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Ozito PXC 18V 165mm Circular Saw - Skin Only $38 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bunnings


Solid circular saw for those invested in the Ozito PXC range. Usual price is $76-$89.

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  • Thanks OP, have ordered for pickup. Seems like a great price.

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      Epic that 3 different products of the same lineup got posted by 3 different users back to back to back, OzB is a true blue :D

      • Now its 4, damn you guys are good.

  • Cheap as!!

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    Skin Only

    Mind your fingers!

  • thanks for sharing and OP

  • Thx for posting

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    Just a thought based on my experience. This saw is fine for very light duty work. However the brushless version is a million times better.

    This one worked well from cutting things to length, but not so well for ripping things along their length.

    • Are you using the stock or different blade?

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      I used this to trim 5 doors to height (2010mm) and width (805) with no issues, from standard 820 wide doors.

      Also on Jarrah floorboards (length to length, plus cut outs)

      What were you trying to cut?

      Note: I wasn't using stock blades

      • What blades would you reccommend for like 90 by 45 timber?

        • Depends on the type of timber. I just used the Diablo blades from Bunnings, They had a bunch of the 165mm size for under $20 on the clearance trolley, so grabbed what they had.

  • Great price. Just ordered one.

  • Shows as $98.98 retail price on Powerpass. Brushless and a larger diameter would obviously be better but for the price, it's a good deal!

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    Great price on the Angle Grinder and Detail Sander too. Picked up all 3 for $88.50

    • The angle grinder is useless

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        all 3 are useless too.

        • actually 4 are super hopeless too.

        • Why are they useless? Were you grinding/sanding diamonds?

          • @stuckster: Nah just patio tube, cuts out with the slightest resistance.

            • @Jake D: Bought one but havent needed it as yet. User in another thread posted a video cutting through a bolt with ease. I guess tube might give it more chance to bind?

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        Has worked brilliantly for me. Been one of the more reliable tools in my collection. Why do you say it is useless?

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      I did the same order. Already invested as i have a mower and blower already with two batteries

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      I do not recomend

      • The reviews on Bunnings are okay. Sure, you get what you pay for but for $29 it seems a bargain.

        • Cheap angle grinders being operated by untrained DIY hobbiests is what's helping keep emergency staff employed.

          • -3

            @ialam99: … is that you Scotty from Marketing? Support the emergency workers, put cheap grinders in the hands of hobbyists.

      • Why?

        • Constantly cuts out when it faces any resistance.

    • Have mine over a year now has worked like a treat, Brother inlaw has gone through 2 constantly kills his tools..

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    The 250mm PXC chain saw is also a reasonable price. $67. Although none seem to be available near me in WA.
    Includes 4.0Ah battery and fast charger.


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      hope it handles more than plasterboard..

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      Doesn't seem available in VIC either.

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        I picked one up at Dandenong Bunnings. Walked in to have a look and lo and behold, 2 were left on shelf. Left one for someone else.

        Great value! (The 4.0Ah battery goes for more on its own).

        Worth popping into your local or calling and asking for stock levels (I/N 3381168).

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        Stock is limited in Victoria for IN 3381168. These stores show stock and the ones with only 1 left are often display models or gone completely.

        Victoria Quantity Number
        Clyde North 1 (03) 9293 9300
        Colac 1 (03) 5230 0300
        East Pakenham 2 (03) 5945 6700
        Echuca 1 (03) 5482 0200
        Geelong North 2 (03) 5240 3300
        Hamilton 3 (03) 5551 9400
        Hawthorn 1 (03) 8862 9500
        Port Melbourne 4 (03) 8646 9800
        Seymour 3 (03) 5735 2500
        Sunshine 3 (03) 8326 8600
        Swan Hill 2 (03) 5036 2000
        Tarneit 1 (03) 5261 1800
        Torquay 2 (03) 5261 1800
        Traralgon 1 (03) 5172 1000
        • Just picked one up in store at Caroline springs. They had a few on the ahelf

    • Your link doesn't work for me - is it this one?
      Showing $134 for me :(

      • Search ozito, it will come up for $67. But there is no stock anywhere.

      • That's the skin only, the whole kit is on sale for half that, www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-250mm-18v-chainsaw-kit_p338116...

