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Bánh Mì $5 @ Roll’d


Week One
Get our new crunchier, fluffier, tastier Bánh Mì for just $5* (save $5) this week only!

Simply add your fave Bánh Mì to your online/app order and use code BANHMI5 at checkout.

Deal ends 29 May. *T&Cs apply – for full details click here.

Terms and conditions apply. The ‘10 Weeks of 10 Deals’ promotion runs from Monday 23 May 2022 and finishes Sunday 31 July 2022. Deals are only valid for redemption via the Roll’d app or online. Only valid at participating Roll'd stores only (excludes airport, hospital and Coles locations) and not available via third party platforms (e.g. UberEats). Deals are limited to one use per transaction. Additional specific weekly deal terms applies. Deals are not redeemable, exchangeable or refundable for any other offer or for cash at any time and are not valid in conjunction with any other offers. Minimum spend and delivery fees may apply. Deals run whilst stocks last. Full terms click here.

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Roll'd Vietnamese Food
Roll'd Vietnamese Food

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  • +26

    Man this is what it used to cost at my local vietnamese bakery!! (10 yrs ago)

    • +7

      This is what I still pay in my suburb, but these Bánh Mì's have become expensive in the city; primarily, Marrickville Pork Rolls have significantly raised their prices.

      • +2

        I do not like Marrickville Pork Roll at all. Their service is rushed and I don't find their buns as fresh as other bakeries. They used to be one of the cheapest without having to go very far out from Sydney but now their prices are just high. I prefer Hong Ha over MPR but I also have a local gem near my place which I think has the best banh mi in Sydney.

        • +3

          I agree with this. Hong Ha is nicer, but MPR is an experience. I like how they just grab handfuls of ingredients instead using tongs.

          Care to Pm me your "local gem"?

          Top ryde has excellent Bahn mi.

          Personally, best I've ever had is Lee Lee bakehouse in Richmond (Vic)

          • +6

            @Sapper50: Ok I'm gonna let everyone in a little secret that probably no Vietnamese has told you about (I guess no one knows actually) : the best Vietnamese pork roll is not in Cabramatta, Bankstown or Marrickville, and not Hong Ha or MPR (they all suck or same same). It is actually in Balmain at the Vietnamese bakery there Darling Pies & Cakes, 283 Darling St, Balmain NSW 2041. Their pork fillings are self made and the best, granted their rolls are all delivered in the morning so by the afternoon they might not be fresh and crunchy anymore but that can be fixed by quickly putting them in the oven at home or if you get them early in the morning they're just great. So the only gripe is the rolls not kept fresh and hot in store but the fillings easily make up for that. So next time if someone asks you know where the best Vietnamese rolls in Sydney is!

            • @icesquid: For $5? 😋

              • +1

                @georgedn: Well it's like $6.50 or $7 but to be honest I'd rather pay that and really enjoy the food. I can go to Vietnamese places for shopping every few weeks but I don't really want to pay $4-$5 for a cheaper roll in the shops there but not worth eating imho.

            • @icesquid: this opinion is only valid if youve been around sydney and tried all of the top tier banh mis

              • +2

                @Jason Genova: Well, I'm Vietnamese so of course I've tried the usual banh mi places at Cabramatta, Bankstown or Marrickville and the 2 most mentioned here Hong Ha and MPR. There are of course other local bakeries mentioned in this thread that I haven't tried but at least I think I'm somewhat qualified to offer some opinions for some here who'd want to try. If by top tier you mean in the expensive restaurants, etc., that's probably beyond the scope here as we're only talking about accessible Vietnamese bakeries where you can get a pork roll for under $10.

            • @icesquid: are you Vietnamese?

          • @Sapper50: Where's the excellent Bahn Mi at Top Ryde?

            Or do you mean at Roll'd?

            • +5

              @Carrera1963: Top Ryde Baker House outside Woolies in Top Ryde City shopping centre. Be prepared to queue.

              • @sheikyerbouti: Never understood the hype behind Top Ryde Banh mi, till we decided to commit to the queue.

                Excellent service, lovely staff, and the Banh Mi was absolutely the best I've had.

          • +1

            @Sapper50: My local gem is Maroubra Bakery, a short-ish drive from Hong Ha. I'm going to try Darling Pies & Cakes when I get the chance to go to Balmain from icesquid. If anyone tries Maroubra Bakery, reply to let me know what you think and especially if you know of a more delicious banh mi that I can try. I find the bread at Maroubra Bakery really delicious but always open to new places.

        • +3

          Hong Ha are super overrated and overpriced too IMO. Not really any better than a standard suburban Viet bakery.

