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[eBay Plus] $30 eBay Gift Card Member Retention Offer (Regular Renewal Cost $49) @ eBay


Under 'My eBay Plus' go to 'edit membership' and cancel. Follow the prompts and you should get a $30 Gift Card.
I chose too expensive, but I really wanted to say sellers jack the prices during percentage off sales!

I just did it today (28 Apr 22 for an account renewing on 4 May)


Its a $30 Ebay Gift Card ( not $30 voucher )

My payment hasn't gone through yet, so I can only assume it'll come through by email after mine renews.

Thanks to superbass, see also https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/692723 for possible stacking of retention & sign-up offers.

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    Damn, it was $40 before and now it’s $30.
    They’re testing us.

    • +23

      It was the whole amount 2-3 years back.

      • +9

        This is true, it was $50, last time was $40.
        It’s obvious they’re testing their formula.
        Be strong ozbatgain! Decline $30 and send them a message

        • +9

          yup, I declined and cancelled my sub.

          • +1

            @lonewolf: Same, the deals were great over lockdowns but just average these days.

    • +9

      Yeah, but eBay is trash now anyway.

      • For sellers and buyers

      • +1

        Alternative? FB marketplace?

        • -1


    • There were $50 signup vouchers before.
      The $30GC for renewal is different, and stacks with the voucher.
      I've not seen $40 GC before , for renewing your membership.

    • yeah, it wasn't worth it when they gave a $50 voucher (that could not be used for 90% of things)

  • +35

    Got the same offer while cancelling mine last week. Still cancelled.

    • +15

      This is the right answer

    • Yeah that's what I'm thinking…. I've got a couple of days to decide haha…

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    looks like you might missed out on $20.

    look comments from the previous post. you still cancel (after clicking that you will keep) - get $20 voucher as well as $30 voucher.


    Total of $50 makes up for the annual fee of $49.

    • +1

      I tried this back in February (when it was still a $40 voucher) and it didn't work, I'm not sure if I messed up but there's a chance they fixed this loophole.

    • +1

      Yes I did it yesterday

    • I'm gonna give this a go

  • +8

    No value from ebay plus

    • +1

      Except liquor

      • +9

        I hardly know her!

        • +6

          Ah, you djoker, you!

      • Agreed. With the regular vouchers you get through the year i can pay less than Dan Murphys prices using the CUB or boozebud eBay sites and get free delivery. I save well more than the $49. Plus this deal when about to expire.

  • Dang it I cancelled ages ago and membership lapsed and still only showing $20

    • +2

      It changes regularly. If you don't need it urgently then can wait and get more.

      They offered 30 then 20 then 40 to me and I bought in at 40

  • +1

    Very noice :D

    Cheers OP.

  • +1

    I did yesterday got 20 😕😕😕😕😕

  • +5

    I’ll only renew if they cover the sub fee again for the third year running.

    Otherwise every deal should be called eBay minus

  • Not the best deal. You only get the $30 after they charge you for the next subscription and there is almost always a better deal available.

  • +3

    They simply would not honour those incentives last year and i tried but they stood with you do not qualify . Got plus but with no coupon and could not get a refund . Shying away from ebay especially living in WA after 8 years and 444 purchases.

    • This!

  • +1

    Gift card >> coupon code. Coupon codes are worth 10-20% less than face value since then you can't use the other ebay coupons that we always use.

    Gift cards probably don't have the 30 day limitation either?

    And gift cards probably don't get deducted from the price paid with ebay price guarantee claims.

    It's a passable deal. I wouldn't accept any less than a $30 gift card. Hopefully they get off their butt and do free FVF promos regularly. That would finally be good value.

  • +5

    When was the last time someone got a free final value fee offer? I feel like it’s been years.

    • Start of Dec when they still had a lingering gumtree alliance. That finished part way through Dec. RIP that hack.

      Edit: but a proper ‘above board’ one? 2020.

    • It will probably never happen because of managed payments. PayPal for example have a small fee which eBay now includes in their seller fees, meaning eBay are now paying that fee, if they did 'free final value fee' promos they would lose money on every sale.

