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Console Trades: Up to PS4 Pro $300, Xbox One X $250, Nintendo Switch $240 & More (+ Your EB World Level Bonus) @ EB Games


EB Games are having a trade credit increase on consoles until Monday 9th May. Advert says "get up to" meaning console must be complete and fully working with a controller, power cord and HDMI cable to get full amount.

EB World level trade bonuses are eligible for this promo. See full list of prices below.

Trade your Get up to EB World level 2 EB World level 3 EB World level 4 EB World level 5
Nintendo Switch OLED $330 $363 $379.50 $396 $412.50
PS4 Pro 1TB $300 $330 $345 $360 $375
PS4 Slim 1TB $260 $286 $299 $312 $325
PS4 Slim 500GB $250 $275 $287.50 $300 $312.50
Xbox One X 1TB $250 $275 $287.50 $300 $312.50
Nintendo Switch $240 $264 $276 $288 $300
PS4 OG 1TB $230 $253 $264.50 $276 $287.50
PS4 OG 500GB $220 $242 $253 $264 $275
Xbox One S 1TB $210 $231 $241.50 $252 $262.50
Xbox One S 500GB $200 $220 $230 $240 $250
Nintendo Switch Lite $170 $187 $195.50 $204 $212.50
Xbox One OG 1TB $160 $176 $184 $192 $200
Xbox One OG 500GB $150 $165 $172.50 $180 $187.50

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  • +60

    Not as much as you get selling privately but then you arent having to deal with scumtree or marketplace people turning up and offering you less than agreed upon..

    • +85

      I know I said $300 but only have $280 with me

      • +59

        i’ve turned down couple of deals like this only to see the fellow seem to magically find the missing amount in left in their vehicles.

        • +17

          They must have been magicians, you're so lucky to have witnessed such a trick

          • -1


            They must have been magicians

            Let me find my mask and then I'll tell you how they did it.

        • +6

          That’s when u turn them down despite them finding the money lol, looks are priceless or when u go, actually I wanted more ;)

          • @Splashtash: haha it sure can be satisfying, but sometimes when making a sale being assertive is more helpful than going with emotions.

          • +2

            @Splashtash: Lowballers get immediately blocked when I'm selling stuff. Send me a stupid offer and you will never buy anything from me again.

      • +1

        More like 100.. I'm just around the corner.. take it out leave it

        • +1

          I got 80!
          ..Cash!! I come to you now!

          • -1

            @RQNinja: It's a pet peeve of mine when they say "$XXX and pick up now." Like i'm going to drop the price for you because you can get it early? Fek outta here

      • +7

        I hate the dils that think they can tell you what your items is worth. I was selling a GPU last year and they're hit me with l low ball that was like half the asking price and I'm like nope my price is literally already the lowest on gumtree, and they're like "it's not worth that much"…..I had a taker for the asking price like an hour later.

        • +3

          Mark price as non negotiable and when idiots ask for better price. Just don't reply. Easy.

        • +3

          tbf most the shit i see on gumtree/fb marketplace are overpriced af
          for example a 1070 recently going for $700… seller must be smoking some special shit

          • @s1Lence: Off-topic but what is a reasonable price for a 1070 these days?

            • +2

              @nikftw: well i've seen (very rarely) good condition 1080ti for as low as 450, but not uncommon at 500 and fairly common at $600
              1070ti/1080 would recommend $450 at most
              finally 350 is the most i would spend for a standard 1070 but at that point might as well hunt for a 1070ti for 450-500 or 1080ti for 500

              these are lower prices than most are selling for but if you hunt you can easily buy these cards at these prices if you want, remember these cards are fairly ancient now so anyone selling them for well above these prices can get a kick up the arse

            • @nikftw: Sold my 1070ti a couple weeks back for $380. Regular 1070's were going for between $330 and $380~

    • +12

      Hehe yup, honestly this is the same reason I gladly took them up on their PS4>PS5 trade/purchase offers despite everyone saying you can sell those last gen systems for more privately.

      Just not worth the headache of dealing with lowballers and the like.

      • +7

        Many times the cost of time and health gained is worth more to me than an extra $50 bucks

    • +7

      Don't forget ebay, they will steal 13% of your sale.

      • yeah i found out after i sold several items….bloody thieves! I think facebook marketplace is good.

        • won't be long until they're doing the same…

          • @Lani: facebook marketplace won't charge i don't reckon. They just wana know what you buy and sell for their information that they can do whatever they like with.

            • @9hundred: Apparently they don't even know what happens to our data, or so I've read. Hopefully that's all they want

    • +4

      Not sure if I just got lucky but I've never had any trouble on gumtree/facebook for years, however during the pandemic it's almost like a switch flipped.

