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$40 Cashback on 12-Month $49 eBay Plus Subscription @ ShopBack (New & Reactivated Subscriptions)


Nice timing with the eBay plus weekend starting soon.

  • Existing eBay Plus Customers will not be eligible for cashback on Sign Ups
  • Customers who cancel their Free trial will not be eligible for cashback
  • Monthly eBay Plus Subscriptions are ineligible for cashback

ShopBack rep -

Cashback will track initially at $0, but will be uplifted to the correct value once your annual subscription has been confirmed (after the free trial).

4pm Update — Shopback have added details here regarding stacking this promo with the $20 voucher.

27/5 Update — See here for updated information on Missing Cashback / No Tracking: Please lodge a missing cashback claim from your ShopBack account.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3746)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback. See all terms

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  • +7

    Hi all, a few notes:

    • Cashback will track initially at $0, but will be uplifted to the correct value once your annual subscription has been confirmed (after the free trial).
    • eBay Plus weekend isn't too far away now, great time to grab the subscription in prep for it.
    • A hotel T&C snuck into the page, getting it removed today :)


    • Thanks gyb

    • +1

      I just tried to do this from my Shopback account but the green Shopback sign is not showing when it goes to ebay to try to do the Ebay Plus membership, it is just the red $ moving up and down…..I don't want to do it and then I don't get the cashback. I cancelled my ebay plus account a couple of months ago, so I can sign up to this offer. Had been waiting for a better voucher, but this deal is better than the $20 they keep offering….only if this works though

      • +4

        Best to do this through our app if you don't feel confident of the desktop tracking.
        Fewer third-party softwares interfering on mobile.

        • +1

          How long before the tracking appears? Just did it through my shopback app and nothing is showing up on my click activity…

          • +3

            @freekay: Hey hey! Tracking can take up to 48 hrs for eBay sometimes, depends on when we get the data over from them. We did have some weirdness with Click Activity today, I flagged it and it should be fixed up now. Let me know if you're still having trouble/DM if your order doesn't show tracking after a couple of days.

            @shima888 @souths123

            • @gotyourback: Mine has been over 48 hours but it still didn't track :(
              But when I inquired through the shopback app 2 days ago the rep said they can see my purchase

        • Did it on mobile and nothing is showing up on my click activity either.

          • +2

            @shima888: which is why I was worried about this. It was like it wasn't clicking through to ebay from Shopback

            • @souths123: Click activity is now showing up. Just need to ensure tracking follows.

              • @shima888: Same here

                • @poppingtags: Tracking showed up, at first with email saying $0 but now in the account with $40 pending, available by 20 July. So that seems in order so far.

                  • +1

                    @shima888: Just in case anyone comes back to look at this, it all worked correctly and in the right time limits

      • This could be an issue with both CR/SB, it is risky that you may not get anything rather than at least $20 from ebay (hopefully). I have a couple of of incidents for both company didn't track my Amazon/JD sports purchases (clothing/shoes) and and both of them replied me (at the very end) can't do anything if the vendor refused the cashback.

    • So a past eBay plus from 2 months ago expired eBay plus membership can take this deal?

      • same question here

      • +4

        Yep! As long as it's not a currently valid account, you're eligible.

    • +4

      is this deal only for today, or is it "ongoing" as per the website. I am happy to wait until all the glitches are fixed atm as there is no hurry, but if it is only for today……

      • +2

        Not today only, will be available for a limited time but no confirmed end date as yet.

    • Purchased via the link on shobback site, I do not have trial period so straight to eBay plus.
      Can't see any tracking confirmation mail from shopback or any thing in cashback activity.

      • Hey! Posted an update here, hopefully helps to clarify.

    • 8 days and mine never tracked

  • +8

    Hmmm… double dip with this ebay sign up offer for $11 profit?

    • +4

      There is a possibility cashback will not track or be void later.

      When you click out from SB, you are taken to a slightly different link.

      @gotyourback Could you please confirm if the above link will work or not?

      • +9

        This is all new to us, so I'm not 100% sure just yet.
        Let me confirm with our eBay contact and get back to you later today :)

        I feel like it wouldn't work though.

        • yes, I'd like to know about this as well, but yes, feel like they will reject it using this voucher

        • F

        • I'd like to know as well.

        • +9

          @souths123 @Jimothy Wongingtons @blehgg @chrisie

          Hey all! We've confirmed with eBay that users will receive the $20 voucher once they have passed the free trial/paid for their membership, meaning you'll receive the voucher your membership is confirmed after any free trial has ended.

