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Black Shark 4 $521.10 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheapest price I have seen for this phone and with local warranty. Comes with a Snapdragon 870, 144Hz screen and a headphone jack.

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    Man, a "gaming" phone with just 128GB and no SD card?

    • +1

      yeah pretty shit without the expandable storage.

    • Same as the Poco F3 except that has 128gb/256gb

      • +1

        But this was specifically made for gaming so it's a real shame on the Black Shark.

    • yup.. considering COD Mobile alone takes up 16GB, you'd definitely need a bigger phone if you want to use it for anything else.

  • I wonder what the magnetic triggers are like to use

  • Too bad I bought F3 at launch for same price otherwise I'd be all over this.

    • I have a Poco F3 but, bought it recently. What does this have over our Poco F3 that would warrant getting it over ?

      • +4

        Magnetic Triggers lol 😁

  • +5

    I love how we, in 2022, have established the headphone jack as a feature in modern mobile phones.

    Truly an amazing inspiration for future generations to come.

    • -4

      What's the problem?

    • +8

      re-established. The feature should have not gone away.

    • the courage port

  • +1

    I bought the 3 Pro last year and didn't think for a second it wouldn't have NFC. Boyyy I was wrong, suffering alot without NFC.

    • +1

      So this doesn't have NFC?

      • No, I does have it. I mean to say my 3 pro doesn't.

  • 6GB RAM version I presume? I can't see a model number or spec.

    • +1

      12GB RAM in description

      • Oh duh. Thanks.

    • -2

      128GB one, and probably no expandable storage.

  • Will Asus ROG phone 5 still better?

    • I sure not!

    • +2

      At double the price? I would hope so.

  • I’ll bought this model from eBay as a pre-owned model for $400. The seller got it for less than 2 months and it’s was liked brand new when I got it.

    Good screen, pretty lightweight when holding it, solid build, standard 35w charger included but I’ll bought a 120w charger from Aliexpress and it’s was super fast charged from 0-100% in less than 19mins.

    Cons: when you playing game and holding phone horizontal, both hands going to block the speakers due to bad design.
    Playing high end game like Genshin Impact for 15mins the phone getting pretty hot!

    For this price, definitely worth to get one.

  • Can someone explain to me the point of a gaming mobile? Why not just get a switch which will have more longevity and better games? Plus it's cheaper!

    • +1

      I’ve grabbed a Backbone one controller for my IPhone (Which I already had) and bam, I now had a very comfortable device I could stream games from my main computer.
      Also, there’s some games that play surprisingly well on the phone - COD mobile is way more fun then it has any right to be.
      I think the main advantage is, everyone has a phone, why not also use it for playing games, one less thing to carry around / buy.

      • Yeah I think that's what I'm asking - fps shhoters actually play well? I generally only play causal games like pogo but I'd be interested if there were actual worthwhile games to play that only work on a gaming phone (or at least work much better). I find most touchscreen interfaces so far inferior to a mouse and keyboard

        • Apex legends mobile is beautiful on gaming phones.. Just be careful of long gaming sessions especially if charging while playing because the heat can be a hazard and in my case i nearly nurnt myself and gave myself an electrocution when the cable and charging port both half melted lucikly i pulled it out and disconnected the cable from the charger before anything worse happened.

          Now i just need to get a charging port replaced.

          Learnt my lesson.. make sure fan is on and keep track of the heat generated.

  • +1

    Black SHark or Poco F4 gt ?

  • Ordered, please dont be another razr phone………….

  • Ive used all of the gaming phones, you name it, performance wise (genshin used as tester) Red Magic 7 / Pro is easily the winner. Runs Genshin almost like a PC, no other phone can do this on an extended period of time, tried black shark, ROG, lenovo legion duel 2 (the worst).

    • As a red magic 6s pro user the phone is a beast it really handles everything beautifully but i got burned playing apex legends mobile by a faulty cable i am hoping and not the phone itself.

      The heat generated can be scary and combined with charging at the same time created a fire hazard for me and melted my charging port.

      But performance of any game was top tier.

      Nubia has really done it in terms of gaming phone prowess but i think it will take some time until we really solve the overheating issue and hazard.

      Early days to fix this issue in this form factor.

      • Umm, thats why there is the "battery charge seperation" mode to prevent EXACTLY this.. lol

        then again if u want to the extra mile, slap on the cooling fan, but above is fine

        • Yeah my dumb brain forgot this feature and the way my mind is going i will probably forget again.

          Might play it safe next time and just run the battery down then take a break and charge it separately and not use it.

          But honestly i wish the charging separation function had an auto on mode like the fans when entering a game and charging at the same time.

          It is a great feature I was just very forgetful.

          100 things to do but only memory enough for 5.

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