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Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch 500GB Silver/Black $39.60 C&C Only @ The Good Guys


Really good price if anyone wants 500GB,

Link for black color

Thanks to @1030510410, also take benefit of this steam wallet offer

Thanks to @Applause for 10% coupon code.


Mod: 1145am - Out of stock at most stores but some rural/outer stores still showing stock, eg Rockhampton QLD 4700.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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                  • @Ricko98: Good luck!
                    You've technically already secured the deal so lets hope they don't retract.

                    The Good Guys listing has already been removed now.

                    • @MosaicCub: An update: I just got it! Yay! The girl on the phone served me and they kinda had a discussion about it with the manager..I think todays manager was different than yesterday because he didnt know about the situation. They did mention about the stock being demolished lol and mention about it being a clearance. But the girl was kind enough to explained to the manager and he was happy just to sell it since it was the last one. Ngl I thought they would say no to me.

                      • @Ricko98: thats awesome!, yeah it would suck if they didn't honour it, it was a done deal on the phone and to reject it once you've rocked up would be unprofessional. Good on that sales person!

              • @Ricko98: That's what they do, put item away and write down a name. They would not issue an invoice before receive payment.

        • Last time they refused to send me a link, since it C&C, they insist me to call the store to put it away.

        • Huh never knew stores can put something on hold. Do you call the sales line or the actual store for both methods?

          • @HairyChickens: I called the store, they declined it straight away when I called online help

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    Just picked up from the GG.
    There were… a lot of click and collect print out sheets all over the sales person's desk and she seemed a little flustered.
    No idea if this was a coincidence or not :P

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    Ordered online within 10 mins of the deal being posted but the store called me back to say they have no stock (it was definitely showing in stock at my selected store at time of order)

    • It might be the chance that someone bought it in store or via the phone
      after you have placed the online order but they havent process / fulfil your order yet

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        I got an order confirmation email 5 mins after placing the order then they phoned me 1.5hrs later. Does that confirmation email not mean much in terms of having the item confirmed in reserve?

        • +3

          Depends on the store
          But up till you receive the "Ready for pickup"
          most of the time they didnt get the stock off the shelf for pick up

          So if someone went to the store and grab the last item on the shelf
          then they call those customers that ordered earlier and told them no stock is available

        • Staff don't necessarily process online order straightaway. It's possible that someone grabbed it before the staff actually try to fulfill your order.

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    picked up mine and found that store got plenty in stock, but strange, it's not showing as in stock online

    • where is the store?

      • chirnside park, actually i might be wrong, i only saw the display

  • Hi XXX your digital invoice from The Good Guys is ready xxxxxxxx. Access it in the next 30 days to activate a $10 store credit. T and C's apply

    Not bad. Recieved $10 store credit with the purchase. Thanks OP

    Edit: Minimum $50 spend :/

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      Didn't manage to get any drives today but Go Amazon!

      Really hard saying no to Bezos taking my money.

  • Cheers op, snagged 2 for $80 at jb.

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  • +9

    Lol, what a bargain. On my way back from TGG, I hit a deep hole on the road, and now I am waiting for roadside assistance. tomorrow would cost couple hundreds for a new tyre.

    • Can you try to pay the repair with the T7? The ticket price is $199 though.

      • +1

        Maybe I can sell those T7 to pay for the tyre.

      • +2

        paid 185 for the tyre, well…..

  • I went through the whole order process immediately and the page froze on the payment screen and my order didn’t go through! Devastated!

  • Has Samsung been shits to anyone else?

    Apparently abn is different

    • JB one went through within a day, now the month long wait for the steam gc begins.

  • Has anyone had any trouble getting the Samsung Steam redemption page to accept the serial number? Mine keeps saying invalid S/N. Not sure what's going on.

    • I bought 2 on this deal.
      Submitted to samsung steam deal and got 1 accepted and 1 was rejected - But I uploaded another photo to see if that helps.
      Wondered if it was a zero or o issue??

      • in the t&c, it says:

        Individuals may make more than one Eligible Claim, provided that no more than one (1) claim is made per Participating Product.

        • Do you think that applies to different colours too?
          I bought a silver and a black one.

          Technically different products? Dunno, we'll see what happens

          • @niknewys: Both of mine are currently sitting at "validation complete" status, guess it could always be cancelled before moving to "approved" status.

            Edit: Both silvers.

    • Just to follow this up, I had to email the Samsung promotion staff to fix my error. They must have manually added the serial number (it took three days and three emails), but now my serial number works. (it was the black T7).

  • Has anyone else been knocked back for the Steam wallet offer?

    I've uploaded my digital invoice & a photo of the s/n, but I've had my claim rejected twice. I've sent off an enquiry to the email address they list but I've had no response yet.

    *"The document you provided is not a valid Proof of Purchase.

    We require the Proof of Purchase to have the following information:

    Date of Purchase (must be within the promotion period outlined in the Terms and Conditions)
    Purchased Product
    Retailer/Reseller/Name of the service provider where the product was purchased from"*

    Anyone have a solution?

    • I'm quite sure I applied, but I seem to have no record of my application… And perhaps Samsung doesn't either.

      Do you receive an email immediately after submitting the application to them?

      • You do, yes. You can even check the current status of your claim by logging in.

        • Hmmm… Maybe I never submitted? Oh dear

  • 2 x $20 Steam vouchers received yesterday for the 2 x silver T7s picked up from JB. Around 5.5 week wait from submission to gift card being received.

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