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Sony X90J Bravia XR Full Array LED 4K Google TV 65" $1499.49 / 75'' $1979 + Free Delivery @ Sony Education Store


First post please be gentle.

Crazy deal IMO, if you happen to have an education email. I bought one last black friday for a lot more than this but was quite happy with the TV.

A few other models on discount too.

Link to educational store: https://store.sony.com.au/students

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    ok, now Sony has a education store as well

    • Noice 😀😀😀

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      of course, how students could buy a $9K TV without an education store?

      • Always useful to have a 85" OLED to scroll though MS Word.

  • What is the link to the sony education store?

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      You can try this https://store.sony.com.au/students. But I believe it's actually the same store and you only need to register an account with an email ending with .edu.au to see this price

      • Hi OP. How can I see these edu price after I signed up the account and verified?

        • Just log into your education account and the new price should show up.

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            @DWD3-Jin: I typed in my edu email address and received no verification email. I used another email to send a test email to my edu email and confirmed it can receive.

        • +2

          I can't see the edu prices after logging in either. Can someone tell me the edu price on a 43 inch x85j please?

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    Good price for 75" but can't access edu store.

    But why Student needs good price on TV? Isn't they should study more XD

    • +12

      They should have 'edu' stores for Sydney/Melb properties!

    • Maybe they have really bad eyesight and need it as a monitor.

      It's also for teachers however ;)

    • +6

      What’s next, they need a ps5 to help them study 🤣

      Discounts are always welcome though.

    • +4

      Didn’t realise students have so much money to be buying big TVs. Lol
      Maybe living on 2min noodles to pay off the TV.

  • +4

    They also have the 50 and 55 inch

    1,199.40 AUD and 1,259.40 AUD respectively

  • +2

    85 inch ?

  • +1

    Do the have the 85" X95J on promo?

    • $4,199.40 AUD

    • +1

      85" X95J - $4199.40
      85" X85J - $2699.00
      83" A90J - $5999.40

      • +1

        Thanks guys

        Just placed an order for the 85" X95J

        It is more than I wanted to spend, but it seems a very good deal.

      • is the 85" X85J good in your opinion? Mainly for sports and movies and the room is not very dark for OLED liking.

  • Is this good for gaming using ps5? or should I get the C1?

    • Budget this is great

      No budget and no ragrets get the C2 only a few months away or C1 now if U can't hold it

    • +2

      From Rtings:

      It's a future-proof TV as it comes with two HDMI 2.1 inputs that allow you to play 4k games up to 120 fps from gaming consoles or PCs, and it has variable refresh rate (VRR) support after a firmware update.

    • +1

      I just got a 75" last week and very happy with it so far. Ive been holding onto my old VT60 65" plasma for a while as I never liked how the motion looked on LCD TV's but happy with motion on this one and black levels also good. Maybe i should get a second one for my other room, just gotta find a student looking to earn $10…

  • Is it possible to price match Sony store with edu store?

  • Is the 55 on sale too?

    • +1

      55" X90J $1,259.40

  • +1

    Congrats on the first post. Some great deals in there - thanks for sharing!

  • I need edu access :(

    • +1

      I've got an edu email, figure out how we can make this work and I'll buy it for you.

  • +1

    What a good price. Great TV if anyone's asking.

    • Indeed it is. I have the 55". Was a step up from my previous 55" Bravia.

      I was cautious as previous Sony TV's have been notoriously slow. But this is super quick. Great all rounder.

  • finally something for those studying an arts degree.

    • Probably only thing it's good for. Lol

  • registered with my edu.au email but haven't received confirmation email from Sony yet, it's been 15 mins, any particular edu.au email required?

    • I’d say the school you registering via blocks emails that aren’t “education” related.

  • I'm looking for a 75 inch. Which one is better deal?
    - 75X90J for $1979
    - 75X95J for $2999

    • +9

      X90J is the better deal

      • +1

        Cheers. Got one :)
        Edit. Clicked through for an extra 2% cash back via cashrewards

    • X85J is also available @ $1700~

      • I got the 75X90J. Stoked since I almost pulled the trigger during Boxing Day sale for about $800 more.

