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Extra 40% off Outlet Items (Stack with up to 50% off Outlet Items) @ adidas (Ultraboost from $75, Stan Smith from $42)


I stuffed up last time so hopefully this time is right.

$8.50 Post or free if spend over $100 or for Adiclub members.

T&Cs -

  • Promotion Period: Offer valid from Monday 23rd May (12:01 am AEST) – Sunday 29th November 2022 (11:59 am AEST). Offer only available online at adidas.com.au/outlet.
  • Please use code "CLICKFRENZY" at checkout. Orders will be confirmed upon completion of payment.
  • Offer is valid across Outlet products. Outlet items will receive an extra 40% off the current markdown price. While stocks last.
This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2022

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    My order got cancelled last two times on similar deals.

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      I had 3 cancelled.

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      Mine was cancelled 1.5 weeks later, checked back on their website after and it was back in stock… Support staff are a waste of time

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        another one here, theres no point with adidas during crazy sales

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        I've purchased the same hat 3 times now, hoping that one of those efforts would be successful.

        I buy > item now out of stock > 'sorry we don't have it' email one week later > item back in stock > lol

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          Sounds like they dont want their good stuff to be sold at discounted prices.

          • @Trishool: yeah this was my experience last year, CF/Adidas sale is a farce.

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          Report to accc

        • Shame there are never any good deals or items at their outlet stores

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    These happen so often, but rarely do they have actual good deals in them.

  • Nice! Was thinking of grabing some slides. Any suggestions?

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    • adilette comfort. there's also a boost version now but it's $100 before discount so not worth it

    • Hugo boss

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    Nice, hopefully there's good deals left over.

    I just went and looked at all the Outlet stock and put a heap of what I want into my favourites list. I do have my concerns about their inventory/website though. I just tried to put things into my cart and received "An unexpected problem occurred. Please try again in a few seconds. Thank you for your patience." this has happened to every item I've tried to purchase from the outlet sales section.

    • same here. everything I clicked says unexpected blah blah blah

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    any bargains¿

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    obligatory "code doesn't work" comment

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    I see these Adidas specials almost every week yet when you check it out they never have any in stock, or like as a lot of posters comment if you manage to get an order in they then get cancelled.
    I think any posted Adidas bargains should be suspended until it can be shown that is they are real obtainable bargains and not just click bait.

    • +10

      That's silly. I have yet to have any Adidas orders cancelled during these sales and I believe some other members have also had the same experience. Just because some have reported cancellations doesn't mean it's happening across the board or frequently.

      • Its certainly gone down hill, you could order easily from Adidas and always get your goods. I've had several orders cancelled in the last 4 weeks and today I cannot even place an order as the website is in a continuous state of failure. "An unexpected problem occurred. Please try again in a few seconds. Thank you for your patience."

        I have contacted Adidas support on Facebook for both my cancelled orders and received useless 40% off voucher codes that only work on their non discounted expensive items as an apology.

        I tend to agree that not posting their deals if this keeps occurring is fair, its not a deal if you cannot even miss out on order, not being able to order or Adidas continuously failing to ship aren't deals

        • They’ve got an inventory system issue where by if the items shows only 1or 2in stock it’s more than likely mean , there’s no stock . Use a bite of common sense if you see 1 or 2 pairs left in your size, don’t place the order because it will most likely get cancelled. How do I know, customer service has told me this . The world aren’t perfect .

        • Trade your 40% off RRP codes for 40% off sale codes! I get the 40% off sale codes, and i usually chuck in an order before the big sales start

      • Just because some have reported cancellations doesn't mean it's happening across the board or frequently.

        Read every Adidas bargain thread in OZB, it happens pretty much every time. Not sure what your definition of 'frequently' is, but 'every time' would seem to qualify no?

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    Order canceled on 3 occasions. Go nuts adidas Impossible Is Nothing

    • +3

      You can get to the ordering phase?!?! Amazing… anything I try add to cart gives this message.

      An unexpected problem occurred. Please try again in a few seconds. Thank you for your patience.

      • +1

        Try logging in, stopped this issue for me

        • Tried that, even with last sale. Doesn't change anything for me unfortunately :(
          Upvoted for username though hahahaha

      • +1

        Same here. I tried 10-15 items but nothing works. I tried logging in also. Tried desktop and mobile.

  • +1

    Never got an order cancelled, but it's true that their Outlet stuff sucks ass

  • Order a shoes last week still on the processing my first and last not sure how many weeks does it take ??

    • +1

      unfortunately from my experience anything from 2 days till 1 month. Though my last order (which took 3 weeks) is still marked as processing and i never got an email saying it was shipped.

  • Ordered football boots during their last cashback promotion. Order has just been cancelled even though there is still full stock on their website

  • +3

    There seems to be very little stock or sizing option. Given all the cancelled orders and including 1 I experienced myself, I don't see this as a bargain!

  • +2

    Can't even add anything to the cart, getting "An unexpected problem occurred. Please try again in a few seconds. Thank you for your patience." for the past couple of hours across multiple items.

    No luck on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, incognito on or off, adblocker on or off. They really want to make it hard to buy from them!

