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Gigabyte GP-P850GM 850W 80+ Gold Modular Power Supply $95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


50% off RRP $189
Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

80 PLUS Gold certified
Fully modular design
120mm Smart Hydraulic Bearing (HYB) Fan
Main Japanese capacitors

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • Nah, no tick tick boom… but it might slap you!

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    Are they safe now?

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    For everyone, i have read online that these units exploded when used with the 3070/3080 GPU cards.

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    Would rather just get the MSI A850GF for $109 for peace of mind.

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      Yep, the MSI is a better PSU by far!

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      Dude cool. Loved that song back in the day.

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    check serial when it arrives, if you get an affected model send it back

    BTW - dispatch in 1-2 months - pass!

  • Explooooooooossionnn!

  • I bought one 6 weeks ago for an Intel 11-400 system. Getting ready for a decent GPU, but still hodling since prices are still dropping.
    Installed and run everyday since.Serial is after the scary stuff.
    No big bang yet.
    Is this a record?


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    includes special 3d rgb lighting.

    • Does it really have GB lighting? I heard it was just the R

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    This deal is fire. Thanks OP.

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    Got it a few weeks ago.
    Works fine.
    I figure that no way it would explode after the PR nightmare.
    They fixed the board design.
    They would have double and triple checked, it should be safer than most, using my “logic”.

    • But when was your PSU actually manufactured. If it was from the older stock with the issue then you've got a ticking time bomb in the PC. There would have been a lot of stock from the older batches still hanging around in warehouses.

      • It was purchased 2 weeks ago.
        I checked the SN and it is after the defective batch.

        • You'll be fine with it then.

  • I wonder why it's 50% off. Reputation of Gigabyte PSU must have really got hit hard.

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    Why do people still post gigabyte PSUs

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    The new revisions are out and reviewers are saying its very good but the old rev was a pc users nightmare as seen on Gamers Nexus

    • Very good probably because it has Japanese capacitors instead of the defective generic Chinese made capacitors.

      It might have Nichicon capacitors. I guess Gigabyte learnt their lesson by skimping out on cheap poor quality capacitors with the previous gen PSU.

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    Got one of these the other month for $99, good buy. Understand the issues they went through last year. so you buy a psu from a company with a bad press or you get the $165 one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/701271

  • Meet you at bombsite b

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