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$2 for 2 Months nbn Home Internet Plans 50/20, 100/20 or 250/25 (New Customers Only, From $95/Month Thereafter) @ Telstra


One day promo: $2 for 2 months on selected home internet plans. Shows up for NBN 50/20, 100/20, 250/25. Future connection date can be set between 10/05/2022 and 04/06/2022.

250/25 is only available on FTTP and HFC.

Also included:

  • 50,000 Telstra Plus points
  • 3 months BINGE

Telstra Smart Modem 3 included for use with plan.

For new customers. Monthly discount ends early if you change plans. If you leave within 24 months, simply return your modem or pay $200 non-return fee. Plan prices may change.

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        • can confirm connected nbn 27/05 went to offers page and redeemed 12months disney + for free, also 3months Binge offer available

    • Meanwhile ….9 days and still waiting to be connected haha :(

      • i'm now told it'll be another 3-5 days. WTAF

        • I got a text yesterday that the service for my place that I requested for 25th will be transferred on the 23rd instead. Like WHY CAN'T YOU JUST TRANSFER ME ON THE DATES I REQUESTED. it takes minutes to churn fuaark

          • @MeesusEff: they are absolutely hopeless.
            whats odd though, is that even though it says i'm not connected when i log in to telstra, i still have internet, and my "IP Address" is a telstra one.

      • Still waiting to be connected, almost a month after my requested connection date. Telstra are utterly hopeless. Every time I complain I'm told to wait another 24-48 hours. When I raised an official complaint, I was told up to 15 business days to action, and even after calling multiple times, am just told it's been escalated and to wait another 48 hours. Guess I won't be getting my points

        • +1

          Thankfully no issue for me.$2 for 2 months,1 Year of Disney plus and also 50000 points.I had to call and message them on the app a few times but they sorted it out quickly.

          • @techno2000: Same! I hate Telstra but I can’t deny this was the best value churn I’ve ever done.

    • So I've reinstated my existing router in place of the Telstra Smart Modem, ready to send it back to Telstra.

      Only annoying thing is that Telstra portal shows I have a connection issue, and also just received a text from Telstra with a link to "fix" the connection issue. Seems like it doesn't acknowledge that I have a valid connection through a 3rd party router, and thinks my internet is down.

      Other than the first world problem, all good so far!

      • so you have internet access though? What brand is your router i'm intending on using an Asus.

        • +1

          Yeah all good so far…

          Router is just an ASUS RT-AX55 picked up from Amazon when it was reduced to $129.

  • +3

    Just reporting in on my connection. My dodo connection dropped out today, I reset the router and removed the PPPOE setting and now connected to Telstra. Transition was smooth.

    Getting max speeds on my wifi


    Now to call up dodo to cancel my fttp services with them

    Edit: Logged in to my dodo account and it's been automatically cancelled.

    • Did you plug in your modem at all? My orders been sitting on pending for a week because i didnt plug in the modem, just wondering how long it took to switch to active once i plug it in.

      • No i didnt plug the telstra modem in

    • Dodo auto cancelled for me too, how good

  • Does Telstra NBN always connect to uni-D port 1? My current Mate connection is on port 1 and I'm disconnecting them tomorrow. Telstra must use port 2 to enable my connection today.

    • my dodo was on uni-d Port 2 and Telstra used that one aswell and disconnected my dodo

  • My experience (HFC):
    Connection date was today (20/5). Changed over to Telstra supplied modem last night around 11pm, woke up this morning and noticed that the modem was green, with an e-mail sent 6am notifying of active service. I had to leave for work so didn't have a chance to test out till earlier.

    Weird thing is Telstra modem was giving me about 80-90mbps on speedtest, but when I swapped back to my modem I was getting 225mbps.

    • My connection experioence.

      I am also on NBN HFC.

      Got a sms from Superloop at 7 am saying that my connection had been transferred to another provider. I was on 50 Mbps with superloop.
      Still had my usual Netgear R7000 router plugged in.
      Did a speed test and got 273 Mbps and IP confirmed as Telstra.

      Connection status in MyTelstra app still not showing active.Unboxed the Telstra provided router and connected it and did a speed test and got only 155 Mbps.
      Even after 10 minutes of waiting connection status in MyTelstra app still showing pending.

      Have put the Telstra router back in the box and gone back to my rock solid 5 year old Netgear R7000.

      • Inspite of plugging in the telstra provided router for 10 min and using it to access the internet I still got the below sms.

        Hi xxxxx your nbn connection is almost complete, however we're unable to see that your modem is properly connected.

