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$3 Bonus on $5 Min. Spend at Any Store (Excluding ShopBack Gift Cards & in-Store) @ ShopBack via OZBPERKS (Activation Required)


Hey everyone,

We hope you've loved the first two weekends of deals we had for you as we've been celebrating our 4th birthday with you this month.
We're back again with another sweet bonus for you, available all weekend long while stocks last.

Be sure to check out the details below for this one, but reach out if you think I've missed something.



Offer: $3 Bonus Cashback
Min. Spend: $5 at Any Store (Excluding ShopBack Gift Cards & In-Store).
Dates: Friday 15th April 2022 12:00am AEST & Sunday 17th April 2022 11:59pm AEST.
Opt-In Cap: First 1000 Customers to Opt-in

GYB's Notes:

  1. This Challenge can be stacked with any other Challenge on offer.
  2. Our Challenges can take up to 2 days to update on our system. It typically updates once our system re-syncs at 9am AEDT/AEST.
    If you don't see the Challenge update in your 'Earn More' tab within a day or two, please reach out to me via DM.
  3. The Bonus will be credited to your account once your order moves from 'Pending' to 'Approved'.
    This means that the Bonus will not be visible under your 'Lifetime Earnings' until the order moves to 'Approved'.
  4. Multiple items may be purchased in a single transaction to reach the minimum spend.
  5. Once opted-in to this challenge, you can shop from any device you wish.

How to Claim:

  • First you'll need to download the ShopBack App, if you haven't already.
  • Next you'll need to create an account/sign-up if you're a new customer.
  • Then join our OzBargain Perks Partnership as highlighted below:
  1. Click here on Mobile to enrol in our OzBargain Perks Partnership.
  2. If the previous link doesn't work, try this link from your Desktop or Mobile Web Browser.
  3. Once you've enrolled, click 'Earn More' on the bottom bar of our App > then scroll down to the 'Perks' tab.
  4. Locate the exclusive "$3 Bonus Cashback on $5 Min. Spend" challenge, click 'Start'
  5. Shop at the Online Store of your choosing, following our Cashback Rules / T&C's as usual.


  • Note: The '$ to go' amount that appears when you start the Challenge is the Pre-GST amount.
  • This Challenge entitles you to $3 Bonus Cashback when you spend $5 or more (inclusive of GST, exclusive of delivery & all other fees) at any online store excluding ShopBack Gift Cards & In-Store, between Friday 15th April 2022 12:00 am AEDT & Sunday 17th April 2022 11:59 pm AEST.
  • Only purchases made after you 'Start' this challenge will qualify for the Bonus Cashback.
  • Limited to one bonus per customer.
  • Available while opt-ins last.
  • The Bonus Cashback is in addition to the regular cashback you'll receive for spending at least $5 at your selected store.
  • The Bonus Cashback will be added to your account once your regular Cashback turns 'Confirmed' (the timeframe is dependent on the store you buy from).
  • Cashback will be forfeited if any fraudulent activities are detected, or if your order is voided.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions, and terminate the offer at any time without prior notice.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to invalidate any order that does not comply with the terms and conditions.

Have a question/issue? Send an email to [email protected] or DM me directly and we'll help sort it out.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3880)

$15 for referrer, $5 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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closed Comments

  • Is this works with $14? Or two purchase required?

    • Yes, it stacks

    • +2

      First dot point:

      This Challenge can be stacked with any other Challenge on offer.

  • -1

    Sorry never done this before with Cashback. Do I need to activate like Cashrewards requires? Can I just go to a shop and purchase to get the cashback and the bonus $3 or do I need to do something special

    • +1

      You need to activate it (First 1000 to opt in). You can find the challenge in the 'Earn More' tab on the app.

    • Sorry I forgot to add the redemption instructions originally.
      Added now!

  • -1

    Tks I got one on mobile App . Can I spend from desktop ?

    • +2

      As stated in instructions above

      Once opted-in to this challenge, you can shop from any device you wish.

  • +1

    Can I buy goods from 0% cashback category on Amazon?

  • Wooo, 2 weeks ago I opt-in for the new ebay customer challenge (Spend $15 get $15 bonus) and the other challenge (Spend $6 get $2) for a total bonus of $17. This week another $17 bonus! SB has been killing it!

  • Thanks GYB - added to the BCMT for tracking purposes

  • +3

    Sorry guys I can't seem to see this challenge in my app or on the website? does it require some special membership or activation or something?

    • +1

      Search the site using the keyword "OZBPERKS" and find any previous post, you will be able to active the perks via the link it provided then see the challenge. You better be hurry though, slots running out fast.

    • Sorry I forgot to add the redemption instructions originally.
      Added now!

