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YouTube Premium Individual Annual Membership INR ₹1200 (~A$20.90) @ YouTube India (VPN Required)


Needs vpn.
May get cheaper from other countries.
Please share the link if you find cheaper.

Mod Note: Instruction taken from TA previous post:

  1. Use a VPN to connect to an Indian server (required only for registration).
  2. Open an incognito browser window.
  3. Sign up via the main link in this post (or here).
  4. If an Indian address is requested, use this link and Google the postcode.
  5. Pay with a card that has no foreign exchange fees.
  6. Enjoy the full benefits of YouTube Premium.

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  • +16

    Been on the monthly plan for a few years now, especially valuable now with how bad youtube ads are. I hated Youtube Music though, I use Apple Music instead.

    • +25

      I love youtube music for the music content and the "radios" that's offered. The app is left alot to be desired though lol

      • +11

        Yeah, I really liked Google Play Music for all it's faults. I can't believe YouTube music still hasn't implemented sorting in playlists. Definitely a usable music streaming service though and much better than amazon prime music lol

        • +5

          Just a shame that the audio is noticeably more muffled sounding than Spotify and other competitors. Had Google Play Music premium since 2012, was a shame when they lowered audio bitrate in the move to YouTube Music, it had a noticeable impact when using good headphones or speakers. If they up the bitrate for YouTube Music, or improve their compression, they'd absolutely have a winner on their hands

          • @dmgmelba: Tidal should definitely be your go to, boys. The rest are, meh.

      • +1

        For most people YT music is good enough. Not sure spending extra $12 is worth it for the masses when you have YT premium benefits

    • +4

      Can't seam to move off the monthly plan. Paying INR 189/month.

      • +2

        Note for India subscribers: If you have a 1 month or 3 month prepaid plan, you can sign up for an Annual Plan that will begin when your prepaid plan expires.

        • How do you go about cancelling the monthly plan and installing the yearly plan without any problems? :)

      • +1

        True, I pay Rs. 94 or INR 94 including currency conversion. No VPN

    • +8

      Love YT music for it's AI, Related Songs list etc.

      • +5

        Love YT music for its price

      • except it recommends me all these Indian music thinking I'm a local, even tho none of my playlist have Indian songs. It's pretty hopeless in their so-called "AI"

        • Mate, atleast every movie has 5 songs for entertainment in Bollywood which seems to be no where in Hollywood. There are some songs in English too. Try Chamak Chalo with Akon man you will love it.

    • Same here

    • +6

      Me too. I think this is one of the most under-rated deals.

      I can't believe people watch so many many ads just to save $2 a month.

      And of course I use adblocker on my PC. What you can't easily block is ads on Chromecast and ads on Mobile.

      • Which adblocker do U use?

        • +1

          uBlock Origion has been working very well for years now. Not one YouTube ad gets through to me.

      • +3

        Err..YouTube Vanced on mobile is free

        • +2

          Vanced is fine for a single handset, however, it's no substitute for the multiple device (particularly TV's) integration offered from the original YouTube apps.

        • +1

          YouTube vanced has been abandoned, so the app will stop working after Google updates the YouTube APIs.. 😟

        • +1

          Vanced got shut down after threats of legal action from Google. It was probably the most used app on phone.
          First time using YouTube after do long and I wanted to throw the phone out the window, after repeated ads and unable to turn phone screen off to listen and it stops playing.

        • Don't you need to log in to your google account through that?

      • I don't beleive what you saying, I hv YT Music past 3 years, I love it - stop being stingy. Thanks Ozbargain

    • +4

      I miss Play Music.

      YT Music works alright, but it's organisational abilities have been stuck in "half baked" status for ages:
      - Likes and subscriptions in YT Music clutter up your YouTube likes and subscriptions lists too, with no way to seperate them
      - YT Music sometimes mixes YouTube video audio into the Super Mix playlist - perhaps a pro for some, but I wish that could be disabled as for me it always finds sub-par remixes and/or poorly compressed music
      - UI on Android TV is abysmal - it just uses the YouTube UI, which is terrible for browsing long playlists
      - On Android Auto, if Google Assistant doesn't recognise your command, there is literally no way to search for and play a particular song unless it's already in your likes, subscriptions or other lists - annoying if you just want a once off track

      I've persisted for a few years now because its cheap, but if it was full price then Spotify would win hands down

      • +2

        There is a way to seperate them under the one account/email, you can make up to 200 channels on your YouTube account and you make a channel profile for just music.

        • +1

          Oh I never thought to try that! Thanks for the tip!

      • I can't understand why Google still hasn't revamped it, I use it daily but the app is ugly as sin (doesn't even have a 'light' theme for some reason), but my biggest gripes are that Google are quickly becoming the last major player to introduce high-res audio, and also that the playlists are just completely broken. If you have more than a certain amount of songs in a list, shuffle just ceases to work and will only go through a small section of songs in the list. Doesn't seem like a tough problem to fix, yet it's been that way for a long time. It just seems to be abandoned!

    • The only downside is there's no stopping those Indian music recommendations

      • go to settings -> recommendations -> then pick your preferred artists so the app can work out what you like

    • What card did you use to pay?

  • Do you need to change your billing address for this to work?

  • Can you explain a bit more OP, may be how to's ?

    • +1

      Post was modified a minute before you commented.
      Have a look

      • Thanks, trying with my secon email

      • +1

        Yep, followed and now works with my second email.

  • +16
    • Yes.. I have it via Turkey and its so cheap. Around $4. This through India is so expensive.

      Edit - realized this is annual cost.

      • What card did you use to pay?

    • That's what I've got set up. Last month I paid $2.33AUD (family membership).

      • What card did you use to pay?

  • +1

    Does it change recommendations?

