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Leaptel NBN Plans: 50/20 $59.95 Monthly, 100/20 $74.95 Monthly for 12 Months (No Lock-In Contract, New Customers Only) @ Leaptel


We're happy to announce we've rolled out our EOFY22 specials. They're pretty generous in of themselves and I think we're one of the only RSPs offering a 12 month discount. Also as you're not locked in if something better does pop up in that 12 month window you've always got options.

The offer
  • 50Mbps/20Mbps – $59.95 for first 12 months then $74.95 ongoing.
  • 100Mbps/20Mbps – $74.95 for first 12 months, then $89.95 ongoing
  • 100Mbps/40Mbps – $84.95 for first 12months then $99.95 ongoing.
  • 250Mbps/25Mbps – $99 for first 12 months, then $119 ongoing.

All the above have unlimited data.

$0 activation including for month-to-month. We do offer a 24 month option if you need a modem and don't want to pay upfront for it.

Full T&Cs at https://leaptel.com.au/nbn-eofy-2022-promotion-tcs/

Signup via https://leaptel.com.au/nbn-plans/.

Speed & Service

We are with nbn directly on 121/121 nbn POIs which means guaranteed no CVC congestion as we control our own CVC and have lots of headroom.

We have points of presence in data centres in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney with peering and transit in each.

Our support team is located in Box Hill, Melbourne, so when you have a problem you're talking to someone local. Wait time are kept to a minimum and we support livechat and email tickets as well.

Who we are

Many of you won't know who Leaptel is. And that's fair, we've mostly been focused on providing services on the Opticomm network which has allowed us to do what we're now doing on nbn.

To keep it brief, this is who we are:

  • We are 100% Australian owned and operated.
  • We are 100% committed to providing a high quality product.
  • We are 100% dedicated to providing the best customer service possible.
  • We are 100% devoted to improving every day in everything we do.
  • We are 100% willing to own our mistakes and learn from them.

And I think our reviews back this up.

You can check out our Whirlpool Thread here.

We will happily answer any questions here as well of course.

Referral Links

Referral: random (10)

$50 credit for the referrer and referee.

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  • +2

    I've been with Leaptel for a few years now. They've been great and never had a problem.

    • Great to hear Ryanek :)

  • +2

    Can we definitely opt out of CGNAT?

    • +5

      You can opt out of CGNAT at no cost through a toggle in our portal - https://leaptel.com.au/faq-cgnat/

      We also have an IPV6 trial/alpha which you're welcome to have a go at.

      Default config is PPPoE but we 100% support IPoE/DHCP via a toggle in our portal.

    • I'd like to know this as well, as this is a show stopper for me if CGNAT is forced.

  • 100/40 is pretty tempting. What's the situation with static IP/CGNAT?

    • Static IP is an additional $10.
      You can opt out of CGNAT at no cost through a toggle in our portal - https://leaptel.com.au/faq-cgnat/

      We also have an IPV6 trial/alpha which you're welcome to have a go at.

      Default config is PPPoE but we 100% support IPoE/DHCP via a toggle in our portal.

  • Worth noting the 50 Mbps plan has a 500GB limit, or unlimited for $5 more. Also why does the title say $79.95 for 100 Mbps when the description says $74.95?

    • oh. thats a bit misleading.

    • +1

      Hi Mondorock - the 50Mbps is Unlimited, I'll get the 500GB fixed it shouldn't say that.

    • +1

      This is now fixed, the caching on the cloudflare protection was causing it to not show correctly.

  • No 50 upload plans? Ultrafast?

    • At this time we're not offering anything above 250Mbps. We will likely offer ultrafast in the near future once we sort a few things out.

  • +5

    If you have credit/debit card CBA, More NBN I think has 50/20 at $54 and 100/20 at $69 for 12 months.

    • Ta. Just signed up with them.

      • Could you please tell the process.. like where is the deal and how to sign up for one using CBAs debit/credit card.

