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15% off Sitewide (Eneloop 16xAAA $52.91, Eneloop 8xAAA+8xAA $57.80, Quick Charger $42.92, Chromecast $84.15) @ TechLake

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2022

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  • FYI 8 x AA's $32 with coupon.

      • Use the coupon to bring down to ~$32.

    • Hmm wouldn't the higher capacity Ikea batteries be better value. Similar price but higher capacity.

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        My understanding is that the higher capacity LADDA 2450mAh is the equivalent of the Eneloop Pro, which is rated at only 500 recharge cycles (vs. 2100 cycles) and has a higher self-discharge rate than the normal Eneloops, as such the LADDA 2450mAh and Eneloop Pro aren't suited for very low drain devices like clocks, TV remotes etc.

        • Oh I see. So the normal eneloops/ladda are better for the motion sensor lights?

  • Clickfrenzy??

  • Is the Google tv price good?

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    i wonder which ozBargainer the largest collection of eneloops

    • +1

      Sounds like a good poll…

      • +1

        Winner gets a prize of more eneloops.

  • Is this a good quickcharger though? Any alternatives?

    edit: meh whatever bought the charger and aaa+aa pack

  • +1

    I'll add them to the pile

  • Prices are not matching. Must be expired.

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      I had to go to the final stage of checkout before their ecommerce platform showed the correct price

  • Batteries are sold out

  • Battery chargers restocked

    • Would buy the charger but no battery's left.

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