        Please check that your Telstra Smart Modem is connected to your nbn Connection Box. The nbn Connection Box should display solid green lights and the front light of your Telstra Smart Modem should be green. For detailed instructions visit tel.st/hfc-setup If you have any issues, we're available Mon to Fri 9am-9pm and Sat 9am-5pm. Call 1800 931 877 or message us

        • It should be sorted in a couple of hours. You're probably using it's 4G backup Sim till then.

  • Online chat informs me that you get the 50,000 points after two billing cycles. Anyone else heard this? I have a chat log where they said it would be 14 business days but was told “sorry that you were misinformed”.

    • +2

      Nope that's not correct. I already have my 50k points

      • When did you get your points and also when was your service activated?

      • The points were posted automatically or you had to call them to add the points manually? I have not received yet and the service was activated on 06/05.

        • automatically.
          No chasing required.

          I do also have another mobile service with them on the same account.

    • +1

      that's not in the t&c's so dispute it

    • +1

      I went through online chat yesterday. I was lucky to get a really good rep. I previously enquired about it last week and the other CSR asked me to wait a few more days. The CSR I spoke to was willing to acknowledge the problem (already past 14 days) and raised a request for me. She informed that it would be corrected within a week and this afternoon (less than 24 hours later), I saw this in my Telstra Plus.

      25 May 2022 Bonus Points - Fixed Internet Offer +50,000

      Typical Telstra, you need to find the staff that knows things (the right staff). For online chat, there is certainly a lot of luck involved, especially with Telstra. Also, if you don't know the facts, you can easily let some clueless Telstra CSR BS you over.

      Thanks to pepsicles for the info about when he got the service and the points.

  • +1

    20th may, activated 16th may

  • +2

    Connected me on my requested date of 25th, colour me surprised. My parents activated on the 16th but both orders still pending and says I have no active services. Gimme Ma pointsssss

  • +1

    No points yet connected May 10th 🤏

  • +1

    Anyone got a screenshot? Telstra are telling me there wasn't an offer for 50k points :l

  • Got my 50k points this evening. Surprised !

    • How many days after connection date did you get your points?

      • I was also looking for an answer to this.

      • Connected on 19/5, got the points on 25/5

        • No points yet. Reached out to chat support, and they are going to raise it with Telstra plus points department. Hopefully, it will work out.

          • @karma25: Same here, ordered on 5th May for activation 20th May. Still no points so contacted customer service (chat). Received a call earlier this evening and rep said it's a known issue with customers not getting the bonus points. It's been "raised with the team" and hopefully gets resolved by next week and assured me I'll be "bestowed" the 50k points, although couldn't give me a date as to when.

            • +1

              @Craze: I signed up to the NBN on the same day as you, with the same activation date…

              Hopefully my story, if you keep reading down, can instill a some amount of confidence 🤷‍♂️

              • @AnDyStYLe: Thanks for sharing, will give it another week before chasing up again, fingers crossed no need to!

                And you reminded me I have yet to link credit card to Telstra plus market, gotta get onto it!

            • @Craze: I got a call from Telstra Plus and received my 50k points.

  • +2

    Anyone who signed up and haven't received their 50k points after 14 days of connection get on online chat. They should submit a case to check your eligibility and get back to you.

    They didn't ask for a screenshot or anything and got back to me the next day and added the 50k points.


  • I'm fairly sure because I'm using a secondary Telstra account login (two separate people) something has borked and not automatically awarding me points. I spoke with a guy from Telstra Plus last week who manually awarded me the 5000 bonus points for downloading My Telstra. He then said to get in contact this week if after Monday I don't have the 50,000 NBN Signup points or the 2x 10,000 Telstra Plus Market Place bonus points. I did just that and contacted again last night and today received a call from the same dude who had a completely different attitude, telling me to call a TP Market Place Support number, to which I did and they had no idea why I was calling them as they can't allocate points apparently.

    I'm still not out of the 14 days since connecting so found it weird he asked me to call back this week, but the fact none of these 4 offers have popped automatically for one of our accounts and have popped for another makes me a little concerned

  • Signed up to this. Today my service was supposed to be activated. It hasn't been, and they're telling me it won't be for 24-48 hours minimum.

  • Just received a bill for next month…$9.95 delivery fee…because they had to send a second modem after the first one was marked as delivered but was nowhere to be seen. Can I send them a fee when I return the modem? :D

    • similar problem but no delivery fee charged

      • Second charge came on a bill about 2 weeks after the second modem was delivered so look out for that (hopefully they do it right for you and not waste anyones time!)

        • well they better not as I didn't agree to it, I'm having enough issues with them trying to update an expired credit card but I'll keep an eye out for any charge thanks

  • +1

    I just got off the phone with Telstra.

    For those with activation problems please call 1800 931 877

    Appears to be an issue future dated orders.

    I have green at the front and all 4 green at the front but the modem won't work. 4G doesn't even work if the DSL is plugged in.

