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ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum: Bonus 70,000 Qantas Points ($2,500 Spend in 3 Months), $0 Annual Fee First Year (Save $295)


5k increase in point as per previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/339210

To qualify for bonus points need to spend $2,500 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months.

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    Be prepared for a potentially strenuous application process. ANZ has been by far the worst bank for me

    • +7

      Strange, every time i've applied through them it's been seamless.
      I did have one time when they gave me the run around before automatically approving.

      I have had an account with them though for most of my life.

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      I got myself the anz black rewards last yr and it was pretty easy for me

      • This. Was very easy. Years ago when I got my first ever product with them it was very bad though. But that was like 6 years ago now.

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      Just signed up to a savings account the other day to get the Black FF card with the customer bonus, needed to upload 3 months of payslips which is a bit much I thought yes, but was approved without issue one day later.

      Westpac on the other hand approved me for a CC last year and never sent it, claiming some sort of account lock before I even spent a dollar on it, and then wanted MORE documentation to unlock it even after I was ostensibly approved with the CC account showing online. Gave up on that and had to fight for weeks just to cancel the damn thing.

      • I am the opposite (or I am just unlucky). I have held Westpac/Suncorp/Amex CC in the past and the application was easy. I have closed those CCs (only have one AMEX) and now I am looking for a new CC. Applied ANZ twice (the first was last year), supplied all documentation, excellent score on Equifax, and met the income requirement but were rejected on both occasions. Maybe they can smell it that I am only after the ff points…

    • +6

      Was seamless for me too. I've been treated worse by St George, BoM and Westpac.

      • Bank of Melbourne/St George are atrocious. Application process is smooth, but collecting and activating the card took me 3 weeks before I had enough and cancelled.

      • Same experience here.
        St George by far the worst. They questions every single entry in my credit check, while other banks doesn't even bat an eyelid.

        • Totally agree! St George knocked back my $6k application. After 2 weeks of looking at so many documents (pay slips, bank statements, etc), they approved $2k. Withdrew application and went for ANZ Black and got $15k approved in less than 5 days.

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      for sure. their credit card application process is horrific. an untrained, offshore team calling after hours asking for all kinds of personal information to process an application - I withdrew the application rather than dealing with that any further.

      • +2

        I also did the same because they were digging so much into your personal info for a simple CC application.

      • Anytime you call them ask them for a reference number.

        I called to ask a question and there like what is your name and we get back to you.

        Never asked phone number or anything. However, once I asked for a reference they asked me for my ANZ number plus mobile number and etc.

        5 minutes later everything was sorted out.

        If you don't ask for a reference I doubt they will even call you back because they don't have your details.

    • +1

      ANZ is good application for me over the last couple years, done 3+ easy peasy.

      St George was the worst, demanding 3 months of full unredacted bank statements after I already provided payslips + employment verification + bank extracts showing income.

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      Please upload

      Parental Leave Letter from Employer stating dates of leave, taken, annual salary & employment type on employer letter head.
      Latest Mortgage statement from bank.
      Discharge letter from bank.
      Latest payslips.

      on website it only said payslips and work contract. 3 assessor came to me asking all these details. you're right about strenuous

      • +2

        Discharge letter is stupid cos it should all be automatic on your credit file if you close a card. Unless it's been less than a month or so

        Yeah it's a total pain in the arse with ANZ and not for the faint of heart. Persist and you'll get there mate, when they rejected me when they initially gave me conditional approval - I was like f*** them they're not getting away with this!

  • +3

    Smooth process. Got my card within 10 days after applying. It’s just that they ask for 6 months payslips if your a casual and 3 month payslips if permanent.

  • I hold an ANZ card with my wife as a supplementary holder. Could she apply for this?

    • +1

      Yes because she's not primary.

      • -1

        Are you 100% sure on this? I'm in same boat and cbf doing the application process if it's not and I can't find it in the ts and cs

        • +1

          As long as they have not been a primary card holder, of the same card family (frequent flyer in this case) in the past 12 months.

  • why arent any of the other banks offering any good deals, its always ANZ

    • +7

      Because ANZ doesn't actually approve anyone, or most just give up trying to apply.

      • +1

        Must be just you. I've never had an issue with their Platinum cards.

        • +1

          Many documented issues.

          • @Tony-Abbott: Not a problem if PAYG only, good credit score, reasonable credit limits, relevant income.

            • +1

              @Coops1: If you like providing the same payslips over and over only to get a letter claiming they’re closing the application because they haven’t received what had repeatedly been provided. Their credit assessment team are a particular kind of stupid.

              • @kipps: Have been the process about 12 times over the years. Upload docs before they even ask for them, and if they say they can’t see them, email them while on the phone and get them to retrieve them while on the phone, yes they can do that!

                One proactive phone call solves most simple issues. As I said if you add anything else into your assets like share, interest and rental income some are stuffed before they start

                • @Coops1: This all makes sense but what I find challenging is when you talk to their call centre overseas. They don't seem to understand basic things like salary sacrificing for super and the like and don't seem to have the ability to properly assess an application using common sense.

                  • @dinglejerry: They probably should have a basic understanding, but if you think about it, salary sacrificing for super means it shouldn’t be counted as available “nett pay”, as they are trying to assess the percentage of debt/limits that needs to be serviced against what goes into the bank. Super doesn’t go back into your bank.

