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Microsoft Arc Wireless Poppy Red $24 Click and Collect from The Good Guys


$24 for a Sleek Bluetooth Microsoft Mouse in Poppy Red.

Found it thanks to

Microsoft Surface Go Signature Type Cover (Red) $14 (RRP $179) in-Store Only @ The Good Guys

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    i suppose this is cheap, i bought it at RRP when it first came out, it's rubbish, worse tracking than a mx anywhere , and after a year, the rubber cover got all sticky.

    • +28

      the rubber cover got all sticky.

      Are you sure that wasn't from something else?

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        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • +1

        yeah, very sure. can confirm. with this mouse, i've got nothing.

      • -17

        Unless I've misunderstood it. The suggestive nature of your comment is not appreciated or helpful

        • +5

          Thanks. I was waiting for someone to make up my mind for me.

      • +4

        i hope I haven’t misunderstood you, because I very much appreciate the humour that stems from the suggestive nature of your comment

        • +1

          Yes, OP clearly eats krispy kreme donuts!

    • +5

      You managed to use this for a year? Couldn’t manage to use it for a day after they gave this at work. I HAD to lookup who designed this crap after using this for a few hours.

      • +5

        well, i was heavily invested, the RRP was $100+… i guess i fell into the sunk cost fallacy and tried to make it work.

        but yeah. ever since i got the logitechs, i've not used it since.

        • +2

          The Arc mouse feels great to me now, I wouldn't change back for a 'normal' mouse now.
          Just what you get used to using.

      • +2

        It's a very cool looking, well designed, VERY uncomfortable mouse.

      • +1

        Handed mine back to IT support at work after about a day. Even an old serial mouse with a rubber coated ball bearing in the bottom of it would be better than this.

    • Same, I paid $59 and used it for a few months but it was horrible and the bluetooth kept disconnecting. TGG took it back no questions asked.

      • +2

        After 3 years I've not had any Bluetooth issues, not sure what that may have been.

    • +3

      Weird, I've been using this for years and don't have that problem. Did you leave it under direct sunlight or exposed to hot surfaces?

      • +4

        I've been using an Arc mouse for about 4-5 years I recon - even replaced my first one when it was getting kinda worn out. Never had any of the problems listed here. I like that snapping it straight turns it off and saves the battery, and it's nice and flat in my laptop bag.

        Each to their own, I guess.

    • +1

      I have one of these I've now used for 3 + years and I love it, I remember when I first used it, it felt strange to use, then after about 1 week, it felt great to use (just a different form factor).
      PS: mine isn't sticky.

    • Funnily enough I have one of these for years, probably 2015. I dont really like using it, but I love how small and compact it is.

      Been thinking about trying out one of those wireless pen mice.

    • I take it you were….. seeing red…. After that?

    • Agreed with the sticky surface. Mine lasted 2 years before the top surface got sticky. Won’t buy another one.

      For those who commented, it’s the plastic material used turning sticky. Not a user problem.

    • It looks like it would sound like rubbish haha
      Hate those soft touch rubber finished that go bad

  • Fashion > Function

    • +1

      The Shein of mice.

  • +2

    FYI even though this is cheap, the arc mouse is really bad. Rubber goes bad, not comfortable, the sensor is at the front of the device due to the folding nature of the device so your movements are different to a normal mouse.

    You’d be better off getting a cheap no-name instead.

    • Agree with this sentiment.
      It's just not comfortable in the hand. I barely use mine, prefer the trackpad over this mouse..
      It is cheap though..

      • personally,i think it's $24 too expensive.

  • Gosh.. There is a reason they are putting this on sale.

  • What's the opposite of ergonomic?

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    • I have a dell mouse very similar to this. Sounds like similar performance. The current model dell is quite different now, which I also have and is much more reliable.

      Anyway, the question I have is: which is better ergonomically, this or the hockey stick mouse that came with the original iMac?

      I suppose the hockey stick mouse kept working. No matter how often it was tossed against the wall.

  • +3

    I've had mine since 2017 and use it daily (8hrs if WFH or 2-3hrs of not). Agree it's not "the best quality" but it's served me OK. Rubber is still in-tact and the reason why I got it is because it was compact and could fit into my pocket or small bag sleeves.

    • +1

      The compact nature of it is quite handy, and yeah I've had mine for over 4 years now and the rubber on mine is fine. I don't use it as a daily driver though. So it depends on what your use case is. I use the logitech upright as my work mouse. This is purely a great mouse for when I travel

    • unsolicited advice but if you are going to be using a mouse over long periods of time (eg wfh), get a bigger mouse like the mx master series. because you don't want to get RSI using this one.

  • +2

    The precision on this mouse it absolutely terrible.

    • I disagree, and I use mine as a daily driver for video and audio editing. However, the pad you're using it on makes a huge difference to how it glides.

  • looks like a dog toy

  • +1

    I recommend the Logitech Pebble over this, which can be had for <$30

    • haha same here
      its $23 on ebay or $29 on amazon

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        • Please pay attention to same items but much cheaper on eBay. Almost all of those are oversea versions (Guess made for selling to Asia or Africa) or simply counterfeit. They looks the same, but worse quality.

    • +1

      cool I just bought one - looks good for travel, not too fat

      • It's also got a near silent click so your traveling companions will subconciously thank you.

    • +1

      But pebble is not blue track. So it cannot be used on any surface.

      • What surface are you trying to use it on? I use it on most surfaces with no issues.

  • +1

    this is rubbish
    i would prefer Logitech Pebble Mouse for the same price (on the ebay it is about $23) - a compact and comfortable small mouse for travelling

  • Had one for a short time for work, had to give it back to IT after a couple of days. Not sure if I was the first user as it looked in pretty good condition, but the accuracy on the sensor was really bad and it was generally very frustrating. Easy to pack if you need to travel, but that would be the only possible use case.

  • +5

    The product "3074457345620004669" cannot be ordered.

  • Cool as it looks, I don't need a portable mouse. Excellent price though OP!

  • This is a good "better than no mouse" portable mouse, simply because it folds so flat so can fit in a very slim laptop bag etc. that doesn't have a lot of space for accessories.

    But as an actual mouse I wouldn't want to use it for a long time, or every day.

  • +3

    I got RSI just looking at it

  • Designed for architects boardrooms.

  • Fortunately OOS for me. Saved me buying something else I don't need and probably wont use just because of discount from RRP;)

  • A quiet 'screw you' to whomever just bought the last one in Toowoomba in the time it took for me to get from work to the store hahaha

    • +1

      probably saved you $24. These are junk.

    • +1

      thats an odd way to spell "thank you"

  • holden vs ford happening here

  • Very convenient mouse for travel, probably more ergonomic alternatives for 24/7 use.

    Have one and find it good

  • -1

    Rip your hand and forearm muscles to those who purchased. I had one for free and even then gave it back.

  • I love mine, have used it as a portable work mouse since 2020 and havn't had to change the batteries yet. Unfolds and pairs instantly, I only wish they'd release an updated version with the ability to sync with multiple devices with quick swap. Not for people with larger hands.

    • get the logitech mx anywhere 2s, it's not the latest but it does 3 devices, either bluetooth or dedicated unify dongle. you won't look back on this. i can use the mx 2s mouse on a glass surface. has an actual usable scroll wheel.

      • Mx vertical mouse here also recommended

  • The stupidest mouse ever as it has got none of the smarts of the apple mouse but the same form factor.

  • Yeah I've had this mouse for many years. Not the best at tracking, does get sticky but easily cleaned with alcohol wipes.

    The benefit of it folding flat though is massive for me when I travel/work bag.

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