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Apple Airpods Pro $289 (Save $110) Delivered @ MyDeal


Blow this one up Ozbargin! Don't know how many are left, but at this price, it won't last long!

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2022

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  • Cashback is ineligible on all Apple branded products!

    • Whoops! I'll update, still a good deal though!

  • Price beat at OW to bring it down to $274.55

    • It’s a direct import. So chances are you won’t get a price match, unless you’re lucky.
      I tried a few weeks ago and couldn’t.

      • Didn’t realise it was a direct import, yeah very low chance of getting a PB then.

      • I got a pair matched at OW via these guys - had to call twice though, as they refused on the first call.

  • $50 cashback with Click Frenzy

    • +1

      First 200 eligible entries only

  • Hmmm this or something with a local warranty

    • +1

      Have a pair of these, been replaced twice, fixed 7 times collectively and just received my third full replacement.

      Issues were AAC faulty, crackling, dropping out, one died, battery in case died, and sounding like I’m in water.

      I literally only use them for music now, when I could have purchased another pair of soundpeats

      • Well you've at least sold me on getting local stock…

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