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Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-Order from UK, $704 Including Shiping


Same place I and many of the other whirlpool forum members bought their Galaxy S2 and currently appears to be the cheapest price so far. Shipping is calculated by DHL. Also available in white. http://www.handtec.co.uk/product.php/6673/samsung-galaxy-sii...

Price £416.49 + DHL Shipping £26.90 = $704 AUD.

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  • Wonder how cheap the 64gb will get (not that they are selling it here).

  • Im looking to move from my old Desire, but damn i hope these phones don't keep getting bigger, 4.8' its getting out of control haha

  • Will the 4G frequencies of the UK model compatible with Tel$tra's 4G network?

  • The blue color looks ugly. I already have the SG Note, so will skip this one.

  • How much extra for a bigger hand to hold it with, and a bigger shirt pocket while you're at it.

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        They need to make 4"+. Can't see shit on sub 4" screens.

        I can't see them doing this.

        • Why would you want that stuff on your phone screen? It'd just obscure the display, and if you get a phone call and lift it to your ear…

        • @Postulative, maybe you haven't heard of something called a Proximity Sensor. Modern phones these days can detect when you're drawing your phone in for a call and can turn off the screen to prevent you tapping icons with your face.

        • nah strand, postulative was being new and exciting.

    • What were you expecting? Having a 12MP camera would just increase noise and 8MP is enough for 99% of people. I think the improved software is the main point. As well as the much more powerful CPU and GPU.

      The extra battery life is also good, and the sdCard slot.

      • still not good enough. quad core on 2100 mAh? a marginal upgrade from 1700 to 2100 mAh is just going to result in continued low levels of phone usage.

        on the other hand, you're right. 8 mega pixel is more than enough and with a bit of software tweaks to the imaging processor, the camera is certainly even better than the already outstanding S2.

        however, i do feel the S3 was overhyped. 12MP/16MP or not, i felt that to really thoroughly deal with Iphone 5 or establish itself as THE benchmark for smartphones, I would have preferred Samsung to come up with really awe inspiring. after all, its what technology consumerism is. you bring in something effing fantastic, it makes the whole world wanting to have it, whether they have use/need for it or not, irregardless of the purpose served.

        therefore - S3 should have placed a battery with higher capacity, like about 2600. its not anywhere close to RAZR MAXX's 3300, but should be good enough without compromising form factor, a 12 mega pixel camera. that should be the minimum standard….

        • It is not all about the MP…
          Get over it

        • The new quad core is more powerful and uses ~23% less power compared to the chip on the S2. Quad core doesn't automatically equal more power usage - rather it might even help battery life by performing tasks faster.

          4mp 8mp 12mp 16mp - it doesn't really matter. It's the sensor that's important which most people don't even realise this.

        • i didnt even make it about the MP. perhaps you have misunderstood. i was talking about what Samsung could have done better to secure the hearts and minds of the mindless. obviously the sensor is better which is a good thing. but to make it a selling point, the MP is pretty much fundamental to the success of a product fool. and besides, samsung phones were never really known for their battery life. i've used the S2 and Omnia 7. I am using 2 batteries for the S2 if you're talking about net surfing, gps, games and music.

        • urgh. really dont understand what i am trying to say eh? its about a selling point, not such much of the specs. well, so much for the sensor and tech specific. i bet you guys will gloat about it if the S3 had a 12 MP camera anyway.

  • Some one please explain to me how is this a bargain?
    To qualify as a bargain it has to compare against something
    What is it being compared against?

    Also, u may wont to consider
    The HTC one X with 32gb is cheaper, AU stock ~660.

  • Looks like a Sensation XL…

  • how does the warranty work for this - does it have international warranty?

    • No, you'll have to send it back to the UK for any repairs/replacement. I'm going through that now with a Galaxy Nexus — it's a pain in the arse. I wish I'd waited an extra two months, since by then it was cheaper in Australia anyway.

  • Anybody noticed any considerable decrease in S2 price when S3 launched? I am after an S2 bargain now.

