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Induction Hob: IKEA Smaklig $399 (Was $799), Trevlig $299 (Was $599) in-Store @ IKEA


Seems to be Australia Wide. They are clearance items in the 'As Is Section'. Box says made in Italy and comes with a 5 year warranty. Looks to be running all long weekend (might be longer idk).

Smaklig comes down to $399 from $799 (489 previous deal)
Trevlig comes down to $299 from $599 (399 previous deal)

I had previously bought a Smaklig when it was last posted. I returned it unopened and re-bought at the lower price.

Smaklig: Has a bridge function. Allowing you to join 2 zones together for a bigger area and more power. The current model HÖGKLASSIG has higher peak power and allows more zones to be bridged, but costs $999.

Wired-in installation. Cord/cable not included. Installation to be made by an electrician

Links Below to the UK site:


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    Now I just need a Rivian R1T to go with it 😀

    • Abso-fvkn-lutely!!!!

    • Happy to post a deal if I come across it. Maybe we can buy the shell and load it up with Envelops :p

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    Smak. Lik.

  • Is there a bigger one (78cm)?

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      Whats the pic say ??

      • Wapa-papa-papa-pow?

    • @xsacha - Ikea does have a 78cm model. But it’s not discounted.

    • The 78cm Hogklassig induction cooktop was reduced to $599 in Richmond this morning (from $1199). 3 new ones in the ‘as is’ section.

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    No idea what I'm upvoting here

    • Appreciate your vote of confidence. Sorry for my poor initial post. I will do better in the future.

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    You should put in title that they are Induction Hobs so people know what the deal is for.

    • -6

      Guess the sign isnt enough of a giveaway smh

    • +2

      @cuteasducks - My mistake. Sorry about that.

      I was trying to post the deal as quick as I could, whilst out.

      Someone has kindly fixed it up. Thank you!

  • i bought last time was 40% off, haven't installed yet. extra 10% even better if you local shop still have stock.

  • How many was there? Meant to be at least 10 in stock to qualify for a deal.

    • +1

      Rhodes had maybe 20?

      It’s Australia wide. But not many people seem to be buying them.

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    Just a FYI that these units need either 2 x 16amp or 1 x 32amp dedicated electrical circuits.
    That can get extremely expensive.

    • +3

      This is true for just about all induction cooktops. Still better than gas (for both environmental and health reasons)

      • +4

        I completely agree that induction has way more benefits than gas.

        I just wanted to point out that it's not as simple as removing an old gas cooktop and dropping in a new induction unit.

        I have seen people buy fancy induction units and then be told that they need 3-phase power at a cost of $20K+.

        • Yep, fair enough. Out of interest, are there any stoves that require 3 phase?

          Probably also worth mentioning there are portable induction cookers that plug into a normal outlet and don't require rewiring; quite cheap options too, including at IKEA

          • @askvictor: Belling free standing induction (1100mm wide with 4 doors https://www.harveynorman.com.au/belling-1100mm-richmond-delu...). if I remember correctly it had a maximum amp rating of over 60.

            The customer really wanted it installed and were prepared to wait for 3-phase at a later stage.

            So they agreed to run it at reduced capacity so as not to trip their 40amp single phase circuit.

          • @askvictor: Kmart one is better and $10 less than Ikea's model.

            Currently using it until I replace the electric stove with induction.

    • If I am using a similar induction hobs now, I should be ok, right? I have very limited knowledge about electricity.

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        Have a look at your switchboard where you will find the dedicated oven circuit.

        It will say something like C16, C20, C32 or C40 . These are the maximum amp ratings.

        Hopefully yours is C32 or above.

        • Im looking at replacing my ceramic hotplate cook top with the induction.

          I have noticed on my switch board, there is a hager NS 132, 32A for stove. I guess I should be ok to go ahead if I was to get this Smaklig :).

          Appreciate if you can shed some light. I only moved into this place recently, the cooktop dimensions all work out.

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            @slam: 32A is right around what you’d want for these. They won’t use quite that but demand power instantly so is better to have excess capacity. I have my 60cm induction on a 32A circuit that our sparky installed specifically for induction, never had an issue.

            • @dmgmelba: So the C20 that I have will need to be upgraded to a C32 ?

              • +2

                @jlewis: Probably the cheapest option rather than asking for a 2nd dedicated 16amp circuit.

                Assuming that your cabling is in order.

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                @jlewis: If you keep the C20, many induction cooktops let you set the max power to 4800W, so as not to trip the breaker.
                This means you cannot run all burners at full power.
                If you try, the hob will limit it.

                But honestly, how often do you have more than 2 zones on high power? I'd be thinking about how much the upgrade will cost.

                • @bargaino: Thanks for that. I intend to do a kitchen Reno at some point so it's good to know all this. But will the electric oven and induction cook top run off the common c20? Or will I be limited in using either one at a time ?