      Got an absurd amount of lowballs for every item I've tried to sell. 20+ lowballs for $150 and less for my $300 ps4 ad. Another 15 or so "is it available?" ghosters. 3 no shows pickups. Even had 1 guy get irate showing me another classified listing saying other people are selling the console for $240, I was overcharging people and he would only offer $200. Pointed out the link he gave me was for a US listing in USD and he stopped replying.

      Eventually sold at auction on ebay for $340 and haven't use the other 2 shitty classified sites since.

      Also tried to sell a laptop before the ps4 and some guy tried to offer me his girlfriend's underwear for a 50% discount….

    • +13

      "Hi, I’m wondering if this is still available?" and then no further messages

      • I liked this one:

        let me know if you can be able to arrange the day of pickup because i have a courier agency company that can handle that and it is safe and reliable

        • +2

          (profanity) phishing
          Gumtree is the worst

          • @G-rig: Yup, here is the other spam I get, dodgy characters and all to avoid detection:

            Hello, i am interested 𝘸ɦat your contact emaⵏⳐ address thanks

      • As a buyer, sometimes you send this to multiple people about a similar item and some are slower than others to respond.

        • +3

          As a seller this is bloody annoying, especially when the ad says "if the ad is up, it's available".
          Doesn't take much to say "thanks but I've found another one"

      • +1

        I do this by accident all the time.

        I want to send to my partner to share to see her thoughts and the big blue send button is the way to send a message. So most of the time it's instinctive the button to push and other times I just accidentally press it when trying to scroll or whatever. No way to undo.

    • The fees on eBay are ridiculous these days. Would get more money trading it here

    • yeah, had an idiot say "i've been scammed a lot, can you post it to me first and I'll pay you once it arrived?"

  • is there a market for an og ps4 that are running firmware 5.05, and do they provide cash or just store credit for the trade in?

    • Store credit, you get less if you prefer cash.

      • traded something in about a month ago and they advised that due to the pandemic that has temporarily been cancelled. i got all the trade in value in cash

        • just rang them and they only do in store credit no cash weird

          • @leasky: I think it's different in each state. I'm in Victoria and never had issues getting the full value in cash.

      • Cash is available. Traded my PSVR on Saturday and when asking for cash wasn't asked to reconsider even.

        • how much did you get for the psvr? ive got one sitting around gathering dust!

          • @leasky: Fully boxed up with Level 4 20% bonus it was $185ish. Apparently the camera counts as a separate piece (I had the PSVR Worlds Bundle, minus the Worlds game).

            • @Xianese: Wow that seems really good..

            • @Xianese: I sold my PSVR worlds Bundle for $500 on Ebay albeit with the move controllers.

              • @plmko: How long ago?

              • @plmko: Move controllers are where the value is.
                A VR by itself won't go for that.
                Regardless, I only paid $199 for my VR so $185 two years later works for me.

    • +1

      Probably better trying to sell through FB Marketplace or Gumtree…. but then you have to deal with the crowd.

      • how much less for cash, yeh dealing with fb marketplace and gumtree is never fun, its hard trying to find someone that wants a jailbroken ps4, id have to factory reset it

        • Hey leasky i’m in perth if you’re interested flick me a pm

      • how's ebay?

        • +1

          Still the best place to sell. But shipping these days is very expensive due to inflation. Combined with fees it might not be worth it so depends on what you have.

      • +1

        The crowd? face of disgust

    • -1

      running firmware 5.05

      That's the one that's easy to hack right? You should be getting a much higher premium.

      • +5

        Firmware 9.0 is where it's at now

      • +1

        I hacked my ps4 slim on firmware 9.00 easily. Heaps of guides on YouTube :)

  • How long do levels last for ?

    • +1

      1 - 4 don't expire, level 5 lasts for the year then you gotta fight for your spot again with more purchases.

      • +2

        One exception. If you leveled up to 4 by having a Game Informer magazine subscription, it goes back down to your previous level now the subscription is gone.

        • +1

          That's a very niche situation. I wonder why it exists…

  • +1

    Can't believe PS4 Pro's are still worth what htey are.

    On a side note though, I heard from my local EB that if you trade in for store credit, you have to use it immediately and they are in the process of contacting everyone who has longstanding credit from previous trade in deals to apply it to preorders/actual sales. I don't know the basis of this or if it's just my local EB store, but given I traded in a PS4 and Xbox One X before, I was surprised to hear they are taking this approach…

    • +1

      PS5s are hard to get, so people hang on to old ones.