        • It’s in CommBank app in For You tab down the bottom right hand corner.

  • +2

    And be mindful that router is $150+$20 delivery for less than 24 months contract…after 12 months, monthly charge price will also increase by either $15 or $20, depending on the chosen plan

  • Started to use their opticomm plan since August last year, very stable connection during heavy rain and evening time. Highly recommended.

  • Hi OP, great offer, is this also for Opticomm services? Also can existing customers get this offer?

    • OptiComm pricing is different. New customers only.

    • +1

      Hi Jumanjii, Opticomm has a different set of offers which you can find on our Opticomm page (https://leaptel.com.au/opticomm-plan/). These are ongoing promotions which we've extended several times.

      New customers are always welcome to speak to us about our new customer promotions and we consider them on a case by case basis.

  • Can you order now for a cutover date in the future?

    • Hi Busterau - Absolutely, the signup process asks you what day you want the service goes active. The promotion is set based upon when you order not when the service goes active as well, so it can be after 30 June.

  • +1

    i work from home 5 days a week - can the churn happen on saturday/sunday to minimise risk of downtime while at work?

    • Hi ChiMot - The signup process asks you what day you want the service goes active. So you can select the day of your choice and we submit to nbn on that day (normally just after midnight).

      • including weekend ? and on average how many minutes/hours the downtime is (time a customer will be without internet)

        • +4

          It's all handled automatically by APIs. You lodge a signup with us, we store the order in our system with an order after date and time. After that time lapses, the order is submitted to nbn via API. Nbn does its magic and transfers your service to us. Our system checks the order, sees its complete and notifies you by SMS and email.

          Nothing about the process is handled by a human… unless something goes wrong which does happen.

          In most cases provisioning is done well inside 30minutes, but the service level agreement with nbn is 48hours in the event something did go wrong on their side. I have seen it happen, but it is very very rare (an example would be during the Brisbane floods earlier this year, FTTN orders were getting stuck mid-transfer due to network issues nbn had).

          • @LeaptelRep: What time will cutover occur on the selected date?

            • +1

              @silenthillrocks: By default its 12:00am (midnight). If you'd prefer a different time you can give us a call after you've ordered and our support team can manually adjust the time for you.

  • Been with Leaptel for years now on Opticomm/LBN, always very happy with the service from the phone support.

  • +1

    Question for more knowledgeable minds. I've got FW with Spintel, paying $65/m for an unlimited 50/20 plan.
    During low peak times it's not bad and I'm averaging about 35Mbps/3.5Mbps. Peak times can be horrendous though, and I'll often get < 5Mbps/1.5Mbps.

    I assume this is because the tower is overcrowded now. Is there any benefit in switch ISP? Has anyone been in a similar boat?

    • +1

      Same query here. Same issue with TPG. Just wondering the benefit in changing provider if the same problem arises.

      • We can run a qual with nbn and see if the tower's cell is reporting congestion. But beyond that there's not much more anyone can tell you.

        Our support team can help with this if you ask.

  • Any offers coming up for Opticomm network?

    • Hi Bhakharvadi - We're currently some 6 month discounts on Opticom which you can find at https://leaptel.com.au/opticomm-plan/.

      Unfortunately Opticomm charges $99 ex gst per activation (whereas nbn is $5) so we can't be quite a generous on Opticomm.

  • Do you guys run a credit check?

    • Month-to-month don't require a credit check as you need to make a prepayment to activate.

      24M are checked in line with our requirements under the telecommunication consumer protection code.

  • Can referral codes be added to the order to get a $50 credit?

    • If you apply a refer a friend code then the referrer will get $50 once the referee has paid their second month.

      However as per the terms of refer a friend (https://leaptel.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Leaptel-Re...) the referee will get the promo not the $50 RAF credit as the promo is higher in value.

