This was posted 2 years 1 month 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 128GB $899 ($747 with Price Match) with Telstra $69/mo (12Mo Contract, + Bonus $200 GC) @ JB Hi-Fi


Edit 4: thanks to J Man for the photo, here's the advertised offer:

Edit 3: here's some tips:
1. Be assertive with the price match, other members on ozb have reached out to customer service after purchasing an item and price matched with Amazon and have been reimbursed for it.
2. If telstra rep 1 declines port in credit move on to another rep
3. Remind JB rep that you are still purchasing handset and would still be entitled to the $200 accessories gift card.

Edit 2: It was confirmed by multiple JB staff that they would indeed price match the Amazon AU price. Additionally, this is not a $950 gift card, its a credit. I still had to purchase the handset for $747 which still entitled me to the $200 bonus gift card. I am not sure if everyone will have the same success but none the less i successfully executed this offer today. I suggest that rather than calling up the store you just go in and talk the representative.

Edit: Ok so monthly data is 100gb, have spoken to Telstra rep and managed to have $20 port in credit applied to account.
Final deal savings 12 Months $49 Per Month 100gb, S22 Ultra 128 GB 747 Outright with Price Match and Bonus $200 after sales gift card.

$20 port in credit -
outright cost -

128 GB Deal title is a handful but seems best value option at the moment given the price reduction and bonus offers Just did this myself, not sure when this deal expires.

Step 1. Sign up to the $69 per month Telstra plan for 12 months 100gb per Month. (possible port in credit too, will try soon) get $950 credit towards S22 Ultra (not sure if this includes the other s22 series handsets) Given the best we have had in the past is a $500 gift card this is insane value.

Step 2. Price Match Amazon AU current discount -

Total out of pocket cost: $747

Bonus $200 JB Hi-Fi gift card after purchase.

Trade in bonus wasn't an option.

Deal Update

Comments from users indicate that JB Hi-Fi Staff are no longer giving customers a $200 Gift Card when purchasing the Galaxy S22 Ultra at a discounted price (when bundled with 12 month Telstra SIM plan). The deal is marked expired as such, however the Galaxy S22 Ultra discount offer will continue to run as indicated on the photo until Wednesday 27 April).

The original deal title also referred to an instore negotiated deal (price matching with competitor store) — the price has been updated to reflect the advertised price of $899.

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  • Does it need to be on a new plan or can they add it on a existing jb hi fi telstra plan

    • i would assume new port in but not confirmed

  • with price match, JBHIFI offering $200 giftcar? its very nice deal.

  • So it's $747 after deal then I get $200 bonus GC?

    I wonder if they care to use it then and there to bring it down to $547๐Ÿ˜Ž

    • +3

      yes $757 outright cost, im sure some tricky ozbargainer will be able to apply the $200 gift card somehow but its technically an aftersales gift card to be used on accessories.

      • +1

        How do you get the $200 gift card? Was that store specific?

        • Nah says online also

  • +2

    Where to find this deal? And its valid until how long?

    • not listed online, need to go instore. do not know the expiry

    • +2

      jb portal says:

      Buy now and get a $200 JB Hi-Fi Giftcard
      Purchase today and weโ€™ll email your bonus Gift Card within the next 2 weeks. Buying in-store? Your giftcard will be given at time of purchase.

      Offer ends 11 May 2022

      • +1

        Thats for outright purchase. This Telstra offer ends on 27 April.

        • Yeah fair enough. But this is useful for anyone interested for an outright purchase even after the end of Telstra plan.

  • +8

    So the total cost is $574+$69*12=$1,375?

    • +1

      thats one way of calculating it, i would also say that you could get a $10 or $20 port in bonus too.

      • And I presume its for 128GB version?

        • +2

          yes, couldnt add anymore in title haha

  • Belter of a deal, any chance of a photo/screenshot of a receipt please?

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      • Thanks!

      • +4

        Would you please share receipt a gain with date on top as well…please….so that store person get complete proof

      • +3

        And used Amex. A true Oz Bargainer!

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    Shocking deal!

    • +7

      useless Samsung deal
      all that hassle and a contract for a phone which wud cost $999 very soon

      • I've still got my Samsung s9plus looking at upgrading my phone soon originally I had my eyes set on the s20 ultra but I had heard there were some issues with it, now I was suggested to get the 21 ultra over the 20

        • +3

          Honestly, every new phone has some issues with it. EVERY one.

      • -3

        the s21 ultra wasnt discounted that much, what you on about? show some proof!

        • +2
        • +1

          did u wanted it to be more cheaper?

          • @ibtihaj: after cashing in my $200 gift card and selling my current hand set for $400 I paid $147 for an S22 ultra and am only pay $49 a month for 12 months.
            Given that you have included a trade in value towards your deal as part of your argument I figured I could do the same. And even if you claim that i am overpaying on my mobile plan by say ~$20 that still brings my total cost down to $387.

