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Marley Rebel Wireless Earbuds Black and White $20 (RRP $199.95) C&C/ in-Store @ Target


White is also available: https://www.target.com.au/p/marley-rebel-earbuds/65330111

Previously $40 on clearance.

$199 at JB Hi-FI

Now further discounted to $20

There is stock available for click to collect in various target stores around Australia.

SUPERIOR SOUND: Expertly crafted to deliver “Marley Signature Sound”, listen your way with our Rebel true wireless earbuds. Rebel is engineered with Bass Boost EQ modes that intensify the depth and texture of every beat to enhance your favorite songs. With low latency technology, experience games and movies that are perfectly synced with the audio so annoying delays are a thing of the past.
RECHARGEABLE & COMPATIBLE: Rebel features 8 hours of playtime from a single charge, while the charging case offers 30 hours total. Compatible with IOS and Android, you’ll enjoy that classic Marley sound no matter how you connect.
WIRELESS CHARGING: Simply drop your Rebel earbuds case on any available wireless charger, and they will begin to charge. Simple and easy.
CONVENIENT FEATURES: Our Rebel earbuds are built with a high-performing Echo Noise Cancelling microphone for convenient hands-free calling, making them perfect for your home office. If your device is out of reach, simply use the touch controls to manage volume, play, pause, and to skip your tracks. Designed for active lifestyles, these earbuds are also IPX5 sweat-proof and water resistant.
SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: Embrace your natural style with Marley’s message of craftsmanship and sustainability. Rebel is made with solid bamboo, natural wood fiber composite, our sustainable braided cable, and delivered in 100% recyclable packaging.

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Target Australia

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  • Thanks OP, bought one for me and the wife. Can’t go wrong with the price!

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      where do you live? None bloody near me :(

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        Picking them up in Ballarat, no luck with the black ones

  • Bought two, thanks.

  • Bought the black ones. Can't go wrong for this price. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks for posting. Black was instore only. Was able to click and collect the white ones.

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    199 retail?


    • +9

      And they are still making money selling these for $20. Margin is huge

    • This… Marley are the Ozito (maybe even XU1) of the audio world

  • OOO

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    They look like $20 earbuds with overinflated RRP…

    • U mean $10 earbuds?

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    Nothing in Sydney.

    Nearest is at Tamworth and Wodonga.

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    RRP $200 but on the main page it says "Was $40" … lol

    • that's because $40 is the normal price

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      $40 was clearance price last month. Before that it was $56 before that $80 before that $160 from $199

      • +10

        And dennnnnn?

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    still $199 at JB https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/marley-rebel-true-wireles...

    The nearest stock to Sydney is Tamworth :(

    • I Feel you. Started to contemplate how much I would spend on if i went to pick them up…

      • Airtasker pickup?

        • Genius! never even thought of this

        • Wow, I just looked up airtasker! I never knew such a thing existed

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    Found some in Woop Woop.

  • these are normally 40bucks, nobody would pay $200 hahaha

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    There are also these if anyone is interested? https://www.target.com.au/p/marley-positive-vibration-2-wire... $20 - Some sites sell them for $99.95.

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    there is no stock except for 300km away in the middle of nowhere.

    • Time for an ozbargainer to pick up a bargain house and move to Tamworth for the instock bargains there! haha.

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    looks like order got cancelled for waurn ponds

    • No cancellation here yet.

      • lucky u! U must have bought it earlier than me :( sad

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    The nearest one is 350km away from me.

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    3 stores left in the whole country has limited stock

    • They only show as in stock online if they have over a certain amount in store. If they have 2 or 3 in store they won't list it as in stock for their store.

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    Target Tamworth
    Target Shepparton
    Target Mildura

    Low stock

    OOS everywhere else

    • Shepparton oos

      • +1

        I bought the last pair in Shepparton.
        I'm driving over from Adelaide on the weekend to pick them up.

        • LOL! Can't tell if serious… 😁

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    Guessing JB would not price match cos it's clearance?

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      Yep. Anything under 100 they make a loss.

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    Use code NEW SEASON20 for $20 off orders of $100+

    • Aww you planning to buy $100+ worth of this product?

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    I got a pair when they were $40 and am pretty happy with them; sound quality is great, mic is great, main annoyance is they're a bit big and get uncomfortable after a while, but I don't use them for long periods anyway.

  • unicorn buds

  • Nothing in BNE

    • Cheers got some white ones on the Gold Coast, would of preferred black but that required driving to Brisbane. Nah…

      Edit: wasnt meant to be a reply to the above post… lol

  • Albeit a different model, having a Marley pair of headphones appearing on this list last month probably hasn't helped their sales figures …


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    Just plugged them in and I know everyone’s ears hear differently but for me great sound and if you’re a bass lover all the better and that’s from someone who has high end Sony buds, if that helps with comparison.

    • They don't seem terribly bassy to my ears.
      They do sound like they're tuned down in the mids and highs though.
      I'm hoping I can tune some of that out with a different EQ setting if I can work out how to do that with the Marley App.

      EDIT: reading a review, it seems as though the app doesn't support the Rebel which is disappointing and I'd be livid finding this out if I'd paid anywhere near the RRP! Overall, the sound quality is pretty poor I reckon, especially poor considering the RRP.
      I know my old FIIL Lite are pricier, imported and rated highly, but the extra ~$30 is worth the money for the vastly improved sound quality.

  • Just got my pickup confirmation from Reynella (Suburban Adelaide) store, I was really kinda expecting it to get cancelled on me.
    Good timing as I appear to have lost the charging case for my FIIL lite. I have one bud in my possession and NFI where the case (containing the other bud) could possibly be!
    It's been missing for a week now!
    It pays to check OzB just before going to bed!

  • Jb hi fi price matched Marley Rebel for me thanks if someone need ask jb hi fi thanks

    • What time you called and which store? I called and they said its out of stock at target.

      • I price match at jb hi fi in Victoria

        • Please tell the suburb, so i can call them. Did you called or went in-store ?

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    That was last one in white they didn't have black i done in pakenham home thanks

  • Finally had time to go to jb hi fi to price match but target took it out of their site

    • Honestly you're not missing much.
      My QCY T7 (upgraded for free to T11 due to dodgy stock of the T7) are better and cheaper, from an Amazon deal and my FIIL Lite are (were) leaps and bounds better albeit $50…

  • Got two pairs. One pair didn't work. Sound quality is below average. Soundpeats or QCY are much better options. Rrp $199 is a joke, $80 max.
    The overhead PV2 was good, albeit a little small.

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