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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 EAGLE OC V2 10G LHR Graphics Card $1500 + Shipping / NSW Pickup @ CCPU


The RTX 3080 reached $1500 milestone after more than a year.

Gaming OC for $80 dearer: https://www.ccpu.com.au/show_prod.php?class_id=video-nvidia&...

CCPU is old school 80s/90s style PC shop in Carlingford NSW. Call em up for shipping or just show up to buy like in good ol days…

Or HODL responsibly…

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CCPU Computers
CCPU Computers

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    • Definitely. 10GB vram makes it a GTX 970 in SLI in terms of futureproofing. And lol @ people who would pay $1500 for a gpu

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    $1139 RRP I believe, plus a bit for OC version. Still a way to come down.

    • US$699 is the official rrp as this 10gb is almost 2 years old.

      $1139 was the cheapest posted on ozb.

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      This is LHR too, suppose to be rooms to drop more closer to RRP

      • For sure it will drop more, guess down to $1200-$1300

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    Nvidia 40 series cards are being released this year and Crypto price has tanked hard hence the drop in price.


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      Crypto price shouldnt be the cause of the price drop. At Ethereum's current price miners are still making a profit.

      It is just higher supply due to COVID easing up on logistics.

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        But you still need to pay off your rig setups before you make a profit and people interested in setting up rigs are probably pulling back from buying new gpus

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          Hesitancy to setting up new rigs will almost always be caused by worrying about Eth 2.0, which will eliminate mining. People who are buying gpus for rigs should already have fluctuation of eth price in mind already, as most people would not sell each payment of eth off to pay off the rigs as soon as it is paid anyways. eth may be worth 3k now, but it could be worth 4k by literally next week.

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            @zjz93: ETH is also more difficult to mine than ever, now being more than double what it was this time last year, and 5 times more than what it was just before the RTX 30 series was launched. GPU mining is finally going to die, at least until someone organically grows an alt-coin (note: that won't happen just by everyone switching all at once).

            That will hopefully take at least 2 years, and hopefully by then all of this stuff is banned so we don't waste compute and semiconductor resources on this greed-fuelled garbage.

  • Can some school me why a graphics card today costs more than a computer you could build 10 years ago? Shortage of chips? People using to mine?

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      TL:DR, early last year there was global silicon shortage, and covid disrupting supply chain. And greedy miners bought 100s a pallet of EVGA FTW3 3080 FHR along with ASUS TUF and whatever premium cards they can snatch.

      Left everyone else including HODLers to dust.

      Something like that.

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        It was essentially just miners. The supply shortage was driven by mining spiking the demand nearly overnight.

        (numbers are an example) A miner could achieve break-even after 12mo paying $2000 for a 3080, and would essentially buy an unlimited number at this price point. This put nearly a fixed floor pricing, which no matter how much wafer the fabs put out, they'd never overcome.

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          I disagree. Miners contributed to price inflation. True.
          But scalpers in my opinion is where the system went wrong. There should be a ban on reselling a graphics card within one year of purchase but how do you monitor that.
          Scalpers is where the system failed. I don't own a pc I use an imac. But I have respect for the miners as at least they are using their gpu. But those that are buying only to resell for a premium is where companies need to look into. Se as sony and Microsoft for their consoles

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            @maverickjohn: Feebay also took 15% chunk of each sale, so they not going to ban it.

            Scalpers can win only if there are willing buyers to pay for it. If no one buying from scalpers then price won't go up.

            Mostly miners who bought from scalpers, especially the FHR variants and few desperados.

          • @maverickjohn: Even without scalpers, miners were still buying cards by the pallet load. ultimately distributors would still have felt upward pressure and prices would have gone up. If a miner would be happy to pay $2000, there is no reason why a distributor would sell for RRP, say $1k, when they could offload bulk stock at $2k each.

      • and how come there are quite a few sales on at the moment? are the miners not buying the cards anymore?

        • Noop. Hashrate even dropping off a bit as some would offload, and cards fail. Without someone being able to make a profit off a $2k GPU, prices are now coming down to whatever price that average gamer is happy with (whatever that price is!).


      • also did not help but nvidia more or less cornered the market for a long period of time allowing them to dictate price

  • what's the go with the 1999 website

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      its nostalgic…

    • Ah the good ol days….

      • The main page has a heading for “internal and external modems”, there’s even a pic of an internal modem, I’d forgotten such a thing existed.

        • Haha Def takes me back, I had the internal ones, kinda became the norm in most builds… Haven't been to their store for a long long time but it was basically your typical suburb computer store and in those days none of those had a website so these guys woulda been ahead of the game 20 years ago… I guess they just rolled with it and added some cart features and kept the nostalgia… Loll 😂

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    may as well HODL till 7800 or 4060 at this stage….

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    I'm just here to say… The Eagle has landed… Also hodl

  • Nice to see 3080s drop to the price I got mine in dec 2020. Keep HODLING!

