,000 Everyday rewards Points' but when you apply for a Price Beat and get it, that line disappears?

  • I notice on the quote page, the full 20K points is offered on all types of insurance (comprehensive, drive less and 3rd party fire & theft) despite the offer saying comprehensive.

    Anyone with experience getting the points on a cheap 3rd party fire & theft policy?

  • anyone know when the points are paid out?

    • I'd like to know too. Purchased on the 16th of March but no points yet.

      • +1

        "Everyday Rewards points issued as part of a Woolworths Insurance promotional offer will be loaded to your Rewards Card within 45 days of the first premium being paid in full."

  • Anyone got their points yet?

    • Go them maybe a week or two after I signed up

      • Wow it’s been almost two months for me

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