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$5 Bonus Cashback on Any $200+ Gift Cards (First 2,500 Purchases) @ ShopBack (Activation Required)


Cashback Info:

  • Offer: $5 Bonus Cashback on Any Gift Cards Valued $200 or More.
  • Dates: Thursday 26th May 2022, between 12.00am and 11.59pm AEST
  • Purchase Cap: First 2,500 Customers to Purchase

Terms and Conditions:

  • This challenge entitles you to $5 bonus cashback when you spend $200 or more (in one or across multiple transactions) at ShopBack Gift Cards between 12.00am AEST and 11.59pm AEST on 26th May 2022.
  • Only purchases made after you 'Start' this challenge will qualify for the bonus cashback.
  • Excludes all competition/giveaway transactions.
  • Limited to one bonus per customer.
  • Available while redemptions last.
  • The $5 bonus cashback is in addition to the regular cashback you'll receive for spending at least $200 at ShopBack Gift Cards.
  • The $5 bonus will be added to your account within 48 hours of purchase.
  • Cashback will be forfeited if any fraudulent activities are detected, or if your order is voided.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions, and terminate the offer at any time without prior notice.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to invalidate any order that does not comply with the terms and conditions. 

Referral Links

Referral: random (3876)

$15 for referrer, $5 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +3

    Go Go go go go go go go go go go go


  • +49

    these deals arent as good as i recalled… Used to be $5 on $50 GCs…

  • +33

    Worse and worse

  • +14

    Inflation is getting out of control.. $200 🫣

  • +41

    will pass this time.. not worth it

  • +24

    This is like picking up the 5cent coins off the ground

    • +10

      Worse! Picking a 5c coin requires zero outlay. This on the other hand requires $200 to be upfront for a 2.5% return.

  • +44

    Hey guys, show some people power and say no to poor deals!

  • +19

    nek minnit: $1 CB on $1000 GCs :)

  • +11

    Shopback can 🖕🏻

  • +5

    Bill Fairies is new to the Super Swap card… interesting. Looks like you can pay lots of things, including ATO

  • +6

    It looks worse than it actually is, $1 less than the $3 cashback for $100 GC deals.

  • +12

    That's a bit too much, 5 for 200 I will skip

  • +7

    will skip this time

  • +5

    Skip… meh.

    • +4

      Still upvoted though?

  • +6

    Yeah this is where I stop.

  • +2

    2.5% cashback really isn't worth it. Consider coles/woolies have ~10% off GCs every month, and it used to be 15% around when iPhone 13 release.

  • +9


    I refuse to even start this piss poor challenge.
    Seriously, locking up $200 in gift cards for a measly 2.5% return!?! Outrageous!

  • -1


  • +2

    No deal

  • +2


  • +9

    We can support this by giving a neg.

    Edit: no offence to OP though

  • +5

    My limit was $5 for $100 purchase.

    • +2

      I bought at $3 for $100 simply because I needed to buy a SuperSwap->Coles giftcard for grocery shopping. Picked up a couple of those this week but still have plenty of Coles gift cards for future spends. Don't see any point in dropping another $200 for $5.

  • +5

    Give it a pass. Not buying it.

  • share dividends pay more than this

  • +5

    This isn't a deal any more, pass

  • other than shopback. What companies/gift cards does everyone use for Amazon, Ebay and Uber Eats? And what percentage when on sale?

  • +2

    Maybe tomorrow ShopBack challenge spend $500+ on any gift card receive $5 cashback first 100 customer opt-in ( activation required ) enjoyed the bonus :) but l will pass for this deal !!!

  • +2

    This is a fail

    • Is this peak consumerism? People are going to need bigger houses to store all their crap

  • +2


  • +2

    Still awaiting $40 tracking of ebay plus. …

    • yeah, me too.

    • Same. 120+ hours now

  • -2

    Another $9 free money on ShopBack Super Swap Gift Cards?!?! There’s no inflation here, just a sea of deals and a raging torrent of cashback!

  • Not worth the effort, waste of our ozbarginers time by getting us here to read this 'deal'

  • +4

    deals are getting worse, skipping this

  • +3

    Not worth the effort and investment. Going to be my first ever neg.

  • +4

    Shopback is taking this piss. 2.5% cashback in 3 months. Pass

  • +1


  • +2

    Hmm this is a new low.

