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Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig System $99 @ Total Tools


Usually sells for $180.

Same price at Sydney Tools and Carbatec ($99)

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  • +12

    Is this one still useful if you already have holes in your pockets?

    • +5

      It will align them better to your leg(s)

      • +1

        which one

  • +1

    Good stuff. Now to decide: upgrade from the mini kit or not?

    • +2

      I was using the mini one for a while, but this I bought at full price and it speeds up pocket holes a lot.

      Well worth it if you have a lot to do

  • +16

    One time I had a substitute teacher who showed this off as the most amazing thing ever

    • -17

      Cool story bro..

      • +15

        thank you!

    • +2

      It certainly is

  • +1

    That is a REALLY good price!

    I use mine quite a bit, though I don't find it is easy to put together pieces as they show on youtube. Probably i'm not using the right screws (i don't bother with the expensive Kreg screws)

    • +1

      Bevelled screw heads will tend to want to drive through the holes you have created.

    • +4

      I didn't find the original Kreg screws particularly expensive, as long as I buy the bigger packs.

      • Interesting! I will look into that

        • Just yesterday I had to remove some 'no name' screws I got from Masters back in the day.

          They had held a planter to my pergola for a few years. Half of them snapped off. No problem in this case since I'm not planning to install anything else in the same screw holes. Otherwise I'd be very much regretting using those screws…

    • +3

      There are some cheaper alternative screws like https://www.screwit.com.au or ones off Amazon.

      • Screwit screws are great. Been very happy with them. Frequently cheaper than bunnies and better quality too

        • Frequently cheaper than bunnies and better quality too

          I may have just been a noob looking at the wrong section and wrong search terms but I found Bunnies overall washer-head screw selection to be pretty limited or bad value (can't remember which it was lol).

          Back then I was searching for washer head screws to help attach castors to things, and ended up ordering various Kreg pocket hole screws from Total Tools during the free shipping promo for that job. It was more a bonus that I could use them for pocket holes lol.

  • +17

    For anyone who only does the occasional woodwork and odd pocket-hole join, I recently picked this up from TT for $25:

    There are variations of this around, some probably from the same factory like the ones from Sydney Tools. Definitely better value than the Bunnings Craftright one which is only a single and costs more too.

    Kreg is definitely the bees knees brand for them but I wouldn't use it anywhere near enough to make use of it for the price!

    • I am not disagreeing with you (buy the cheaper jig for occasional work) - but I am actually tempted to buy this because it is actually quicker to setup compare to the jig, where you have to clamp it everytime you need to use

      • +1

        Jokes on me cos there are tools that cost about the same that I've barely touched :P. Would've rather put the money into this lol

    • The thing about choosing tools I personally find is, you buy the quality tool and you will want to do more than the occasional job because you will find uses for it everywhere…

  • Wish Bunnings would price match

    • They do, plus they'll discount 10%

    • I just bought this from my local Bunnings for $99 tonight - seems they have already price matched ;)

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Been after one of these for a while and had soon-to-expire "Insider Dollars" to use. Perfect timing.

  • -1

    This looks cool but you need accurate and steady hands. If u angle the drill wrong u could drill into the hole guide.

    • +9

      Hmm - the whole purpose of a jig is to be repeatable, so accurate and steady are no longer pre requisites. You literally drill into the hole guide and the bit you use has a depth stop to stop you from drilling straight through the piece and into the jig. It's actually really good, not idiot proof, but as close as you'd get.

      • I should've worded it better. i don't mean going through the end or through the sides but won't the drill bit scrape the sides if it's anything off perpendicular when you slide the drill in and out? I'm happy to be told otherwise cause i kinda want one. I got a tile cutter, which in the yt video looked easy as to use but when i did it i just got a bowlful of little chips. :(

        • Consider yourself told otherwise

    • The holes are lined with steel, you'd have to be off by a lot to drill into the plastic. Not a problem I ever had with the mini version.

    • As above, I have the mini and it's close to impossible to drill at the wrong angle.

    • It's easy as pie to use. I have the single hole one for cheaper https://www.bunnings.com.au/kreg-pocket-hole-jig-310_p020287... $40. Dunno why you'd need the big one but I'm a hobby handyman at most.

  • I was looking for a less expensive alternative to Kreg a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s on sale :) order to be placed.

  • +7
  • +8

    Y'all owe me this deal… I bought the 720 Pro for $280 on w/e, so OBVIOUSLY there had to be a deal the next day/week.
    Btw you can get 500 blue 2" (~identical to kreg course screws) for $50 delivered https://www.screwit.com.au/blue-zinc-outdoor-pocket-screws-8...

    • would 50mm be too long for most woodwork jobs, what's the most recommend size?

      • +1

        Depends on the thickness of the wood, I think 2 1/2 inch is more common for 35 or 45mm. 1 1/2 inch for thin wood like 19mm.

      • +1

        I make everything out of 70x35 framing pine (cheap and readily available)… so they work for me. But if you're making a picture frame probably not, and you'd be better off just using glue.
        2" covers 100% of the type of wood working projects I've done.

        • thanks raybies + onetwothreefour!

    • Lemme guess, did you also buy a 2 dozen krispy kremes for $24 as well?

      • Sure did, on my way back from Carbatec.

    • Nice, of course they're "course" screws, some people might need coarse screws, but free shipping is a winner.

