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Free 12 Months Subscription (New and Existing Subscribers) @ Binge


Similar to the Kayo offer - free 12 months Binge subscription!

Works on Basic, Standard and Premium plan.

Update: Still working as of 10:31pm AEST (voucher is being accepted) - it may be a bit slow and occasionally error out due to server overload. Keep trying and it will eventually get there

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    • I also have this just waiting I guess

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    Can anyone even watch a show? I have a general sub however the whole app seems to be crushed

    • I've added Binge to my Kodi add-ons, it's working "okay" there but with a little bit of buffer on The Wire.

  • Stuck on Verify your mobile number. Now don't even get the button to hit subscribe. think site is dead?

  • I’m stuck on date of birth

    • +3

      Its year of birth

    • not a compulsory field, so you can leave it blank

    • You need to reborn!

  • ergh it doesn't like my verification code

  • +19

    Streamotion recruits OzBargainers to test server reliability during a DDOS attack

  • -2

    Can everyone please stop refreshing, let me finish first, then go back to DDOSing


  • Getting - Error communicating with auth0 private after verifying the number and hitting start subscription.

  • +1

    yikes like refreshed 100 times already

    • Same I’m stopping refreshing after 1000 times lol

  • Managed to register, various functions on the site are now broken due to ozbargan'ed but I could stream a show no problem in Chrome.

  • yay got through

  • Got Kayo to work - still refreshing Binge and Flash … lol… how many hours can I stay up tonight?

  • +3

    Still stuck on Verify Your Mobile Number stage on Binge sigh

  • Trying like everyone else, fingers crossed. Btw, last time I had a free sub, the trash level service was common when streaming any time something good dropped. Would never pay for this and stunned they still can't handle traffic, even if this is just the auth/sub stuff.

  • -1

    free kayo for a year? thanks ScoMo!

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    How do I verify number? It looks like page is grayed out and I had to turn my phone landscape to see verify your mobile but don't see what to press or how to do it

    • +1

      Keep refreshing that page and at one stage "Start Subscription" will show up

      • The start subscription button no longer shows. Seems like site is dead

      • I’ve refreshed more than 100 times
        Still no start subscription button

      • It will say start subscription and page not greyed out? I even turned off dark mode to try to see if there's a button I am missing

    • If you have third-party cookie blocking, try disabling it.

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    I signed up but now I can't even log in.

  • Managed to out my details but the next page (confirms the plan and my details) is just greyed, can't click on anything, seems incompletely loaded.

    • Same, I can't verify number or do anything here. In normal and incognito

  • I'm in. Just keep refreshing.

  • It was looping on auth so I started again and now get this "There was an error in checking your voucher. Please try again later."

  • Take it there's no way of telling if the voucher was accepted? It clicked through but now just an empty page.

  • Cannot redeem for the life of it…. existing account, Error communicating with auth0 private.
    In WA and have tried with 4 browsers, 2 devices and even tried routing through eastern state VPNs as well, no dice. :(

  • Finally got the "Ready to Go" page. and the button below is still loading. Is that it? Or should I wait for the page to load completely?

    • Also got the ready to go page and still circling ahah….

    • +4

      i got that button for all three but still unable to watch anything and takes me back to signup page.

    • Just opened an incognito window and logged in and shows "there was an error etc etc"

  • The start subscription button no longer shows. Seems like site is dead

  • +2

    Binge has an absolutely brilliant library of shows that are PAL upscaled, so pretty much every show has a very annoying higher pitch audio, once you hear it, you won't be able to ignore it.

    • good job drawing everyone's attention to a problem that most people would not have noticed and can happily ignore…. until you showed up

      • good comment

      • +1

        I'm only drawing attention to it as it shouldn't be a thing in 2022. The more people who notice and realise the more realistic the chances are that it changes.

  • -1

    I thought I was already joined with adding email and password but each time I get codes set non work how are others doing this, the other two I thought I was all good but I not getting any why is this and this was ages ago i did this

  • mine not working after phone varification, any one has any success ?

  • Still working, just need to keep refreshing. I had to at both code entry and confirmation stage

  • Woohooo, finally worked at 11.02pm. Thanks so much OP.

  • +1

    Tried logging out, logging in, using private windows and refreshing a lot. Cbf now. Still says code is wrong.

  • keep saying code is expired.

