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[Refurb] Dell Optiplex 3020M Mini with Intel i5 4590T 2.0GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Win 10 Pro $169 + Delivery @ FuseTech AU


What is up OzBargain!

I've got a bunch of fresh stock, primed and ready to go, this time its the nice and smol micro Optiplex 3020M that will fit in your pocket. all the specs are down below with some upgrades available. 1 year warranty on all plus cables included ( power cord and display cable). Click and collect is available from our Yarraville, Melbourne 3013 warehouse

Make & Model - Dell Optiplex 3020
Form Factor - Micro
Processor - Intel Core i5 4590t 2.00Ghz
Ram - 8Gb
Hard Drive - 128Gb
Hard Drive Type - SSD
I/O Ports - 4 External USB 3.0 ports (2 front, 2 rear) and 6 External USB 2.0 port; 2 Internal USB 2.0; 1 RJ-45; 1 Serial; 1 VGA; 2 DisplayPort; 2 PS/2; 2 Line-in (stereo/microphone), 2 Line-out (headphone/speaker)
Connectivity - Ethernet
Operating System - Windows 10 Pro
Condition - Refurbished Grade A
Whats Included - PC + Power Cable/ Adapter

We also got some noice Dell laptops in stock if you prefer that :

[REFURB] 14" DELL LATITUDE E5470, I5 6300U | 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD | W10P - $349

[REFURB] 14" DELL LATITUDE E5470, I5 6300U | 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD | W10P - $399

[REFURB] DELL LATITUDE 7280 I7 7600U 8GB 256GBSSD W10 FHD 12.5" - $499

All grade A with power adaptors and cords.

And still got some stock of SFF Optiplex 3040



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  • Are these super silent (fan) like the HP Elitedesk?

    • +11

      yeah you can't hear them. silent and deadly.

      • +2

        That's Windows for you.

      • Would this be suitable for Untangled or Pfsense?

        • +1

          Yes but likely needs another Ethernet port

          • +1

            @MikeKulls: Not necessarily, if you have a switch with VLAN support. Look up "router on a stick" topology. I use one of these machines as my pfSense box very happily.

        • +1

          I moved to microtik as PfSense had poor wifi support.

          • +1

            @MikeKulls: @MikeKulls: Agree, Mikrotik is the best. Can't beat its price/performance/stability/features with anything else on the market.

            • +1

              @zz: Is there a particular MicroTik model you have in mind? Around ~$500-600

            • @zz: yeah, I'm a big fan. I use it with ubiquiti for wifi.

  • No hdmi

    • +15

      You can just get a Display Port to HDMI cable or adaptor

  • Anything cheaper/smaller/less powerful?

    • Message through the website and I'll see what we have!

    • +3

      There is an RPI deal going atm

      • Hah!

    • Cheaper than this, sheeesh

  • +1

    Suits for Hackintosh

    • +3

      Can't imagine why anyone would want a 4th gen intel Hack.

      • Well, DIY hobby?

      • +1

        they prefer OSX?

        • Sure, but this CPU is now dreadfully out of date and you will be running an ancient version of Mac OS X.

          • -5

            @coxymla: Depending on the use case, a lot of people would prefer a 5 year old release of OSX vs. any kind of Windows

            • +9

              @blackfrancis75: I'd like to meet those kind of people.They must be very interesting.

          • +2

            @coxymla: I have a 3770k running latest macOS Monterey Hack.

            • @OMGJL: Interesting, does it run well?

              I assume you have a dGPU at least.

              • @coxymla: I also have a Late 2013 Macbook Pro (haswell) running Latest Monterey via Opencore Patcher. Full GPU acceleration supported

      • I have a bunch of 4th gen boxes. They are quite fine. The difference with the latest CPUs isn't that much for the same core count

        • The main issue would be acceleration of H265 video. H264 would be fine though.

          • @skittlebrau: Is that if you're watching movies?

            • @MikeKulls: Yes, but not just movies. It would also apply to YouTube which generally uses VP9 codec for videos as well as other video content, so you'd need to fallback to CPU decoding which would be fine depending on the resolution, but may cause the fan to crank up a bit.


              • @skittlebrau: I have noticed netflix drops a frame or 2 every 10 seconds approx. I haven't had any YouTube issues. I was running netflix in the browser, will have to check in the app. I don't tend to use it much

        • I would add one of my boxes is running windows 11 no issues. For the others I use windows 10

      • use it for emulationstation

  • Can this put a extra network card ?
    Edit look like it can't out any additional cards.

    • No, otherwise good candidate for pfsense

      • +4

        im actually using the exact same one as a pfsense box, it runs just fine using a 2.5G USB NIC.

        I've ordered the mpci-e NIC and im about to turn the VGA port into a ethernet port.

        • What kind brand usb NIC are you using?

          • @boomramada: Realtek8156. pfsense doesn't support it natively, but the latest Proxmox does. Virtualization is the way to go.