  • Outlet stock levels suck! Always get the error message when there's still stock showing

  • Yep another one here, My order just got cancelled, Waste of time…

  • Tried to buy the Primeblue Ultraboosts twice in the last 3 weeks, they take the order, confirm the order and take your money then a week later say they cannot send the shoes and take 2 weeks or more to refund. Just tried to buy them again and their website keeps having errors. Unsure how they stay in business.

  • They have cancelled my order in the last deal, days later they have restock the same Ultraboost..and they haven't refunded my money yet.. :(

  • had some james bond ultraboosts stolen so hope i can re-buy with this deal.

    never had my orders cancelled but their communication sucks; they never tell you when they ship your order so basically, you're left wondering if they cancelled it or sent your order after all.

  • thanks

  • +2

    Anyone get the following error when trying to login?

    "Oh no, we need your age confirmation.
    You have to verify your age to shop in Australia. Please go to the adidas website where you normally shop, log in, and add your date of birth to your account to continue shopping."

    Dumb error as it won't let me login to update my DOB???

  • Anyone know if you can return or exchange from outlet online at a physical store? I'm guessing maybe only at DFO etc? Would lose out on the cashback even for a change of size I suppose. PayPal should be free returns.


    • +1

      i returned something from an order in february and still got my cashback.

      • That's alright, what status was the cashback at the time? Pending, approved, paid etc

        • was pending when i started the returns process. by the time the shoes made its way back to adidas and they took a vverrryyy loooonnnnngg time to process it, cashback was approved.

          • @tdw: Cool mine is still pending but returned them anyway so we'll see.
            Fwiw it was free returns with the Adidas email QR, just drop at post office.

  • I stopped buying from adidas. They accepted my order, cancelled one item, charged me the full order, and never gave me a refund. Ive sent countless emails, can never get through on phone and went to the flagship store for advice. Itd onlh $40 but wtf can i do

    • +1

      Pay through PayPal next time. Or if you have, let PP do the hassle.

  • Anyone know whether we can combine this offer with Cashrewards cashback? Thanks!

    • Not yet. CR hasn´t added the code to their page. You could wait, but I'm assuming stock will disappear quick…

      • Would one expect CR to add the coupon to make their cashback eligible?

        (I might only bite if I can get the extra 12% cashback)

        • +1

          Shopback has increased CB to 13% and has published the code on their site.

  • Thanks OP .. was able to order a few things!

    Probably all stock in usual sizes would be OOS by morning!

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered and cashback tracked too.

    • Did you use CR or SB? Is the coupon listed and how certain are you the cashback will be approved?

      • Used CR. No coupon was listed, I just went for it. 😏

  • Worked!

  • Will the cashback rates increase soon? Wondering if I should order now or wait for CB increase…

    • Shopback has increased CB to 13% and has published the code on their site.

      • +1

        Bugger. I ordered thru CR earlier. I hope they honor the cashback 🙂 If not all good. Got some stuff pretty cheap. 😋

  • One of those water resistant running jackets for 50% off would have been alright but OOS.

    Nike do some good golf wear which would be good I. This wet weather but not that cheap.

  • +2

    Everything sold out as usual

  • Got a few sweats, let's see what hapens. Could place my order with no issues.

  • Gave it a shot - lets see

  • offer ends Sunday 29th November 2022 (11:59 am AEST) ??????

  • +1

    Shopback has increased CB to 13% and has published the code on their site.

  • +1

    20% cashback @ CashRewards ($40 cap)

  • Will this cashback apply to purchases made yesterday?

    • i got cashback confirmation email…. i know that means nothing - however its the main banner on cashback site indicating the clickfrenzy sale so dont see why not (unless you never get the order due to stock etc)

  • +1

    I too had two orders cancelled from Adidas on the funny James Bond ultra boosts

    • i ordered one of those as well and that got cancelled, but when i went back to the page it was still showing as in stock so i stubbornly bought it again. it shipped yesterday. it's like adidas do business in an alternate universe

  • Got an Authentic Arsenal shirt for around $60. Winning.

    • -1

      No they lost

      • Technically they won their last game. So….

    • -2

      just buy them from china for $25

      • I have done so. Many times. But the quality differences with an authentic are miles apart.

        • -1

          The ones I have are decent. Beats paying $100+

          • @Griffindinho: Agree they are decent.
            This is first genuine one I've purchased. Mainly because it was an authentic player issue.

    • you need a Manchester City one..

      • Never

  • +1

    groans I forgot about the adiclub. I paid for shipping. Disgusting.

  • Even socks are sold out.. Guess it'll be business socks with my adislides.

  • They just wouldn't want to take my money - Website got stuck at payment stage and wouldn't go through, paypal got rejected for no reason. Ended up missing out on the 20% cashback. What a joke - no deal.

  • Comfort slides for $15 is a nice one too.

    • -3

      good if slinking around bali in the rain.
      wouldn't wear them foot comfort, only buy shoes you'd run a marathon in (or away from a fight)

      • I think I know what slides are for.

  • day 3 order is still " waiting to be packed" , lets see

    • Mine has been packed but the shipping tracking doesn’t work on auspost….

      • SAME HERE !

  • bought 23rd, still "waiting to be packed" argh

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