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Buy $120 Eligible Gift Card & Get a Bonus $5 WISH Gift Card @ Woolworths Gift Cards


Theoretically 4% off eligible gift cards!

WISH gift cards can be used at the following stores:

  • Woolworths
  • BIG W
  • BWS
  • Dan Murphy’s
  • Participating EG and Caltex Woolworths fuel sites

WISH gift cards have no expiry date. However the $5 Bonus WISH gift card will have a 3 month expiry.

Receive a $5 Bonus WISH eGift Card when you spend $120 or more on any Qualifying Gift Card*

*Exclusions and T&Cs apply. Offer Period ends 08:59 AEST 20/5/2022 or until stocks last. Customer agrees stock is limited and may be exhausted at time of purchase. Bonus $5 eGift Card may take up to 14 days to arrive.

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  • +7

    I can't even imagine how disappointing $125 of shit from Wish would be

    • +2

      you can use Wish gift card for woolies or bigw right?

    • +6

      where else am i going to buy my Nicolas Cage pillow cases?

  • Customer agrees stock is limited and may be exhausted at time of purchase.

    Feels like…. A shopback challenge ;)

    P.s. I love you gotyourback :p

    • +2

      "Customer agrees stock is limited and may be exhausted at time of purchase."

      Shopback would be upfront on if you are in or out…

      4% or 0%, roll the dice…

  • +2

    4% is decent but having to juggle multiple small-denomination GC is a pain.

    • doesnt the new app automate it

      • what is the new app?

        • +1

          Using the Everyday Pay feature in the Woolies Everyday Rewards app.

        • +1

          To a degree. Apparently it’s in order of the way you enter the gift card. Would be good if they used expiring first or allowed you to change order. This seems too hard for little value anyway.

          • +3

            @HereToSave: You can always just use the money app. Old school way.

  • +2

    will it stack with the those that have access to the discounted GC via insurance portal etc?

    • Most likely NO.

      • its the same website so ill give it a try its only a 20 cent lost. ref Order summary
        1 x Woolworths Supermarkets eGift Card @ $120.00 each $115.20 ref Bonus $5 eGift Card may take up to 14 days to arrive. hope i get it before 20th so then i know if it stacks and can buy more.

        • Previously people said it did not work when the bonus was EDR pts. I can imagine it is the same setting with bonus eGC.

          • +1

            @Neoika: It worked for me for everyday reward bonus points.
            You just need to make sure the cost of eGC after discount is actually higher than the minimum spend. So if it's x10 points for spending higher than $150, you have buy $156 eGC instead of $150.

            • +1

              @thienvamai: I just read the comments in the previous deal. The bonus pts were miscredited and took back later for most people.

  • +1

    T&C at https://giftcards.woolworths.com.au/medias/Bonus-eGift-Card-...

    Any transactions made by members of a partner portal or corporate users registered with Woolworths Gift Cards are not eligible for this offer.

    "Partner portal" probably excludes purchases through insurance portals, Entertainment Guide, energy company rewards schemes, etc

    • dont think ww insurance is a "Partner portal" since it takes me to the same url and the $5 gift card banner shows up. i guess time will tell. i should have done a screen shot.

  • +4

    Time to use Hiver Bank debit card?

    • Waiting for mine to arrive

    • I was thinking the same but this seems too hard for 4%
      I think I’ll wait and see if they do a 5% again soon.

  • +3

    Find someone who has NSW senior card, then you can enjoy a 5% off Wish gift card forever.

  • Can I pay with Special gift card from that 15% off deal?

    • Yes..Go to Spend online and grab your card details from Special Gift card and pay for your Wish Gift Card.

  • I placed an order, got the confirmation and then it was cancelled 3 minutes later without any given reason :/

    • "We are currently experiencing issues delivering eGift Cards to Hotmail accounts. Please use a different email address if possible" shows up at the top of the page for me.

      • +1

        I got mine in hotmail 10 minutes ago. But I don't know when the bonus gift card will arrive

  • -1

    $5 wow, jesus, upvote to infinity /s

      • +5

        Coalition will do the same too. In fact I have no idea where this myth that the Coalition is better for the economy come from.

        Look at government debt over the last 9 years, it has exploded under the Coalition, much more than Labor had ever racked up.

  • +1

    In times like this even there is no more 5% wish gift cards

  • Don't forget to use your Hiver card to purchase for an extra 5% cashback.

  • Can anyone confirm Vanilla Gift Cards https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/681528 work with WW GC site

    I used once few months ago and worked, tried 3 different browsers and mobile now but get stuck it saying 'loading' after submitting CC details

    I am aware of brute force attack part of GCs and there is valid balance still
    Any ideas?

    • Same as Only one visa card, woollies must change the card verification method recently. Only allowing 3-D secure cards?

      • +1

        My understanding is that the Woolworths Group gift card portal rejects prepaid cards based on their bank identification numbers (BINs), not whether it supports 3D Secure.

        • When I called the Woolworths Group gift card team late last year, I was told that prepaid card acceptance is the exception rather than the rule, so some types of prepaid cards may sneak through their checks.

        • When another OzBargainer contacted the Woolworths Group gift card team, they were told any orders found to be paid using a prepaid card would not be fulfilled and a refund would be issued to the customer.

