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Sony A80J 77" OLED TV $4945 + Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


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Key features

Cognitive Processor XR™ understands how humans see and hear for true immersion
Enjoy personalised content and new entertainment with Google TV™
XR OLED Contrast delivers unprecedented blacks and dazzling light
The screen is the speaker with immersive sound perfectly matching the action

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This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2022

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  • Damn! This is a great price.

  • Thanks for giving credit to my previous post even though you don't have to :)

    It's just weird that some of JB stores refused to sell this TV at $5k 2 days ago. And now it dropped under $5k. I still remember one guy asked me a funny question: "Why would we give you that price?"- probably they don't care if you want to buy it or not…

    • +6

      Some of their employees know as much about their products as a fifth grader or maybe even less. I asked for a product to be price matched with another physical Australian store and the guy said “oh, the website states origin as Taiwan, so we can’t price match” even though I showed him that the origin means that’s where it’s made. It’s like saying iPhone says assembled in China, so we can’t price match.

      • +4

        Yeah. I told myself not to come back to that store because of their attitudes. But I ended up buying the TV from them hahah. I actually only paid $4400 (before gift card). I need the gift card for a fridge so basically I paid $3900 for 77" A80J. I can share the receipt tomorrow if someone wants to try their luck.

        • Can you please share the receipt? I’ll be purchasing tomorrow. Thanks !

        • Woah that's cheap! Would love to see the receipt and try get my locals to match it.

        • Could you please share your receipt with me? Thanks!

        • Here is the receipt. Good luck if you try to price match that before the discount and gift card, it would be a massive discount. Let me know if you succeeded


          • @hattori9x: Nope online and store rejected. They "know" about this receipt and won't honour it haha

            • @jasontworld: Same to me, I just tried in store, they can not price match the receipt.

            • +1

              @jasontworld: same here and they were pretty unhelpful and rude.

              TGG or even Gerry need to offer a deal so I don't have to buy from these pricks.

              • @Osiris: i guess their policy is they match advertised prices and not receipts or some deal someone else got. I guess bundles and buying other products adds to their calculation so its up to how lucky you get with the sales person or online chat. usually the ones who work there for ages dont give in and just flat out say no. but i rather buy from JB any day over HN/Gerry hahaha… i ended up buying it online with a 5% off gift card. didnt want to wait longer in case no stocks. some are still waiting from Sony..

                • @jasontworld: That's fair enough and I respect if that's the case even though it seems strange they can do deals up until people know about, I'm actually more annoyed at how the chat was handled

    • If not for the tv, we definitely have to give credit for this mate

      I also paid extra $214 for this bundle:

      Full motion TV mount ($339)
      Extra care plan for 5 years warranty ($549)
      Wall mount + cable hiding ($200+)

  • this deal would be even better if I had some cheap JB HiFi gift cards

    • If couple of your family members/friends are with Commbank, there is a targeted cashback offer that you can get gift cards with. It won’t be much but still something.

      • alternatively ebay has refurbished A80J 77's for $4176.20 (using 5% off code PLUSMAY1)

        • +1

          Yes but Sony eBay refurb are hit and miss. So a few hundy more for peace of mind is a better deal imo.

          • +1

            @sm0: Can’t disagree, I will note that my a80j 77 for 4200 appeared to be brand new on delivery.

            Delivery process and customer service is shit though. Same panel lottery either way IMO.

  • Free delivery and install is only for in-store and not online? Which means you can't get the clickfrenzy price as it's only online? Or did I miss something here?

    • You are right. Updated title

  • +1

    For those interested, I just got it for $4500

    Using this
    The link to Harvey Norman quote for $5000

    They price matched that on chat, then I used the frenzy code to knock it down to $4500

    • Do you think you could link your receipt?

    • Did HN give the quote $5000 and you take it to JB to match, then use the JB frenzy code?

    • Please let us know if they give you the $500 gift card too.

    • They wouldn't do that for me over chat.

      Still, bought the damn thing.

    • seems like too many people are asking for the same price, got this immediate response:

      Hi xxxxxx, we are aware of a Harvey Norman quote and JB invoice being shared on social media and OzBargain. We are unable to price match the Sony A80J 77" TV to this price as we do not match quotes and in-store match is upon their own discretion.

  • Any good deals on the 65” lately ?

  • i spoke to JB and they are able to get you install instore and using clickfrenzy code. I didn't have the car today so didn't do this and bought online. I need mine mounted on the wall anyway and this was just free desktop installation.

    i ended up paying $4.7k for this as i had 5% JB gift cards. Less the $500 gift card, makes it around $4.2k if you count the $500 on top. not too shabby i suppose. would have preferred 4.4k before gift card but JB weren't playing ball.

  • +3

    If anyone still wants this TV at $4k.

    You can come to the store and ask them to sell it to you at $5K, then ask them to send you a link to pay online instead of at the counter. Then apply Frenzy code to bring it down to $4.5K + $500 gift card, lowest price ever

    • Which store?
      I'm in Melbourne cbd

      • Just went to Melbourne Elizabeth et, no good.
        He can do lower than advertised but he wouldn't do it via a link.

        • +1

          These guys thinking the money is losing out of their pockets. So useless

    • or they could just be consistent and give the same discounts via online chat so us hermit dwellers don't have to leave our caves :p

      Don't mind me i'm just jelly grats on the new purchase although still think the edu price was lowest ever, this is definitely good but..

      • +1

        Edu price was $4079, this is $4000 post gift card

        • I stand corrected :)

    • They can apply the frenzy code in store supposedly

      • The sales guy was aware of discount code but he wouldn't let me have it both ways.
        Idiot told me if I wanted to pay $5k for i can just buy online with the code. In his words "why would you want any lower?"

        Errr why would I pay any more if I can avoid it.

  • Congratulations to people that got the deal. I have a 65", would love a 77" of this TV!

  • +1

    where is the Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card coming from ?

  • +2

    Hi folks. Hi bought this tv on jbhifi website on 25 May and also got the 10% off but I didn’t receive any notification or confirmation on the $500 gift card.

    Am I missing something here?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers

    • +2

      I took a screenshot of the message below the tv when the deal was live, it says emailed within next 2 weeks

      • +2

        Thanks, could you share the screenshot? I’m being told by the online team that the tv I purchased isn’t eligible for the $500 gift card.

        • +2

          That's pretty poor form. I'll try contacting them next week and ask.

          • +2

            @AtomuKirin: Thanks so much. I am being told they’ll look into it and revert back next week. Will report back here.

            • @MrMiagi: Did you hear anything back from them? I waited the 2 weeks and no gift card. I have contacted support, still waiting for a response.

              • +2

                @MaxD: Followed up with the online chat. They said it’s 2 weeks from order completion. I take that as being the delivery date. So could be another handful of days.

                • @MrMiagi: Any update? Yet to receive mine. :(

                  • @OoshR32: Received mine I think last Friday or Saturday.

                    They said they’re processing them in batches and they they had been a huge demand so but if a back log in processing all of them.

  • +3

    Yeh I'm waiting for mine too

  • -1

    Decided not to buy OLED because i have 2 sons who like to throw stuff… saw some people having issues their OLED get broken because of wii controller, etc

  • +1

    waiting for mine too 😐

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