        • Link is now dead 😔

          • @Jonski: Hmmm, link doesn't work, however if you go to the Bunnings home page and search for Ozito Chainsaw, it comes up with the $67 one as an option and then takes you to the very same page that is linked above, go figure.

    • Do I need a chainsaw? … Probably not…
      Do I want a chainsaw? Hell yes

  • I have this. Only good for mdf or plasterboard

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      Works fine once you change the blade according to reviews.

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        I have not measured the width of the blade but I did see somewhere that these saws are fitted with thin blades to reduce load on the motors.

        I have cut pine timber up to 4x2 and melamine chipboard plust trimmed the bottom off a door and the stock blade was fine. Just wnt through like slicing butter with a warm knife.

        These are light duty saws though - I would not be using it for heady cutting or for work day in / day out.

        • Thanks for sharing. I bought one and what is hopefully a better blade if needed.

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    Thanks OP. Got one for this DIY project.


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      Probably better off with a drop saw, no?

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        I agree with the drop saw for squarer edges or more accurate angles.

      • Little awkward to balance on a ladder with a dropsaw?

        • lol, isn't it cut to size, then "stuck" to the wall?

          • +3

            @spaij: Oh! I thought the project was to cut all that OFF of the wall.

            To each their own.

      • Yep yep. I agree

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    Thanks. Need a little saw for odd jobs where I don't want to have to drag out the table saw.

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    just saw the ozito chainsaw kit for $67 but there was no stock and think it got taken off the site now

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    Thanks OP, just got one from Marion (SA) store, but only a few left, but had a number of the angle grinders and detail sanders.

  • bought now, think later.

    who know a good deal of compatible batteries….

  • Thanks for bringing to attention, OP. I bought the 18v blower kit for $64.50, seems a good deal

  • How much are batteries?

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      Got to try and find some of these but would be slim pickings now. Or wait until Aldi have them on sale and they price match.
      You'll want a minimum of 4ah batteries for this or the grinder IMO

      • Ozito recommend the "ultra" 5.2ah batteries. But I'm sure the 4ah would work fine.

      • You need an adapter for tha Aldi batteries

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          They were not suggesting using the aldi ones, just waiting for them to have them so Bunnings price match.

          • @Duff5000: The black range of ozito 4Ah batteries are on sale at right now for 48 bucks which is as cheap as the last time Aldi went on sale. Lately they haven't price matched the batteries anyway

  • Qn a bit unrelated before I continue down the pxc path. I bought one of the drills recently and it just seems unreliable. Sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I wondered if I was missing some weird safety feature or if anyone had experienced this with ozito products and maybe it's just a faulty drill?

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      mine work no issue

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        I have several circular saws of various sizes and a range of blades to suit but I picked up one of these for $50 a while back (was the store demo) as it's small, lightweight and I have several batteries at home. I find it is excellent for light jobs. It saves unwinding cords and carting heavy 9.25, 8 or 7.25 inch saws out to do simple cuts of pine timber or lightweight boards.

        It might struggle with big jobs but everything I've used it for has been cut like a piece of cake so far.

    • +4

      If it doesn't work take it back to Bunnings. I saw a bloke a few weeks ago returning what looked like a reasonable well used drill. He said it was not working - I didn't pay enough attention to the problem as the discussion turned to when he bought it…. He said it was a few months back but he lost the receipt. The bunnings guy went and picked up a new one from the shelf and exchanged it there and then with no further questions.

      • Cheers mate. Worth a shot. I actually bought it quite a while back as a spare so only used it for the first time recently. Shame it doesn't work reliably.

    • I had a similar problem with a 2 month old drill which had only be used a few times. They swapped it and the replacement is working fine.

    • Mine has been fine for years. Take it back if its faulty.

  • Just C&C'd my order just now. The CS said she got an influx of orders all of a sudden and was like wtf… Then saw the DISC is 61.9% and goes I see. Power of OzB lol

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    It is possible to cutting pine boards, but go slow. If you push it too hard it'll jam, you just have to back off and try again.

    A larger battery (4.0 Ah) seems to work better.

    Changing the blade gives you a nicer cut.

    Useful for 'hopeless handy husband' like me who just want to play around with woodworking.

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    This is good for only occasional use. And best with the largest Ozito battery and good quality thin kerf blade.
    With the original blade and 4Ah battery it stalls very easy cutting even 4by2. And the cut is quite rough.
    Was frustrating trying to do a small job at home.
    Ripping even thin face boards needed a very gentle touch.