      • I used to use pfSense but switched to miktotik as it had better wifi support. Is there an advantage to pfSense? I can see one which is the licence cost if you install it on x86

  • +9

    These deals always peak my curiosity, this is a genuine question, what are the primary use cases for these PCs? The Dell Optiplex 9020m specifically for example.

    I'm guessing these are like a Windows equivalent to a mac mini, but an 8 year old low power i5, I mean there has to be a specific thing or things these do well, otherwise they wouldn't be sold right? Conference room PCs?

    • +5

      Precisely my use case there and some other basic duties

    • +5

      I have a similar spec machine as a Plex Server as it’s more powerful than my NAS

      • Do you use this when transcoding or is it more just direct streams?

        I find my PC (from 2010 lol) couldn't handle transcoding all that well, used a raspberry pi for direct streaming of music and that works fine but would tank badly when transcoding as expected.

        • +4

          If you get a 7th gen intel cpu or better, intel quicksync really is a beast for plex transcoding. I've got an i5 8500 and it barely registers when doing multiple 1080p transcodes. Top models easily do over 20 transcodes using quicksync.
          4K is a bit harder on quicksync but not impossible either.

          • @SgtBatten: Thanks, I really appreciate it. Any suggestions on our varieties/models (or generations, sorry I'm outta the loop on terminology). is have been around for ages, and as an assumption a 5y/o bottom of the range i7 is worse than a current top of the range it?

            From the sounds of it, I'm best off with a bare ones PC with the best possible i7 chip, within whatever arbitrary budget I have, as the GPU hardware encoding isn't really worth it. But happy to be corrected on that.

        • +2

          Mostly direct steaming but haven’t had issues with transcoding of 720p and 1080p content over local and via mobile. I do have Plex lifetime subscription which includes hardware transcoding though.

          • @Doowyah: Is the extra RAM in this worthwhile in your opinion?

            • +1

              @Fybre: I have the 8GB RAM and it handles fine. Depends if you’re going to be using this for other things as well and how many streams you plan to watch at once.

    • Dell Optiplex 9020M Mini with Intel i5 4590T 2.0GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD

      Common for desk jobs (bank , finance, government etc), as most services are run on web based services these days. In my work most of this gonna be replaced by dumb terminals soon.

      • Just using a virtual machine run on a server?

        I've heard about this happening for years but honestly never been to a place that actually has it.

        Got nothing against the idea (if it's speedy), makes it easy to jump between PCs and not have to setup the basics that admins commonly don't save with your active directory account. (in my experience: outlook email signature, browser history, all office settings, downloads)…

    • +12

      I bought one a while ago because I was trying to setup servers and my Raspberry pi was too slow. This thing uses very little power (<10W at idle, IIRC).
      Works well as a 1G NAS, pihole, torrents, etc

      • +3

        How would you guys attach a harddrives on this? Through usb?

      • +1

        Raspberry Pi should have much lower idle power than this, relatively speaking. So it still has its own niche applications

        • +2

          I use pi zero at a remote location for monitoring. They average 40mA, which adds up to about 1Ah out a 12V battery over a day. I would need to spend significant money on batteries to run a PC.

    • +12


      These are fine for standard desktop use - web browse, Neftlix, office apps. Computers have not changed that much in the last 8 years, except in the mobile space.
      This has 8GB and SSD, so even Windows will be happy.

      Of course your 3D gaming options will be limited.

      I'm guessing these are like a Windows equivalent to a mac mini, but an 8 year old low power i5,

      An 8yo Mac mini would be just one before the current model, no?

      • +5

        100% agree.
        My Dad has an 8yro i3 and has no issue with any app with 8gb and an ssd.
        My home laptop is a 2012 MacBook i7 with 16gb ram. No issue with business apps performance.
        Different if you want to play games or do video production, but for most home of office use it will be fine.

        I’m not sure how they sell $2000 computers these days except for the extreme gamers or people doing TV studio graphics.

        • +1

          I play lots of games on a i5 from 2014 and even first gen i7. The video card is newer though but still from 2015/16.

      • The difference is Apple would make absolutely sure an 8 year old mac mini will have performance issues and likely won't run the latest software. From a quick google the later 2014 Mac Minis will run the latest but not from early 2014

    • Plex, emulation, general web browsing, older parents for email basic use etc, torrents etc still plenty of life for something like this

    • +1

      I use the USFF as a server. It's the only thing that fits in the pantry where my modem happens to be. Mine has a 4590S in it at the moment but I'm going to upgrade it to a 45W 4C8T Xeon once it arrives from China.

      • Interesting, got a link?
        How high could one potentially go?

        • +1

          This is the link I bought mine from. I think the highest you can go is a 65W part without stretching the power supply. The absolute best you can go is probably the E3-1286L v3 or a 4790S. I went with the 1265L because it was only $60 with the same core count and a lower TDP.

          An iGPU model (any Xeon ending in a number >=5) is recommended since there's no slot for a GPU.

        • +2

          Just thought I'd let you know the Xeon worked out and the stock Optiplex cooler keeps it at 75c with a 45W transcode load. Just had to make sure to update the BIOS to A25.