      • im confused sorry just to make it easy, which one better for the user, join directly or using referral? (to get 50Mbps/20Mbps – $59.95 for first 12 months then $74.95 ongoing._)

        • +4

          Sorry didn't mean to confuse.
          There's 0 downside to using RAF. The new customer will get the promo from us, and the person that referred them will get a $50 credit once the new customer pays their second month's invoice.

  • +2

    Thanks for posting here. Who do you use for international transit, especially to the US?

    • +5

      Our international transit is with Vocus.

      We peer over 90% of our traffic locally via peering exchanges (IX-Australia, Megaport-IX, Edge-IX and Equinix-IX).

  • Why is 250 down paired with 25 up? ****cries at Aussie NBN*

    • Sadly that's how nbn has built the plan. We could offer an upload boost (250Mbps/100Mbps) but the wholesale price on this is significantly higher and based on our experience on Opticomm there's very little willingness to pay the price that nbn sets.

      • That's so sad about the whole NBN situation in Ozland. What about 40 up?

        • Well there's 100Mbps/40Mbps which gives the upload. But no 250Mbps/40Mbps.

          • @LeaptelRep: Sorry I should have made myself clear. I really wanted the best of both ends - 250 down and 40 up. It's just sad that pair is now non-existent.

            • +1

              @binary1001: Ah sorry, we can't offer that at the moment. Other retailers have ultrafast (1000Mbps/50Mbps) but we're not ready to offer that yet.

  • +1

    Why can't these prices be permanent? $60 for 50/20 forever would be great.

  • I'm with Leaptel - have been for several years now. It's a really solid company with great customer service.

    They offer a 'Speed Guarantee' which I haven't seen at any other ISP. This may or may not be important to you, but it helped me choose. Don't think it's on all plans, but it was on the one I was looking at, at the time. https://leaptel.com.au/speed-guarantee/

    • +1

      Great to have you onboard onover.

      We're really proud of our Speed Guarantee, which admittedly hasn't been updated really since 2017. Since then the industry has moved to 'typical evening speeds' which really superseeds the Speed Guarantee. But we had a guarantee of speed long before the industry cleaned up its act on speeds and I hope that says something about what we aim to deliver.

  • +14

    Hi Caped - Unfortunately the wholesale price means its not viable to do that. The base port price for 50Mbps/20Mbps is $45 ex gst. This comes with 2.75Mbps of bandwidth (called CVC). We then pool the bandwidth from your service and other services together on each nbn POI. If that is not sufficient we then have to buy additional bandwith which costs $8 ex gst per Mbps. On average a 50Mbps residential service is using close to 4Mbps these days. So the nbn cost alone is $55 ex gst.

    We then have to backahul from the nbn poi to our point of prescense (between 50c - $1 per Mbps), pay for other network costs (data centre, equipment, peering, transit), other business costs (staffing, marketing, etc etc.) and no retailer is making much money right now.

    So we (being the industry) offer short term promotions to attract customers and we hope you like the service and stick around.

    • +5

      Can I just say that I really appreciate how open you are being about this stuff. Really refreshing!

      Certainly winning me over.

      • +2

        Great to hear. We believe in honestly and I think if you're really bored and read through our 175 page Whirlpool thread you'll see we've made our share of mistakes and grown from them. (https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/9062r7z9)

        We've never really done this sort of promotion on this site before so this is new for us too!

  • Any deals with current Opticomm customers? Been a year now with Leaptel - fantastic customer service and no complaints about the connectivity at all.

    • Hi Gloomy, if you haven't had a promo in the last 12 months feel free to reach out to our support team and see if they can offer you one of our current Opticomm promos (https://leaptel.com.au/opticomm-plan/).

  • Does it require vlan ?

    • +1

      We do not require vlan for any of our nbn services.

  • +3

    Hi @LeaptelRep

    I sent this through to your support email just now - looping you in in hopes that you can provide feedback or make this go somewhere..

