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Breville BES920 Dual Boiler Coffee Machine $1049 + Shipping ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


I know this a popular machine, really good price compared to what it is normally

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    Got this machine at the end of last year. Absolutely love ours. Did some rough calculations and it looks like we have already made our money back by not buying coffee from the shops.

  • Not bad, didn't buy from GG for $1140 last week, do GG price beat?

    • Get them to compete against themselves?

      • yeah might have a crack tomorrow if its still for sale on JB, not sure I want to buy another one why I didn't buy last week.

  • Does anyone know what water filters to use in this machine? The batch number is over 2000 and so they use the new type of water filters instead of those little ones but I am unsure what filters to buy. Strongly appreciated if someone helps me out here

  • Also keep in mind you may be able to negotiate a cheaper price with JB hi-fi sales rep in-person.

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    One of the most expensive prices ever on ozbargain? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/breville-bes920

    • Maybe so but do you really believe it will get cheaper?

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    Bought 2x of these in this (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/245494) all time deal… (i still think of Trent all the time).

    Amazing that this model has kept up its value.

    If you're thinking about getting this, amazing machine, i've never had issues and literally feel like I make better coffee than most shops.

    • Trent.. 😎

    • i bought 2 before covid as they hit $650 and thought gift one or keep as spare …..with current supply chains and demand from work from home might never see that price again ……same with fridges ….. the samsung in wanted went from $1050 pre covid to $1500 and price of breville perfect press sandwich makes also high ….. all time low prices on some items are a while off and i think low for 2021/2022 might be better benchmarks until supply chains and cheap container shipping comes back …..which could be a while with russian oil supply embargo’s and u til there is a surplus of shipping space.

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    Our's is 5 years old been repaired 4 times, playing up again now.

    • Same or different issues?

      • Different mostly, started when covid started lol, lucky we have a repair guy who is reasonable and stock parts.

    • How many coffees do you make a week?
      Had mine for 5 years, bought around $600 with various offers.
      Make 10-ish coffee a week and turn off as soon as I'm done. No issues so far (touching wood)

      • 3-4 a day at most.

        • mine is 4 years old now ….1 coffee per day, no issues except says “clean me” on the display which have ignored for a long time …….

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            @garage sale:

            no issues except says “clean me” on the display which have ignored for a long time

            Cleaning is still cheaper than solenoid valve replacement.

  • Was good for 3 years

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    Local repair guy said gets more of these than anything else to fix.

    • +8

      Is that indicative of the popularity of this model though, rather than them being more unreliable than other models?

      I've had mine for over 7 years now and it's only just gone in for it's first repair this week (noisy solenoid and leaking steam wand, neither of which actually stopped it from making coffee), so I don't begrudge paying a couple of hundred to keep it going with the amount of use it's had in the past couple of years WFH.

      • You are lucky.
        Most Breville Dual Boiler machines I saw developed some issues between 2 and 3 years mark.
        Usually some minor leaks dues to silicon o-ring failures - it looks like there too many of them in this machine and they might require replacement every few years.

        • yeah our's started around 3 years, right when covid started lol

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          Keep in mind the new model has a different design for the steam boiler attachments which replaces some of the worst culprits. In saying that, o-rings are incredibly easy to replace.

          I've had my unit for 7+ years, replaced the o-rings twice, and my pump OPV just died so I have to replace it. All parts are really easy to source and they're cheap too.

          There is absolutely nothing better at this price point. James Hoffman has it as one of the best in his comparison of machines under $3k AUD.

          • @Jebus:

            Keep in mind the new model has a different design for the steam boiler attachments which is more robust.

            Are you talking about steam wand or the boiler itself?
            Do you have any additional links about this change?
            I wonder what version is my current Dual Boiler.

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              • @Jebus: Thanks.
                I missed that.
                I got updated version. For a reference it is 3 years old.
                So most likely all machines sold these days are update version.