  • damn just got 75" one for $2500 delivered with Sony store price match. This is a steal for $2k, im very happy with the TV so far. Speakers not as good as my old VT60 Panasonic but other than that very good TV.

    • Whats the viewing angles like compared to the plasma?

  • damn good buy.

  • still shows the same price after I created a edu account

    • did you get confirmation email in your edu account?

      • no, how long it take when you received the confirmation email?

        • I haven't received the email, its been 15 mins

    • +1

      Same here. And I received the confirmation email and confirmed my account.

      Edit: verificaiton email came from [email protected]

      • do you use uni/high school email?

        • High school. Maybe it's only uni students…

          • +1

            @loveyoulooongtime: I used a primary school account and it worked.

            • @DJSmelly: Can you actually see the better prices? My primary school account was verified but doesn't show the better prices

              • +1

                @Sindex: Yep, I can see all the discounted prices and I just bought the 75.

                • @DJSmelly: Dammit. I tried three school accounts and all the same. Confirmed accounts and signed in but can't see the discounted prices. Thanks for those details DJSmelly

  • +1

    Do they have a corp store like Samsung?

  • +4

    Any workaround for those who don't have a .edu.au email? Much appreciated.

  • Hmmm won't send that verification email…

    • same here, maybe they need specific edu.au email only from certain uni

      • Verification came for me about 15mins later. Checked junk?

  • I check price for 75" X90J but it shows $2995. How can we get for $1979? Any code?

    • +1

      Verify your edu account and price will automatically change

      • Thanks. Set up Edu account. Waiting for their email.

  • Does anyone know what the edu store pricing was prior to the current models going on runout?

    • +1

      75 was 2.4, 65 was 1.8 approx

      • Thanks. I wonder what the piercing will be like on the X80/85/90/95K when they release?

        • I bought an A90J 65" for $4129 in July 2021. The official release price was $5k I believe, so do the math ;)

          Current price is 3.3k - the discounting on their TVs seems to be consistent across all their TVs - currently around 33% off the "normal" Sony website price.

  • It's also the same pricing with special partner price.

    • How to become special partner?

      • Sony has partnerships with a few companies. I know that Comm bank employees who have Sony Store accounts have access to the partner pricing. I'm unsure which other companies have access to the partner pricing program.

  • Still waiting for my 2006 Sony Bravia 40inch 720p to break down

    • +2

      Lol, mine is the same, bullet proof!

  • +4

    Looks like a good income opportunity for students. Flipping TVs is a lot more profitable than flipping burgers 😉

    • ROFL

  • Would someone tell me the edu price on a 43 inch x85j please? Thanks!

    • $929

    • $929

    • $929.00 AUD

      Edit: Beaten lol

    • +1

      Thanks all :D

  • +1

    Anyone else having issues with verification emails not coming through?

    • +1

      havent received it

    • +1

      I haven't received any emails yet either, its been over 15 mins.

      • Still nothing, just signed up with my Gmail fine. But nothing to my uqconnect email.

        • I tried the chat support and they refused to help, said they'd raise a ticket with presales and gave me the number for the call centre.

          I tried the call centre and she told me to ring my uni and get them to unblock the emails, when I tried to ask if she could send through a test email she hung up on me.

          Seems like Sony's customer support is still terrible.

  • Arggh… house not ready yet, 3 more months….

  • oh man, just paid $2500 for the 75 inch less than 2 weeks ago from JB hifi. Do you think they would refund the difference or give a gift card.

    • Don't think so for edu store.

    • Highly unlikely, JB don't do price protection at all let alone against an edu store. You'd have to buy from the edu store and return to JB.

      • I think they do if it's within 2 weeks

    • If you used a credit card, check if you have price protection available.

  • Insane! I paid $2600 for a box damaged one from Sony's seconds ebay store in Oct last year.

    • I paid $2,300 for a 75" X90J in Feb this year! Still very happy with it for the price.

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