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$2 for 2 Months nbn Home Internet Plans 50/20, 100/20 or 250/25 (New Customers Only, From $95/Month Thereafter) @ Telstra


One day promo: $2 for 2 months on selected home internet plans. Shows up for NBN 50/20, 100/20, 250/25. Future connection date can be set between 10/05/2022 and 04/06/2022.

250/25 is only available on FTTP and HFC.

Also included:

  • 50,000 Telstra Plus points
  • 3 months BINGE

Telstra Smart Modem 3 included for use with plan.

For new customers. Monthly discount ends early if you change plans. If you leave within 24 months, simply return your modem or pay $200 non-return fee. Plan prices may change.

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          • @MeesusEff: Mine is still not “connected”. Shows pending in app. Service activated on the 30th of May. No points yet. And I am guessing they would have the similar bill waiting for me.

            • +1

              @pramki: It takes about 15-20 days before they finally do. My 1st plan activated on 16th - connected 1st. My 2nd plan activated 25th - connected 15th. Another thing that pisses me off is that my 1st order has totally disappeared from my app so I can't see any details about it at all.

              Still no points though. Prob jump on live chat today to sort all this out. Trust Telstra to make a simple thing so overcomplicated

    • Feck! I'm having the same problem. Going to be charged $140 on July 16th according to my account

    • So my bills were initial for the full price 2nd month. Contacted chat and he said the full amount will be charged and then I can get a refund. Then my 2nd plan charge just changed to $1 randomly and my 1st plan had a charge of $17.48 (for the speed boost even though it's meant to be included in the $1). Contacted chat again and she applied $30 credit to my account for some reason. If I can cash out the credit when I leave (doubtful haha) then I got money for free internet 😂 although the f'n amount of time I spent on live chat…

  • Does TP Link Archer D7 router work with Telstra NBN?

    Do I have to buy their modem?

    How is everyone getting around the new router, when changing NBN deals, I just changed my wifi Sim card modem and had to change everything that connects on wifi and so.many issues getting everything connected up and running as usual again

    • I haven’t opened the Telstra nbn modem. My connection is still running on my old modem.

    • if the D7 was previous working with another ISP then yes it should, you may need to change some settings depending on the ISP.

      The Telstra smart modem is included you just return it if you leave within 24 months or pay $200 if you keep it.

      You do not need to use the ISP's modem/router (some like Belong force you to take it on signup) and most have BYO instructions, it's just a case of whether connection is PPPoE & requires VLAN ID / user name & password or Dynamic / IPOE / DHCP (depending on what your device refers to it as). Telstra, ABB, Superloop and many others are all 'Dynamic / IPOE / DHCP' so switching providers it should just work, might need a reboot but that's it.

      • Sorry for delay

        I've seen in the settings, I can select PPPoE, I didn't know what that was, but I guess as you said, this is VLAN. Required for signing in.
        Good to hear Telstra and ABB and SL are all Dynamic.
        Hoping my D7 will work with these.
        Saves having to buy a router/modem

      • So if I switch from telstra to superloop, can I continue using the telstra smartmodem for connection? I realise the 4g backup won't work. Or are the telstra smart modems locked to only work with telstra nbn?

        • Yes, you can use the Telstra modem with Superloop. The only ones it wouldn't work with are those that use VLAN. The 4G on my Gen 2 still works years later, so that might work too. Although there are limits, and when you use too much, it slows down to almost unusable speeds.

  • I have raised a complaint with Telstra. They did not activate my connection on the date requested.

    When the connnection finally connected they decided to cancel the order the next day without my knowledge and place a new order.

    So they have signed me up on a new plan with differnet terms and conditions.

    I have raised the question if Telstra will honour the promotion if not the modem will be return to them at their cost with a TIO application.

    Telstra should not be signing people up to new orders without first calling them and getting authorisation.