                By the way I've been to service centre with this one too. :)
                While it was still under warranty - steam valve internal (ugly) leak and o-ring failure (expected).

              • @Jebus: Yeah , the updated design swaps out four of the ports with "maintenance free" tube nuts. A good move. However, the steam boiler NTC probe and steam hose still use the regular "red" O rings, and these will fail typically after 3 years if the O rings aren't replaced.

                • @ash2000: Yeah I wonder why they didn't do them all considering just how common this is. Would have been an excellent iteration on an already awesome machine.

                  • @Jebus: The probes still have to use the old O ring design , but I do wonder why they didn't replace the steam hose with a tube nut as that's often one of the high failure points .

                    Yes, it is a great machine, and as you note all the parts are cheap from ebay, there is really no reason why a DIY'er can't keep the machine going in perpetuity at a pretty low cost.

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        Yes you are lucky or you perform whatever the cleaning as soon as they pop up on screen. Mine need the first fix around 3yr old. Solenoid and leaking steam wand. The repairer told me it is the most common fault with this machine (you can find youtube clip on how to fix). Then yr 4 the boiling pump is gone (you will know the pressure won't go more than 5). Between year 6-7, solenoid and leaking steam wand again and this time I bought the part and fix it myself. Since then it works fine and it is 9 years old and just retired recently (keep it as spare) as one day I was on fb marketplace and somehow saw a very new Oracle touch for sales (6 months old) and a very good price so decides to pull the trigger even the 920 still working great.

      • +1

        Mine is still going after 7 years as well… I've got a lightly leaking steam wand.. but doesn't bother me enough to fix it.
        No other problems with it..
        I thought I killed it during a descale but it started working again.
        Awesome machine!

        • Which descale procedure do you use with a machine that old? Mines 7 years as well, which means it uses older firmware making it not quite the same procedure as the newer machines.

        • The repairer told me if you are going to keep it, better fix it before the leak becomes too much because water also leak I inside the unit and will rust the surrounding and that could costs$300+ to fix if too late.

          • @JCRALLYART:

            The repairer told me if you are going to keep it, better fix it before the leak becomes too much

            The repairer is 100% correct.

            But I think @maddoglee is talking about dripping steam wand which is annoying but pretty innocent.

            • @SickDmith: Dripping steam wand when is not using (machine is on but not frothing) means the Solenoid valve is leaking rather than the little O ring issue. The dripping means it is also leaking inside. If you open the top cover, you will see water leaking marks, leave it too long will start to rust. My experience is once it starts dripping, get it fix within 6 months and it shouldn't result any rust.
              If someone is confident to do it themselves, then the parts is about $50-60 and takes about 30 mins. To get the authorised Breville repairer to do it would say least costs $100 for labour plus parts.

              • @JCRALLYART: C'mon man, you repaired the machine. :)
                Solenoid valve got nothing to do with steam.
                Trace the pipes inside if you don't believe me. :)
                Solenoid valve is to discharge brew water pressure from the portafilter at the end of the brew cycle.

                Dripping steam wand is just steam valve - the one you open or close by hand at the right side of the machine
                It's not serviceable officially and has to be replaced as a single part. But you can find instruction how to disassemble it and either flip around two white washers or replace them. Done it before, pretty easy fix once you know what you are doing.

                Yes, steam valve can leak inside too but this is a different issue. I had it too :) when machine was still under warranty and service centre just swapped the valve.

    • +1

      I wonder if that's due to the machine or because so many people have the machine?

      • He says has so many parts that can go wrong, still reckons they are good coffee machines though lol

        • The Solenoid valve is the only repeating issue which is a bit disappointed but the boiler gone during the 4th year aren't too surprising and I am ok with that. Dispite that, I am still happy with what the machine can offer me.
          If you think this machine is bad, Breville wouldn't sell so many of them and everytime people post here when a they are on special, they got sold out damn quick.