  • +2

    Sorry this is too much to ask for considering the minimal return.

  • I can't find this in the app. Where is this offer? Is it under gift-cards or earn-more?

    • Should be under earn more

      • They should create another category for ‘earn less’. For those that urgently need one now but missed out on an earlier ‘earn more’.

      • +5

        Should actually be under 'Earn Less'

      • found it. thanks!

  • +2

    SB should honour and track $40 for eBay Plus before I use SB ever again.

  • +1

    Only a paltry 2.5% extra cashback, and uncertain if you'll even get it considering there's no tracking from the Ebay Plus Cashback.

  • +1

    Pretty poor PR shopback. 2.5% on $200.

  • +2

    Epic fail

  • +5

    Yup, this is just like what they did with doordash gift cards. slowly reduce the benefits and see if people are willing to still keep buying them. And when people did, they then kept repeating the lower rate.

  • +3

    They are testing us for sure

  • +1

    Definitely NOT worth it

  • +2

    OZB is not happy with SB this time lol

  • +1

    NOT worth it, pass :-J

  • +1

    Not worth the effort

  • +2

    Hey all

    I know this deal is not for everyone (the amount required to purchase too high, $1 cashback less if you compare etc).

    After reading through the amount of negs on this deal vs the amount of care shown that I post these deals at midnight sharp when I could’ve done legit anything else (from watching TV, playing my Switch etc), I’ve decided to take time off from OzB.

    I’ve spent my weekends trying to answer any SB problems that y’all have (ps I don’t work for them btw, it’s just I’ve a genuine interest in helping).

    Good luck and take care (if I even decide to come back to post deals at some point later)


    • Negative votes are towards the deal/merchant, not the poster. You should not take reaction towards a deal post, personally.

      We all post bad deals, eg. Move onto the next one and don't worry about it.

      Having said that, you should take some time out for yourself, don't feel obligated to assist problems. Don't let deal posting become emotionally draining or take it too seriously, take some time out for yourself to watch tv etc. or whatever you like to do.

      Take care.

    • +7

      While I appreciate the time you've taken with this post, neg votes are not against you personally - they are against the deal. At least it isn't from me and I'm sure the same goes for others also. The only way Shopback will ever understand the level of negative feedback on their promos is to make sure "deals" like this are reflected back at them. If we just drool over every single scrap they give us, they'll continue to give us scraps.

      As the saying goes: "Vote with your feet". They aren't going to read all the comments. But you just know that they're looking at the deal votes.

      • Thanks, negging on deals do take some effect on the poster at times

        I’ve passed the feedbacks from this deal onto GYB already

        • Was about to do a shop and decided to check OzB on the way and saw your post, so thank you from me OP!

      • +3


        Definitely not against OP personally. I, for one, am glad to have active members like OP who keep posting more deals regularly. I've upvoted several OP's posts in the past too.

        Regardless who and when post this, I think it will receive pretty much same reaction (if not worse - pretty sure some hold back from negging due to knowing OP in this forum).

        Not to mention with the eBay plus fiasco at the moment, I think no doubt there's a bit of sentiment against SB.

        • +2

          Thanks, appreciate it!
          Yeah even my eBay plus hasn’t tracked since Sat arvo, tho GYB is aware of it

    • +1

      bargainsgrabber I agree with the comments above. I have negged this deal for, the first one in over 11 years but I assure you it never entered my mind that it was anything to do with you. The only way this community works is by people sharing the deals they find and the expertise they have. You are certainly one of those and the negs are nothing to do with you but only the deal. Thank you for your contribution.

    • +1

      Please don't take it personally and thanks for posting.
      It's just that we have to show force to Shopback and let them understand we don't tolerate bad deals.
      Otherwise, their marketing team would have thought these bad deals are accepted by the public
      and there will be no more attractive deals in the future.
      Honestly I think we should be happy because we are united and strong against greedy merchants. :)

  • +2

    Say No to Shopback…
    Thank you for submitting a missing cashback claim.

    We have appealed this missing cashback claim with the merchant and found that the merchant has deemed ShopBack ineligible to earn commissions on this transaction which results in us being unable to pass the cashback along to you.

    ShopBack awards cashback on your transactions on the basis that the merchant attributes your order to ShopBack and pays us a commission, they are the deciding party on a sale being attributed to ShopBack.

