Bonus $40 with Complete Freedom Account (Deposit $500 in 30 days & Make 5 Debit Card Trans) @ St. George, Bank of Melb, Bank SA


This offer has been renewed, so reposting this as the previous post has been marked expired.. Especially useful for those opening a transaction account to avoid the fee on Amplify Rewards credit card deals.

Get $40 with a new Complete Freedom everyday bank account when you apply online by 28th September 2022 and within 30 days of account opening deposit $500 and make 5 eligible debit card purchases. New transaction account customers only.

Participating Banks:

  1. St. George:
  2. Bank of Melbourne:
  3. Bank SA:

Important Information:

$40 Offer: Fees and charges apply. Read the terms and conditions available at before making a decision and consider whether the product is right for you. To be eligible for the $40 offer you must: open a new Complete Freedom account online between 01/04/2022 and 28/09/2022, and within 30 days of account opening deposit $500 and make 5 eligible debit card purchases. Eligible card purchases are purchases made using your St.George Bank debit card linked to your Complete Freedom account and have these settled (not pending). The following transactions are ineligible: ATM transactions, BPAY, EFTPOS cash out only transactions, gambling transactions and purchases settled to a credit card account. If eligible you will receive $40 into your Complete Freedom account within approximately 50 days of opening. The account must remain open during this period in order to be eligible for the offer. New Complete Freedom account customers only. All account holders on the new Complete Freedom account must not currently hold or have previously held a St.George Bank, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA transaction account, or received this cashback offer at any time to be eligible. Where a joint account is opened, if one of the joint account holders has already received their cashback in respect of another account, then none of the remaining joint account holders will be eligible for the offer in respect of the joint account. Offer is limited to one eligible account and is not available in conjunction with any other offer.

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  • +3

    Opened new account when I set up to transfer mortgage. Got the mortgage Cashback but they wouldn't honour the $40. Tried a couple of times but got nowhere.

  • +4

    I still remember i opened account online had to go to branch to verify ID

    • Yep me too and never got the $40

    • I was able to open it purely online, maybe they share ID info with Westpac as I had to go to a branch to open with them a few years ago; that was the only time I ever had to ID check for a transaction account.

  • Anyone got 40 bucks?

  • +1

    I got the $40 through the last deal no worries.

    It was then trying to setup a $6k credit card they wanted me to come into the bank for retinal scans, DNA sample and a kidney. Gave up, cancelled credit card application and closed the deposit account. Good times.

    • +1

      Probably didn't pass the Blood type testing, IQ testing, diabetes testing either.

      St George is funny, I called them up asking why they rejected me, they just said applying again will probably get your rejected again.

      • -1

        I set it up in 5 minutes? Sounds more like a PEBCAC issue tp me.

  • I tried to get a st george account over the years but it's like a black hole after you submit the application. Totally incompetent or by design.

  • I had an account with them many years ago. Is this a one off now? Or you count as new account holder after a few years again?

  • How long it takes for them to setup the account ? Been more than a day and no news about the account details

  • Was able to set up an account with an online ID check, but can't add the virtual Google Pay or Samsung Pay card. With Google Pay it just opens up the Google Pay app, with Samsung Pay it just redirects to the Samsung Pay app in Play Store. Looks like a joke.

    • Yep, found the same.

  • +1

    I confirm I received my $40 bonus within a week of the conditions being met.

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