        • There have been previous cases of OzBargainers using Vanilla Visa gift cards (in February 2022) and Special gift cards (in late April / early May 2022) to pay for gift cards on the Woolworths Group gift card portal. However, the Vanilla Visa gift card fails the 3D Secure check on Reward Gateway (a different gift card portal). On the other hand, the Woolworths Group gift card portal does not accept Coles Gift Mastercards, and Coles Gift Mastercards also fail the 3D Secure check on Reward Gateway. The only logical way you could use a Vanilla Visa gift card and not a Coles Gift Mastercard on the Woolworths Group gift card portal was where Woolworths Group was rejecting any orders attempting to be paid for using cards with BINs featured on a blacklist.

  • Can't seem to add to my app.. get an invalid card number.. any one else?

    • No problem with the $120 WISH card on the Woolworths Money or Rewards app

    • +1

      I had this problem once before with wish cards, I purchased either woolworths store cards or caltex and I found I needed to add numbers to the front of the giftcard number to make it long enough for the woolworths app to accept. I copied the first numbers from other giftcards I had and it worked.

  • +1

    FYI you can earn Crypto.com cashback on this, which isn't a surprise as you also earn it on the NRMA Woolworths portal.

  • +9

    This is a late notice for a lot of people, but I’ll leave it in case it is helpful…

    • WISH eGift Cards are also redeemable at ALH Group venues. (Source)

    • WISH eGift Cards are not redeemable at Ampol / Caltex fuel stations, including Ampol Woolworths Metro and Ampol Woolworths MetroGo.1 The only fuel stations that accept them are participating EG / Caltex Woolworths fuel stations, which are operated by EG Australia.2

    • Some gift card portals actually sell WISH eGift Cards at a similar or higher discount everyday. For example, HCF Thank You sells the Fuel (EG / Caltex Woolworths) eGift Card at a 4.05% discount everyday. The Fuel (EG / Caltex Woolworths) eGift Card is essentially a WISH eGift Card with slightly different branding, as both types of eGift Cards start with 628000 555. I’ve been redeeming Fuel eGift Cards at Woolworths and BIG W for the last year or so without any issues. Check out the discounted gift card portal for more information on other gift card portals that sell Fuel or WISH eGift Cards at an identical or higher discount everyday.

    1. Ampol Woolworths Metro and Ampol Woolworths MetroGo exist due to an agreement Ampol struck with Woolworths to licence the Woolworths Metro and Woolworths MetroGo brands to use it in place of the Foodary brand at some Ampol fuel stations. These fuel stations are still owned and operated by Ampol and do not involve Woolworths besides the use of their branding and the supply of some goods sold in the store, which is why WISH eGift Cards are not redeemable at these locations. 

    2. I have no idea which EG / Caltex Woolworths locations actually accept WISH eGift Cards, and the ridiculous thing is that even Woolworths Group and EG both don’t seem to know which EG / Caltex Woolworths fuel stations actually accept WISH eGift Cards… I’ve asked both the Woolworths Group gift card team (because they issue the gift card) and EG call centre staff (because they accept the gift card) a number of different times, and the best response I’ve received is “contact the individual EG location to find out”. 

    • +3

      +1 for the footnoting

  • I wonder if its 14 days from end of promotion ir 14 days from purchase.

    Either way should be sometime next week.

  • Anyone got the $5 bonus yet?

    • I still haven't received mine

    • Nope

    • Nope

    • Nope

      • I just got mine.

        The $5 e wish gift card has a similar code to the bonus $5 e woolworths gift card.

        Does anyone know how to tell which codes applies to woolworths and which are wish gift card?

        • +1

          You’ll need to look at:

          • Digits 7, 8 and 9 of the full gift card number (i.e. the number you use for online redemption), or

          • Digits 1, 2 and 3 of the number used for in-store redemptions.

          For example, a WISH eGift Card’s online redemption number starts with 628000 555, but its in-store redemption number starts with 555. The number we care about is 555, because 555 signifies the type of gift card you have.

          Gift Card Digital (eGift Card) Physical
          WISH 555, 556 309, 310, 600 (likely no longer used), 601 (likely no longer used)
          Woolworths Supermarkets 711, 721 500
          WISH (Bonus Store) 8xx1 N/A
          Woolworths Supermarkets (Bonus Store) 8332 N/A

          If you were wondering, AFAIK all Bonus Store eGift Cards have an 8 at the 7th digit of the full gift card number.

          If you’re looking for a full list of known Woolworths Group gift card numbers, have a look here.

          1. I’m not sure what the number is for the WISH Bonus Store eGift Card in this deal, because I didn’t participate in it. If I had to guess though, it would be 834. Judging by the fact there are 15 mysterious “WISH” gift cards where the full gift card numbers start with 628000 8xx, I don’t know how many other numbers Woolworths Group uses for Bonus Store eGift Cards. 

          2. This was the number for a Woolworths Supermarkets Bonus Store eGift Card I received in a Prezzee deal last year, but I’m not sure if the same number was used for the most recent Woolworths/Prezzee deal. 

      • Just got it.

  • I just received a random $5 wish e-gc, I'm guessing it's from this deal?

    Completely forgot ha ha 🤦‍♂️

  • +1

    Still haven't got my $5

  • Is anyone still waiting for this?

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