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50% off Ozito PXC 18V Workshop Blower (Skin Only) $26.98 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Looks like Bunnings is having a large Ozito sale !!!
I saw this small blower that is reduced 50% but there are also other deals…

https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-jigsaw-skin-only_p... - Jigsaw $32.50
https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-240v-hybrid-inflat... - Inflator $49.50

Have a look and check them out !

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    2019 bought it for $39.98

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      In 2019 I weighed 20kg less.. what's your point?

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        Price has nothing to do with your over eating. What's your point?

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    Sorry "robjan02" looks like your post is a dup.

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      If that is even your real name

  • Surprised it hasn't sold out like pretty much everything else

  • Would these have enough power to clean out a computer properly, rather than using canned air.
    Was thinking of gettig this, but it's so damn expensive:

    • Haven't tried but the ryobi version would definitely be

      • I used to Ryobi one to clean out 2 computers and it worked REALLY well.
        If this is as strong as that one, then it should work great.

    • Easily…

    • I use it to blow away dusts from computer, it is OK better use it with a brush.

      Not very strong enough like the metal one I have before.

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      Get an air tank with a schrader valve and charge it up at the petrol station for free. Finish him! - FRUGALITY

      • not only I learned something, I got a chuckle as well +

    • I haven't tried it but you might get better results with this as it's a smaller size. https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-cordless-high-volu...

      • The Workshop blower has 78Km/H air speed, I very much doubt the High Volume Inflator would be as powerful especially looking at the size.

    • Depends on what type of cleaning. I have one and it is is fine to blow dust out however as the nozzle is wide(ish) 3.5cm with the air hole being 2.5cm. It can't focus into nooks and crannies nor can one give a quick sharp blasts as it takes time to spin up if that makes sense. It is however a very handy blower nonetheless and for most PC cleaning would be fine. The small attachment nozzles are of no use as air is focused out the sides.

      • It looks like it would be pretty easy to cut the ends off of those nozzles if you don’t need them for other things.

    • Yes for sure.

      I have this and it's great. It comes with nozzle attachments that you could use to focus the air on your computer

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    Nothing like 50% off a cheap blowie

  • Is this variable speed?

    • No

  • Mod: Not a duplicate as item is not mentioned in the title of the original post. See duplicate guidelines.

    Lol, wow. It's listed in the deal description.

    Good work mod!

    • Not listed in title of original. Duplicate guidelines were created through multiple long discussions with the community.

      e.g. The weekly supermarket deals:

      e.g. Coles ½ Price, Multix mentioned in the very long list of deals, then posted as a separate deal.

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        So why don't we have separate threads for every item in the grocery deals? This is the future of ozb.
        It is a duplicate regardless of the exact rules

        • So why don't we have separate threads for every item in the grocery deals? This is the future of ozb.

          We do, as above for the last 10 years or so. Technically this is the past of ozb.

          • +2

            @neil: Perhaps some things are better off left in the past!

            • @magic8ballgag: Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat duplicate it.

        • Only one OP posted another separate item as part of the ozito bunnings sale, no other has yet posted more deals. This is more of a guideline than hard and fast rules.

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    I love this little blower. I take it camping to blow up mattresses and blow the crap out of the tent periodically. A 2.5ah battery runs it for ages. Not variable speed. Great value.

    • Does it come with air mattress attachment?

      • Yes.

        I used it when I went camping. Works well.

        • Did you use it to blow up a mattress?

          I'm curious to know how long this takes and whether I'd be better off getting the hybrid inflator

          • @ReverseKanga: Yes I did. Takes seconds. I used it for 3 single mattress. Did all in maybe 2 minutes or less

    • How long does it take to blow up an air mattress?

      Trying to decide if it's worth the investment for me (I'll need to get the battery/other tools to make it worth it)

  • These good enough to blow leaves and grass cuttings off a footpath

    • You'd be better off with the blower kit that's also on sale or the jet blower but they're expensive. These are short, so you'd likely be bending over close to the ground

    • Depends how many leaves you have. I use it to blow out dust and leaves that get into my garage .

      I have the big 2x18v blower mulcher too, but the little shop blower is much more convenient because it's so light.

      This one is worth getting.

      I say that as I've owned every ozito pcx blower except for the latest transforming blower vac.
      I sold the jet blower, and the leaf blower but I kept this shop blower and the brushless blower mulcher

      • How good is the 2 x 18v Jet blower? Want something with more grunt but can't justify the price yet

        • I got that skin for something like $25 on clearance - looks slightly different to the current model

          I'd be disappointed having paid RRP of $149; the smaller blower does about 70% of the effort for a lot less, and the workshop blower above maybe 50% for a heap less.

          Workshop one is my go-to since it's smaller and faster - big one needs me to find it two batteries plus earmuffs (absurdly loud) AND drag it off the top of the cupboard in the only space I can store it.

          Maybe get 2x workshop blowers for dual-wielding!!

        • Jet blower is very powerful,similar power to the corded 240v one I had.

          But it's heavy with two batteries so you need to use the shoulder strap.

          Jet blower is significantly more powerful than the 2x18v blower mulcher. Both are brushless.

      • Thanks fellas, seen a gardening guy use one and it was quite effective.

    • +1

      Yes, but the short nozzle means you have to bend over a bit. If that's your primary task, I'd get the blower kit

  • I was in there today to grab another bargain.

    Today is the last day for these prices, so if you want anything, today is your last chance at these prices.

  • saw this yesterday at this price in Tewantin (QLD) - near Noosa

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