      Encouraging people to use store credit sounds like they’re about to go into administration or something. They’re owned by GameStop in the US so it wouldn’t surprise me

      • +1

        Why would a company that was worried about administration try and move product that they are not getting 'cash' for?

        • The Australian business is profitable. But people with credit could get screwed over as part of any spinoff or anything.

          I’m talking out of my arse, but it’s the only reason to encourage people to use credit, not screw over customers they don’t want to lose post administration. Or they don’t want to have those credits on the books for whoever they sell too.

      • If they were close to administration the last thing they would do is encourage people to cash out their credit.

    • +3

      The workaround is to apply your credit it to the most distant per-order they have in the system and then keep changing your credit around to later per-orders as required.
      Then cancel and use the credit on something when the time comes.

      • +1

        That's what they used to let me do but the problem is when the preorders start getting filled or close to release… and then you need to keep jumping them around. I made the mistake of putting it on a $150 preorder but then when it was about to release, I had to find multiple preorders to utilise the balance. It's just getting too difficult, and I spoke with the manager last weekend and he said he's been given directive to get everyone to fully utilise it as theye won't be carrying forward due to some changes in rules (not sure if this is a change in law or just store policy). Shrug.

        • Yeah it sounds like a huge pain, I haven't traded in anything for years for this reason. Only worth if you're trading in for a current gen console.

  • Does eb recognise special editions?

    Scorpion Edition XB1X same value as standard XB1X ?

    • -2

      Maybe slightly better but wouldn't assume it's much

    • +2

      No, they do not.

      As long as the console (and controller) is not dirty and is saleable, condition doesn't matter either.

  • How straightforward is the trade in? Do I get the cash straight away or do I have to wait a few days while they test and so on? I have first gen switch and eb lv2. $264.

    Was planning to sell it on scum tree or market place for $300

    • could be worth seeing what a crackable first-gen switch gets on the modders market

      • Good point. Forgot to explore that avenue

      • +1

        What's the "modders market"? Planning on selling my first gen switch too. Thanks.

        • I sold my hackable gen 1 Switch with just the tablet and joycons (no dock, accessories, etc) for $490 recently.

          • @xdirex: Gumtree or eBay?

          • @xdirex: That's crazy! I just sold 1 with all accessories for $350 on Gumtree, no bites for a week and that's the best - I didn't title it as moddable though.

    • -1

      cash immediately

      • +1


        Wouldn't it be credit against something in store?

        • -1

          They got rid of that rule about 18 months ago. It's straight cash now. I was quite surprised as well, when I traded my PS4 Pro in when the PS5 came out.

          • @ONEMariachi: What state is this? VIC?

            • @aguitarfreak: Myself in SA, and a friend in VIC both have utilised it a number of times now.

          • @ONEMariachi: I'm also wondering what State? I'm in Qld and someone mentioned it's 20% less for cash

          • @ONEMariachi: I'm in WA and I did not get cash. There was no cash option.

            • @FrugalSplack: Not sure, My mate went and did it and received cash. Weird some stores are doing it and others are not.

              • @ONEMariachi: They are in WA. You and your mate are in different states.

                From reading this thread, I know QLD & VIC seem to do cash and NSW is credit only.

    • +2

      I traded my PS4 Pro for 44% off a PS5 at launch and they take it in straight away. No testing required. Knocked $10 off for no HDMI cable.

    • I'd take a first gen switch for $300. Those things can be hard to find.

  • Been out of the game for a while. I have a near near new xbox one s is it worth keeping for any reason?

    • +1

      If you don't plan to play games on it, and already have a smart TV for Netflix and stuff. I don't see it being useful for you specifically.

    • I have a near near new xbox one s is it worth keeping for any reason?

      Yes, for emulators.

      • The one S' Jaguar cpu is under powered for that though, and the uwp emulators still have hit or miss compatibility. Not only are the office towers cheaper, and have potential to play up to ps3 emulator, it's also simply more user friendly.

        • +1

          The one S' Jaguar cpu is under powered for that though, and the uwp emulators still have hit or miss compatibility.

          Mine is the OG (non S) and it's rock solid for up to PS1. N64 and beyond is flacky.

          it's also simply more user friendly.

          Completely disagree. Retroarch in retail mode is extremely easy to set up. Much simpler than setting up Batocera etc.

        • Disagree with under powered statement. I had first gen Xbox running retroarch no problem.

          Xbox one s should be much better imo

    • worth keeping for any reason?

      nope, Sega Dreamcast is better. :p

  • +1

    Of course they do this right after the late April PS5 shipment…

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