    • +2

      I've seen some people say yes. But for me, it didn't.
      Been loving it for 2+ years now. Even if it did, a few days of browsing and the algorithm should begin recommending your usual content again.

    • +2

      Yes, welcome to Bollywood.

      Still amazing value though.

    • It did not change recommendations for me in YouTube. I did get bollywood in Google Play Music a few years back, but that doesn't exist anymore

    • I found if you go into YouTube Music app settings you can choose the "Improve Your Recommendations" option and select some Western music as your favourites and it seems to give a fairly a normal experience across YouTube rather than Indian recommendations

  • +10

    Currently paying $18 per year via Argentina.

    • +1

      Are you paying annually or is that what your monthly payments come to? I'm paying monthly for family at about $2.33AUD (last month). Curious if it's cheaper again if paid annually upfront…?

      • I pay monthly via Argentina, and the last charge was for A$1.51 (using a no fee CC) - single sub, not family.
        Prior to that, it has hovered around the A$1.60 mark per month (for the past 12 months).

      • Also on the family deal via Argentina. $2.28 last month.
        I've struggled to get some people on it despite my best efforts. Says they're in another country yet others no problem. Followed the exact same process from what I could tell.

        • +1

          They should have been setup as a family before subscribing to premium. Be careful if not using a throwaway account, personal files and photos etc could be wiped if found in breach of ToS

          • @godfather: Hmm. Sounds like I need to cancel my subscription set up bogus acc, add everyone, re subscribe. Id cry if I lost my mail, google photos etc. Thanks!

        • Says they're in another country yet others no problem. Followed the exact same process from what I could tell.

          They need to delete all their existing payment method and use VPN to accept the invitation.

          It will works.

  • +4

    How much is it for family annual plan? I'm currently paying monthly via India, but happy to pay annually.

    • +2

      Ya, am looking for the same. And I cant seem to find annual membership anywhere.

      • You can't change an existing subscription to annual.

        • I cant see it even in incognito for family plan.

        • Note for India subscribers: If you have a 1 month or 3 month prepaid plan, you can sign up for an Annual Plan that will begin when your prepaid plan expires.

        • Details for changing to yearly

          There are some you cant do including family and student

    • +2

      No annual plan for family plans.

      • That probably explains it.

    • +1

      I'm currently paying about $2.34 per month for the Argentina family plan. Unsure if you can pay for a full year though. Comes out to just over $28 per year.

      • Link please

  • +7

    Argentinian Family Plan for NZ$2.50 a month. Sooo good.

  • Dumb question but once you're signed up and all, will this work using YouTube on Android tv and not have to have the VPN running at the time?

    • +3

      Yes, only for signup

  • Shows at 1290 annually, not 1200. What am I doing wrong?

    • +30

      I would just cop the extra $1.57 if you got that far

    • +2

      Quickly take it! Good that you got that far!

    • +1


  • +5

    as an FYI - However adding any family members, u need to have VPN to add them but in addition - when the family members accept the link sent to them to join the premium - they also need to have VPN enabled as it will throw them error "out of the Geo region"…

    • +2

      Yeah, adding members is hit and miss.
      Actually - signing up via another country is hit and miss.

      • +2

        I’ve only been able to add family members by setting up new accounts. Pain in the ass.

        • +6

          That's odd. I have two YT premium family accounts (Used VPN to get Indian plan per other Ozb tips). When I sent invites to fam, they never had any issues. Their Gmail has to be registered for Australian play store tho

          • +1

            @Scythic: Same, I've added a few people to my family plan in the past 12 months and they had no issues. Could be a new security feature? Hopefully not.

          • +1

            @Scythic: Same with me added 3 existing accounts no VPN required they just accepted.

        • +1

          It's actually because the account you are adding have Google pay setup in Australia. If your account doesn't have Google pay setup, then it wouldn't be a problem.

          • @ModiWar: All iPhones, no google pay or payment information entered.

            • @JoeBaskin: Goto pay.google.com and check if have any Australian addresses entered there. That is one of the major causes.

              • @ModiWar: The acc is not associated with any google pay. It's Apple Pay. What's the go?

                • @PeeDee: Have you gone into pay.google.com to see what profiles you have in there ? If there is a profile which is associated with an Aussie address, the linking will fail.

      • you got to close the "Payment Profile" in pay.google.com

  • There have been many issues with the monthly deductions due to regulatory change in India, glad they have an annual payment option now.

    • My payments have rejected a couple of times - any way around this?

      • I just changed card and it works well for first payment , then change again the month after . Painful

        • So change cards every month? Urgh….

      • I hv a cba mastercard, I never had any issues. The money gets deducted monthly past 3 years. $3ish including currency conversion

    • +1

      Been on Indian monthly with my 28 Degrees for years, luckily have had no issues.

  • How does this work if you already have a YouTube account? (Most people in the world)

    Is the idea to do this and then just add the existing account to the "family"?

    • +1

      I used a new Gmail account to sign up via VPN. Then invite myself and others to the "family" account. Works for new and existing YT accounts

  • +3

    Be careful with Google Pay. After I did this with the Indian monthly plan a year or so ago, my Google pay got cancelled, and then my credit card got blocked. Some sort of google security thing to prevent fraud.

    • Always use a new Gmail account for this kind of stuff, then invite yourself and others

      • Noob question. If you use a new Gmail account to register for this, then does that mean your devices (Android phones, Google Nest Hub etc.) needs to be logged on into this new Gmail account also? Or can you log into your devices using a different Gmail account and then still be able to use this YT Premium which is registered using a new Gmail account?

        • +2

          Nope. It can be your scapegoat if thing turns sour (which is unlikely)

          I only log in to the dummy gmail account once in a while to check billings, that's all. I use my normal account for mail and YT on my phones and smart devices

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