  • +2

    Quick update, after reaching out to Telstra via chat, they resolved the issue and I have 50k points now (order date: 5th may, activation date 20th may). They may ask for screenshot which is available on https://imgbb.com/Bjcg1f8 from above comments. Now where to spend these points?

    • I contacted them on chat again yesterday only to be told that I have an "open case" and the team will get back to me in the next week or so :\

      • Same here - just an open ticket for me

        • They rang me yesterday and said it takes a number of days (15 IIRC)??? to process the points which seems ridiculous.

          They were going to ring back later this week to see if they'd been credited.

          unlikely they'll be credited automagically… some people are getting them fast…

          • @Thiefsie: I missed calls from Telstra plus team yesterday but hit them up on chat again and was told the Telstra plus team will contact me again. Got another call around 8pm, and the rep finally processed the points addition manually (as way pass the 14 business days LT)

            I'm not sure if they're reluctant to just process the points or testing out the system to see if it's patched as the initial conversations with the rep revealed that it's a known issue in the system not processing the points so maybe they're waiting as part of testing.

            • +1

              @Craze: After chasing them earlier this week, finally got a call back today for a manual credit of the $50k and I've now received it.
              Time to churn away.

    • awesome, needed this. thanks

    • How did you show them the screenshot via link? I sent them the link and they said due to security purposes they are not allowed to open any links.

      Their chat doesn't have an attachment option either.

  • So after going through the pages of comments it seems like the general consensus is to cancel by web chat a few days before end of billing month? Instead of relying on the automatic disconnection from churning to another ISP which doesn't seem to stop telstra from issuing a full priced invoice for the next new month?

    • Not in my case. When I churned to another provider, Telstra automatically sent a disconnection email to me as well.

      • Well sounds like you had a smoother experience than this guy here then lol

        • My advice is using those 1-time card for payment, e.g. Zip pay. Card expires after 24 hours so no way they can charge you.

          • +1

            @hawkeye93: They will keep sending you bills, and eventually debt collectors. You're better off just talking to them and discussing it.

            • +1

              @Skylex: Not really, you know these nbn plans are Upfront so pay in advance, not at the end of billing period. So if they can’t get the payment, service will just be disconnected.

              • +1

                @hawkeye93: You'd still need to return the modem. I'm not sure why you think failing the payment method would be the easier choice, but if that works for you, enjoy. I'd prefer to just cancel.

                • @Skylex: I’m talking about not being charged by Telstra when you forget to cancel and churn to another provider. I’ve never had to cancel, just churn. And that one-time payment card trick can be also used for subscription as well. Returning modem? They never ask for that so I just keep it.

                  • @hawkeye93: The last time I was with Telstra was a few years ago. Even after I canceled and was told that I owed nothing more, they kept sending me bills. I ended up opening a TIO dispute, because each time they agreed I owed nothing, they would just send me a new bill. It was eventually sorted out, but it took more than once to do it. Also, churning doesn't work on FTTP by default. You just get activated on the next port.

  • +1

    Telstra chat is a deadset waste of time

    I told them I only got 1 months for $1 when it was meant to be 2 months for $2, they said they will refund me $139 AFTER the $140 was charged. WTF? Chatted to them for 1hr and went no where, I left a red face review 😡, retards!

    • On the bright side, that means you get 1390 free Telstra points! Is your order in progress or complete?

      • Its in Complete

        I also asked about 50,000 telstra points, he said he will pass it on to another team and allocate the points in 3-5 days.

        • Thanks. I don't have my points either. Two chats, and one phone call. They called me.

          • @Skylex: I asked about my points yesterday, and I just got a text saying they credited me 50k.uckily that was quick as the live chat took 15 mins to reply me every single time. A 2 Min convo drawn out over an hour.

            • @MeesusEff: Where abouts in your profile do you see your points?

              This is beyond a joke, what sort of company puts up a promotion then have the customer follow up on every single entitlements.