                    I have a similar issue with my partner, and need to show the sacrificed amount (before nett) going back into the account a few days after the normal pay.

                    • @Coops1: My point is that they simply don't have the awareness and knowledge to be able to assess an application effectively even if it's slightly outside of normal parameters.

                      There's also a difference between a one-off salary sacrifice vs a regular salary sacrifice but they just don't get it. Out of all the banks ANZ is the only one I've ever found it difficult to organise a card with, and it's a fairly common (though not exclusively so) experience.

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    ensure if applying for an offer, you don’t currently hold and haven’t opened or closed an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or an ANZ Frequent Flyer credit card in the last 12 months

    • How about ANZ rewards? Do I qualify if I had an ANZ rewards card within the last 12 months?

      • +6

        After being transferred 3 times on the phone I can confirm that having any ANZ rewards cards does not impact the eligibility for this card.

  • +5

    The linked site says 70,000 QFF points, not 75,000…

    • +2

      true i see only 70,000 QFF points too

      • +1

        maybe OP got confused and decided to add another 5K on top. previous offer 65K.

    • +1

      The linked previuous deal was 65k points so I think the 75k was a typo, meant to be 70k

  • Duplicate: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/657046

    And there’s much better deal for the same card: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/694444. I just checked ANZ internet banking, this deal is still active.

    • Essentially it’s 35k extra points for $95.

      • 1 qantas point = 1.8 cents according to pointhacks, so I think it’s worth it.

        And it’s actually 40k difference. The title was not correct.

    • 5k more points than the dupe. I also like the idea of no annual fee vs $95 fee so will probably go for this one instead of the other one, even if the higher points is better than $95. Also I'm not an existing customer, though I should probably open a transaction account so I can use those deals in the future

      Edit: My bad on the 5k points, I think OP got it wrong?

      • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11936510/redir

        The black card deal is also still active if you’re interested.

        • That's a good one but I'm afraid I'll get knocked back by the higher income requirement. I need a card for an upcoming vehicle hire for the excess insurance so I definitely want to be approved haha

    • But you need to be a customer.

  • What's minimum yearly income to get this?

    • The website doesn't state anymore for any ANZ Credit Card.

      But previously the black card require at least $75,000 but may have gone up now.

    • +1

      Plat cards IIRC is quite low at $35k per annum I think?

      • Thanks I was thinking the minimum credit limit is $6000 and normal is $15000 with 75k income year.

        So should be around $35000. My wife only works 2 days a week so I might be able to get her on as I have anz black card.

  • keen on a good ANZ Rewards deal.. had the flyer fairly recently ;/

  • +4

    Pass. 70k isn't enough to lure me - I value my sanity to have to go through the ringer with ANZ again. I may reconsider the Black card though ….

  • -1

    I guess at least 18 months since your last ANZ credit card to qualify as a new customer?

    • Someone else in the thread said 12. But not sure.

  • does any1 know when is the last day to apply this?….cant seem to find it

  • Straight up declined after applying for this. I'm self employed earning 6 figures and a mortgage on home. I've never had issues with other credit cards. That's the last time I'll try for an ANZ CC.

    • Do you have any other existing credit cards or leases?

      • I currently have an Amex card which I applied for a month or so ago.
        Also have an investment property which could be a factor.

        • Yeah so you have a bunch of other stuff that obviously has a determent to your borrowing power. So perhaps it isn't the bank?

          • @serpserpserp: I've never had issues churning with NAB, Westpac and Amex with the same asset and have always had issues getting accepted by ANZ. I personally feel it's extra difficult for sole traders to be approved.

            • @Killua27:

              I personally feel it's extra difficult for sole traders to be approved.

              This is true of any bank I reckon

    • I applied for the black card and got rejected after multiple calls and documents requested :( First rejection ever (with any bank) so unsure if banks are scrutinising more in general or ANZ just being really difficult (churned 2 cards with them in the past).

      Wondering if I should go for this or is it too quick to be re-applying again? Is it possible to ask for my application to be changed to the platinum instead (but already received rejection e-mail).

  • -1

    Never volunteer personal and financial infomation to bank’s “offshore” partners. This is potential ID suicide. Be prepared for your info to end up on the black market for $1. Good luck trying to track down the offender in a country of 2 billion people.

    • not a billionaire yet… the perks is pretty much worth it for now

  • When do points get credited? Shortly after minimum spend or when statement generated?

  • Application process doesnt go through. After entering the expenses (Page 7), it goes for a never ending loop saying "Saving your profile". Tried both FF and Chrome

    • Ugh, so it turned out I had to disable adblocker

  • Approved today after application sunday. Just the initial income/expense details, my payslips and online id verification with licence / medicare needed. No voice comms (missed a few calls, but think they were just reminders to give income verification that I had already done).
    So for me, was as straightforward as you could expect.

  • Just a question - is it possible to add this card to google pay if you are approved, before you get the physical card in the mail? Has anyone done this? I have done this with other banks but the card details are still sent to me electronically so I can activate via Google Pay, but doesn't look like ANZ do this.

    • Not with ANZ.

      Besides the neo banks, Westpac and Bankwest that allowed you to add to Gpay before physical card arrived, I'm not aware any other banks do that.

  • ANZ no longer offering annual fee waiver. Deal expired

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