          MPR at Darling Harbour was great when it first opened, now too expensive and quality has dropped substantially. A shame because their rolls used to be full of flavour, packed full and bread always golden/crisp. Not worth it anymore.

          • @nubzy: For those in Adelaide : Miss Pho at Norwood. Great bread rolls

        • I prefer Mascot bakery to Hong Ha

      • How much are they now?

    • +5

      Uncle Roger say correk

      On a serious note though, like others saying here on this thread: much better if you just go your local for like $6 or $6.50 here in Perth

      • +5

        Now $7- $7.50 for the bakery ones in Springvale Vic still a good deal though. I’d much rather pay this rather than $6.60 for a Big Mac that doesn’t fill you up or make you feel good once you’ve eaten one.

        • +3

          Couldn't agree more. Unless you get some deal from the MyMaccas app, it's just too expensive at 12 or 13 dollars for a meal.

          Man, I miss 2005 days of $4.95 large Big Mac Meals and large Flayva combos from Red Rooster.

        • Yeah but who pays that much for a big mac lol? I will only buy when they are $2-$3 on the app. Pork rolls can still be found for $4-$6 across Sydney. $7.50 is about the max I am prepared to pay, and i'd expect BBQ/roast pork at that price.

          • @nubzy: Those of us not versed on the app pay that much haha, which is probably still heaps of people. Sad that we have to resort to these measures just to beat inflation haha

        • +4

          In Springvale, it’s only $5.50 at Bến Thành and $6.00 at An Lợi Deli

          • @Marcsie: Will have to look out for them next time I'm there- the popular places are now $7-8!

          • +1

            @Marcsie: Sorry I should’ve said the roast pork with crackling at the Springvale ones like tabac and bun bun.

      • What does uncle Roger have to do with bahn mi?

    • +6

      It was ~$3.5 a pork roll 10 years ago in my suburb.

    • +8

      It's only genuine Banh Mi if you risk being hospitalised with food poisoning. That's the thrill of Banh Mi.

      • Thats any food with poo in it

    • +2

      20 years ago it was $2.2

      • +2

        And 30 years ago I used to slap down $20 for a slab of Carlton draught.

  • +48

    I tried their banh mi once.. worst i've ever had. Will be interesting to see if they have actually improved..

    • +5

      Had one on the weekend. Agree that it's the worst I've ever had too.

      • Agreed was a few months ago before they "improved" their recipe but judging by Green Man's comment it looks like it hasn't

      • +2

        Yep, had a couple from the free $50 Roll'd credit deal and they were pretty bad. Even at $5 I would still prefer to pay $6 at one of the local joints. Rice paper wraps were decent though.

    • +3

      It’s a bastardisation of banh mi

    • +2

      Agreed - just had one based off this deal. It was bloody awful. Roast pork - it was truly dreadful.

  • +4

    Did anyone get one of these at $10?

    • +13

      I did and I regret to this day

      • I guess I won't bother based on what you and other users said

    • +3

      Often I will…and there's no way to state the following without seeming like the antithesis of an Ozbargainer and an obvious moron…but it's because Roll'd are so universally stingy with their fillings. I know that I can get a smol bahn mi feed that won't come with the calories or salt of a big mock meat or tofu brick roll from a proper Vietnamese bakery. So yeah…basically I'll rip myself off to manage my portion control.

      They also heat their fried tofu, which is something you don't get many places. I find that most of the renowned and cheaper bakeries serve fridge-temperature mock meat and tofu pieces, which is absolutely ghastly.

      • Why not just ask the bakery to cut your roll in half and then you have 2 lunches?

        • +7

          I'm a finisher and don't have an 'off switch' with food I've purchased. If there is food to be finished in the sitting, then I'm finishing it. I've never left anything other than an entirely clean plate at a restaurant, even when I haven't liked something that much. The idea that half a Subway footlong could be saved for later seems completely insane to me when I could just eat it now. I'm not all right, but I dare say there's a few people reading this who'll go "yeah that's me too".

          • +2

            @IPYF: 🙋‍♂️describes me to a T

  • +1

    now a normal price banh mi

    • around 5-5.5

  • +3

    hm banh mi for $5 or KFC Hot & Spicy Fill Up Box $4.95…

    • +2

      KFC cause survey diff

    • +9

      Depends on level of obesity one is trying to maintain.

  • +8

    no deal - 0.50c in Vietnam (literally) :D

    • +23

      but where can I get return flight for $4.50?

      • +3

        Forgot hotel. Need to get a hotel for $0 if you spend it all on a return flight.

