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$1 for 1 Month nbn Home Internet Plans 100/20 or 250/25 (New Customers Only, $110 or $140 Per Month Thereafter) @ Telstra


$1 for 1 month on selected home internet plans. Shows up for NBN 100/20, 250/25. Future connection date can be set between 10/05/2022 and 05/06/2022. I believe it advances an additional day so it's always a fixed length from the current date.

Not as lucrative as the two month deal for $2 available for one day which it replaces.

250/25 is only available on FTTP and HFC.

Also included:

  • 50,000 Telstra Plus points (bonus point deal expires 12th May 2022)
  • 3 months BINGE
  • 2 months device protect

Telstra Smart Modem 3 included for use with plan.

For new customers. Monthly discount ends early if you change plans. If you leave within 24 months, simply return your modem or pay $200 non-return fee. Plan prices may change.

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  • Hmm I just had a look at my contact I did in store, it says I have to pay out for the $216 modem, nothing about returning it. Will be pretty crappy if it's different to what it says online

  • Actually it's a bit confusing but

    From the NBN Faq:

    • Are there Early Termination Charges on the new Upfront Internet Plans?

    No, there are no Early Termination Charges if you cancel our pIan. If you leave within 24 months, simply return our modem for a $200 non-return fee.

    • -1

      Is this for the “upfront plans”

      Seems there’s two different class of plans
      The months on the “upfront”, can return the modem.

      While the “regular” is only 1 month. And it seems you’re tied in for the modem regardless.

  • NBN Plan $42.00 cashback via shopback i wonder if they will pay up if you just stay for a month? Does telstra do credit checks for existing customers on a plan every time you sign up for additional service?

  • +3

    3 hours on chat last night trying to get them to connect me before they started asking for my life history and i cracked the shits gave up and went to bed

    taking a second stab at it this morning

    • +5

      10 hours for me on chat yesterday. They reckon they don’t derive my area and I might be eligible for ADSL2+
      Nbn search tool/map can find my address.
      4 other providers have connected me.
      I’m CURRENTLY connected to NBN
      I have an NBN box at the house.

      They have no idea.

      • +1

        up to 5 hours so far this morning. when they asked me

        Are there any recent changes to your employment information?

        i nearly replied “yeah i got fired for spending so much time chatting to you”

      • Was that Tom (Mr Telstra) on the other end of the line ???

    • Took me about 3.5 hours on Live Chat although I already had a Telstra ID set up. Also, I was able to stop after an hour or so, take a reference number, and start another situation and pick up where I left off.

  • I have Belong and pretty happy. Will i notice differences since they are both TLS? I like the idea of 4 G back up.

    • Friend in the area discovered that the 4g backup has a day limit and I think after 3 days it reverted to dialup modem speed. Telstra online nor local store could help, as its a policy apparently. Cutover to AussieBB that same day and had access back , so whatever Telstra was doing or not doing on the local HFC network made no sense.

      • +1

        Definitely no time limit. I have used it for more than a week. There is a data limit. In my experience, it's 20GB, then 25/5 becomes 0.1 speed.

        It's been reset twice. Once when they changed from 6/1 to 25/2 and again when they changed the speed from 25/2 to 25/5. I have barely used it ever since and it is still going at 25/5.

  • Just cancelled a couple of days ago. If I sign up again, am I eligible?

    • +1

      Can you tell us the process of returning the modem / cancelling connection before we get charged?
      Some people mentioned contract only end when they received the modem not when you dropped the connection

      • +1

        just cancel via chat then take modem to a telstra shop give them your account no. and ask for a ref no. jump on chat and quote ref no. to prove return and ask for the $199 refund to be processed back.

        • Can we cancel first and then take the modem back within the next few days?

      • i have been with them for 4 years( before nbn), no need to return modem.

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    Telstra is the worst of the worst. They trick customers with incorrect mobile coverage information on their website. If you have a dispute, they encourage you to go to TIO. TIO can't do much about coverage issues. So, you end up with a mark on your credit file and a 3 to 4 months of bad reception. Won't recommend even if it is free.

    • What area is that? My experience has decent with at least 3+ bars of 5G anywhere I go. (around Adelaide)
      Only time I get no signal is when I go hiking in the hills, even then though, most of the time I do get some sort of reception.

      • +1

        Its 35 km from Sydney central (South west). I got on with them after checking the coverage. It showed both 4g and 5g outdoor and indoor. I see one bar of 5g constantly however the internet speed is 0.70 Mbps. I stop 5g and it comes to 3g and not even 4g. The 3g is even worse. It’s the same in the whole suburb. The suburb is 2.5 years old with a large population.

        • That's pretty poor on Telstra's end then.
          You'd think they would have heaps of people complaining about it, or at least their own insight on an area of people receiving poor service.
          A company of that size should be all over it.

  • +1

    No 100/40 plan is booooo

    • +1

      Why not take the 250/25 then downgrade after the honeymoon month?

      • +1

        250/25 isn't available with FTTN connections. 100/40 is the max, which Telstra have decided not to provide…

        • Thanks for explaining. I have HFC and want aware there are limitations depending on connection type!

    • I'm with Mate 100/40 - $89 per month… never had a problem over the past 3 years…Only tried to call support once & was connected in a few minutes

  • in a texas voice Y'all paying $110+ for internet ?!

  • As an existing customer (not on contract), can I simply cancel and sign back up immediately to get the $1 month and free smart modem 3? Any conditions I am not aware of?

  • future earliest date is from 15/05……

  • Also applies to Gigabit but $180/m after the first month? It's no wonder they're getting desperate.

  • Been with Telstra a little over 6 months now. First couple months latency was pretty stable, great for gaming but over the last month or two I've started monitoring my connection more closely and I've been seeing some jitter at times and random spikes throughout the daytime. Knowing Telstra it wouldn't surprise me if I had some sort of priority connection early on and after some positive feedback and seeing me sticking around they've removed me haha

  • Don't really understand the need for credit check, if Telstra can somehow see this comment, please review the process.

  • Tried to sign up but got this message from chat: "The upfront internet plan is not available at your address as there's an existing internet service at the same address". Seems like this plan is only for "new customers" who don't have a service at all at the moment. They were able to offer similar plan but without the 50k points and will have to use the modem and pay out for it if not stay for 24 month. Had to gave up.

    Edit: Another rep from chat was able to set me up with this plan with all the offers and modem but can't have a future activation date: "you must need to place the order within the week of when you want to have the service to be activated".

    • Clever! It's good Telstra is responding to market forces. It's bad for Ozbargain though.

      It means that you have to co-ordinate and risk more downtime which makes it uneconomical for free loaders to use.

  • +1

    Does anyone have a screenshot of the promo that shows 50k points on signup?

    • +1

      When did you sign up? Offer ended 12th May as per description.

      • I signed up on the 11th of May and asked if I will receive the bonus 50000 Telstra points & they said yes within 14 days, have not received it yet so I contact them and they are acting like the deal never existed and I didn't screenshot it and their asking for proof 🙄

    • Are they trying to cheat you out of the points as well because you don't have a screenshot for proof?

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