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      I'm just here to say RRP is $1139 and you overpaid $61 ;)

      • im just here to say i bought 16 techfast gainward 3080s for around $1800ish, mined a few months and sold them for $2400-2600 a piece

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          Congrats, you've given ebay $6000 revenue on fees.

          Prepared to be negged by hodlers in 3…2…1…

          • @non-LHR: there was a time posting from gumtree had no fees except $0.30

            • @MaxHashrate: I'd knew you said that…you're gonna make HODLers fast and furious now…

        • best part is, I'll bet those who bought them at 2400-2600 cry poor and can't afford decent food and living arrangements lol. but hey, they can buy a new 1k phone each year and a 3080 for double price lol

  • All you HODLING MOFOS keep HODLING as this European crisis will have a severe impact on the electronics / computer market (if no ceasefire within the next week or so).

    • lol …..you do know Russian can't buy tech stuff right now coz of sanction….where does all the excess supply go? lol

    • Wow I never knew Russia was such an important source of GPU components.

      • Because they invented crypto? and all the mining farms are in Siberia?

      • They're not. They're a source of Neon and Paladium.

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    Given nVidia was hacked recently, it seems that their newer 4XXX series has some info released, not 100% certifiable but it appears to be making nVidia nervous and thus wanting to shift old stock?

    If this story is true:


    Then this will certainly drive prices down even more of current 3XXXX series.


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      High end 4xxx series will overlap the low-end 3xxx surely.

      More worryingly, the new RRPs are mentioned as up to 30% more than now. They know the demand is there.

      The other news was that the 3070 ti 16gb version has been shelved.

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        30% $ increase for 100% perf boost for the rumored 4090 isn't a bad price, I have been reading there will be a 25% increase on RRP, I am only interested in CUDA cores as I don't game and want to be able to edit with a budget of around 1.2K for a GPU.
        I almost bought 2 weeks ago, it would have gotten me a 3060Ti, smart I didn't as 3070Tis are that price now. I almost got a 3060 for 1.1K a month ago and am glad I found another way to edit more resourcefully but these GPUs are becoming power houses just not for gaming anymore.

        • I too was interested in CUDA cores and every gen Nvidia lets us know how great it is now in video editing but it has never met expectations because not many effects (Premiere) Pro I use make use of these cores, it's always the CPU that gets to 100%.

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            @Heaps for Cheaps: I don't think the free edition of Davinci Resolve allows for CUDA core offload but the Pro version does and on my 980Ti I somewhat struggle to get intense things happening, mind you when you have 9 windows of editing on screen, ie as in 9 timelines in the actual footage as 3x3 grids, you're pushing the CPU and GPU pretty hard.
            I know a newer GPU would benefit me so nothing less than a 3060Ti would justify updating from the 980Ti. The 4XXX has me waiting even longer which makes editing a struggle when I want to do some really creative FX laden workflows.
            Also with Resolve, I was able to get this with the Pro software for free. My bundle cost me all up around $420 from memory, I refuse to adopt to subscription that Adobe has.
            These bundles are no longer this cheap and I doubt they have them anymore but the package was worth every penny and I look forwards to a newer GPU to do so.

            I am leaning towards something like this.


            • @DisabledUser425713: "Also with Resolve, I was able to get this(videocraft.com.au) with the Pro software for free"
              That seems like an awesome deal. I was thinking about Resolve ever since seeing this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5nJ4RMy8mU
              I did however sign up to the education plan for Adobe so it's less of a price issue but the temptation is real with Resolve

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                @Heaps for Cheaps: Please do check out Resolve, there is a free copy, you might like it and the perf might = or better Premiere.
                The EDU discount becomes super expensive when you are no longer a student so just be careful you don't fall into the trap of not being able to go back to older works due to possible cancellation of account.
                I too used to be a student subscriber but @ $30 pcm it was too expensive for a years use.

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        One place mentioned 10% increase for the 4070 over the old model

        30% is nvidia scalping imo

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      It will be good if they co-exist as that will put more downward pressure on the 30XX series prices, I can wait that long.

  • LOL I got this song playing in my head whenever i see the price drop on GPU …..lets go HODLs:

    Dreams can come true
    Look at me babe, I'm with you
    You know you gotta have hope
    You know you gotta be strong
    Dreams can come true
    Look at me babe, I'm with you
    You know you gotta have hope
    You know you gotta be strong
    I've seen you sometimes
    On your own and in crowds
    I knew I had to have you
    My hopes didn't let me down
    Now you're by my side
    And I feel so good
    I've nothing to hide
    Don't feel that I ever could

  • +2

    Old school…. in carlingford.

    Reminds me of fast eddie

    • FT site is still up!

  • A shopwiki APPROVED store

  • -1

    Reminds me of the guy waving those Dominos Pizza signs on the side of the road. Keep up the good work non-lhr/maxhashrate!

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