              • @Homr: When I open the Telstra app it's right under the 'good morning', think it's the same on desktop page. IIRC you have to opt in/join the points thing it's not automatically done on your sign up.

                • @MeesusEff: Yes, you have to join Telstra Plus to get any points. You can see your points when you login through the website or app.

                  Did you get your 10k points for adding a card? Do you have any points? Did you join Telstra Plus? You'd at least have the 10 points for paying the initial $1.

                  • @Skylex: I got 10000 points for opening the gift box but I didn't get the one for adding a card.

                    • @MeesusEff: You still have ten days if you want to do it. Costs nothing. In my case, I already had a card linked anyway, so it didn't change anything. https://plus.telstra.com.au/benefits/market https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/699323

                      • @Skylex: I meant I did link a card but it didn't give me any points for it, thought it was targeted

                        Edit : my bad I did get 10k points for the card, and got 1000 from the box instead

                      • @Skylex: Did you end up getting your points? Im on live chat again with another agent who's WAY better than the first one, actually responds within 1-5 minutes. He actually said he'll raise a dispute and get me my other 50k points in 4-5 days. Gonna be stocking up on tapo plugs lol.

    • Got the same response.

  • Don't waste your time with Telstra. I ended up porting away from Telstra since they cancel my orginal plan and signed me up for a new plan without my express permission.

    They said because they signed me up for a new plan I was not entitled to the $1 for 2 months and 50,000 points. Also I had to pay a activation fee and also an early termination and modem fee if I left.

    After about 3 weeks worth of back and forward they agreed to credit me 2 months credit the activiation fee and also waive the activation fee. But would not waive the early termination fee and the modem fee. So yesterday I cancel my plan with Telstra and ported away from them. Took 3 hours of chat online with Telstra and 3 people to get a result.

    For those who intend to use the Telstra satisfaction guarantee. A condition of the Telstra satisfaction gurantee is you can not port away from them without giving then a chance to fix the problem. It really isn't worth the effort since all they will do is ask you to give them a chance and refuse to cancel your plan. This is a strategy for them to extend the period to longer than 30 days. FYI I lodged 2 complaint before requesting the Telstra satisfaction gurantee and really the first two people you speak two can not cancel your plan. The second person even insist on charging me an early termination fee.

    Only after I threaten to take Telstra to TIO for bait and switch strategy did they agree to cancel the plan and pay for postage for the modem.

    It's very important to read your critical summary and screenshots of any promotion offered by Telstra. The critical summary I recieved via email is completely differnet to the critical summary on their website and Telstra claims the critical summary you recieve via email is the terms and conditions you agree too. If they do not match make sure you raise this online and print out a copy of the conversation.

    • +1

      i wonder if you cancel based on their customer service of the nbn, not the actual nbn itself. they fked up my dates, now my 2nd month is showing full price, havent got my points. f'n waste of time, i used a prepaid card as well so no doubt the 2nd payment wont go through. Chat also said that the points should be credited 14 days from ORDER date, so when i said it was way overdue, they raised a ticket. also told me my 2nd service wasnt eligible for 50k points, even though the guy confirmed i would when i did it instore. most useless company.

      • I cancel for both reasons. The Telstra modem kept disconnecting my equipment (both wifi and cable) and customer service was a joke.

        I tell everyone. There is no point in getting a promotion if you do not actually get it. If they are doing a bad job and are doing nothing about, why would you stay with them. Cut you lose and move on.

        In the online web or app. Put in the words complaint and have the matter raised to a complaint manager. This person should have a 1800 834 273 number and a 4 digit code. If they do not have this there not a complaint manager.

        If you signed up for this promotion you shouldn't get charged an early termination fee nor a modem fee provided you return the equipment to a Telstra shop.

        • What NBN are you going to now?

          I am looking for my guest NBN sign up/connection and it's all a bit of a minefield tbh.

