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YouTube Premium via Argentina: ARS $119/Month (Single ~A$1.65/Month, Family ~A$2.48/Month, VPN Required only for Registration)


Resharing again after 6 months for those unaware of this workaround to score YouTube Premium at a fraction of the normal price (with full credit to HiDave for the original find). Personally been on this plan for over 18 months and works flawlessly with 28 Degrees MasterCard (no fees). Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

Very straightforward process:

  1. Use a VPN to connect to an Argentinian server (required only for registration).
  2. Open an incognito browser window.
  3. Sign up via the main link in this post (or here).
  4. If an Argentinian address is requested, use this link and Google the postcode.
  5. Pay with a card that has no foreign exchange fees.
  6. Enjoy the full benefits of YouTube Premium.

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  • Can you convert an existing YTP AC that's in use in Australia to this one?

    • +3

      Yeah I did on mine a while back and worked fine from what I recall!

    • Yes you can
      I did it maybe 1 year ago and no issues

      • +2

        So you do you cancel your current account and re-sign up or do you just transfer over?

    • +5

      I paid the full price for Youtubet Premium, still worth every single cent as I spent a lot of time on youtube.

      • What are you watching? I only use YT for workout videos.

        • +8

          everything Youtube alrorightm recommends me to watch :)

          • +1

            @dirtyhen: I hope you don't watch conspiracy theory videos. This is how anti Vax people get sucked in to their bubble too deep.

        • Everything from bike repair tutorials, history recap animations, to demo of features of the new Garmin Fenix instead of reading thru the manual. A lot of the content on youtube is very well put together and there is almost endless content for your hobby niche. Premium is well worth it.

    • Yes I did it accidentally. I changed my location to Argentina and then thought Na this is gonna be too hard. Re-signed an hour later and happened to still have my VPN on and it was absolutely seamless.

    • I couldn't, so I have my Australian Google account and my Argentinian Google account. I primarily use Youtube on my phone and it works fine to stay logged in on the Argentinian account on the Youtube App only. If I do want to use it on my desktop, I just have to use a non-Chrome browser (where I stay logged in on my Aussie Google account). Minor pain in the ass to re-do all subscriptions, but not really that big a deal in the scheme of things, not when cheap premium is on offer.

      • Chrome allows you to have multiple profiles, so just have a 2nd profile for your Argentinian log in. So when you open Chrome it will ask which profile to load. I do this to separate my work, personal and volunteer stuff so it doesn't all get mixed together.

  • +10

    Already sub to an indian youtube premium which charge $1 more each month, if I unsubscribe it and subscribe to the Argentina one will it work or cause any issue?

    • +24

      Dude it's $1 a month.

      But this is ozbargain.

      I'm guessing it should work though

      • +71

        It's also a 40% saving

      • +2

        People upvote deals here for a lot less than a $1 saving. Plus, if you keep YT Premium for 5 years, that's $60 saved at $1 per month.

      • +14

        "For $1…. You can go down to the dollar shop and buy something "!!

        • +1

          Do they still have stuff at the $ shop for a $?

        • Every month!

        • +12

          "Be a man, do the right thing"

          • +1

            @edBARGAIN: somebody gonna get hurt real bad.. somebody

    • +6

      I'm same, have already subbed with India account and pay about $2.30 a month but won't bother with this in case I stuff it up and get locked out or something - not worth it to save an extra 65 cents a month

      • +5

        Just sit back and enjoy the bollywood music lol

      • Can you super chat with india? I changed already and cant figure out how to with argentina (Really dont want to change more things around in case I lose the account lol).

        India google location seemed to change my location for youtube plus and movies but stil aud prices at play store and iap.
        I have a us and ca gmail account from years ago that work fine for iap (for like half price) if its a game that you can use a code or something though I think adding money and stuff is hard now. maybe I shouldnt waste money on mobile junk or super chats >.<

    • +17

      I would personally not switch, I did it about 9 months ago and was asked to provide details of residence etc (more then just address) when I finally did this it kept denying payment due to not being from country of residence. ended up getting my partner to sign up and become a part of the family that way but if that $1 is worth it just get someone else on your family plan to take over and cancel yours

      • +7

        Agreed, had a similar experience.

