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Free 12 Months Subscription (New and Existing Subscribers) @ Kayo


If you have an existing Kayo account or set up a new one there is a promo for today only for free kayo for a year. Go to 'my account' and under subscription and billing there is a voucher section, the code is 'WATCHKAYOF1' and it will update your details for free for a year


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  • +3

    Just received 2 emails.

    First at 11:52pm from [email protected]:
    Hi *****,
    Unfortunately, we weren’t able to complete your subscription yet because we couldn’t process your payment. To help get you into Kayo without any more delays, simply click on the button below and enter your valid payment details.
    Just a heads up, any promotional vouchers or gift cards you were using will need to be entered again during the sign up process. Make sure you have them handy.

    Second at 12:01am from [email protected]:
    Welcome ****** ,
    Thanks for joining Kayo Freebies.
    You now have access to a selection of live sports, entertainment shows and documentaries - all for free. There will also be many more events coming up down the track.
    If you’d like full access to Kayo to enjoy over 50 sports LIVE and on-demand you can upgrade at any time by visiting My Account .
    Team Kayo

    • So they have Bipolar then

      • +3

        Kayo Freebies are available to everyone, all you need to do is register.

        So basically, they've revoked our free fullaccess 12 months subscription :(

        • Ohhhhhh, I see. In that case, that's really shitty of them.

    • -1

      first one is a pre-auth charge to see if your card is real

  • +20

    They got us lads, my subscription just got revoked. I did enjoy my 5 minutes of Batman v Superman and my 30 seconds of Gillingham vs Rotherham.

    Hit me up if there's a lawsuit I can get money from

    • +7

      Surely we can all chip in a few bucks and hire some legal representation, for 12 months of free Kayo, Binge and Flash!

    • +6

      Yeah same here, whose paying for the RSI in my thumb. 287 refreshes all for nothing.

  • +1

    Got the email too:

    Welcome to Kayo Sports, you're ready to start watching.

  • All other new members still on the free 12 month without getting the revoked email?

    • +1

      Still got my Kayo as a new member.

      • +2

        same, I'm suspecting they had a 'number' and have approved some accounts. (eg. first 1000 that used the code).

    • Got the revoked email.

    • Got revoked too

    • +1

      nope, got the mistake email. well, i did think it was too good to be true… 12 months seemed a bit generous.

  • +1

    missed it

  • Missed out :(

  • +20

    As much as we aren't entitled to a free year of these services just from a coupon, they aren't entitled to our contact details, they should have to delete all information for those who signed up. I lost access without any email or 3mth etc.

    • +5

      I think you can contact them and ask for your information to be deleted and they will likely comply.

  • +3

    Meanwhile we all missed out on another potential brilliant genuine OZB deal that sold out while we were sidetracked and busy trying to get this offer. Haha!

    • +5

      Which deal was that?

      • +2

        We'll never know coz we were all looking here instead of scouring other sites lookin for the next hit/deal

      • Binge.

  • Somehow I managed to skip through after getting stuck on verification of mobile number stage without doing the verification!

    Even though I picked the Premium package at the start when I go into the Account settings it is just showing the standard (1 screen option) as the Freebie.

    • It’ll probably be cancelled anyway

  • +8

    Not too worried if it gets revoked like some peoples has, but I’ll be annoyed if they don’t roll back to the discounted Telstra pricing I’m on for another 11 months which at this very moment is now due to lapse and be replaced with the free offer at my next billing cycle.

    Haven’t received any emails and unsure if it just hasn’t been long enough or the fact my free membership hasn’t taken effect due to the current membership or is on previous offers will be harder to clean up.

    • Yeah I'll be keeping a pretty close eye on that. My new Telstra discount had only just started again so will be pretty frustrated to lose that if this doesn't take effect

    • I have the Telstra pricing as well. I did get the welcome to Kayo Freebies email not long ago which made me think they purged this 12 month code, but my account page still seems to show it working. So I don't know what's going to happen.

    • Based on my previous issues with Kayo, i'd be surprised if they honoured your discounted Telstra pricing in all honesty. Definitely keep an eye on it.

      • Yeah I will. If they don’t hopefully their supports ok.

  • Still no email from them, been refreshing my account page every 15 mins while watching premier league. Still showing the offer applied, fingers crossed but not to fussed if they did revoke it.

  • mine got revoked just got a email saying we couldn't process payment.Has now gone from full access back to freebies.

  • +4

    (profanity) revoked it all.

  • +2

    On a rare occasion where I felt like cooking costed me $330!!!!!!!!! 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔. Missed out. Existing subscriber.

    • +6

      Looks you "missing out" actually saved your time as those who got through are being revoked although some are being given 3 months.