      • +3

        Points? although Qantas always charges a fee
        Swim could be an option

        • +1

          my time is worth more than that

          • +3

            @I Smell Pennies: I'll throw in .50c - if we all pitch in we might be able to make it worth your while
            Plus you will be famous in Australia for 15 minutes!

            • @Headless: Or he can just go around smelling pennies in public to be famous for 15 minutes..

    • How much Dong is that?

      • 50c ~~ 8,000 vnd

  • +25

    Some of the worst banh mi I've ever tried. You're probably better off going to your local.

    • Or even getting the ones at Woolies

      • Woolies bakery knows how to make banh mi?

        • +1

          There's the ones they have in chilled section next to sushi, rolls, and sandwiches

  • +7

    Wouldn't bother since my local is $6. For the dollar more, at least I get something guaranteed.

  • +4

    Yeah I had an awful banh-mi at the Brisbane CBD store. The driest pork ever.

  • +5

    i wouldnt pay a dollar for this

    but they fool a lot of people with their fancy marketing, making them think this is good vietnamese food

    they are very clever and only open their stores in non asian areas

    • It’s aimed at the non asians.

      Being Vietnamese myself I would never buy anything from roll’d

  • +2

    This is to celebrate the victory of Dai Le in the seat of Fowler.

    • +12

      By having imitation Vietnamese?

      • +1

        Hahah tbh I just saw banh mi $5. I wouldn’t ever buy a banh mi from a franchise store

    • +1

      Chè Ba Màu is the celebratory drink of choice

      • +1

        whabbout tres-colore drink

      • +3

        except you don't drink it… you eat it.

      • Prefer a Sâm bổ lượng

    • except there are none in that electorate

  • +10

    I like these Bahn Mi. Not sure why there is a lot of hate but good deal for $5. I had a few of these last October during the Uber spend $20 get $15 back sort of deals and I found them to be very satisfying from the Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn (VIC) location.
    They are definitely not as good as places like Kenny's Bakery (as they put on more Pate and a bit more meat) and after a slightly disagreeable stomach experience I had from a Footscray place last year I have been a bit wary of some of my more 'local' places.
    At the end of the day this is a 'deal' for ozbargainers and I guess you should take the opportunity to try it out.

    • +6

      Thank you Daniel.

    • -7

      Yep. All the people going 'lol that's the normal price for a bahn mi! lololo' are doing the hyperbole.

      Assuming that the traditional $4.50-5 salad/egg roll's don't count, there's no way on earth you'd get a meat bahn mi for less than $7.50 anywhere in a capital city. Average prices are closer to $7.50-9 for the tofu/mock meat, and $10-12 for a meat roll. While I'm sure there's small bakeries in some cities that offer anomalies, most of these people need to get real about post-lockdown pricing.

      • +2

        Yep $5 or $5.50 is normal price in western Sydney, this year.

      • +2

        it's $5 from Darra Takeaway and Scott's Road Takeaway in Brisbane.

        • Try the Darra Fish and Chips next time. I know it seems weird but I think their bahn mi is even better than the other shops on that street and they offer eftpos too. The fried chicken and chips with chicken salt (the bright yellow stuff!) are also great here.

      • I'm in Sydney and although I'm not getting one right in the CBD for cheap, I can go 15 mins to a suburb and get a meat banh mi for $6-7. Not sure where the heck is charging $10 for this street food but I think that you need to steer clear of those places.

      • +1

        ~$5.50-6 in st albans still
        bought some yesterday

      • +1

        Pretty much $6 for pork roll from three places around where I live in Sydney's northwest suburb.

        • Which ones?

      • $4 in WA here and it's very good, no shortcut in quality to meet the price.

      • there's no way on earth you'd get a meat bahn mi for less than $7.50 anywhere in a capital city

        $5 BBQ pork Banh Mi High Street Preston VIC. Had it for lunch 2 days ago …

  • +5

    Marketing idea for tradies super combo pack

    3 banh mi w/ extra chilli
    2 large farmers union iced coffee
    8 mid strength darts
    $5 voucher for the pokies

    • +6

      LOL I deal with tradies and have tried to diversify their lunch range……. "yeah nah (profanity) that aye, I'll stick to my sausage roll and Big M thanks mate."

      • +8

        Nothing like rolling up to site late in a heavily financed Raptor with call on loud speaker, and double jumbo sausage roll and 2 for $7 shell express purchased Dare Iced coffee.

  • +1

    Roll'd are overpriced and not delicious. Marrickville Pork Rolls have raised their prices but their Banh Mi are genuine, delicious, and generous. The Banh Mi place near corner of George and Goulburn St good too.

    • +1

      Genuine, delicious, and generous…agreed…but crackling pork costs 10 bucks! Inflation has finally caught up with Banh Mi's

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