      • +1

        How did you add people to family account? I haven't been able to add anyone to my India family premium account. They can't connect with the link I send them.

        • +1

          You need to get them to accept your invitation to become a family member while they are connected to a VPN, in your case it needs to be set to India. If your family members don't have a VPN (or never heard of a VPN) you can help them by letting them use your computer and they can login to their Gmail/email accept your offer and go to their Youtube/Music/Premium to check that it worked. After this they no longer need to use a VPN. I've done this for my nieces/nephews, they make fantastic presents for children/teens of the digital age!

          • @PukeyLuke: Hi, I'm one of those ppl who've never used a VPN, could you link me to one for Indian Disney hoststar and yt premium please?
            Are VPNs usually paid websites?

            • @Shali: Hi, a VPN is a software that directs your internet traffic through the country that you want to pretend to be in.
              There are some free ad supported VPN's that are very slow, I have no idea on a good one.
              Or you can pay for one, I use PureVPN, but Nord VPN seems to be the most popular on OzBargain.
              You can pay by the month, about AU$7 or $8 or buy a 2+year plan for about AU$25 per year.

              • @PukeyLuke: Ah thank you very much! I looked at purevpn and thought surely ppl don't pay for this πŸ˜‚ but thank you for confirming its not a scam.

    • +1

      If you subscribe using Indian Youtube via VPN or any other means, does the family plan work in Youtube accounts in Australia ? I thought for family sharing and youtube premium to work the plan has to be purchased in the same country/region where the account will be used.

      • Works for me

      • You'll need to have VPN enabled in the region while accepting the family member add request. But otherwise its all good.

    • +8

      Should be fine.

      Worth it for the Latin recommendations over Bollywood ones alone.

    • +1

      got family plan for $3.60 and have 4 people in group with $1 each from everyone, saving me 40cents. i charge them yearly $12 each.

      • Does Indian YT has family plan ?? I thought they had only single sub plan

        • i think they have it in every country

    • I had India sub too but switched to Argentina about a year ago because I listen to Spanish music and prefer them as being my recommended music/videos, a bit of a fiddle to switch but depends on what your priority is and if you're really bothered by the $1.

    • Why would you want to do that, I think indian YT is good too. Don't change the country for $1, i hv the same.

  • +84

    Time to sell my house in India and move to Argentina.

    • +4

      I'll give you $5 for it. Deal ?

    • +3

      Reich time

    • +1

      To save $2.10? It might cost $14.88 in the long term

  • +16

    Finally got off my butt and installed Smart YouTube TV on my MiBox. Wasn't a huge fan of the interface compared to the predecessor app but it's grown on me. Having it not only skip YouTube ads but magically skip those "but before I get to the two minutes of content, a five minute chat about this video's sponsor" bits and other filler like credits is a revelation. Don't know how we lived without it.

    • +6

      On my LG TV I used this


      Then you can install an ad free YouTube and go into settings to enable SponsorBlock too. Love SB, so much saved time watching videos.

      • +12

        hope the TV was consensual

      • Other than ad free YT and SB, is there anything else you've done after installing HomeBrew? I'd love Kodi and Kayo as apps on my LG if that's possible.

        • +2

          If you have a 2018+ LG TV there is now a native Kayo app. Was only released 25 November or so.

          • @daanish: Great news, thank you. I check occasionally but I guess I haven't in the last 3 weeks.

            • +1

              @sween64: I'd given up hope and have been using my Chromecast but I stumbled upon a Reddit comment about it yesterday so decided to check on my TV and lo and behold there it was.

              • @daanish: On which subreddit? Could be one for me to follow.