                  • +1

                    @jlewis: You can't have an oven and cooktop sharing a 20A circuit.
                    The oven uses at least 10A.

                    Unless the old cooktop was gas, and just using electricity for ignition, there would already be separate circuits for the two.

                    • @bargaino: Yup the current cooktop is gas powered. Seems like I will need to get an electrician to add another line to power the cooktop. Well that's just another one added to the list of to do's

          • @slam: Your 32A should be OK to use for this.

            The only other issue that I can think of is whether you need an isolation switch. Here in Victoria it's mandatory to have an isolation switch (a basic on/off switch) near the oven for new installations. I'm not sure if they are needed when replacing existing appliances but using the same circuit.

            You might want to ask an a-grade electrician.

            • @warrenkole: Thanks mate, I picked up one today. I'm in NSW and will see whats required to have it installed. It should be a quick job using existing cabling and the circuit breaker. But if they need to install another switch that should be ok too.

              • @slam: No worries slam.

                The only other issue we come across when installing cooktops is the existing bench top cutout size.

                Cutting timber benchtops is easy, for stone we call a stonemason with specialized cutting and dust extraction tools.

                If your existing cutout is bigger than what's needed for your new cooktop, you want to get a laser cut stainless steel frame made up.

                Hopefully you're in luck and your existing cutout doesn't need any modifying !

    • 32amp needs 4mm cable?

      • +1

        It depends on the cable length. Most houses have 2.5mm cable which is OK. Sometimes you need to upgrade to 6.5mm cable.

        I have seen countless examples of customers returning induction cooktops when they discover that the electrical cost will be over $1,000 for a new circuit in a 2 story home.

        That's assuming you can even get an A-Grade electrician to say yes to the 2 story job. Single story cost is closer to $500 which most electricians are OK to do.

        Get a quote first before committing to induction.

        P.S. I work in appliance installation

        • +1

          P.S. I work in appliance installation

          And you suggest 2.5mm cable for a 32A circuit!!
          You can use an existing 2.5mm circuit, but it will have a 16 or 20A breaker, and you need to configure the cooktop to only draw 20A.

          • @bargaino: I didn't suggest 2.5mm can be used for all 32A circuits.

            Yes I work in appliance installation, but I don't do any electrical work. We leave that to qualified electricians or those with a restricted electrical license.

          • @bargaino: lemme see - high school physics - P=VI or Watts=VoltsxAmps
            so 240V x 32A = 7680 Watts capacity
            or 240V x 20A = 4800 Watts capacity

            the description for the more expensive smaklig says
            Hob with induction cooking zones:
            Left front: 18x23 cm – 1750W, booster 2200W.
            Left rear: 18x23 cm – 1750W, booster 2200W.
            Right front: 15 cm – 1200W, booster 1600W.
            Right rear: 21 cm - 2100W, booster 3000W.
            Voltage: 220-240V.
            Connection rating: 7400W.
            Current: 2x16A or 1x32A.

            So if my existing freestanding stove has a 32W fuse then I would hope my existing (1982 installed) cable might be 4mm ? Was that spec back then ?

            • @Hangryuman: Why cut & paste all that junk? If you don't understand what I'm saying just ask.

              If you have a 32A (not W) fuse, you are good.
              Some people have an existing cooktop circuit with only a 20A fuse, and do not wish to spend $1000 upgrading. There is a solution to that, as many induction cookers can limit their current draw.

        • +1

          Hmmm recently had a quote for $1,000 for this on a single storey house. Is that excessive?

          That’s for 25m length of 6mm wire, new 32A breaker and converting a nearby powerpoint to include a safety switch

          • +1

            @Giraffe: The electrician we use told me that he paid $4.40/meter for 6mm cable. So there's at least $100 of material there.

            I wouldn't call $1,000 excessive.

            It depends on the complexity of the job.

    • +1

      32A needs 4 sq.mm cable minimum, and a 32A breaker added to the fusebox.


      or only $5 if you use skip the RCD.

      • If you are running through a roof space you need to allow for thermal insulation and that will put you at 6mm2 as a starting point. People that say 4mm2 is ok will be using the 90degC rating tables and that's not something I'd recommend for V-90 TPS cables.

        Also RCDs are mandatory, not optional.

        • you could be using an existing separate rcd.

          • @bargaino: Why?

            Separate RCD and MCB makes no sense when RCBOs are very affordable.

            Hanging multiple MCBs off a single RCD is just poor practice and mainly done by project home bottom feeders. It increases the risk of nuisance trips and makes it harder to actually figure out which circuit is causing intermittent trips.

    • +1


      My $1800 induction cooktop cost me $4500 to install. Had to run a new dedicated high capacity circuit just for the hob.

      • Exactly the point I was trying to make.