          • @JCRALLYART: I got a new one for $897 and sold my old one to the coffee tech for $250 lol, needed fixing again and wouldn’t of felt good selling a machine to Joe blow that had been repaired 5 times.

            • @Dealmans: Whats wrong with your machine that need 5 repairs? How long you have it for and did you do the cleaning required? Did you go to different repairer or the same folk?

              Good that at least you get another for under $900. Parts aren't costing too much, labour costs is killing

      • Both.
        It's not built like $3k Italian machine in the first place.
        Also cheaper machines are more popular and they attract a lot of people who doesn't care much and doesn't look after their machines.

      • +5

        My personal opinion only, but I think USER error or lack of ongoing care is a major factor.

        There will always be the 1 in a 1000 where the machine is just a lemon.

        But I bought two of these and regularly clean it (once a month tablet) and do the descaling once a year, and have never needed to take either of these machines to repair/service (it's been 6 years)

        My sister bought one a year after me, they never clean it, they've already had steam wand issues and other problems i believe.

        It's like a car, if you do not look after it, do not change the oil regularly, it's going to fall apart.

        • ours is cleaned and descaled regular and looks like new

        • I do care about all my Breville Dual Boiler machines. But they still require some minor repair every couple of years.
          But I agree in general - you should see how people treat their $5+ machines to see the difference. :)

        • Same here.. although I tablet clean every 3 months… whenever the indicator comes up..
          It needs a descale soon which I need to get to….
          I only use filtered water in it as well, so I think that helps keeping it going.

  • +1

    This will sell out quick.

  • Good machine.
    Not the most reliable one but great value for money anyway.

  • We have to turn our's off after each use or no water will come out, gets too hot. Been using it like this for a month sick of taking it in.

    • This looks like an electronics failure. Most likely due to internal leak and humidity build up.
      Sometimes fixing the leak and letting machine to dry out before electronics is busted fixes the thing. Sometimes it's too late. The main board for this machine is around $200, trial board is about $50. Plus some labor to replace it.
      It is way cheaper to fix leaks ASAP.

      • yeah have done it 4 times now, will let it die not spending more on it.

        • Wow.
          It should really last a year or two after proper service.
          I would think about different service centre if it fails too quick after the service.

          • @SickDmith: yeah he call himself a coffee tech and gets it going again but it's not a Breville service centre, he has a loaner which is good.

  • Had been holding out for the dynamic duo, noticed on the jb website it suggested the smart grinder pro at $429!!! Is that the normal price for that?

    • That's retail price.

    • +2


      No way.
      I think a good price should be below $200.

      • Hard to get $200 these days as all costs are increased.. this grinder J used to rrp 299, then I think$349, then $399 and now $429. I guess anywhere less than $250 is good enough

    • +1

      Jeebus, you can buy a decent baratazza for that amount

    • When they are on sale is approx $200-$250

  • +1

    This is a good price. Due to all those reasons mentioned above, you will be lucky if you get the $899 special price we saw the end of last year. Cost price of these and other brand coffee machines has increased. Good buy in current conditions!

    • Seems I spoke too soon, jump on the TGG Commercial deal for $897 - Nothing better on the market at the moment!

  • Anyone recommend anything else for similar or more money?

    • +1

      Eureka grinder.
      VST basket.
      Pullman tamper.

      Sorry, was too excited to reply.
      Didn't realise you are asking about alternatives.

      From my research feature wise the cheapest most affordable dual boiler with PID is Lelit Elizabeth.
      It is simpler and uglier (for some people) machine. But it should last longer before the service.
      But having dual boiler in home machine is another questionable topic. Good heat exchange machine with PID might give you the same experience and it should be a bit cheaper.

      Also keep in mind any lower and mid-range machines come with vibration pump (usually Ulka, same as Breville) and these pumps last 5000 on-off cycles roughly.

      • +1

        +1 on eureka

        I’ve got a Mignon Silenzio with single dose hopper. Zero retention!