      • Mine didn't get revoked, know a few others as well

  • mine got cancelled

  • +2

    Both my Binge & Kayo got revoked, with no email notification. Oh well …

  • +2

    Kayo is still working, for now but Binge and Flash are both gooooone!

    • Same

      • Same for me. No email notification, they both now just say I don't have an active subscription.

  • +1

    God damnit…away from OB for one day and miss maybe one of the better bargains of the year

    • +4

      But did you? :D

      Revokings inbound!

  • +1

    For those who have had theirs revoked, were you using an existing account to claim the code?

    I had made a new account for this deal and I still seem to have Full Access.

    • +1

      I used existing. Kept full access for a few hours after getting the "payment declined" email but it's gone now…

    • I used a new account and both full Kayo and Binge are gone.

      Are you sure you’re not on the free Kayo version?

  • Speeewin that I missed this

    • +6

      Chances are, all you missed was refreshing pages for 30mins only to have it canceled hours later anyway.

  • I still have my subscription. Just checked and I can watch full afl replays. Signed up with an existing account and got in early, so if they're cancelling most subscriptions then maybe mine will be cancelled later on

    • +1

      My binge and flash sub has been cancelled. Kayo still working.
      This deal was too good to be true.

      • What time did you sign up for the kayo one?
        I got it within the first 30 minutes

        • +1

          Within 10 mins. They have to go thru 20,000+ sub to cancel. We are at the bottom of that list.

          • +1

            @imnobody: Ah ok. If they don't cancel by the end of today then I reckon we should be safe. Fingers crossed

            • @Iwilltakeit: I am going to enjoy all the sports I can. Watching last night IPL match.

          • @imnobody: I mean, it is not like they have to do it manually.

  • +1

    Binge isnt working but kayo is still.

  • +1

    how did i miss this… :(

    • +1

      u missed nothing - accounts are getting cancelled or asked to pony up cc details to continue

      • +1

        are you sure?

      • Mine didn't get revoked, know a few others as well

  • +2

    I signed up new when the deal was 8 mins old to premium. I've since added my credit card to my account in case they are running database queries looking for no card accounts. Still working.
    I'm sure they'll just run a query for the sign up code or sign up date though.

  • +3

    I didn’t get an email but my access is gone, back to freebies

  • Damnit. I always miss these. Nice job folks.

    • no you didn't

      • Ok yeah. Would have been a wild ride.

        • with a not so happy ending..

  • +4

    Saw this after waking up - note to self, never sleep, may miss out on stellar ozbargain deals.

  • +1

    Never worked, and now most are getting a revoked email.

  • Got an email welcoming me to Kayo freebies. Full access now gone.

  • One kayo got revoked. The other paying one due tomorrow still has the 12 month applied.

  • +1

    Strange… Mine is still working. I have checked under my account and it is showing 12 month premium option there

    • Same

    • +3

      Not for all, my Kayo is still showing 12 months free.

    • +1

      wrong. not all.

    • +3

      From an engineers point of view likely on Monday they'll get an engineer to do a query on the database for anyone who used it.

      It's unlikely they're gonna do it over the weekend tbh. Just my 2c

  • Kayo i have a discount for one more month..so this 12 month offer will apply after apparently.

    On binge i was 2 months free which expire this month and the 12 month offer will apply after that apparently.

    just have to keep an eye on it i suppose.

  • I’m already paying for discounted Kayo through my Telstra plan, and added this code early on and mine is still showing as 12 months free starting once my current billing cycle through Telstra ends.

    I wonder if they’re letting those already with Kayo linked to their Telstra accounts keep theirs.

    • I am in the same boat. Lets keep track of it and inform each other.

      • I got the email this morning saying my payment can’t be processed (I pay via Telstra not Kayo directly) and to click the red button link to complete my subscription. Didn’t click the link, but my Kayo account is still showing the 12 months free beginning next month.

    • Comments above say someone else was in a similar situation, lost even their Telstra discount when 12 months free was revoked.. 😅

    • +1

      My free 12 months is still showing as 'Pending' and due to take effect after the current billing cycle which the Telstra discount is active on.
      Not fussed if last night's code gets pulled but really hoping not to lose the Telstra discount

  • I'm not able to check my account in Kayo but I can still watch the content. How do I tell the difference between Freebies and Premium?

    • +1

      There with be a pad lock next to some items. Test to see if you can watch say Formula One or MotoGP races (not qualies or practice as they are free)

      • Thanks for that. It seems I can watch 'Imola: Race' under F1 and 'Portugal: Race' under MotoGP so I guess it's still working for now.

  • +3

    Binge has been cancelled but Kayo still showing me with a free 12 months premium. Assume I'm living on borrowed time

    • Opposite for me so I guess so :(

    • Livin' off borrowed time, the clock tick faster!

    • And the winds of change are blowin' down the line.

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