    I noticed that the username and password for logging into your online portal is the same as the PPPOE authentication.

    This makes me very uncomfortable - as billing information is available for display and adjustment via this online portal. Can I suggest you either force users to reset their online portal password on first login, or better yet - send users a link to configure the online portal and set their own password.

    You're clearly storing this authentication information in plain text, as the password is on display through the services section of your website. I'd expect this is required for PPPOE authentication - so fine, if that's required, then so be it. BUT this is not acceptable for an online portal storing billing and partial credit card information and breaks all sorts of best practices


    • +2

      Hi Mahdoo,

      It's great feedback and we're always receptive to it.

      Shortly we will be removing PPPoE as our default connection method. But you can also change your password yourself on the portal.

      We're also redeveloping our portal at the moment and changing the way we activate an account is already apart of the process.

      We will also be offering 2FA to those who want to opt in.

      Sadly our portal login side of things is the oldest part of a system we started building in 2015 so it hasn't kept up with best practice in that regards.

      Edit: I should say, the PPPoE password and your login are different fields, but yes when the account is first created they are both the same value. So changing your password in our portal via the change password button does not update the PPPoE password.

      • +2

        Thanks - I actually just called up and confirmed that as well. I have changed the password for my online portal - but the problem is, the majority of users will not, unless forced. So you're exposing the majority of your users billing and partial credit card information to anyone that manages to get a hold of that plain text password. Seems like a massive business risk to me.

        • +1

          Hi Mahdoo,

          That's one of the reasons we plan to redo the way the portal login works as part of our portal redevelopment which is underway.

        • Thanks for the heads up, just changed my password.

  • Do you have a 4G backup for NBN connections?

    • +1

      Hi Modsec802 - Sorry unfortunately we don't.

  • which model of modem do you normally supply?

    • Hi Jorkus - At the moment due to the chipset shortage the type of modem you receive depends on what your service type is. All modems we provide are dual band (so both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz).

      TP-Link is our preferred supplier and we are eagerly awaiting the release of their new all in one router which includes WiFi 6 in July (fingers crossed we've had to change model several times this year as there's been huge stock challenges).

      You are also more than welcome to BYO router and it should work with our network in almost all cases.

      • Can you say which specific models you currently use/will use? Just to see if it's work going for 24 months or just buying my own.

        • Best to reach out to our support team so they can check based upon what options you'd need. One of our options literally changed again this week based upon new supply we received and I'd rather not give you incorrect information.

          • @LeaptelRep: No problem. Online chat said VR1600v which is about what i expected, everyone seems to use them.

            • @Jorkus: Honestly TP-Link has been one of the few suppliers that still has any sort of stock in the carrier market, and even they've been struggling.

  • Technical Support
    1300 205 327 (Option 2)
    (03) 9909 3110 (Option 2)
    Mon-Fri – 9am-9pm AEDT
    Sat & Sun – 9am-7pm AEDT
    Closed on national public holidays and open hours may vary on Victorian public holidays

  • Why does the banner in the T&C's page says $74.95 for 100/20 but the title here says $79.95?

    • +1

      Um… good point. I made a mistake when putting this up. I have corrected the post. It is $74.95 for 100/20 for 12 months then $89.95 ongoing. Apologies for this I should have checked more carefully.

      • Thanks for clarifying. Signed on the 100/20 and got connected before I could finish my cuppa. Great work!

  • We are with nbn directly on 117/121 nbn POIs

    Which 4 are you not connected directly to?

  • +1

    Hi Sween64,

    The 4 POIs are:
    2 PEN - Pendle Hill (NSW)
    3SMR - South Morang (VIC)
    5MOD - Modbury (SA)
    5PRO - Prospect (SA)

    All are awaiting Telstra/nbn to fix various things that are stopping the backhaul working. I'll put the above list in the OP as it's really important.

    Our Vocus experience is still good, it's just they don't overprovision and support IPoE on it.

