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ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Visa: Bonus 160,000 Qantas Points & $225 Back ($3,000 Spend in 3 Months, $425 Fee) - ANZ Customers Only


Deal link goes to public product page because I couldn't work out how to submit this deal without a link - look at description or screenshot

Found this huge Qantas Points offer in the ANZ app a couple of days ago:

An exclusive offer to ANZ customers only.
Earn 160,000 bonus Qantas Points and $225 back to your new card when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval. New card. T&Cs, >eligibility criteria, fees and charges apply (including an Annual Fee, currently $425). Screenshot

You can get to this offer via ANZ Internet Banking in browser, or in the ANZ App.

If you aren't an ANZ customer: I mentioned this offer to a friend who then opened a transaction account and was able to immediately see the offer in their new internet banking and apply for the card. The basic ANZ transaction account is $5 a month, which you can get waived if you deposit $2k into the account each month (doesn't need to stay in the account). You could close the account once you get your bonus points (possibly once you get the card?)

Aside from this massive number of bonus points, card features are:

  • Earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $7,500 per statement period
  • A higher Qantas Points earn rate compared to all other ANZ Frequent Flyer cards
  • Uncapped Qantas Points
  • Complimentary Frequent Flyer Membership and a discount on a 1 year Qantas Club membership
  • Two complimentary Qantas Club lounge invitations each year
  • Complimentary insurances including International Travel Insurance
  • Up to 55 days interest free on purchases

You can see the general details of the card (at it's usual lower offer value) here

I think this might be the highest consumer bonus points offer available at the moment, I certainly haven't seen any higher recently.

If you haven't earned Qantas Points from a credit card in the past 12 months, you may be able to stack with the New Cardholder Bonus of 20,000 points (from Qantas). The ANZ Black card is listed on the relevant page, and it doesn't specify that you have to click through the Qantas page to get the offer, but I haven't tried! The New Cardholder Bonus from Qantas ends on March 31 (there's no end date listed for the ANZ card offer).

Edit: Clarified end date in post applies to 20k top-up offer, not 160k sign-up offer.

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  • Everytime I click card it logs me out
    Everytime I login it takes me away from card

    Application showed non-customer offer in the end..
    Edit: Use different browser

  • Devastated - Just got approved for this exact card last Friday. Approval process was super quick for me though (within 3 business days) so defs doable by deadline.

    For those on the same boat as me - unfortunately this deal won't be eligible to you (found out after a solid hour of waiting on the ANZ line).

    • +3

      That is for a business card requiring an ABN;not everyone has an ABN with the minimum income.

      Most frequent flyer cards get up to 120k for the first year (some you get 90 + an extra 30k if you hold the card for more than 12months which is not great for churning)

  • +1

    Offer changed to:

    Earn up to 130,000 bonus Qantas Points and $255 back to your new ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval and an additional 30,000 Qantas Points when you keep your card for over 12 months.

  • I currently have the ANZ rewards Platinum, am I still eligible? It's not a qff card

    • +1


  • Dammit. Too soon since closing my ANZ black, following the 120k points deallast year

  • downgraded to 130k offer now :(

    • +2

      EDIT: my bad, it works with ads disabled in Brave browser (has build in blocker)

  • +2

    Just applied for the 160k offer - click through on the offer page with your adblocker disabled. It didn't work for the me the first time with adblocker enabled.

  • +1

    Sorry if this has been asked, but how much per year do you need to make for the black card? Thanks.

    • +2

      I think it's usually $75k, minimum $15k credit limit

      • Bugger im under, thanks but

        • You could do the platinum card and get 110k points and $200 back, $295 annual fee (net $95). I think the minimum limit on that one is $6k. Still a decent offer.

          • @tombarbera: "Earn 70,000 bonus Qantas Points and $0 annual fee"

            Thats the only offer i can find.

  • I go from online banking deal showing 160k, click thru and it says 100+30k. Will I get the 160k if I sign up from there?

    • -1

      Learn to read mate. Ad blocker

      • Doesn't work, tried several browsers, no ad blocker

        • Yea doesn't work

        • OK, weird, when I copy the link from the ANZ mobile app and paste into Chrome (on the phone) it works. Can't get desktop to work

        • Try Firefox.
          Didn't work for me on Chrome.

  • thanks, will wait for a couple more weeks so that the 90 days lapses over into the new financial year, thats when all my bills come

  • When applying how anal are they with their checking on all ur mortgage and home loans u have jointly with others and then the cc status of the others etc?

    • +1

      Very anal. Its a pain.

  • What about the $425 annual fee? is it worth paying annual fee each year?