    There are quite a few reasons why these orders may not be attributed to ShopBack. This includes:

    If a user clicks on a Honey, Cashrewards, or another chrome extension after clicking from ShopBack
    If other web pages (including search sites, social media, store sites, promotional/discount sites) or web browsers are opened after clicking through ShopBack
    Clicking through to another page from a banner, pop-up, or advertisement on the store’s webpage whilst shopping
    Antivirus/Cleanup or Adblocker applications block or disrupt cashback tracking (Tracking cookies are required to track transaction)
    When the order falls under the merchant’s exclusions, including the use of promo codes not listed on ShopBack.
    In the meantime, do let me know if there is anything I can do to help or share my best advice on earning cashback. I’d be here to support whenever you need it.

    Team ShopBack

    • Hey @Kas, could you reach out to me via DM so I can take a look at this for you?


  • KWAB

  • +7

    Hey everyone, I thought I'd jump in here real quick.

    It's clear that this promotion doesn't meet the OzB expectations and I'm sorry that many feel this way.
    I would just like to clarify that this is not an OzB exclusive promo, we aren't targeting you specifically for this deal. If it was, it would be under the OZBPERKS partnership.
    It's an open challenge for any of our 1.5+ million customers to take advantage of & it happened to be posted here on OzB.

    Additionally, our team have budgets & KPIs which are taken into consideration when setting up these promos - as any business would.
    The team isn't trying to upset our community, they're simply trying to hit their targets efficiently before the end of the month.

    Again, I apologise to those who do not see value in this deal.
    I just kindly ask for a little understanding rather than pitchforks and torches.

    Side note: with regards to eBay Plus, we are working with eBay directly to understand why some users did not have their subscription track.
    I'm still collating all the customer accounts manually to send a list to our eBay contact.
    We will sort this out, please hold tight.


    • Available to the first 2,500 purchases - but for that to happen, that purchase has to track. And with canned responses from SB like "our merchant has the final answer on cashback approval" it makes little sense to spend so much time investing in this "deal" when the returns are minimal.

      That's just one of the reasons why this doesn't meet OzBargain expectations.

      • +3

        Hey @KangaDrew, I think there's a slight misunderstanding.
        This promo is on our Gift Cards which are 100% owned by ShopBack.

        Tracking on Gift Cards is near-instant & we do not require any approval from any other merchants for the Cashback.


        • Ah ok then, fair enough.

    • +1

      However, only 400+ claimed so far. It does not look promising for even 600.

    • +3

      Side note: with regards to eBay Plus, we are working with eBay directly to understand why some users did not have their subscription track.

      Hi GYB,

      Would you be so kind as to provide a general update to everyone on the following thread instead:

      I understand that you might be tired from all the DMs and messages.

      However, folks are literally getting their pitchforks and tiki torches out against SB.

      A vast majority of us would not have joined eBay Plus had we known that our purchases would not track (through no fault of our own).

      We were under the impression that most of the tracking issues would be resolved by Wednesday as per your last update on the above thread.

      • Hey @DoctorCalculon,

        Yep sorry for the lack of visibility on the thread, my inbox has been a nightmare to stay on top of this week.
        I'll jump in there shortly and provide an update.


  • +1

    only buy at least 10% off

  • To be fair, it’s $5 in addition to the discounted GC rate. So if you intend to buy say eBay GC to pay your eBay click frenzy item, it’s a nice extra without going out of your way. Their $200 eBay GC has 3% cash back, $5 effectively makes it 5.5% cash back which is not that terrible is it?
    From my experience, cash backs on GCs are redeemable a lot faster than cash back on store purchases. I think under 2 weeks.

  • -2

    Yes its in addition to usual cashback, They are a business, not a charity.

    • +2

      Of course they are business. But in case you forget, OzB isn't a business appreciation forum.

  • Noticed that today DoorDash gift cards give 1% less cashback than yesterday …

  • +2

    Horrible deal

  • +1

    It's not that terrible to be honest. It's only 0.5% less than the 3% per $100 GC deals that I happily jumped on.

    However, with the recent 5% credits Amazon GC deal, AND one of the above 3% CB per $100 GC from Shopback, it's a bit much to sink another $200 into more GCs. Maybe it's a timing issue, or maybe the required sum of $200 is harder to sell.

  • +1

    The more you buy the lower you get discount. Should be the other way around. What a joke.

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