      • No worries Rep, anyone does not know this is not a true Ozbargainer : )

      • I'm enrolled to ozbargain perks, go into Perks but still can't see this exclusive "$3 Bonus Cashback on $5 Min. Spend" challenge". Is there a code available that I can use at the Apply Code section?

        • I think it's sold out already.

  • +1

    Thanks! about to purchase coolant from supercheap auto today!

  • +2

    Can’t see this challenge, but I have a “Spend $10 and Receive $9 cashback” challenge already activated?

    • Added the redemption instructions above :)

  • it showed when i activated only 64 slots left

    • Same. It only showed at 120 slots left for me

      This will expire very soon

  • +1

    Is it only on categories with a non 0% cachback with Amazon? It doesn't seem to mention it.

    • The $3 bonus cashback works on categories that have 0% cashback
      The $3 is in addition to any usual cashback that you get from the merchant

  • +3

    Anyone not seeing the offer?

    • Can't find it either

  • Thank You as always GYB~ Time to order my eBay item!

  • +3

    Tried refreshing for a good 10 minutes, closed app etc, wouldn't show up.

  • Its showed up in my app when i launched it. When tried to click on it, was unresponsive and it went away. Weird

  • Ebay with coupon?

  • +2

    Can’t see the offer.

  • +1

    Don't see it

  • +1

    Not showing up either

  • +5

    Looks like it's capped out already!
    To those who made it in, enjoy the bonus.

    To anyone who missed it, there will be another next week :)

    Enjoy the long weekend!

    • ?? Its almost a week. I didn't see another one this week ?

      Please Stop referring to one of those Targeted deals that most can not really access.

  • +1

    Never showed for me either. ah well.

  • +1

    Wow 30 mins for 1000 slots, i doubt that at this time of day

    • You can see the number of clicks from the OzB post, currently at 926 clicks.

      • Is it possible it stopped early? Normally clicks would be at least 20% more than actual allocation right

        • +4

          Not with the OZBPERKS, I tend to find that there will be 70% of the clicks from OzB.

          The other 30% probably see the deal and go directly to our app, not counting as a click here.

  • +2

    Was hiding those Easter eggs for kids. And missed this. That's the trade off for being a nice dad. Lol

    • +1

      I was out cleaning the yard for it as instructed by the boss lady 😣

      • +2

        Lol, missing those days being single?

      • I was feeding the kids lol

  • +2

    Why the app never pushes notifications those promo

  • +2

    GYB, ozbargain thinks we deserve another 1000 more easter egg slots pls

    • GYB did hint there was another promo next week in the comments above

  • +8

    Terrible timing with last few weeks on all these challenges….have missed all of them..

  • got in with 30 slots left…does purchases with GC count? Don't see any terms that it won't be counted…

  • Hi OP, I just made a purchase on Ebay Australia to stack with a $10 Ebay Australia challenge I had. Both challenges aren't recognising the purchase. I purchased through the mobile app. Can you assist please?

    • +2

      The two bonus challenges will update usually the next day when the system refreshes

      • Thanks for responding. Just wanted to confirm as the Ebay challenge expires today

        • +1

          No worries, if it doesn’t update, perhaps send GYB a dm?

  • +5

    Bloody hell, can’t even sleep out on Good Friday! Another missed deal!

    • +2

      same, been missing a lot on SB deals this year.

      • +1

        Hope you got a spot for the deal starting at midnight. Spend 14 get 14$ back

  • +1

    Missed again, missed two in a row :(

    • I missed that deal too

    • Same too :((((

  • +1

    Damn my doordash order tracked at 0.00. Not sure if I'll get the bonus now.

    • +1

      You should still get the bonus if it’s the same as the 0% categories on Amazon

  • My user subscription didn't trigger… had to resub just now

  • Random question - how do people keep on top of these deals?
    I always check ozbargain a few hours too late.. do you have email notifications switched on?

    • +1

      I just check Ozbargain too often. All manual.

  • +1

    For this promo, I understand that for eBay and Amazon, you can use gift cards, voucher codes and even purchase from the 0% category, you're still entitled to get the $3 bonus. What about Uber eats, will I be able to get the $3 bonus when using a voucher code and paying by gift card?

    Also an irrelevant question here, I am thinking about ordering Uber eats tomorrow, and the chrome extension banner now shows "up to $20 cashback end in 1 day", is that mean the $20 for the new user promo is literally finishing today or tomorrow? My understanding is it is finishing tomorrow (Sunday) otherwise the banner would say "Finishing today", is my understanding correct? Sorry for the silly question.

  • Does anyone know if using Amazon promotional credit still eligible for bonus cashback?

  • @gotyourback I'm getting tracking problems with this deal (somehow it's not tracking full amount) - can you help?

    • nevermind - somehow it's tracking on 2 different transactions (CW).

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