    Can't imagine doing a hardwood deck with this one.

    Funny that good third party blade costs as much as this whole saw 🤔

    • If you're doing a hardwood deck and spending hundreds/thousands on wood, probably shouldn't be looking to skimp on the tools anyway

      • Exactly, but DIY homegamers have no experience and may think this will do.

        • +1

          Did a DIY hardwood deck but didn't actually have much need for my circular saw. Most of the cuts were done with a drop saw. Only used the circular to cut off the end boards and to do one or two rips which went ok with a guide setup.

          • @stuckster: Yeah well ideally you have a drop saw, I barely ever use a circular saw for anything because the drop saw or jigsaw covers most. That said, picked one up today anyway!

            • @pdtmathieson: They are extremely handy when you need em.

              • @stuckster: Already had a corded one, but a corded one isn't that handy, so this will be good. Will be able to take it to mums when I need to do odd jobs there too.

  • I bought a Ozito 18V 5 pcs kit before, the circular saw, angle grinder, detail sander are same model, pretty sure these models can use a 4mAh battery

    • +1

      Detail sander needs smaller 2ah to fit between top and base

      • Thanks for the reminder. This kit comes with two 4Ah batteries. It's been three years since I bought it, and I haven't used the detailed sander until now.

  • +1

    Looks like organisers have drained stock. Just for a message from Bunnings Fairfield that they've run out of stock and had to cancel my order.

  • -2

    Don't bother, batteries don't last, they are generic cells, have had to repack every battery I have, 2 angle grinders burnt out with verry little low impact use

  • Just buy a major brands to ozito battery adaptor
    Solves the having to buy another battery issue

  • +1

    I use worx tools which are very hard wearing but have considered ozito also but the build quality is very thin plastic. Nothing that sells that cheap is going to overly put a smile on your face. But if you use it once a year it will look nice in the shed. My personal opinion is that angle grinders and circular saws require 240v power unless you buy the big boys.

    • Not always the case. I have loved my Ozito tools. Bought the party pack about 3 years ago and haven't looked back. Have used them for all sorts of jobs around the home. Building a spare room/laundry, cutting through rio, steel stirrups and timber beams, built a 20m2 deck with hardwood and 1500 screws, shed bases, roofing projects, you name it. They haven't failed me yet. The portability of the cordless angle grinder has been brilliant for cutting/grinding stuff in situ or up on the roof. The circular saw could use some more power, but it great for light stuff and most pine. Would def recommend a cordless circular saw if you're cutting/ripping hardwood or bigger lumber.

      Worx seems like a decent brand, but Ozito also gives an additional 2 years warranty.

  • 1 Chainsaw kit left at West Ipswich QLD, on the shelf in gardening/power tools.

  • +3

    Bunnings online orders are so frustrating. Buy something like this which is on special, and they have stock, by the time they go to pick the order there is no stock.
    Then it gets cancelled.

    • And while waiting for the pickup message, you could have gone to the shop yourself and picked up the item from the shelf yourself while they still had stock.

      • +1

        No I couldn't as the store isn't close to me.
        I was going to get someone else to pick it up as they go by the area once a week.

        • Sorry, I didn't mean it to read like I was blaming you for not doing that! I meant that this is what can happen with their system where the stock does not seem to get immediately reserved when ordering online. And indeed has happened to myself before.

  • +2

    From someone who has owned this for a while, watch the blade deflection. Very quick way to ruin a nice piece of timber. If you need to cut a straight line, go slow and don't bite off too much too quickly. Use a fixed guide where possible.
    Alternatively opt for a thicker blade such as this https://www.bunnings.com.au/craftright-165mm-24tct-circular-... that won't deviate so much. Puts a little extra stress on the motor but cuts straighter.

  • +1

    Picked up one from Hastings VIC. Looked like another OzBargainer had been there first as the front one was taken.

    Also no stock of the chainsaw there, they were in the process of removing tickets and re-arranging when I got there. Looks like my legs get to stay attached for another few weeks at least.

  • +1

    If anyone in Adelaide wants the $67 chainsaw + 4AH battery there's one left on the shelf at Prospect, and Parafield and Mile End are also showing stock.

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