      Perhaps a 5% FVF promo? I don't have my hopes up though.

  • I got it but I can't find where in the account the $30 sits

    • Gift cards are tricky you have to have the card no and check balance from a portal. After you apply to your account you can also see it if you add an item to cart and checkout.

  • +2

    Not going to get me that easily Ebay.

    An extra 2% off items discount over plebs is pathetic.

  • thanks, worked.

  • These are good. Wait for alcohol sales and then slam in the coupon. I got Asahi cans 24 pack for $20.

  • +2

    Last time they promised me a voucher/gc if I stayed and never got it…

    • Same here. After a few months of being told "you'll receive it soon" and countless live help sessions they eventually conceded it was a marketing mistake and would have to refund the membership instead.


  • +3
  • Looks like you won't get the money until after your sub renews. On the page for me: Stay & continue your membership beyond 28 August 2022 & receive a $30 gift card*

    And then says delivered within 10 days after payment

  • +1

    I've had it for 2 years. Both times I got $50 gift code. Admittedly I had to wait for a couple of months in between subscriptions for the $50 offer.

  • Thanks OP. Just did it and got my $30.
    Reading OZbargain every day pays off :) <— for once Im not buying someting

  • I clicked cancel and then they offered me the $30 off.
    I forgot to add a payment method and it failed to renew, boo hoo.

    It's easy enough to wait for the next deal/incentive to sign up.

  • +2

    They stopped giving out monthly $5 coupons, and that's one of perks for joining Plus.

    • I experienced that too - not sure why since it should be automated

    • +2

      those $5 coupon require $50 minimum purchase
      so I never used it.

      It was better to wait for the big discount % off sales
      since this $5 only equates to 10% off.

  • +5

    Balancing out the negative comments with positive one, I still use eBay a fair bit and see value in their subscription.

    I will cancel when there is a better alternative.

  • +1

    Nice - got my $30.
    I also see value in the sub - clearly buy too much on ebay….

  • +1

    If you take this deal make sure you use the voucher as soon as you get it.

    I joined on this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/692723 and waited a week and it expired, contacted Ebay and provided a screenshot with the code and they said there was no record of a voucher ever being provided to me.

    I called my credit card company and had the payment reversed.

    From my experience of wasting my time with Ebay support over this issue is they are aware they are scamming you and have no interest to resolve the issue. Unless you have a screenshot with your username they will deny you were ever issues the voucher.

  • Cancelled and got nothing maybe as I’m on a trial membership.

  • Thanks op, tried to cancel mine and got the $30 voucher :)

  • Thanks OP. Followed instructions, $30 better off now.

  • Got offered $30 gift card. Still cancelled. :)

    Now Amazon prime is worth it!

  • Where do you see the $30? I did this a couple weeks ago, my subscription was paid on Wednesday and still no voucher

  • +1

    Didn't work for me cancelling a monthly subscription

  • -1

    thx got it.

  • +1

    I signed up like a month ago still not getting the 20 dollar voucher..

  • +1

    Not good enough. It used to be $50 voucher for $49 membership and I signed up for 3 memberships. Prime is the go! Free membership through Optus for a year… suck it up EBay!

    • How do you get free membership for prime?

      • There as a special from optus to move the Amazon membership to their subhub. 12 months free…

        • Oh nice, thanks! Is there a link for it?

          • @deals4amar: I don’t know if it’s still on. I saw some days ago a special to move the Netflix membership to them and got 6 months for free too. They just gave me full credit but charge each month now for Netflix via phone bill.

    • How did you get it for a year? I thought you couldn't apply the 6 moth prime promo to accounts that already have prime?

  • +1

    Honestly I looked for a couple of small items yesterday and they were a few dollars cheaper than amazon but delivery (supposedly from Melbourne) by 29th May? Some were June!

    Versus 2 days from amazon? Well worth the extra couple of dollars. I rarely use ebay now.