    • +1

      I would say No, you only get 2 x passes and insurance which may or may not be useful. If you spend a lot on the card then the extra QFF points might be worth it, but there are other cards with lower fees and similar points/$ ratios.

  • I applied for the recent NAB Qantas card deal. Can I apply for this once I closed the NAB card? Or there is a minimum waiting period?

    • NAB and ANZ are seperate

  • If you spend the required amount within the time frame for the sign up bonus Qantas points, do you forfeit these points if you cancel before they're transferred to your Qantas account? I hit the spending requirement pretty quick and don't like having to hold onto the card for months waiting for the points to transfer.

    • I would wait for the points to arrive before you cancel your card

      Hard to call up customer support to chase the points if you don't have any active card !

  • Roughly how many points would it take to say fly return to Europe or America? Or anywhere? Or if possible could someone post a link where I can find out. Tried having a Google but couldn’t find anything without logging in.

  • What's the minimum income (if there is one) for these cards? I want those points, but am just a low earning casual. It doesn't seem to mention anywhere.

    • $75K

    • 75 grand

    • Officially, they look at your whole financial situation.

      Unofficially (i.e. before they changed the website - might've been instigated by APRA, etc), it used to be $75k for the black ($15k min credit limit) and $35k for the platinum ($6k min credit limit)

      • Thanks. Saw a few sites saying 75k, but thought it was strange they didn't mention anything about it on any documentation.

  • +1

    always crashes at the Saving your Profile step

    • I just tried to apply for this and am getting the same issue. Did you ever find a solution?

      edit: oh it just seems to work now, weird!

  • +4

    Some serious points value! I think I'll be signing up!


    Sydney to Melbourne (Economy): 10 return trips with 3,000 points remaining.
    Sydney to Melbourne (Business): 4 return trips with 15,800 points remaining

    Sydney to Singapore (Economy): 3 return trips with 11,800 points remaining.
    Sydney to Singapore (Business): 1 return trip with 26,200 points remaining.
    Sydney to London (Economy): 1 return trip with 52,600 points remaining.
    Sydney to London (Business): 1 one way trip with 18,400 points remaining.
    Sydney to LA (Economy): 1 return trip + 1 one way trip with 37,300 points remaining.
    Sydney to LA (Business): 1 one way trip with 54,600 points remaining.
    Sydney to Tokyo (Economy): 2 return trips + 1 one way trip with 5,500 points remaining.
    Sydney to Tokyo (Business): 1 one way trip with 81,000 points remaining.

    Round the World:
    123% of an economy round the world trip.
    51% of a business round the world trip.

    Supermarket gift cards
    $575 of profit after meeting spend requirements
    + $775 Woolworths gift cards
    + $225 cashback extra bonus
    - $425 annual fee

    • Love this perspective, thanks for the write up!

    • I just looked into these domestic flights and seems there is an additional $40 cost of taxes, fees and carrier charges when booking those Sydney to Melbourne trips at 8k points each way. So an extra $80 out of pocket on top of those points for a return trip. You can get a Jetstar flight for $90 without using any points.

      From Melbourne to London return the fees add up to $1000. I believe I read if you want to take advantage of the international flights you need to book almost a year in advance to get seats. So it makes me wonder what is the actual best way to use these points?

      By my calculations, with 160k points I can get a return flight from Melbourne to Bangkok and a return flight from Melbourne to Sydney, without any extra fees. I don't think you'll be getting 3 return trips to Singapore, or 2 to Tokyo unless you're paying the extra fees on top.

    • Hi, do you know if we can activate the travel insurance by paying with points? Thanks.

      • No you can't…..you have to pay the entire ticket charges using the credit card for the travel insurance to activate. As fas as I know, AmEx platinum is the only exception (even a part-payment using the card will activate the travel insurance).

        • Great! More things to keep in mind when choosing a card. Thanks for your information.

        • My Commbank rewards card don't need spend to activate travel insurance.

        • Incorrect. Used this type of insurance several times:

          Before leaving Australia spend at least AUD$250 on prepaid travel costs for all travellers and charge these costs to your card account;


          Can be ANY prepaid travel costs including taxes when paying with points. Also need to have a return overseas travel ticket for yourself and all travellers

          • @Lado: Thanks for this. Do you have any similar reference article for AmEx cards - I looked up but didn't find relevant info.

  • Offer has now changed to 100k bonus and additional 30k if you stay on for 12 months FYI

    • +1

      Still shows 160k

      • Only 100k for me now aswell

        • That 100k seems to be for generic application.

          Log in to portal. Go to products and search for this card. This time would be targeted for ‘ANZ existing customer’. Should show 160k points.

