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Dell S2721DGF $419 (Was $449) Delivered @ Dell eBay (Starts 27/4 6pm AEST)


I know I said it wasn't going to happen but I managed to bribe the rep to do a small drop.

Only 200 of these monitors will be available. Need to be quick if you want one.

PS. I've seen the prices for May and they are scary. Don't say you haven't been warned!

Original Coupon Deal

Credit to ShppngTrlly for this fine print -

These are all direct links, but I would really appreciate it if you went through my site Best Aussie Markdowns.

Thank you everyone for the support - DB.

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  • Niiiiice Thanks DB!
    Any more deals on xps 8950?

    • +2

      Which one?

      • Didn’t see any price drop this round for the 8950. Wondering any other configurations will be added?

  • Must resist…. I don't need it.. but i want it

  • +1

    Hi mate Please see if you get good deals for docking station

    • +7

      These are considered business items and won’t be available through Dell eBay.

    • Yea agree… NFI why they are so expensive

  • +7

    I just want S2722DGM to be $299 again :P
    Dont need anything fancy (USB up/down ports, etc, etc)

  • its not Gsync though!! How important it is these days to mate it with a Gsync monitor if you have a RTX3070?

    • +1
      • +2

        Small technicality it isn't, as it doesn't have the gsync chip inside.

        • I stand corrected. TIL there's something called gsync compatible.

    • +1

      I have one. It's gsync compatible.

    • +1

      You can use gsync with freesync monitors anyways as they are gsync compatible

      • +1

        just cos it might work doesn't mean there won't be issues..

        the xiaomi 34" (freesync) has known reported flickering issues when used with nvidia gpu

    • +4

      It's "G-Sync Compatible", rather than "G-Sync", but that's fine. Details about the difference here: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/g-sync-vs-freesync-vs-g-syn...

      Screenshot showing G-Sync working with this monitor and my 3060 Ti: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/183255/95510/screensho...

    • -2

      how often does your fps dip low ? (below 60)
      high fps = no need for gsync
      low fps = need gsync

      is the quickest way to determine.

      • Ya ive been pc gaming since 2002, im staunchly against any sort of sync tech.

        Just run your monitor/game at similar rates, it aint hard

        • +1

          same. never cared for any sync, run a 300hz screen and limit games to 300 divided by a whole number

          which would be: 150, 100, 75, 60, 50

          never noticed any tearing or anything similar

        • Why don’t you like the syncing tech?

  • +5

    Bought that $399 last year on black Friday.

    • -1

      Want a medal or a sticker?

      • na, a chest to pin it on :D

    • +8

      Why is this comment negged? You are expected to do comparative lows in comments. I got it for $380 :)

  • +9

    My constant but hopefully not spammy request for a 2k or 4k 32 inch flat monitor at a budget price, thanks DB

  • +1

    Got one and it's awesome… Do I need another?

    Edit: please say no

    • +6


    • Dual monitors are quite nice, but probably not. If you delve into productivity a lot then it would make sense.

    • Either you get 3, or just get another much cheaper screen.

    • +4

      Rule of military spending: why buy one when you can have two at twice the price?

    • I bought 4…. So yes, you need 3 more!

    • +1

      The deal starts tomorrow.

  • 419 each and further 20% off?

    • Nope, 419 is the sale price.

      • Thx,399 seems wont come back

  • +2

    Highly recommend! Selling my 27" 4k monitor to buy one of these was the best decision ever. No more scaling, just native resolutions at 144hz refresh rate, it's so much nicer on the eyes.

  • One of my S2721DS that's less than a month old has a bright pixel defect. (One red pixel). Is it worth contacting Dell and do you think they will send a replacement?

    • +4

      Whats the worst that could happen, you could get a replacement.