    • I’m still waiting over 3 weeks for one item. The seller didn’t use aus post and decided to go with amarex (which have been pathetic in all aspects) and he blames it on the ‘busy easter period’. Stick with Amazon unless you want to try and get a random second hand item (and then you’ll be competing with bots for fun)

      • +1

        A lot of sellers use Aramex (previously Fastway), and that company is completely useless - especially here in WA. I typically have my orders sent to parcel lockers as it's a lot more convenient/secure. The number of useless sellers who'll accept your order without restricting delivery addresses, then don't bother looking at the delivery address, and simply lodge it with Aramex who happily pick it up, send it across the country, and only then after a 2 week wait turn around and say we can't deliver to that address … it's just astounding. This happens probably 10-20% of the time with eBay, but I've actually had this happen with an Amazon seller as well. Amazon direct almost always use Auspost unless the item is bulky (but at least then Amazon will tell you they can't deliver it to a PO Box/Parcel Locker in those instances).

  • Worked perfectly, nice find OP!

  • -2

    This is to reactivate right? What about new users? Is it also $30 :-/

    • Yes for the renewal. There's nothing for new users.

  • -1

    If you are a seller, you get 3x 50% off sendle postage each month which is a very good saving.

    • Is this with ebay plus? Or ebay stores?

  • and yet, if you do leave (and don't get the $30 voucher), they try to entice you back with a $20 one? lol makes sense….not

  • Not bad

    You've accepted the offer "Thank You for Choosing eBay Plus - $30 eBay Gift Card"

  • +1

    Be prepared to wait over three months for this to show in your account

  • After signing up for eBay Plus couple of weeks ago, I received a $40 sign-up voucher which was good until May 6, then last week, it suddenly disappeared from my voucher summary. The code no longer works and eBay support could not tell me what happened and unable to restore the voucher. Currently the complaint has been “escalated” somewhere in the clouds and I am not too hopeful my claim has been taken seriously. This smacks of deceptive conduct, not to mention wasting 2 hours of my time chasing this up.

  • this offer reminded me to cancel ebay plus…not worth $19 for me.

  • +3

    I don't really see the point of eBay Plus any more. Since joining, they've gotten rid of the Coles partnership/discount, the $5 monthly vouchers (even with the $50 mins spend) have gone, eBay Tuesdays are gone, most promos are available without eBay Plus (or you get an extra 2% whoop-de-doo), and the one-off promos are nonexistent.

    So other than the free shipping on a limited number of inflated-price items, what else is there?

  • Does the prompt appear after the step 2 "sorry to see you go- select a reason" part, or I'm targetted

  • It says after payment of membership, knowing me I am going to forget which is why because I'm sure their system will also forget.

  • Last renewal for me the same $30 deal applied. I activated it. Then the renewal failed because the payment method had become invalid.

    A few days later I found a $40 offer for new sign up…

  • +1

    I didn't get this offer or anything like it. I want to sign up again but I'm hesitant to do it without some sort of joining offer now.

  • Can someone with eBay plus account kindly check price and any delivery charge for this Pizza Oven Kodi 16 for me non plus its $1115-$100 SNSHOME voucher + $41.7 delivery Thank you

    • +2

      Same. Not free eBay Plus delivery.

    • +1

      Today 17 May :
      coupon code PLUHNG10
      $1,003.58 + $79.24 delivery (Qld)

      • Thanks, so 10% off & not limited to $100.

        • Seems to be limited to $300 as Terms state "up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction"

          There is also some sort of sale from a banner "Plus Weekend Mega savings start 24 May" but doesn't go anywhere for me, so could be better deals or knowing Ebay worse.

          • +1

            @nvox: I was thinking to buy this pizza oven ($1000 all up was what I wanted to pay) and considered joining ebay+ if I could get better deal than non plus ($100 discount code & $42 delivery to Syd), but seems plus just get 10% off ($115) and still pay for the delivery, so might wait for a better deal in the future. thanks

  • +2

    Direct link to this deal - it will automatically sign you up.



    Also works if you don't have ebay plus, I think it just adds the $30 retention to your account for next time you sign up? Worth a try.

    • Also works if you don't have ebay plus, I think it just adds the $30 retention to your account for next time you sign up? Worth a try.

      I can confirm that it doesn't work when you dont have eBay plus.

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