  • +2

    FYI the bridge function of most induction stoves isn't actually one big zone, but two small zones controlled by the same controller. I ended up changing from a 4 element stove with a bridge zone to a 3 element stove with one big zone for this reason

    • What issues did you have with the two small zones joined? Was there a dead spot between the two zones which doesn’t heat up?

      • +1

        I think that was the case, but the bigger problem was that for a 30cm pan, the heat wouldn't get to the sides of the pan that were not over the middle of the elements. I use thick base pans, but even so the arrangement was next to useless for frying. Not sure if there are better hobs around that address this.

        • Thanks for the feedback. Which model cooktop did you change to? 3 element makes a lot of sense because it's rare to actually need 4 at the same time.

          • @Giraffe: I found a Miele 3 element cooker on gumtree (new but a lot cheaper than retail, electrician took it after a late design variation).

  • +4


    yes I am swedish but l live in shitsville looking for a good bargain

  • +1

    You should include what a "Smaklig" is in the title, eg induction cooktop. I think many people will not know what a "Smaklig" is lmao.

  • +1

    Also Markus leather version $250 at Ikea Logan if anyone is interested

  • +2

    If you’re in Canberra and can wait until Tuesday, IKEA family members (free to join) get an extra 20% off as-is items on Tuesdays in autumn.

    • ^^this would be an exceptional deal

    • Is this only at the Canberra store? Can't find any advertising on it

      • I saw it advertised when I was there last - found this flyer with the Canberra IKEA family deals: https://www.ikea.com/au/en/files/pdf/4d/2c/4d2ce48b/april-20...

        • Rhodes previously had a higher price. So 20% off would only equal this price. Hopefully the price continues till Tuesday. It would be good to get a further discount.

      • Lots of trevlig, seem to be sold out of smaklig

        • -1

          Whereabouts dude? Losers today said no stock when in store.

          • @spy: Neg for what¿???? Was in store at Majura.
            Looked everywhere including the as is section. Four ppl the checked the system. No go.

  • Anyone see stock at Marsden Park store?

    • +1

      I was there yesterday around midday, there were about 8 of each model

      • Thank you

  • Ahhhh electric gas stove!

  • +1

    I bought 'Smaklig' this morning in Logan (QLD). They had about 15 left of the smaklig and more than 20 of trevlig.
    Works really well and quiet and os about twice as fast to boil water, compared to my old ceramic hob.

    installation was really easy too.

  • +1

    Anyone seen stock in WA yet? Was going to check it out in the coming days

  • +4

    Exelent. Now I just need to wait until IKEA has 50% a house to put it in.

  • +1

    I bought one from Rhodes on the weekend. Ikea family took another $25 off which sweetened the deal.

    Also, the cooktop came with the cable unlike what the description says.

    • @aaronaldo - Which day did you buy? I bought on Sunday and didn’t get anything further off.

      • Bought it on Saturday. It was part of this Family Membership deal. Should still be currently available.

        • @aaronaldo - Interesting, as the terms and conditions say it excludes Hobs.

          Very lucky that you got the extra discount. I might call them and see if they can apply it to my account.

          • @StonedWizard: I did buy approximately $100 worth of other items on top. Maybe that some how triggered the discount.

  • +1

    Anyone know if Canberra has stock of Smaklig? I'd love to pick one up on Tuesday but stuck in covid isolation… If there's any ozbarginers heading there that could pick one up for me and hold for 2 days that would be amazing!

    • +1

      None left

  • There were a bunch of these near the Bargain Bin at Ikea Richmond a few weeks back, not sure if it was this model or not. We got one when we reno'd the kitchen a few years back, works beautifully, replaced a gas hob. Best part is, so very easy to clean.

  • +2

    How do you guys find the noise from these units? I know some of the cheaper induction hobs from ikea in the past were very loud and the beeps of the controls sounded like you were planting the bomb in cs.

    • +1

      Yup, mine sounds like an electric arc is going to jump out.

    • +1

      I have a Miele induction stove and you can hear the magnetic circuits doing their thing, as with probably all induction stoves, but much quieter than say boiling water. There's also an inbuilt fan which you can sometimes hear. It also has a feature to detect when a pot had been placed on an element, but it was a repetitive cracking noise that annoyed me so I disabled that feature. You can usually disable control beeps if you want

  • +1

    I’ve had a Smaklig for 6yrs. It was installed using a new 32amp circuit during a kitchen renovation. Major house rewiring, so I don’t know what the cooktop cost to install. Lot’s of power points, lights, TV cabling etc came in at about $3500, so some f the prices suggested above don’t seem right. Get a quote first!
    Works well, easy to keep clean - don’t use dishwasher detergent on it though - get proper cooktop cleaner. Detergent may cause discolouration. At the time Ikea also had an protective tray to install under the unit - needed if you want to use the top drawer.

  • Any left at Springvale?

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