          • @Void: Thanks for confirming, mate!

          • @Void: What can it transcode? 4k hevc 10 bit?

            • @Azif: I'm not entirely sure as my server is composed of 1080p files, but I had it able to transcode two 1080p HEVC streams simultaneously with a bit to spare on the higher quality setting. I don't think it will be able to do 4K let alone 10 bit, but for a basic server I think the Xeon is perfectly acceptable.

              I'd recommend going for at least a Sky Lake chip so you can use QuickSync to accelerate the transcode.

              • @Void: Thanks, just wondering if any advantage transcoding on xeon

    • +1

      Low budget plex server. Thats what I did

      • I have one and plan on using it as a plex server. Curious how you transfer over your content to the SFF pc for use in plex? Or do you download/copy it directly on the sff pc and just have plex read it there? I have a main pc I use for most things inc gaming and browsing and would leave the sff pc on 24/7 just wondering what an efficient wokrflow would be to get new video content over to the sff pc without having to switch monitor inputs and keyboards etc every time I want to check something on it

        • TrueNAS is entirely headless and not too difficult to use. Or if you're set on Windows you can use a remote desktop application like TeamViewer.

          • @Void: Can the supplied version of windows go headless? Ie use RDP to log onto it like a server?

            • @roonie: I use automatic login with windows and then vnc for headless mode on my plex server

            • +1

              @roonie: I have never seen a version of windows without RDP server (at least from 7 onwards).

              Edit: It's windows 10 pro, it will absolutely work

              • +1

                @MikeKulls: Thanks for that. I’ve morphed into a mac person and you’re right, my question stems from the earlier versions of windows where it was an issue

        • Open media platform with a Plex plugin. Had trouble with the smb on every other platform. This is bulletproof and allows easy shared drive

    • +2

      You can literally blutack one of these onto the back of a wall mounted tv and have a huge expansion to the tv's uses.

      I got one for my parents during lockdown for big screen online shop for groceries and Skype catchup. They also check email on it. Dad doesn't use a pc himself and mum has bad vision. They watch online livestock auctions and sadly funerals tgat were limited attendance through lockdown were probably their most appreciated uses of it.

      I use one as a smart tv/torrent box/backup pc. Chase a later CPU that can handle the higher res videos. Fits also under the edge of a tv on a stand.

    • +1

      At my work, we use them as shared terminals around the workshops for blue collar staff to login at the end of their shift and log timesheets, check emails and payslips, lodge safety issues, do web-based training etc. Basically just web browser stuff.

      Cheap enough to roll out everywhere and not worry too much about durability, powerful enough to run Windows in the corporate domain environment, and small enough to fit neatly away out of sight out of mind.

    • +1

      I use 4th gen Acer PCs as game machines. I put the motherboard in a regular case with an ATX adaptor and a GTX960. Runs plenty of games really well for about $150. I'm mainly doing race sims. I also have one with a GTX1080 running MS Flight sim 2020.

  • +1

    Damn, was hoping for a killer tower deal this month! How many 3.5” HDDs can you put in the 3040s, please? :)

    • +1

      Alright alright I'll see what I can do for you , you can put only one , but easily slip a 2.5" SSD in there as well!

      • +1

        Hmm, tempted. I was more thinking I need a new media PC - need to replace my ailing XP box (I know, I know) that has a 1TB drive and 2x2TB drives in caddies hanging off it.

        • +1

          If you intend to do Plex Media Server and want to do hardware transcoding you need an Intel CPU and Mobo. If Software transcoding than any CPU (AMD too) is fine.


          Definitely upgrade to something newer to at least get upto date codecs and a supported OS (patches at least). You can still do the hang drives off USB thing but maybe think about a chonky case with 4 HDD bays and max out ( 10-14 TB drives are decent prices).

          Not sure whether you want to have low power usage as chonky cases and low power don't normally go together.

          Check out sites like ServeTheHome as they have lots of advice and setups you can look at.

          • @amaslam: Hardware coding doesn't use GPUs, or if it does how does that work as I found my old GTX240 never really seemed to get fired up whereas my CPU would be maxed out.

  • +5

    So cute.


  • -2

    Does it come
    With 16GB?

    • +1

      Ram -

      • Can we add extra RAM?

        • +1

          Yep. 2 slots and it takes SODIMMs.

          • +2

            @Void: I'll post up in a second but I'll be adding an upgrade option for ram in the next 30mins!


            • @FuseTechAu: Plz do it asap

              I want to buy with 16gb one

          • @Void: Thanks for information and is it easy to use with USB C docking station, right?

            • +1

              @Siddh: No usbc on this aged computer

  • Is this a 9020 or 3020? Rep seems confused. The 9020M has an M2 SSD as well as a 2.5" bay.

    • Both. The primary deal is for the 9020M, there is a link further down for the 3020. The 3020 in the specs listing seems to be a typo as the 3020 definitely doesn't use a micro form factor.

    • Dammmm my bad , fixed now cheers, I had both and got confused they look identical.

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