  • Awesome, i've been looking to change my internet. I'm moving house in 2 months. If I sign up with this now, will it be an issue to relocate my internet plan to the new house?

    • Hi nleg - We can handle move of address, and can probably do something special to move your promo to the new address. If you want to provide me your details via message after you've signed up I can sort this out for you.

  • Hi,

    Currently happy with on FTTP with ABB and without a router. Am I able to do the same setup with Leap? (Copper goes from FTU and straight to my edge switch.)


  • +1

    Hi syneysyd - If it works with ABB it should work with us.You will want to enable IPoE in our portal as its not on by default.

    • Just so I'm fully aware of the process, this means I need to have the service active (and not work as I don't have a PPPoE client or a "modem" anymore); get on the portal on my mobile phone, then turn on IPoE+DHCP, and then that should be it, hopefully? Thanks.

      • +1

        At the moment that is the process (or you can call us and we can do it for you). Our development team is working right now to make IPoE enabled by default and I expect it to be completed this week.

        • Thanks so much for all your responses here!

        • Is work to enable IPoE by default completed yet?

          • +1

            @pnsd: No unfortunately the developer working on it hasn't finished it off yet due to an unforseen issue. But I am hopeful it is going to be done very soon. I'll update the OP when that part is ready.

  • will the standard modem from belong works with leaptel?
    (and currently i have TP-LINK Archer AX73 router only connected to that modem)

    • Probably… I don't know what it is. Basically as long as you can either configure it for PPPoE, or switch it over to IPoE/DHCP/Dynamic IP (whatever the router calls it), then it should work. We don't do anything fancy on authentication like vlan tagging that should limit what modems work.

  • I am currently with TPG 50/20 plan(HFC)and paying $69 pm with no additional charge for a phone line or voip and my partner works from home and requires a phone line as a part of the work requirement ..if I was to sign up with you guys do I get to have a phone line with no additional charges ? Also will I be able to retain the same landline number as it cannot be changed ?
    Also how long will it take to do the churning ? Can it be done over the weekend ..also I have wifi mesh installed Our house to extend the range of I was to swap it over with you guys do I have to reset the whole setup( setting up new username and password) in my modem/router/wifi mesh system .

    • Lots of great questions.

      Sadly we can't offer VOIP at no charge right now. We do provide a VOIP plan that includes local and national calls for $10… but that's the best I can do there.

      Churn process is normally within an hour unless something goes wrong with nbn then they have a 48hour SLA. We will of course work to get it resolved by them before then but we cannot escalate inside that window. I wouldn't mention it because it is so rare, but it does happen. If you're really worried schedule it for a weekend.

      You shouldn't need to touch your inhouse setup, just enable IPoE via our portal and it should come online. Your internet provider doesn't impact your own internal WiFi setup.

      • Thanks would we be able to get the same landline number though or will it be changed ?

        • We can port your number, or provide you a new number. The signup process offers you the choice. Porting takes some time so its not instant, but you do get to keep your number :)

          There's no charge to port your number.

          • @LeaptelRep: So how much will it be all up for 50/20 plan with voip ? Also you mentioned that’s we don’t need to change any existing setup, but how does it work sorry I don’t get it ? As far as I know with TPG initially we have to login into their portal and setup the username and password ?

            • @Sunnyoz: The 50/20 is $59.95 (for 12 months, then $74.95 after that). VOIP is $10per month (includes local/national calls). So $69.95 for 12 months then $84.95 in 12 months time (but who knows what prices are in 12 months, we might be offering VOIP PAYG by then).

              You will need to setup VOIP in your router, our team can help you with that to a degree but it might be worth checking with them tomorrow to ensure your router can be easily reconfigured for VOIP with us. I do know the TPG router can have issues being reconfigured if you're using theirs.

  • any slowdowns any time of day? im on ABB atm which has been perfect and never a speed dip.
    pricing is a temptation to swap

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