Target Alkaline Battery AA/AAA 36pack $2 @ Target In-Stores


Target Alkaline Battery AA/AAA 36 pack $2 @ Target

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  • The link is redirecting to the main page for me. Gone I think ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • Only 24pk searching at 11.50ea.

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    What are alkaline batteries? I thought only eneloops existed

  • There are good inough stocks in castelhills
    Will post a screen shot soon

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    Buy rechargeable and save $$ in the long run, and be better for the environment

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      Some devices actually need the full 1.5v offered by alkaline. Your point is moot.

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        Hey neggers: got a better solution to the measly 1.2v output from rechargeables vs 1.5v alkaline?

        ๐Ÿงโ€โ™‚๏ธ Whatโ€™s that? No? Then back in your box.

        • Chill mate it'll be okay.

          Yes,1.5v may be required for a very small amount of products, but by and large 1.2v rechargeable is absolutely adequate.

          Let me rephrase: if you don't need the full 1.5v (i.e. most devices), please consider the rechargeable options which are better for the environment and cheaper in the long run.

          • @cook99: I have found so many of my remaining AA & AAA don't last long or at all on 1.2V batteries. It has been very disappointing.

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          There are 1.5v rechargeable

          They are lithium batteries with a bucket circuit. AA size too.

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            @aoeueoa: Thank you for your input. Link and reviews please. Genuinely interested

            • @NDjokovic:!2200!AU!-1&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4PXByVgVt7zkcbvyIGzcOr4HuEzWB8HbCmpIxxy4M0HiP5T9XczOhRvR5RdHxQS24dAcfwMkq%2BFct%2FxAAJfgtEoKznYvuASKuHUmoAdp1LmTpA6%2F0dohiWgSu%2FFwcBi9pIAPkvfffwkKAsFbXR5XGhYbQeJ6liVya57Yob8VwXe6giZscGe7Y0ZCJgW3lwVOGsT%2Bx6wpOfRS48DlTdORxYnh%2FDXE4h1GaJuSn8qeK6%2FDKzNMuxLY4ftwOeT1VmISvtXlgLSuS2PUjkAtOVv3YZL52HYU6c7l7jgf%2BhNJ5rOY%7Ctkp%3ABFBM_sb99qJg

        • I'm sorry, neg whats?

        • My ye olde digital camera (Canon A75) needs 4x 1.5v batteries and it chews through them quickly too. That's the only item I have that still needs 1.5v batteries.

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        There are some. But not that many, and for most people, for most things, rechargeables are better in the long run. What specific devices are you referring to ?

        • What specific devices are you referring to ?

          Clocks, low power devices, lghts where you want a consistent light output, smoke alarms, anything you use in an emergency.

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            @spaceflight: Smoke alarms, sure, but that's more about self discharge rate than voltage output. NiMH batteries have a much more consistent voltage (1.2v constant until they're suddenly flat) output (hence light output for torches) than alkaline cells (start at 1.6v and drop constantly from there). For other low-draw devices (remote controls, clocks, etc), modern low-self-discharge NiMH cells (such as eneloops) are pretty good for most people.

        • Some Childrens toys, Dettol no-touch dispenser Gen 2, multimeters, LED lights, smoke detectors

          • @NDjokovic: Every kids toy I've tried performed just as well on Eneloop Pros, my multimeter takes a 9v, I've only seen smoke alarms take 9v or lithium. Eneloop Pros also been great all led lights I've used. Can't comment on Dettol thing.

            I was a heavy user of Energiser Industrial, and burnt through so many before drinking the Eneloop coolaid, have never looked back

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        Also my experience. I'd say most of my AA devices benefit from 1.5V. Some are quite unusable or run very short on NiMH.

        • Thanks for your vote, citizen.

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      Every battery thread, always

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    how to check stock?

  • All the Target stores in my area have closed or changed to Kmart.

  • What's the chance of these leaking and destroying your device?
    I've bought Varta from Bunnings and had them leak.

    • All Alkaline batteries leak. Consider Lithium or rechargeable batteries as they are much less likely to leak.

      For me it's always the devices that aren't used for weeks or months on end, I put rechargeable NiMH batteries in those.

  • This deal's not for me. But if it is for you, more power to you.

  • Thanks, got 4 packs from castle hill, still about 5 packs left

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