          Apparently I can only get 50/20 FTTN according to the online checker

  • Can someone please confirm how this works?

    So I placed my order 5th May, for future connection date to be 2nd June. Paid $1 on the order date 5th May.

    So June 2nd I got connected.

    Next payment date is on 2nd July, for $1.

    So my question is: are they charging for the month after (following month), rather than the previous month?

    And if so, I should cancel by 1st August, to get my 2 months, right???

    • +1

      They charge you in advance champ so May 5th charge should be for the first month and the July 2nd charge for the second month. The bill for the third month should show up afterwards with full pricing so cancel and return modem before that date and you should be good.

      • +1

        Legend, thanks so much mate @dins

        • +1

          No worries buddy have a good one! 🍻

    • +1

      They are Upfront plans, not postpaid anymore.

      • Yeah, all new to me so not used to it

  • +3

    lol only telstra could have a promo to basically give away free internet and screw it up so badly they send the brand backwards

  • Ok so two months is a very short time, already ticked into my second. For those that signed up and activated the service earlier in the piece, how have you approached churning away and sending Telstra back their Smart Modem? Keen to get your thoughts please 😃

    • +1

      I delayed mine, and I'm still kind of hoping that since I have no "active" services, they just won't charge me. Assuming that doesn't happen though, I would ask chat to cancel on the last day my $1 gets me, and ask them what they want me to do about returning the modem.

      • How do you go about the next NBN service?
        Do you have to buy another router?

        • +2

          Just order a new service to begin when the old one ends. Aussie, Dodo and Origin are all offering free months right now if you're wondering who to choose.

          No, any router is fine. In my case, on FTTP, I don't even use a router, just an ethernet cable from the NTD to PC.

          • @Skylex: Apparently I have FTTN at 50/20 according to Telstra website

            I do have an old Archer D7 Router, hopefully that'll work

            It's so confusing, maybe I meant Modem. Do I have to keep changing modems?

            • @Spending2Much: People use the terms interchangeably. If your router/modem works with Telstra, then it will work with most other providers. I'm basing my FTTN knowledge on this: https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/0... The only difference is that you use the DSL port, while with FTTP/FW you use the WAN port, which is why no router is needed for those.

              Some ISPs use PPPoE, where you enter a username and password to connect. Most routers will support this. A very small number of ISPs use VLAN, which is not supported by many routers, in which case, yes, you would need one that supports VLAN. The latest version of the D7 firmware does support VLAN, so if you're happy with it, there is no reason to change it at all.

              Pretty sure HFC is the only type that uses a "modem" in which case it's a black Arris modem with NBN printed on it.

              • @Skylex: Thankyou

                I was given this TP Link Archer D7 when it was normal Telstra, before NBN. (ADSL??)

                Maybe 2016??

                This will be my first NBN connection. I've been using mobile hotspot since, but I now need a fixed home internet again

    • +2

      I've just started my second month today also, was charged $1 for second bill. Will most likely be checking in here for deals, probably back to SL as have used up free month with Dodo and ABB most recently.

      Will be dropping off the Telstra modem back in store probably 2 days before the end date.

  • Has anyone got the points without having to speak to a telstra rep?

    • +2

      yes and no

      called up about 50k points, they gave it to me,
      called up about 5k points for downloading app, they gave me 50k
      automatically gave me 50k points a month later

      free 150k lol

  • Enquired about my future bills as i have 2 services but can only see future payments on 1 which is charging me the full rate for the 2nd month. Rep said that the deal was only for 1 month @ $1 , which i said no, it was for 2. He then went and confirmed yes it was 2, i will be charged full rates for my next bills and they will credit me a refund. Saved the transcript incase any issues occur. Man, next time a Telstra deal comes on ill give it a far miss.

    • Just ridiculous. They still can’t figure out why my service is not activated in the system. I have been using for nearly a month. No points yet.

