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Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G 128GB $549 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Harvey Norman


Samsung Galaxy A52s 5g $100 off at Harvey Norman. 128Gb model in black Sold out or violet color.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Picked this up for $529 last week and know they have been cheaper. It's a great phone, so good to have a headphone jack again. And the 120Hz OLED screen kills my old iPhone 12 mini.

    Went for this silicone case which is pretty similar the the Apple silicone case I was using only a whole lot cheaper LOL.

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    Also $549.00 at Amazon (only Awesome Violet available) - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09CZ5MQWB?th=1

  • I bought a73 for $ 489 on Samsung education store.

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    Total Savings $ 309.80
    $ 0.00
    $ 489.20
    Delivery fee 0
    Subtotal $ 489.20

    • With your 10-15% loyalty discount, right? , what listed price without the loyalty discount?

      • Listed price is $639

        • Wondering how can he get it down to $489.20

          • @superforever: Got voucher via samsung chat.

            • @ozozoioi: Was this some sort of goodwill voucher anyone can ask for orrrr?

              • @atriplec: "Hi I have a Samsung phone that is faulty with xxx. It is out of warranty and not economical to repair. The store recommended I ask for a loyalty discount voucher on a new phone via chat"

                Something like that. You may be asked for the serial number of your existing Samsung phone

                You can also get a $50 voucher for signing up to the newsletter online

                • these vouchers are for purchases from Samsung's websites, not other stores
            • @ozozoioi: Is this the loyalty voucher if so how did you get it to work with the A series on the education store I thought it only works with the S series?

        • BLACK OOS.

  • None of the A models have dual SIM or esim, right?

    • There are A52s dual sim imports on eBay. Not sure if the bands are OK for Oz, so I recommend checking first if you go for these.

      • Thanks mate. Might just hold out for a good deal on the S22 or Pixel 6a.

    • If Gerry orders them they would disable it anyway!

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    Awesome phone, but not a deal.

    Was about $400 flat once at amazon (Black friday though) and is often $450-475.

    I price hunt these everyday, i need one.

    • Was about $400 flat once at amazon

      Waiting, my son bought it under $400 from EPP store by that time or wait for A73.

      • A73 loses the headphone jack.

        I dont carry an mp3 player anymore, so thats crucial to me.

        • I dont carry an mp3 player anymore, so thats crucial to me.

          I have a few bluetooth earphones, so doesn't matter for me.

  • This or the POCO X4 pro from the other deal?

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      This or the POCO X4 pro from the other deal?

      I will buy Samsung if the price down to close to X4, camera better with the Samsung.

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      Better SoC and 4K video in the A52 but then it may not be worth a $100+ premium. Otherwise they aren't much different (except 8/256GB in the X4). You do get a lot of phone in the X4 Pro for under $400. A better comparison would be the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE which has the same SoC as the A52 but you lose the headphone jack and get a 90Hz AMOLED instead, but it comes down to $360.

      • Thanks! Yea the camera is quite important to me. Plus the fact that a52s comes in a 256gb variant, albeit considerably more expensive at around 650.

        I think I'll wait for a deal on that, hopefully around EoFY

  • Assuming the cheaper ones on eBay are grey imports? issues with bands?

  • Solid phone.
    I was going to grab one but ended up with the LG Velvet for $289 instead.
    Includes a case and screen protector.
    Insane value.

  • $529 at Amazon and JB

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