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[VIC] Free Tickets to Shane Warne's State Memorial Service - 7pm Wednesday 30th March @ Melbourne Cricket Ground via Ticketek


Warnie, Warnie, Warnie.

Tickets becoming live today 3PM at Ticketek. Will not last long.

State Memorial Service for Mr Shane Warne (including tribute form)

How to get a ticket to Shane Warne's state memorial service

Warne’s memorial service will be held at the MCG on the evening of Wednesday, March 30, with proceedings starting at 7pm.

Gates will open at the event at 5.30pm, with all guests required to be seated by 6.45pm. The service is expected to run for about two hours.

The event will be held in line with COVID-safe requirements, so all attendees have to be fully vaccinated, and check in using the Service Victoria app.

The memorial service will be livestreamed on the dedicated web page for the event.

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  • Comments from Geologist incoming ..

  • Reckon they’ll have fixed the queues at the bar by then?

    • -2

      I doubt it will be open.

      Did they say there is catering?

  • +3

    RIP Warnie…..

    • +12

      Why is this downvoted??

      • +34

        Muralitharan supporters…

      • +8

        jv with the ninja edit.

      • +9

        Edited his original comment

        • +2

          … And we get downvoted lol

      • +11

        Mods should add a 'revisions' button under each comment

      • +4

        Edited troll comment

    • +1

      you didn't ask the normal price question?

  • so all attendees have to be fully vaccinated

    Bad luck to SlavOz….

  • +7

    It was cool they changed the name of the stand from S K Warne to Shane Warne on the family advice .
    No need to guess my favoured name for the stand .

    • +6

      stand from S K Warne to Shane Warne on the family advice

      I doubt many people even knew his name was S K Warne before it was announced to name the stand after him…

      A more appropriate name would be the 'Warnie' Stand…

      • +5

        I'm sure people will just call it the Warne stand anyway

      • +24

        I know personally that Adam Gilchrist was surprised to learn that his full name is Shane Keith Warne and not Bowled Shane.

        • +1

          Baaaoowwlled Shaaaaaane

    • +4

      I've always known Shane Warne as Shane Warne. When they put S K, I thought they were referencing to "Spin King".

    • Maybe as there is already a Shane Warne Stand and it wouldn't get confused with the existing stand? Or maybe having SK Warne is traditional - the scoreboard didn't display Shane Warne.

  • +26

    Bargain? What was the original price?

    • -6

      original price - literally a persons life..

    • +7

      A couple of darts and a can of beans.

    • -2

      I'd say its a bargain by all those that are going to miss out when it falls in 5 secs .
      Show some respect !

      • +2

        Show some respect by not posting tickets to a funeral.

  • Will not last long
    They will last till the 30th March and the event is not expected to reach capacity.
    Not really a bargain, maybe a forum post IMO.

    • +3

      Bump Clueless if they are not gone in hours with a possible outrage due to the numbers whacking the site !
      Obviously you don't know the legacy of the man and the huge mainstream media coverage of this event .

      • with a possible outrage due to the numbers whacking the site

        Just stopping by to mention that I am outraged.

  • +4

    Who wants to put their hand up to give us the next state memorial bargain?

  • 🙄

  • +9

    Free tickets to a memorial?

    Sounds kinda morbid to be

    • +2


      • -2

        Lol. Typo
        But yeah… According to every Australian. When it comes to shane Warne they think they are.
        Enough to want to go to his funeral.

      • Fred Astair is hanging out with Warnie right now.

  • Am i blind? whats the capacity for this?

  • +5

    on the evening of Wednesday, March 30

    Threw me for a spin that you're using Month/Day, instead of Day/Month. That's un-Australian.

  • -1

    I am of course said the Warnie has passed. I went to his statue outside the MCG last week to pay my respects.

    However, this isn’t a deal. These tickets were always going to be free. I don’t think a State Service has ever required guests to pay. The tickets are just there to limit numbers.

    This should be a forum post.

    • Did you leave a pie, ciggies and VB? Thought that was ironic considering the circumstances…..

      • +1

        Also, if releases of random titles on Disney+ can be posted, I’m sure we can let this one slide through

    • Lmao negged for stating facts. Ozbargain is full of such amazing people.

  • Anyway Andrews says no restrictions to number so MCG which has capacity of 100K .
    Depends on what the member's do with final numbers .
    I believe 50K ticket release .

  • So are we being forced to cry or ? (not cry or die from Kim Jong II's death)

  • +2

    $0.70 cashback on each transaction!

    • if you pay monies

      • I have been credited $070 for each free ticket for a recent Melbourne United game for which free tickets were offered. This should be no different.

        Pick up 20 free tickets and your lunch is paid for.

  • +1

    I grabbed all 50,000 tickets….

    • +1

      but there's 100,000 seats…

  • Sit tight, you're in the queue for tickets
    This is a normal part of our ticket buying process for high demand events.

    Please don't leave or refresh this page or you’ll lose your place in the queue!

    We're checking for the next available purchase slot in 1 seconds

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    Use one device only (phone, tablet, PC); using multiple devices may limit your chances of getting tickets.

  • I'll fire another ac on Ipad . Already another is in same queue on mobile .

  • +1

    Irreplaceable loss to the game still can't believe it tbh RIP Warnie cheers for the memories!

    • +6

      Stupid comment

  • What is the best section/zone for the memorial?

    • +3

      Bay 13

      • -3

        Doesn't exist anymore

  • Still heaps of tickets

  • -1

    Hopefully that would end the constant news cycle around this tragedy

  • Hahaha state memorial for $75????

  • +1

    First Irwin now Warnie. I think there goes my childhood right there even though I didn't like cricket too much.. Was too slow.. Shane Warne is a legend.

    Next sad one will be Shannon Noll for me.

    Can't think of much anyone else besides film actors right now.

    Damn we are getting old.

  • -3

    Let’s all get tickets and see how quickly we can ozbargain this

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