      • i'm in the same boat. lodged a tio complaint.

        now i have a complaint manager who rings me every couple of days to tell me it will be fixed "any day now". beats trying to deal with chat i guess?

        • Oh wow I thought I was the only one. I've almost 2 months and still no service but I've been using it. The complaints officer has no idea and keeps just telling me it has been escalated and it'll take 48 hours.they tell me this every few days for a month now

          • +1

            @spa: finally got all the points and a “connected” service as of this week

            • @ObnoxiousaAndRude: are you last your 2 months yet? I was told I wouldn't be charged until my service has become connected. At the moment I've only been charged $1 at initial sign up. Almost at the end of my 2 months and haven't had another charge. Weighing up now where I trust I won't be charged or just move and not get the points.

              • +1

                @spa: i signed up for 1 month @$1 and yeah 30 days didn’t start until it was shown as connected so i’m getting close to 3 months got $1

  • +1

    Did anyone keep a screenshot by any chance of the offer? Telstra chat playing dumb and not honouring the 50k points

    • +2
      • Many thanks! Was successful in having my claim escalated, similar r to comments above which I didn’t read until after I posted this request.

  • +1

    Anyone thinking of just keeping the Telstra Gen 3 modem? It's working well for me and an improvement over my previous really old modem, so tempted to just take the $200 hit. Unless there's an obvious modem/router alternative for less than $200?

    • No, but I did get someone to use the 30 day satisfaction guarantee at a different address that was happy to let me keep it.

    • you could pick one up used for much less than $200

      • You'd be surprised what the Gen 3 is going for on eBay. Not like the Gen 2s where there are so many of them, and Telstra kept handing them out like candy.

      • Can't find one for less than $150 sadly. Might just take the hit to avoid bothering with a network that's working very well.

  • They randomly decided to "activate" my order today. I haven't used the modem, but my order is now complete. They of course also tried to charge me $140 for the "second" month, but have agreed to refund $139 after the $140 is taken.

    Still working on the 50k points. They actually gave me a case number about the points this time, unlike last time where they said they would and never did.

    Kind of a hassle dealing with Telstra, as always, but still worth it considering it was $2, and assuming I also get the points eventually.

    • I got the 50k points just now too. Now, what to spend them on? Hopefully the refund goes just as smoothly.

      • at first my 2nd servie (cant see the next payment on my first service at all -.-) was showing $110 next payment, and they said theyll refund me. but i randomly logged in today and see that its changed to $1. So odd. Hopefully the first service will be for $1 as well as i just used a $22 prepaid card lol. They did credit both my points quite promptly after my chat so I guess i just got lucky with who i got seeing all the other comments.

        • Chat guy said he wanted to change it to $1, which makes the most sense, but after bumping it up the chain, they said they'd refund instead. Either way. I guess we get more points if we pay then refund?

          • +1

            @Skylex: If they refund on the payment you made then the points will be taken back.

  • Yeah Telstra is a joke, I'm still trying to get my 50k points. Lucky someone took a screenshot of it. They wouldn't raise a request without it. I have had to do it 3 times now.

    The internet is also crap. Such a PIA to return the modem to cancel.

    • How did you show telstra the screenshot. I sent them the link on the chat and they said they aren't allowed to open links

      • +2

        In the My Telstra app there's a paperclip icon on the bottom left where you can upload from gallery or take a photo.

        • oh so it only works on telstra app, I was using the browser chat

          • +1

            @Homr: Worked on Chrome for me. I sent them both a link and a screenshot.

  • +4

    Has anyone returned the Modem. Please share return process.

    • +3

      Would be curious as well. Others above said they didn't have to return their modem so not sure

      • Was simply gonna drop it off next weekend at their store in the nearby shopping centre, or are they not responsible for this sort of thing / you need an appointment? Would definitely be a pain to have to somehow try to ship it back.

        • make an appointment or youre gonna have to wait. I waited for 30mins to fix something simple. I was already otherwise I would have left

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