            Additionally, this deal is shared no more than a month after release of the S22, the deal you shared is almost 12 months after it was released.

            Your comments were incorrect, do a bit more research next time please.

            CHECK MATE!

      • +6

        With all due respect, you don't know if it's a few days, weeks or months.

          • +12

            @ibtihaj: No point calling names. I didn't disagree with you. Just saying you don't know the exact timing. Took almost a year before S21 Ultra dropped to those price.
            So for S22 Ultra, who knows??

        • +9

          He doesn't have a clue full stop.

            • +6

              @ibtihaj: Don't group me with yourself, it's not me saying it will be $900 in a few days …so for arguments sake May, then provides an ad from NOVEMBER as proof.
              Bit more than a few days, weeks or even months there.

                • +14

                  @ibtihaj: Sorry to get you angry but you really shouldn't spread false info if getting caught out angers you, I can tell you are agitated by the many spelling and grammatical errors in your posts.๐Ÿ˜

    • +5

      Your comments are important to us, so please keep posting them. If you are looking for Oxygen deals, please press 1. Due to increased demand for free Oxygen, we request you to be more considerate to fellow Ozbargainers and not to take all the Oxygen available. Thank you for your understanding and have a great day!

      • +2

        No deal!

        Oxygen will be free in a few days time.

        You've posted a.. oh wait.

  • Given this deal is port in only, does anyone know if you can still sign up for a new number with Telstra then contact livechat to move an older existing Telstra number over to this new plan ?

    • +2

      I tried this, it worked. but was an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE and would recommend against it. Not many people that work at Telstra know it can be done and it was so difficult to make it happen

      • +1

        Wondering if it's worth the risk, as I want to get this for my Dad but he's currently either Telstra and he'd have to port out for 30 days to get this deal, by then it will be over.

    • +5

      Yes you can - just don't tell them you did that.

      Port out of Telstra to a $2 sim from any other provider. Walk in to JB HiFi and tell them "Hi I'm with Vodafone / Optus". If you tell them otherwise they'll make you wait 28 days. I even said "Oh actually I totally forgot I'm with Optus" after which I was going to "come back" after doing the above and the guys just would not do it.

      Had to walk 5 mins to another JB HiFi literally in the same suburb in another shopping centre. No issues.

      • I thought they โ€˜knewโ€™ itโ€™d be less than 28 days? Do they not know you just porter it?

      • I've seen staff recommend you port out and come back in an hour. Poor service IMO

        • Ah I thought they were able to tell how long itโ€™s been ported for. Great. Thank you!

    • Did this yesterday, signed up for new number then transferred my preferred number (it was on Boost) to new plan.

      • How, via online chat or inside a Telstra store?

        • +2

          Yep. If transferring from Boost you need a new Telstra SIM, they'll transfer your number to that SIM first and then to the SIM on the new plan. Online. Remember to pay for the phone with discounted JB gift card too.

          • @cushydeskjob: Hi - so you signed up with a new number on Telstra, physically had the Telstra sim, went online on chat and requested to transfer your Boost number to the Telstra sim? Just want to make sure I understood the steps right

            • +1

              @passwordistaco: Yes, that's right. It's a bit of mucking around and your service might be unavailable for a while, they say up to 24 hours but mine was 20min.

  • How is this profitable to Telstra? I can't understand it. The credit is more than the price of the 12 months service, are you sure you didn't sign up to 24 months?

    • +2

      yes certain, dont worry i checked over it multiple times.

    • +3

      I got the $900 credit for S22+ plan the other day, it is a 12 month plan. I also returned my S22+ the same day and am now left with $72 in my favour to be on this new plan (Telstra paying me $72 to be with them for 12 months).

      • +1

        Haha!! That's golden.

        • This deal is hectic though, had I have waited, I'd be up $322 with this one..

          • @retainer: If you did the same thing, I doubt they'd let you keep the voucher without paying for it though (the $200 bonus JB gift card)

            • @Midcrown: Yeah not sure how the bonus $200 one would work, whether it's tied to the plan or on its own receipt?
              The $900 for S22+ or $950 for S22U definitely works though.

      • +1

        So your plan end up cost you $63 a moth, don't should like a good deal to me๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

        • +1

          i dont think he pays anything now

          • -1

            @Spennyrich: See my comment below and if that is the case some one screwed up.

      • So U can get the phone and return it for refund at other jbhifi store?

        Won't they see the deal on the receipt?

        Hmm very interested ๐Ÿ˜Ž

        • +1

          Nope, the phone its own receipt

        • If you refund the phone won't they just refund the amount you paid? Ie they're not gonna pay you Amazon price since half of that was credit from telstra. Essentially you would've just bought the plan

      • I think somebody screwed up there. The serial is associated with your contract and since you can't cancel without incurring ETF, That make a return technically impossible.

        • Nobody is cancelling anything.
          I still kept the $69/month plan.