    • Brought k5 last week for 240, thinking a kreg it wouldn't go on sale for a while. Returned it and brought this.

  • I don't what this is…but I haven't got one so maybe I need it…!

    • +1

      Ha! This was me a few years ago. Balught and made sweet outdoor seats with cushion holders on wheels.

      Sat in the cupboard since 🤣

      • so you're saying you wanna sell it at half price…. 🤣

    • Thought the same, but like all tools.. when you need it but don't have it sucks!!

  • Just get the Festool domino jointer and be done with it 🤣

    • +1

      I'd imagine joining dominos together is proper fiddly.
      Make a nice design though!

    • There's plenty of places where that wouldn't work but this would

    • The holygrail of joinery… problem is >$1700 before you can even insert one of their $190 domino packs.

      • $1700 delivered for the Festool DOMINO DF 500 Q-Set Jointer & Assortment 1060 - PACKAGE DEAL back in 2020.

        • Can I borrow yours? I just need it for the slats of a bench.

    • They're not mutually exclusive. Often one will work where the other won't. Occasionally I'll even use both together using the pocket holes screws in place of clamps while the glue on the dominos dries.

  • Bundle with this for the complete package: https://www.totaltools.com.au/pocket-hole-screw-kit-675-piec...

    • +3

      Would it be better to buy the new 520 model for $20 more? The 675pc screw kit comes free as a bonus.

      • Nice find! From what I can see the K4 has a better clamping method and looks to be less clunky than the 520 model.

      • I have the K4 and wouldn't swap it for this. The 720 is the one that's comparable to the K4.

      • I've had an original Kreg for a few years without the clamp and just bought the 520 model to do a campervan fitout - it's great. Sooooo easy to do multiple holes on large sheets…

  • Already got a budget biscuit-jointer, is it worth getting a pocket jig?
    Would the jig be better/ easier for joining thinner panels as I was going (try) to make some media cabinets out of 18mm flat formica sheets?

    • It wouldn't hurt to have. It'll work in places the biscuits won't and as in my post above, I sometimes use the pocket hole screws alongside dominos basically as clamps while the glue dries and the same could be done with biscuits. I think pocket holes are great as long as you can hide the holes or it's something where aesthetics are less important.

      • With pocket holes you can also get plugs to hide the holes, but need to match your wood. https://www.totaltools.com.au/power-tool-accessories/kreg-sy...

        • Easiest way to do that is to get the Kreg plug cutter and you can actually make the plugs from the same wood for the best possible match. They're still visible however so depends on the exact look you're after.

          • @apsilon: Could get away with drilling the holes on the non visible side

            • @ilaughwaytoomuch: Ideally yes but not always possible depending on design. Helps if you take it into account when designing the piece but often there isn't a non visible side.

  • I brought the k5 last week for 240 same place. Massive buyer's remorse!!!

    • +1


      • Great customer service from total tools, I was able to return the k5 and buy the k4. K5 is an upgrade but wasn't able to justify the additional 140.

        • That's good..back laughing again.

          If the K4's & K5's are now discontinued as per Kreg's website, I reckon the K5 standard and K5 Master kits will soon be reduced everywhere to clear stock, so I'm gonna wait til they also have $80 knocked off.

          • @alidli: The new jig 720pro is not a successor to the k5, quite a different set up, mostly plastic construction. I doubt k5 will reduce it still demand for it. Having said that all pocket hole jigs are the same, it's more which will last the distance before replacing!

            • @ilaughwaytoomuch: Isn't the K5 mostly plastic? K4 certainly is and makes zero difference to it's performance.

  • +3

    I have had the K4 for years. Got the master kit at the time. Great piece of kit and much better than the ones you have to clamp. Use it quite a bit.

    Great price. I paid a lot more than this. You do need to use the correct screws for each job. Doesnt have to be the Kreg brand, but must be designed for pocket hole joinery.

    Two hints. Make a basic jig for it so you can clamp it in a bench vice and support your wood while you drill. There are plenty of youtube videos on this subject. Also buy the dust extractor adapter if you plan to drill much melamine. The end result is so much better.

    • Random question. I want to get into making some projects, using a pocket jig to start. But the thing that stumps me is, where do you buy your timber? Bunnings is good enough to start?

      • +1

        Bunnings is the only place i have these days. Depending on what it is you want to make. At my local store all the timber that isn't dressed is treated.

  • Thanks OP, got some renos coming up and this looks useful.

  • +2

    This is the same price at bunnings atm, saw it there earlier today

    • Yep, my local still said $180 on the shelf but scanned at $99 plus PP discount.

    • Bought one tonight from Bunnies for $99

  • Thanks OP bought one

  • Thanks OP, bought one from Carbatec with a gift card I had saved. Going to help with the great media room build up

  • +1

    Bought it today at Bunnings for $94.05 with PowerPass discount

  • great deal thanks

  • +1

    The 720Pro is on clearance, i got it for $189, not sure if same on other stores.

  • not sure if anyone is still interested, but Bunnings in Kingston (TAS) has them on clearance for $50.
    Bought one, two left.

  • Anybody seen these still in stock at Bunnings in Melbourne eastern suburbs?

    • Found Nunawading (Melbourne east) Bunnings had several today. Still selling for $99, no further reduction as was found in one TAS store mentioned above.

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