      • Did u try clicking on it? As reported, once u click on it will change to 100k

        • +1

          Still showing 160K after clicking through now for me:

          160,000 Qantas Points and $225 back to your new card
          when you spend $3000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval

    • I had the same issue, turn off adblockers

  • I have had this card for a really long time, still get compliments when paying

    People shocked it's a premium black credit card

    • what?

    • Why are you getting compliments?

    • Shock? When they see a black CC?

      Hrm, I wonder what would happened when they see this

      • Who uses an actual card these days? phone, watch or halo ring. Now that gets people talking when you flash a finger!

  • The 15k min limit is a let down.

    • Let who down?

      • Me down.

        • damn you were so down it took you 10 days to reply

  • Annual fee $425 aouch!

    • ive got a mortgage with them so they should waive it

      • Do they? I've got a mortgage with them too so that would be nice!

        • yeh i believe if you have the breakfree package they should waive it

          • @Jason Genova: I believe breakfree package is being removed completely so you might start paying for these in afew month.

          • @Jason Genova: can confirm they can waive it since the breakfree package is still in force for another couple of months for existing customers. Still need to pay around $55 for QF program though

  • Has anyone successfully got this deal after opening a savings account? I tried opening an account online, but need to go to a branch to get verified. The nearest branch is quite far from me, so would appreciate if anyone can confirm.

    • I opened ANZ Progress Saver as suggested in the comments above and can see the offer in my Internet Banking, haven't applied yet

      • Thanks goodfella, a few have mentioned above that the deal changes to 100k +30k 2nd year when you click the offer and go through the process. Is this also your experience?

        • +1

          I turned off AdBlocker and then applied, 160k deal was there all the way through

      • How do you actually log in? I opened the Progress Saver account and got sent my account details including a CRN, but don't have a telecode or a PIN?
        *Edit: Looks like you need to call the internet banking line to obtain.

        • +2

          Telecode is sent via SMS to you once you verify your ID

          • @goodfella: And the only way to verify if going into a branch? Arghhhh

            • +1

              @Wildesy: No, using your DL and Medicare (or passport/visa) you can verify online

              • @goodfella: Sorry to be a pain, but could you explain how?
                This is what I got in the application email:

                "VERIFYING YOUR ID
                Before you begin to transact on your account, you will need to complete an ID check. Please head to your nearest branch with two forms of acceptable ID. "

                If I try to verify online, I have no reference number for my application. I tried using my CRN, but that's obviously not what it's looking for.

                • +1

                  @Wildesy: Roger that. For me it was like this:
                  1. Applied
                  2. Got an email with CRN and Verify Online button | At the same time got an SMS with the reference number like 123-U82O-892 for ID check
                  3. After the ID check I got another SMS with a telecode number like 1234 for Internet Banking registration

                  • @goodfella: Okay, cool. Good to know I'm not just going nuts - I didn't get an option to verify online. Looks like I got stiffed for whatever reason!

                  • +1

                    @goodfella: Right, so I did the application on mobile last night and I just completed it again on desktop and it was a completely different result. Got a SMS'd reference number and the ability to verify via an online link.
                    Thanks for your help :)

                    • @Wildesy:

                      I did the application on mobile last night and I just completed it again on desktop

                      Hi, do you mean that you re-applied again with second application and it gave you the different option of online verification the second time? Does this mean you now have multiple ANZ accounts or are they superseded or merged?
                      I applied through the desktop and also got the email with only the in-branch ID verification option, so trying to see if I can avoid that, but don't want to end up with a bunch of duplicate saver accounts.

                • +1

                  @Wildesy: my reference number was in my spam sms messages folder, you can try check there!

                  • @daclaw: That just happened to me! So if you are on android, the SMS will go to your spam.

  • Is this offer still good if you don't use frequent points for flights?

  • Does anyone know how long we can keep the points without using them? I lost my Qantas Status because I couldn't travel thanks to covid!

    • 18 months. You can maintain the points by either linking your woolworths everyday reward points and making purchases with it, or gain points with the Qantas wellbeing app

    • If you're willing to burn your money, you can flash your QFF number at BP when you fill your tank for points per litre of fuel too

  • +8

    I've applied for the card and get an application number. It says "We've sent an email to *******@gmail.com with your application details and instructions", but didn't get any email. Is this normal?

    • +1

      Same thing happened to me… I'm not sure

      • Did you try to call ANZ?

        • same, called, told me to wait.

          • -1

            @Vaywyr: Okay cool, I'll wait too, was about to call as same thing has happened to me. I thought the application process was pretty slick, pre-filling so much stuff, and I was hoping for auto approval with the 60 second count down timer at the end but alas, told me I'd get an email which never came…

    • Same

    • Check spam?

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