        • +4

          I did the same today, and I've done it before
          $69*12months = $828
          Pay $399 for the phone = $1227 total
          Return the phone to jbhifi (I tried two different stores, the first wouldn't let me), and get a refund of $1249($850 gc + credit card refund, or $1249 gc refund).
          Sell the jbhifi gift card ($850 or 1249) at a discount.
          Claim tax % deduction on phone bill, and essentially I get Telstra coverage for free

          • @bs0: How did you get the S22 for only $1227?

            • @ozmarketersdream: s22 is actually $399 (not$1227). this is a promo atm at jbhifi.
              Total phone plan cost is $828
              $1227 is = phone plan cost over 12months plus s22 outright cost.
              = 399+828

          • @bs0: Don't forget to get the $20 discount from Telstra chat so it also comes down to $49/mo

            • @retainer: No dice, telstra chat didn't give it to me. What did you ask them?

              • @bs0: I said JB hifi consultant told me to jump on chat to obtain a $10 port- in & $10 loyalty credit, with minimul fuss it was added within minutes.
                Perhaps try another agent?

              • @bs0: Try a different rep

      • Can I ask which store you used to get deal then return the S22 Plus (128gb version I'm guessing you bought?)

        I specifically I asked at my store to return the S22 mobile they said no, though have a feeling by law they can't say no I think what by law there is 3 day cooling period or there abouts?

        Of course you would've lost out on the bonus $200 Jbhifi voucher which who cares

        So what amount was returned the full rrp price of the S22 plus you bought, 128gb version is what $1549?

        Yupz been hanging out for a deal on Telstras higher plans, yummy 100gb of data on Telstras 5g network, shame there wasn't a same 24 months Telstra plan deal, this deal is were the longer the contract is better well if the plan comes out free over 24 months lolz

        Edit: I'm guessing you got the $20 per month port in credit for 12 months, did Jbhifi sales rep help you out on that or you just went through Telstra chat online to get it?

        And trying too see if it's worthwhile keeping and reselling to keep the $200 voucher

  • Great deal, but is there any reason to go from s21 to s22?

    • +4

      A chipset that people actually want.

      • +3

        The s21 exynos is fine, it's completely different from the s20. It's a 5nm SOC made on a TSMC fab, and has significantly improved performance and battery life. The only advantage the qualcomm s21 SOC has is in the GPU/gaming performance, otherwise they were practically identical

        If it was an Apple product, some dude on stage would be proudly announcing how "this changes everything"

        Samsung can't really advertise that their own design was so bad in the s20 series that they bought the license for the ARM cortex and outsourced production to TSMC, rather than make it themselves.

        Going from a s21 ultra to an s22 ultra you get lower screen resolution, smaller camera lenses and less RAM (128gb/12gb is now 128gb/8gb, 512gb/16gb is now 512gb/12gb).
        Not a significant difference in the real world, but it would be very foolish to 'upgrade' to an s22

  • Many deals around for the S21 now the S22 is out? Canโ€™t see too much

  • -2

    A good Deal, the only thing I don't like is Samsung.

  • What can you sell that phone for?

    • I sold an s22 Ultra for $1550 last month, but that was 256gb

      • Hey thanks for that, so maybe $1300 is reasonable for 128 then?I don't need a phone so but want to reconstruct, with $69 plan at present so no skin off nose for me, nice to get some extra $$ in hand..

  • +3

    last time I went in, jb wouldnt price match amazon ๐Ÿ™„

    • they were reluctant but I insisted it was the official Samsung Amazon AU store

  • +2

    Checked in store last Thursday at Perth city store, they will pricematch, but no gift card, it was indicated clearly inside their plan offer paper.

  • How did you get $950 credit?

    • +1

      The $950 credit is the amount you save on the RRP of the phone, I had to read it twice to understand.

  • +4

    This deal is not obtainable it seems. The $200 gift card is not stackable and they won't price match Amazon AU price. This was with a few JB stores in NSW I called up

    • must be my lucky day, got a $20 port in credit applied too!

    • this is what I was told as well, frankston store

  • +1

    But you still have to pay for the plan though or do you cancel the plan?
    If you pay for the plan then it will be:

    • $1335 with a $20 port in credit, basically get your mobile sorted for 12 months plus a little on top. And your forgetting the $200 gift card.

  • OK so I'm about to pull the trigger on the s22 ultra deal via trade in on the Samsung store. I'll think out loud and maybe help somebody in the same boat.

    Via Samsung Trade in my s21 ultra and buy the s22 ultra for $649 from Samsung. I pay $20x12 a month via Aldi = $240+649=849 out of pocket after 12 months.

    Via JB This deal is $1375 out of pocket, but I keep my old phone and can resell it for 800 (eBay sold listings)…. being say 600 out of pocket with a better phone plan….

    Am I missing something? I guess the fact that selling my phone is an extra hassle plus porting over to Telstra, I wonder if that's worth saving $250. (if my math checks out).

    • forgot a bonus $200 gift card after signup, and of course a far superior phone plan, dont even think aldi offer 5g

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