  • does this phone camera have dedicated key button?(like pushing power button will take a picture?)
    coz i have galaxy s2 and it doesn't have that feature and i hate
    i will only upgrade from s2 to s3 if they have that

  • Hurry up samsung, release the pricing & date for aus? Then I can start thinking whether I should get the note or siii!!! & get rid of my current crappy x6:(

  • Personally S2 design is better

    • Yeah i agree. Apparently it was "inspired by nature", the only part of nature i see in it is a shiny piece of rock. So i'm happy to just stick with my note =)

  • +3 votes

    Woah, so many people condemning this phone a disappointment when it hasn't even been reviewed or released yet. In terms of design I think you can't really judge it unless you see it in person. From the press shots it doesn't look like much, but keep in mind that this phone is only 8.6mm at its thickest point (HTC One X is 8.9mm). Also, it seems Samsung's pitch with this phone is the software, with the inclusion of several gesture based shortcuts and deeper integration of social netorking (e.g. photo-tagging). I'm undecided between this phone and the HTC One X, but at this point I believe either phone is a catch. However, one thing I dislike is Samsung's decision to sport a PenTile display, instead of opting for Super AMOLED "Plus."

    • Agreed. We've never seen this thing, there are no official reviews up, but the condemnation reminds me of the disappointing iPhone 4S reveal. There's a great post on The Verge frontpage that answers all the FUD.


      • The disappointment isn't FUD though. Samsung made it clear that they have very little design sense, and they base their hardware on what will generate maximum income rather than quality.

        For instance, they opted for a larger screen, but provided no quality benefits in doing so. Why? Just because they can say it has a bigger screen.

        They created a flagship phone made out of glossy plastic with a fake brushed metal pattern. It's uninspiring, ugly, and clearly the result of lawyers telling the designers what they can and can't do because of possible litigation. It's sad.

        That being said, as a phone, I'm sure this thing will be amazing. But to dismiss peoples disappointment as FUD is naive.

        • +2 votes

          A larger screen provides you with the benefit of, you guessed it, a larger screen. There's no marketing gimmick there. Also, the phone is cased in polycarbonate plastic (Same material as HTC One X, praised for it's premium build quality) with a glossy "HyperGlaze" coating. "Uninspiring, ugly" is just opinion, not fact.

        • cyberglitch - you not liking the design doesn't mean everyone in the world doesn't like it either.

          Having a galaxy note myself, I know how useful a bigger screen is. Once again, just because you don't think a bigger screen is useful, doesn't mean everyone else doesn't either.

          I wish they made the casing more exotic, but at the end of the day, what it does is more important than how it looks. Unless you're a fashionista or hipster maybe. :)

    • This phone has alot of gimicks that are not really that fantastic. Its software based, any of these phones could add them in. Personally I do not use social media so the less integration of that the better.

      • So you suggest it should have had 2GB Ram and 12mp camera? Thats all I could think of.

      • we think alike. i stayed up to watch the unveiling online and was a little let down by all the software based features and social integration and how much they were promoting it. these features will be eventually ported over to other devices thanks to the guys at XDA dev :). not to say it's a bad device, i don't mind the looks of the pebble blue s3, great processor, removable batt and microsd is a plus. will wait for reviews before i decide though.

    • TBH I just think the phone is butt fucking ugly. I have owned every flagship phone by Samsung and HTC since Galaxy S and HD2, and I can safely say this is one of the ugliest, if not THE ugliest of them all. Don't think I will be buying it.

  • the design is alright for me…it is just, htc has metal back phones, apple has glass…BUT WHY SAMSUNG ALWAYS STICK WITH PLASTIC? i know plastic will reduce some weight and avoid the "death grip"…but why not use SOME OTHER material other than plastic?

  • This may be off topic, but if anything after this announcement I would prefer to purchase a 64gb microsdxc for my Galaxy Note rather than get the SGS3.

    The SGS3 seems cool and all, but not worthy of upgrading from the Note. I'll be waiting just a little bit longer I think before I sell my Note on Gumtree it seems…

      • JakDac, I thank and appreciate your attention in bringing this offer to me. For now I will decline your most generous offer. Maybe one day in the future you will come across a man more willing to part with his possession for your possession in a trade more favourable for both parties.

        But for now, I say thank you kind sir, but farewell. I wish you all the success in the world in your future endeavours, whatever they may be.

  • Hmm..
    from the preview picture I feel htc one x is a bit more stylish this time, especially the white one. Probably have to wait for a review before deciding between them..

  • One X is the bomb people, just better

  • we talking about a girl or a phone. most of the comments are on the look of the phone not its specs.i look at the specs first, after all its a phone.

  • Compare the S3 against the following combination:

    • Samsung Galaxy 10.1" Tab (or the new iPad) for $450 (or $540)
    • Cheap android phone for $100
    • Total cost $550~$640

    Set up the phone as a WiFi Access Point and that will compensate for not having a 3G Chip in the Tab.

    For quick things like sending text messages, checking gmail etc -> the cheap android phone
    Browsing, reading, game playing, facebook, movies -> the Tab (Better battery life, better screen size)