        AliExpress sells the single dose hopper with bellow with full aluminium finish delivered for about $40aud.

        • +1

          The Eureka Single Dose is crap though, avoid that model.

      • +1

        I would argue this is better than lelit and aesthetically pleasing

        • +1

          This is a workhorse and beast machine with huge boilers size (1.5lr each), can make cup after cup non stop. Better built than Elizabeth.

          • @huntabargain: I just found a rotary pump variant which for $200 would make it even better

            • +1

              @maverickjohn: I bought the tanked version with vib pump for $2450 came with free accessories pack RRP value $200. was looking for machine with rotary pump (quieter & more reliable pump) but was not planning or able to plumb it, so opted for tanked with vib pump version, seem to have better pre infusion and excess water does not go to waste tray, but back to the tank, so happy with it. So at this price, it is much better buy than the Oracle for same price. I paired it with Eureka Specialita and couldn't be happier.

              • @huntabargain: That's fair enough. Either machine kicks the oracle to bits. I have an Oracle now and looking at upgrading to one of these beauties. I'm tempted for the plumbed rotary but also worry about the plumbing aspect. If you don't mind me asking where did you buy yours from?

                • @maverickjohn: I think if you can plumb and connect water tray to sink, then would be worth it to consider the one with rotary pump. For me it was not an option due to layout. I think some machines comes with rotary pump and have water tank but can be plumbed as well with a switch (I think it was the Quick Mill QM67).
                  I bought mine from Expobar Minore currently $2692 (made offer for $2670 and ebay had 10% with a code in Dec 2021) ebay recently had code $100 off but expired few days ago, will probably comes again.
                  Edit: If you brave enough you can source amazing machine from Italy PROFITEC PRO 600 normally eur 1,722 with limited time 15% off so bring down to Euro 1,463.70 (you can get another 10%off) plus euro 120 shipping to aus, but understand will pay GST and import duty, so would still be a steal for such a high end machine (approx AUD$2450), it is another level to Expobar. it retail for $3800 in aust. Profitec 600

                  • @huntabargain: Hahaha I was looking at the profited 700 and was shocked at the price hence why I was convinced withe the minore iv-r

                    • @maverickjohn: I bought the Eureka Specialita from this mop, very good service, delivery in 5 days. If I did not already bought the Expobar I probably would have bought the Profitec 600 from them, but this 15% off is limited time just offered couple of weeks ago, so for same price as Expobar, Profitec 600 is very tempting.

                  • @huntabargain:

                    you can get another 10%off

                    The 3337 code doesn't work for this. Is there another way to get the extra 10%?

                    • @Jebus: I did a review on the grinder and they gave me special code for 10% on all products including on the coffee machines, which I tested and worked earlier. I just tried again now and it says not valid on machines already on special. But you can ask them for a discount code and they might give one at reduced %.

  • Don’t need a grinder

  • Been holding out for this for ages, waited and waited, less than a day ago i ended up buying the Breville Infuser, much cheaper but on all accounts solid machine. The price difference I will put towards a decent grinder. Dual Boiler in the end was a big seller for me as we drink alot of blacks and not many milk based coffees. ANyway after watching prices for 6 months, this is a really good price for the times we are in. Good luck trying to find brand new under $1K.

  • -1

    brought 1
    used $1050 giftcard at 5% discount via NIB rewards

  • +3

    I bought a broken bes920 for $50 from market. Five minutes of diagnosing/googling and I concluded that it needed a $30 triac board. Easy job.

    • +2

      Nice one! Cheap repair pickups from marketplace are the best kinds of bargains! Good for you and the planet.

      • It's very satisfying too! I still have a snug grin on my face.

  • Wow some of the stupidest negs I've seen in a while on this deal.

    • -1


  • I bought mine for around $900 last year. Great coffee machine. Wish I had pulled the trigger 2 years ago when it was $650 on special!

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