                • +1

                  @sween64: It was just a comment in one of the match threads on /r/cricket. I think it was on of the BBL match threads last night.

                  • @daanish: Ha! I was gonna guess cricket but would've said an Ashes Test thread.

      • never knew this existed… reading about this now, and how to downgrade my C1 software to an exploitable version. Thanks

      • I love SponsorBlock also, I have it as an extension on my Firefox and Chrome browsers, which is the main way I watch Youtube.
        I reckon it's 100% accurate in skipping sponsorships promos.

      • wo wo wohah … there is a jailbreak for my LG TV?!

        Any tips? I have a CX

    • Yes, never go back. I still do not know point of YT premium.

      • +6

        YouTube Music, instead of Spotify or Apple music, for roughly 50c per 'family member' per month is hard to beat.

      • 9nly + is the ability to download videos. But thats it.

        • There are 3rd Apps like 4k download to do this.

      • I watch a fair amount of youtube on my TV. I got it to remove the ads.

        • Smart YouTube TV, a 3rd party App achieving the same purpose. See what I replied to.

      • Given how many bloody ads YT has - 2 before a video, then one or 2 during a video, not to mention it spoils the experience with an interruption half way through a video (yes I know you can skip it a couple of seconds later, but I still hate the ads), I think paying $3.50 a month, where my wife and I, along with my kids can watch YT without ads, is well worth it. You can also download videos to your device to watch offline with YT Premium.

    • Yeah, we actually watch YouTube since installing SmartTubeNext on my google chromecast with google TV. Without this, the endless ads, sponsor promos, self promos, etc, just made it completely unwatchable and irritating, and we never used it. But with this app, we actually watch it and it gets watched a lot, the difference is absolutely massive. It's also made me enable sponsor block on YouTube Vanced on my phone.

    • Where do you download this app

  • +26

    Vanced manager/youtube is a great android alternative if you can't afford. you just download the apk and then install the youtube app and voila no more ads

    • +3

      They have a great Youtube Music alternative too. I will still buy this though as I am still watching far too many ads via Youtube on my TV

      • So time to get a fire tv and sideload ?

        • install troypoint and smart youtube tv and other quality apps easily installed

    • 100%

    • Vanced youtube is the bomb on Android.

    • does the cast button work on Vanced by the way? I always get an error message when i try

      • Casting stopped working for me a while back on the latest version (I just checked and noticed that this is listed under known issues). I downgraded to 15.33.34 to get casting working again.

    • uYou for iOS even supports video downloads natively within the app. At this point the only reason to pay for YouTube Premium is to get no ads when casting, or if you also want YouTube music.

  • -1

    Does this work properly on nest hub? Really would be my only use case as I use Vanced.

    • +1

      i use it it on my nest hub and mini's in my house with no issues

    • +1

      Once you purchase it, you don’t really need the vpn connection again.

  • +13

    paid $3.37 last month for my family Indian account, can't be bothered trying to change for just $10 per year

    • +16

      Please leave ozbargain with that attitude.

      • +13

        Seems like many people lack a sense of humour. Can't believe you have 16 negs for what seems like a fun comment. Have a plus vote from me as I understood :-)

        • +5

          I thought I was being ironic and irreverent but happy to take a few negs if it makes people happy, I guess.

          • +4

            @kiriakoz: The fact that people thought you were serious is even more concerning.

        • +4

          That's society for you these days. When cheese was renamed, society was doomed from then on.

    • Did u create a new email address or using main google account? Wondering about risk of being locked out

      • i made a new one then family shared to other accounts

      • Yes this is a major risk.

  • +1

    Have been using this since it was last posted. Works well.

  • +2

    Will the home page be filled with Argentina contents?

    • +2

      It is for us. I couldn't figure out how to get it to show AU content with an Argentinian subscription.

      Did anyone else figure this out?

      • +10

        In the settings you can pick whatever country you want. Mainly changes the news headlines, the rest of the clips are decided by your subscriptions and watching habits

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