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Philips Fabric Shaver GC026/80 Black $15.96 + Post ($0 eBay Plus) @ Myer eBay (SOLD OUT) | + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ AmazonAU


This popular fabric shaver is back on special. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/403254305124 SOLD OUT

Amazon also has it for the same price

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Got one for my wife last time, works really well. Better quality than I expected.

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      too much information

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    Are these any different to the ones you get from AliExpress or overseas for 50c ?

    • I have used cheap ones from Daiso and this one is much better.

      • it shaves razer close and the areas you work on feels so damn smooth.

    • +2

      read the comments on previous posts - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/philips-gc026-80

      TL;DR yes. If mine dies, I'd replace it with another Philips. Great at rejuvenating old clothes, doona, couch covers etc.

      • Yeah was well worth the price of something I didn't know I needed.

    • It is a lot larger than the el cheapo ones, has a bigger motor and in my experience shaves much better. I use it to tody up our couches after the cat has sunk her claws into the fabric. Also works well on clothing though.

  • +2

    *Not for nadz <tm>

    • +3

      Instructions unclear. My junk now looking like a mexican hairless cat.

    • For use on fabric… if wearing, remove fabric before using this on said fabric.

      • +2

        You just know someone gonna take that as challenge accepted.

        • Just make sure you use protection

  • +2

    These are awesome and work way better than the cheapo brands, highly recommend

  • Love mine, used it on a couch.

    It works, better then any I use. I dont really see how it could be better.

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    same price at Myer if you wanna use CBA pts or collect 5% cashback or QFF

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  • Finally snapped one up! Hoping it can help me restore an angora sweater.

  • +2

    Got one from last deal and haven't even used it yet lol

    • -3


    • +1

      Time to get another to add to the pile of unused purchases.

    • +1

      I'm sure you will once you pull out your winter clothes and see how much pilling is on them lol

  • got 2 for Christmas presents. I still have an old fabric shaver I purchased from Myer years ago that still works, so I don't need one myself. I had been hoping to get one through TGG with my concierge credit, but they never have them in stock for C & C

  • Will it shave my beard and side burns?

    • +1

      As long as they're fabric.

    • +1

      Works best with bum fluff

  • saw this deal in ozbargain few times already and finally pulled the trigger. Thanks OP!

  • really good to refresh fabrics, didnt know i needed it till I got it.

  • How it is different than the Aldi one?

    • The Aldi one is $6 less & is working very well for me.

      • I'm using the aldi one as well and having a good time so far, I always miss out on this one but it looks like I don't need it anymore if they're the same quality

    • Unsure about Aldi, but have used both this and a ~$10 Spotlight one on our couch, and this one was significantly better!

  • Small addiction disclaimer should be added for this. Great for jumpers

  • This one is really good. I've used cheap, smaller eBay ones and they get jammed and don't work as well.

  • does this work on pubes?

    asking for a friend.

    • +1

      Are pubes are made out of fabric…??

      • +1

        is similar to wool?

        • Since pubes are not made out of fabric and this is a fabric shave I'm gonna go with 'No'

      • @pierrejb:Pubes are made out of "Keratin"

        • So same same to wool then.

  • Myer EBay is sold out now.
    I Bought the Amazon one.

  • Did anyone else's order stuff up and discount the item to $0? I only paid for shipping (it has been shipped).

  • Oh look! Another device I never knew I needed. And now it's bought. Bonus points for this thingamabob putting to use of all the eneloops I bought browsing this site.

  • Discounted again on Amazon and Myer website

  • +1

    Back in stock at $15.96 on Amazon.

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