  • farrrkk what a mission 50 tabs and refreshing got in!

  • Stuck with Error communicating with auth0 private.

  • Error communicating with auth0 private.

  • +1

    For the people that got it to work. were you guys refreshing after you saw 'Error communicating with auth0 private'?

  • -1

    I wouldn’t waste your time… I had a look at which shows around here and most of them are pretty average or available elsewhere

  • I finally got through in the end so it is does still work.

    SMS verification code error: I kept resending and entering the code. I had to do it 18 times!
    Start Subscription button/auth0 private error: Once it says "Error communicating with auth0 private" refresh the page and click the button again (don't wait for the spinning loader).

  • +1

    code verification keeps saying
    The code is incorrect or expired. Please enter the code we sent to your mobile or click Resend Code to receive a new code.

    • Same. I had changed mobile number but still the same

  • +1

    stuck on verify phone number with the page being shaded out and no text or send text ~

    • Yeah same, refreshing non stop

    • Same!

    • same here

  • Mine says this number is already connected to a streamotion account. Sign in your existing flash, binge or kayo sports email address??

  • -1

    Managed to get in. Just keep trying and it will work

    • How ?

      • I just used the code. Got an error and kept resubmitting, then got to the next page, got error, kept refreshing, eventually managed to get through all the stages and now have a Binge account.

    • Which browser worked for you?

      • I am on a Mac so used Safari

  • +2

    Seemed to all go through. Then when I tried to use it I got "no active subscription" :(
    Gone back to put it in again and getting the same "… Can't seem ro find this offer…" message

    • same happened for me as well.

  • +3

    Turn on dev tools, network view, filter by XHR. If you get 429 error on the request then don't bother waiting any longer, just refresh the page.

    The three problematic requests were BGE_F1SUITE12M, payment-method, and ares. You need each of those three to succeed.

    • Request failed with status code 429: Rate limit reached

      this code is when you are sending too many requests and you get locked out for a while, refreshing wont help.

      • The most likely explanation is that they are replying with 429 instead of 503. The exact definition of 429 is not very well defined or followed.

        You can test it yourself by watching the requests and refreshing the page as soon as you get a 429. Some of them will succeed.

    • You are the real MVP!

  • +1

    Anyone else getting the "The code is incorrect or expired. Please enter the code we sent to your mobile or click Resend Code to receive a new code."?

    • +1

      yep, get a new code same thing

    • yer me

  • think I got it, just no email yet but got the verification screen and am logged in.. thanks OP

  • Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 429 (Too Many Requests)

  • Finally got through after 666 times refreshing, on verifying sms code and auth0 error. Took 30 minutes!
    Even have to refresh multiple times to choose an avatar. But then the home page is not responsive. I think the server are crashing badly.

    • did you just keep entering the same SMS code or ask a new one?

      • Get a new ones. 12 tries!

  • 10000 refreshes clicks - I’m done and cbf anymore - good luck all

  • +1

    I got the subscription confirmation screen but no email

    And no access to binge.

    • Haha same here 😔

  • +2

    Anyone else manage to get through but then get ‘you don’t have an active subscription. Go to our website to reactivate your Binge subscription’ on the app?

  • shorturl.at/gotGW

    Give that a try and see if it bypasses the code entry page for people that are struggling with that.

    • +1

      Thats kayo ?

      • Is it taking you to Kayo? If so, odd, it directs to Binge for me. Sorry.

  • +1

    Looks like this voucher expires today (30th April 2022)
    So if you're not successful by midnight, then its all over!

  • Still working as of 11.16pm. Just refresh on your mobile. A lot faster than on computer. Good luck all

    • hmm interesting tip. i had dozens and dozens of tabs open and would always get the error on the final 'start subscription' box (when it popped up, which was like 1 in 20). just sorted it all on mobile in seconds with no issues.

    • Second that. I tried multiple tabs on both computer and phone. The latter finally got it.

  • +5

    What is everyone doing to get binge to work I have txt myself a million times to enter code but each I put in says wrong

  • +2

    It keeps saying the mobile number code is incorrect. "The code is incorrect or expired. Please enter the code we sent to your mobile or click Resend Code to receive a new code." Did anyone get the same error? I click on resend code and use the code they send to my mobile.

    • Keep doing it

      • Can you keep trying the same code, or do you need to resend?

      • I try to resend like 20 times and get the same error.

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