      • +3

        The replacement has a couple dead/bright pixels lmao

        I'll sus out the advanced exchange thing then

        • +2

          I had exactly this happen, years ago with Dell. Replaced due to faulty USB port and ended up with a dead pixel which annoyed the hell out of me. Couldn't get a replacement. Oh this was a 24" 1920x1200 monitor back in around 2005, or so and cost over $1,000 on special (of course)

          • @RichardMelbourne: Yeh I was concerned that once you get it replaced you can't replace the replacement. If someone can confirm this I would appreciate it. (Might contact dell when I'm free)

            Since it's 3 years might let it marriade to see if any substantial issues develop.

            • @HairyChickens: I've had a replacement successfully replaced. Circumstances slightly different however, as the replacement had the same issue as the original that they were happy to replace.

    • Premium panel warranty - you'll get an advanced exchange unit, they send you the packaging for you to send back your old monitor (via courier which they also organise) when you get your new one.

    • My AW3821DW came with a red pixel in the middle of the screen. I contacted support and they made me take a few photos then offered to replace the monitor. I needed to return it first by a courier they organised, then they sent me a new one. Took a few weeks unfortanately.

  • +7

    I managed to bribe the rep

    In all good conscience I can’t support corruption under any circumstances… unless I’m going to directly benefit from it… so this deal gets a thumbs-up from me

  • Hey DB any chance of a repeat of last month's deal for S2721QS?

    • +1

      I've gone the 4k/27" route and honestly I'm considering going back to QHD. The scaling is moderately annoying, especially on cross-platfrom UI frameworks (eg Qt).

      I'm currently using an egpu and it's exceptionally annoying. Would strongly, strongly discourage an egpu setup. I'm going to be moving to a traditional pc soon, which is the only reason I haven't gone back to qhd yet.

  • Thanks for all your deals dealbot

    • Username thread violation core dumped

  • +1

    Thanks for the deal. I really hope I snap up one of the 200 as I took a month of research to conclude this is the monitor for me, and having just moved country I don't even have a monitor at all let alone looking for my 2nd.

    • +18

      It’s a worthy, sad story, but don’t expect any mercy from the rest of us

      • +2

        I need one to use as shelter. How about now?

        • You might want 27 inches, but you sure as heck don’t need it

    • We're all here to find out whether you nabbed one…

  • I've been eyeing QHD 144hz monitors, can anyone vouch if this is a good one with good value? Or recommend anything else?

    • +3

      Hey, I have this and it's great value. There are tons of reviews on it like on hardware unboxed. Have a feeling this 200 gonna get snapped up fast good luck.

      • Yeah I like this since it isn't curved. If it's good enough I'll pay the original price anyway. Besides it being QHD and 144hz, are there any other good features that make this stand out? Sort of a monitor noob here

        • Honestly, I think the colour is very accurate but without deep blacks unfortunately due to the limitations of IPS panels. I rekon watch the hardware unboxed video on youtube.

    • +1

      It's been my main monitor for the past 6 months or so. I use it mainly for web design and coding and works great with my Macbook (needed to buy a DP to USB-C cable that supported QHD @ 165hz). It also runs my Xbox Series X at 1440p @ 120hz. The stand is also height-adjustable but I replaced it with a monitor arm to get some more desk space.

      10/10 monitor would buy again

    • I have two of these and they are great. Replaced two 24in Dell ultra sharp u2412. Really good displays for the price.

      • How did you find the aspect ratio switch from 16:10 to 16:9?
        I have several u2412's at home but using a 16:9 HP 24" at work and I find the slightly squished text super annoying…. Wondering if the S2721DGF is going to have the same 'feel'

        • The 27in is about the same height as the 24, just wider. Didn’t really notice it as much as 16:9 in a 24in (I had a AOC 24g2).

          I don’t have them next to each other any more so can’t compare text size, but the 27’s felt a lot larger when I swapped them over a couple of weeks ago.

          The rtings reviews of both displays were pretty much equal, so it felt like a decent upgrade to 1440p. I was a bit concerned that going with a non-ultra sharp would be a backwards step but it’s wasn’t for me. Ymmv, I’m not doing any pro photo work.