    • if you have all green lights if you have another modem/router try it, the 4G should work regardless so sounds like something wrong with your telstra modem

      • For me everything works with the Telstra modem as well as using my own router but the MyTelstra app still shows the order as pending and not completed.

        I have been told by activation support that I need to keep the Telstra modem plugged in for at least 24 to 48 hours.

        Lets see.

        • ah ok, likely something nbn co need to sort out

        • My connection was Monday the 16th and I was on Telstra from that day with my own modem. For some reason Telstra didn’t recognise this and only marked my connection as active 10 mins after I plugged their modem in on the Thurs. Honestly wonder how long it could have gone on for with them claiming it wasn’t connected

      • The problem is with Telstra. It took a while but the reason why the modem won't work is because Telstra decided to process two NBN connection on my line. One after another. So the billing system believes I haven't paid so it won't auth my connection.

        The 4g works when I disconnect the DSL line is actually caused by a glitch in Telstra system.

        They reckon its going to take 4 business days to fix.

        • I'm suffering from terrible upload speeds (never had the issue with ABB or Superloop) on a 250plan, I'm lucky if I get above 4mb/s that's speed tested via ethernet into the hfc modem. Their tech help is painful

          • @Irishness: Yes I'm surprised how much results vary depending on time of day. Last night I did a speed test at 10.30pm and it returned 0.61/3.33Mbps and I'm supposedly on a 250 plan (HFC)!

            • @Craze: not just me then, I was getting as low as 0.91Mbps up at 2am this morning that's hfc 250 plan where I've always had uploads speeds with little variation around 20Mbps. Is telstra really this shit, I've rebooted, factory reset and know what I'm doing but no doubt it's a problem with telstra/nbn, connection was perfect last week prior moving to telstra

              [edited] telstra tech support are trying to tell me they don't support upload speeds and it's best effort, I mean seriously……..

  • +5

    Thought I mention that the Disney+ 12 month subscription offer (should see it on the Telstra My Offers page when you sign in) is set to expire end of this month. So don't forget to sign up if you haven't done so already.

    • I'm having issues redeeming it. Clicked on the link at my offers page, see the code that's linked to bigpond e-mail address but when I try to redeem it says it's already been redeemed.

      Haven't had disney + account before, was going to create an account but can't complete sign up as it asks for payment method and didn't wanna get charged without being able to confirm the code works. Any ideas?

      • That's odd does someone else have access to the account?

        What should happen is after you hit redeem it should then take you to the Disney+ signup page where it asks for email, password, payment details etc.

        Also on there you do not need to use your Bigpond email you can use whatever email address that has not been previously used to signup for Disney+. Thereafter you should receive an email confirming the 12 month subscription.

        • Weird, I just tried on my personal laptop and it worked, guess shouldn't have done it with work laptop! All good now used another e-mail address (not the bigpond one) and am paid up till 30/5/2023 :)

    • I tried it before and it didn't work but it worked now! Thanks!

    • Not able to redeem Disney 12 month offer. Getting below error,

      We ran into a problem loading that offer. ERRRDM01

      • Same here :( did you find a fix?

        • No, tried reaching out to chat support. As per them this offer is valid only for accounts Setup before 28th March.

  • Might have been already asked, but if I cancel Telstra at the end of the 2 months, does that also cancel/stop access to Disney? I’ve already cancelled Disney but I can see that it’s mentioned I have that service on my Telstra account.

    • +2

      After you signup the Disney+ subscription is completely seperate so shouldn't be an issue.

    • +1

      no you have 12mths sub

  • switched over today - was expecting some downtime and to have to connect the telstra provided modem to activate but it worked without doing that! checked my IP and it shows telstra.

  • +1

    Mine connected today too. I checked shortly after midnight, and nothing. I checked again an hour later and it was working. I contacted chat about my 50k points, and they said they will get back to me with a case number.

    Speeds are good, 275 on the 250 plan. What I find amusing is that it's over provisioned by 25Mbps, while the 12/1 plan is under provisioned. Some providers barely hitting 8Mbps. To those who have, more shall be given. To those who have not, more shall be taken away.

    Plugging in the modem and using the 4G did not associate the modem with my account, and the order is still pending. I did not plug the modem into the NTD. I also downloaded considerably more than 20GB, closer to 60GB, and the 4G remained at 25/5 speed. Previous attempts at using 4G on a Gen 2 capped the speed after 20GB.

    • Are you going to plug in the modem properly? I might do that because I'm seeing no connection in my account and it's telling me to plug in the modem on 4G which I did when I received it ages ago. I think I better just plug it in and wait for service up, then swap back to my Nest Wifi router/mesh.

      https://www.myservices.telstra.com.au/orders/order-details says:
      Please check your modem setup
      We've activated your nbn service but your modem isn't connected to nbn yet. Please check your modem setup.

