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Dell - 15% Off Selected Servers and Vostro Systems + 20% Off Monitors and Printers


I think I now know where GerrardLFC's coupon code came from. Remember to go to Dell's site and click on the small business link, and

  • Code: PS75CV6S?790WN
    15% discount on Dell servers

  • Code: QN31XHPX3NJCFL
    15% discount on selected Vostro systems

  • Code: RS7S3VM5RVJS3Q
    20% discount on UltraSharp monitors and printers

On the page it says:

Welcome to your QuickBooks customer page, where you can use your coupon code to get amazing member discounts.

So I guess it's supposed to be for QuickBooks' customers only.

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  • could anyone let us know how dell will confirm you are a small business client? Do you need a ABN or whatever things?

    • Well done mate, my brother just bought a new desktop from Dell using the 15% discount code.

  • From what I understand there is no check that is done. This is not to say it will never occur.

    I am a RACV member and get the 10% discount but have never been asked to prove this.

    Small bussiness owners do not have to provide an ABN either and other people have confirmed they had no trouble using any discount coupons with Dell (ie: no documentation / proof required) I hope this helps.

  • Almost every organisation gets 3, 5 or 10% discount - It does look like they don't care as long as you keep buying DELL!

    But what I really like about them is my FREE delivery of the monitor when I ordered that came to me in less than 48hrs unlike my wait from some of the other sites - upto a month!

  • Agree skinny - delivery of monitor came before the email of the invoice ;-)

    The 20% discount on monitors is good though … beats the standard epp 10%

  • I just bought a 20" ultrasharp monitor two weeks ago and ordered on wed afternoon…came friday lunchtime….such quick delivery…DELL are great…

  • Many thanx to Scotty
    I've just ordered one today
    Vostro 1310 $995 (includes $200 off, then 15% off coupon roughly $175, also got a free of Bluetooth Travel Mouse)
    (T8100, 3GB RAM, DVD Burner, 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, Wireless N, 13.3" with Truelife, 160GB SATA 7200RPM Performance Hard Drive with Free Fall Sensor,
    Genuine Windows Vista Business with Windows XP Professional Preinstalled, and a WebCam.etc i just listed some major features)
    I've done some search, it said that The Vostro 1310 has not a good review. But i need a small screen laptop for under $1000 and the Vostro 1310 came to the best deal 4 me. for example
    Lenovo SL300_273833M $1954

    Hopefully it wont let me down :)

  • Is there any expiry date for these coupons?

    • From Andrewk35's commnet on the other thread, it seems the 20% off monitor coupon code has already expired. As these three code came in groups so I suspect the others have expired too…

      • Actually, the codes still work, however, it appears that they have changed what is on offer, eg.

        15% off "selected" Dell Vostro systems - there is only the option of the Vostro 200 Slim Tower or the Vostro 1510 laptop

        20% off "ultrasharp" monitors & laser printers

        • I just tried the 15% off “selected” Dell Vostro systems coupon today and I am getting the following error "The following coupons entered does not meet eligibility requirements. Click "View Details" link(s) for more information." Clicking view doesn't give me any information about why its not being accepted. The laptop I'm trying to get is the Vostro 1510. Maybe it's below the necessary price or maybe it already has $200 off as a deal this week?

          • @greazy: I've got the same error as well. It seems dell has made some changes to this coupon.

            • @jasonliu234: I've just done another quote for the Dell Vostro 1510 and it's still applying the 15% off discount. Are you clicking on the Dell link from this deal? It should go to the Dell website with the heading "VIP offers for Dell partners". Under that, you'll see the 3 offers. Under Offer 2 (Small Business PCs - 15% Coupon Discount Selected Vostro Systems), there is another link "2 Shop for Dell Vostro", click on that and it will open up a new webpage with the Vostro desktop and laptop on offer. After customising your laptop and adding it to your cart, you can then apply the discount code and it will apply the discount to your order.

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