          • @davemac: Thanks for the feedback. Going to pull the trigger when the deal goes live!

  • +1

    Hey db,

    I've seen the prices for May and they are scary. Don't say you haven't been warned!

    In relation to that, did you see price spikes across the board? Or mostly just in a particular space? (eg large and bulky)

    • +3

      Nearly everything. I’m not allowed to reveal the new prices but whoever misses out on this $419 deal and gets it for $449 will be very happy next month.

      • -1

        whoever misses out on this $419 deal and gets it for $449 will be very happy next month.

        Did you mean to say: "won't be very happy next month"? ;)

        • +2

          No, I get the feeling it was typed correctly. Yikes!

      • Any chance of doing this on the S3222DGM ?

      • But how will they feel EOFY?

  • +3

    Any S2721D deals?

  • +1

    Noooo dealbot! i just bought two for $449 each last dell ebay sale because prices were meant to go up! They are due for delivery Thursday..

    • You’re forgetting that we’re Down Under. When things go up they’re really going down

  • Haha DB I pulled the trigger for this monitor on the dell20 post before this because you said it wasn't going lower!! any $30 compensation vouchers for those that bought also? ;)

    • +1

      First thing I asked after I finalised this deal. Unfortunately they won't be offering a partial refund this time round.

      • All good, thanks for asking and pushing for the second deal. Excited to use the monitor!

  • Anyone running 3 of these for sim racing?

  • this is a great monitor.
    i used to have one and was contemplating getting another one for a dual monitor setup.
    but when DB dropped the AW3821DW deal, had to get that one last year.
    good luck on those looking at getting one.
    you will not regret it. =)

  • Bought this monitor couple months ago. Had a long line dead pixel across the screen, contacted dell support, they organised a new replacement and sent the old one back within 1 week. 2nd monitor so far is amazing and no issues at all. +1 recommend this

  • Any advice on the best monitor to pair with this for a Dual setup? I already have one of these as primary monitor and trying to figure out whether it's worth getting the same one as a secondary monitor

  • +2

    4K 32" IPS please

    • Dell G3223Q still available at the time you comment?

  • Nice deal, good unit.

  • I want one, but what should I do with my Kogan 27inch 144hz Curved screen?

    • It might make a passable boogie board

  • +1

    Rtings rates this as having much worse pre-calibrated picture quality compared to the LG GL-850B for example and it's comparable SKUs. The LG monitors all seem to rate noticeably higher, though I couldn't tell you whether their Dell was a dud from that perspective or not.

  • can anyone please tell me how is this compared to the G3223Q 4k 144hz I just bought 2 days ago? there are not many review on it yet but this one does and well

    • +1

      G3223Q has some issue with G-sync, some can use it ready-to-go, others have to use 4:2:2 subsampling to make it works (ofc ignore as a AMD GPU user).
      Otherwise, it's just an upgrade in size and resolution compares to s2721dgf.

  • I have two of these monitors already and will probably need a third one in 2 years time for my triple monitor sim rig (I have to wait for my house to get built) - do you think these will still be in production at that point? if i buy it now itll just be sitting in storage

    • +1

      If you want 3 of the same monitor, buy now, test and then store.

      • +1

        Have noticed non uniform lighting on these, with significant dulling around the edges particularly noticeable on displaying a white picture. Dell should replace ones with this issue right?

    • +1

      In 2 years time the world would have changed 20 times over. I’d either try and get a second hand one then or upgrade to whatever at that point (opinion coming from a sim racer)

  • Damn :( I already bought this Friday and it's getting delivered tomorrow so no chance of getting it for the cheapest price

    • What happens if you don't accept the delivery?

      • Fair point.

        Thought about it but I really do need the monitor asap not only for gaming but home office.

    • Contact customer service requesting a refund for the difference. Could return under satisfaction guarantee and re-purchase.

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