      STEP 2 OF 2
      Plug in Modem
      Using 4G backup
      Item:Telstra Smart Modem™

      • NBN working fine on Nest Wifi didn't have to change anything overnight. Just noticed new IP from Origin (AussieBB) NBN HFC.
      • Are you going to plug in the modem properly?


        • I plugged in the modem on 4G and then with the NBN NTD. Now my app is showing 'connected' for step 2 above.
          I switched back to Nest Wifi without problems now and will pack up the Telstra modem. Woohoo 250/25 for $2!

          • +1

            @slankets: Mine is in progress, and while I have paid $1, if the order never completes, the possibility of not paying more exists. Of course they could simply charge me as normal, and begin doing so from today. I'll find out soon.

  • So where's everyone moving to from here?

    • +1

      Good question. I am thinking to go with More by taking CBA offer. Or Exetel.

      • Ditto, might jump to More (CBA)

    • There's Dodo and Aussie doing freebies, as well as various Voda 4/5G carriers. Interestingly, the Telstra 4G backup seems like they have increased the download cap by quite a bit, so using that is an option.

      It's possible new freebies will present themselves in the next two months, and there's always the satisfaction guarantees if you haven't used those yet. There have also been various gift card options advertised here, but I've never tried any of those. Seems like too much effort for me.

    • Probably back to ABB

  • Anyone know the proper process to return the modem so we can end contract before we get charged?
    Some comment said contact will not end before they received the modem not when you disconnect.

    • At least a day before last day, go to any Telstra shop.

  • anyone else only get 1 month instead of 2? i just activated and in the telstra app > payments > mobile/internet > see your discounts, it says 'ends this month' when it should be 2 months? i'm in the first month.

    • I'm getting the same too….

      • +4

        It was taken in advance remember ! $1 was charged in the beginning and then again $1 will be charged before the second month.

        • +1

          You're right techno! Prepay in advance.

  • Be careful if you signed up with a future connection date.

    I signed up on May 5th and set connection date to be June 4th. Now i'm getting a schedule bill for $140 to be paid on July 4th. Contacted Telstra customer support, was told the first month starts when the order is placed, rather than the day NBN service is connected. What a joke

    • No way. Dodgy as hell

    • +1

      Mine seems to have worked ok. Future bill is 1st of July for $1.

    • +2

      That was only for people that signed up through chat. If you signed up through the website normally, then selecting a future date meant you paid $1 for the first month, and a second $1 for the second month.

      I'm sure they'd have a different opinion about how bills are calculated if you asked the TIO to get involved.

      • I signed up via the website no problem and I'm getting the same issue as xiangdao, next payment due is for $140 dollars.

        Made a $1 payment on 5 May 2022, service connected 4 June 2022 and next payment on 4 July showing as $140..

        • Yours sounds slightly different. They didn't pay the initial $1. Definitely chase it up with them. Their website still includes a description of this deal: https://exchange.telstra.com.au/telstra-day-may-2022/

          "For new customers who sign up to fixed broadband plans on a $95 per month and above plan will get the first two months for only $2 and $0 connection fee*."

          "* For new customers. Monthly discount ends early if you change plans. If you leave before 24 months, simply return your modem or pay a $200 non-return fee. Plan prices may change."

        • Did you manage to fix this? My 2nd service is finally "connected" but my next bill is showing $110

          • @MeesusEff: Talked to Telstra via webchat and had to clarify about 4 times that my service was actually connected 1 month after the order was placed, they seemed to not be able to distinguish the difference between order date and connection date in their systems when I was speaking to them, and had to pull in an "order specialist" to figure this out.

            I was informed that they were not able to reflect a change in the next bill amount on the payments section, but had manually input a payment reversal for $139 dollars on the day of billing, meaning that the actual payable amount of $1 on the next billing due date.

            They said that if this didnt work then to just quote the reference on the webchat to customer service and they will try sort things out manually.

            Not extremely confident that the payment reversal will work so I'm bracing myself for a 1 hour call with Telstra in a months time..

            • @jd69xd: Will they charge you the full $140 then credit the $139? I signed up using a $24 visa prepaid card so if they do that for me it won't even go through lol. No way do I trust them with my actual cc now

              • @MeesusEff: Not entirely sure, they told me to turn off Autopay to remove the possibility of this happening but Telstra doesn't let you remove the last card on your account.

                I will hopefully be able to see some real detail when they send me the actual bill before the payment is due, but not holding my breath for any of it.

                Never had problems like this for my postpaid mobile service, they just seem to not be able to make sense of future connection dates even though they offer this service..

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