          • +1

            @gotyourback: Thanks so much for checking on this for us!

            Could you please confirm if these are the correct steps?

            1) Click through Shopback eBay Link
            2) Navigate to https://pages.ebay.com.au/buyer_coupons/plussignup/
            3) Sign up there?
            4) ???
            5) Profit!!!

            • +1

              @poppingtags: How do you navigate to the $20 link within shopback?

            • +1

              @poppingtags: yeah, I don't think that is going to work. The link on here now finally takes direct to sign up page, I think if you leave that page to try to get the voucher it will void the click through for sign up. Gotyourback prob doesn't understand that it isn't an offer that is there all the time and you either get it pop up in your account randomly, in which case you might be able to take advantage of it, or you click on that link you just supplied, which will then leave the page Shopback directed you to

            • +14

              @poppingtags: @bennybaubles @souths123 @hawkeye93 @chillipaste @chrisie

              Let me check up on the click journey here. bear with, will update here.

          • @gotyourback: So how can we get the $20 voucher? Is it ok to navigate to https://pages.ebay.com.au/buyer_coupons/plussignup/ after clicking through SB?

          • @gotyourback: Thanks for your reply - so that means we will receive the $40 cashback as well as the $20 voucher .

            • @chrisie: be careful doing this as clicking on another link to try to get the $20 will prob take you away from the Shopback click through. You could prob only get this if the deal popped up on your account, as it does sometimes

            • @chrisie: let me know too please.

          • @gotyourback: so how do we do this? Do we just copy and paste the url https://pages.ebay.com.au/buyer_coupons/plussignup/
            after we click thru shopback?
            Or can shopback update the click thru link to get this page instead?

            • +1

              @ClaudeVL: I saw the banner for the $20 voucher and I could click that, so technically I'm not copying & pasting a new link and just navigating through the website from within the same tab. But I didn't signup immediately, waiting for GYB's confirmation and now I can't see the banner anymore :(

              • @tukanglistrik: Me too, my banner has disappeared now :(

                • @peppet: Sounds like eBay does not want us to stack the deal and have removed the banner from homepage.

                  • @CodeXD: Usually banners disappear once you click on it, so as not to become annoying if you're not interested. Will try again in incognito mode but only after GYB confirms that they stack.

              • @tukanglistrik: yep, that banner is random and I didn't want to sign up from the banner on ebay either. The shopback link takes direct to Ebay plus, so not even sure if it is ok to go to ebay and then click on that banner and join as it might not count once you leave the ebayplus page we were directed to in the first place

              • @tukanglistrik: thanks, what I did was I navigated thru via Shopback, but then I clicked to home page on Ebay and then could see the banner for the $20 voucher, can I then click this to sign up, will it register? thanks

            • @ClaudeVL: Why not just use the desktop extension and activate while being on that page?

          • @gotyourback: @gotyourback thanks legend

          • @gotyourback: Hi - Are you sure about this? the T&Cs on the Shopback site suggest:

            1. Ensure ShopBack is the last link you click prior to transacting, in order to earn cashback.
            2. Only use promo codes listed on ShopBack.
            3. Don't use promo codes not listed by ShopBack. This will invalidate cashback.

            So if I use the Shopback back path - and then try to navigate to the page to use the $20 voucher won't that negate the Shopback offer?

            Also - it tells me - 'You have already tested eBay Plus for free. If you sign up now, the membership fee is due immediately' - Am I still entitled to the $40 cashback?

            • +3

              @Plebo2000: Hey Plebo2000, as I said up here, I'm checking with eBay for the best practice for how to click through to get both, so bear with whilst I do that. Will update by the end of today.

              You definitely are, this deal is fine for returning customers, you are only eligible for one free trial with eBay, but customers who have redeemed the trial previously but aren't currently active account holders are eligible.

        • F

        • -1


        • Need. this. done.

        • I couldn’t see a banner initially, but after clicking an item, the banner appeared within the item description. I signed up by clicking the banner, with the whole process happening in-app. Hopefully it’ll be tracked

          • @noodles619:

            Hopefully it’ll be tracked

            Or, maybe not. With $40 on the line, do you really want to do the whole email dance with Shopback Deborah?

            Wait for the Shopback rep to confirm.

            Let me check up on the click journey here. bear with, will update here.

            • +3

              @DoctorCalculon: I'm on desktop and installed the chrome extension. When i navigate to ebay the extension is still red instead of green. Anyone else experience this as well?

              • @Stevemao: Do you have any ad blockers, cookie killers, etc. installed?

              • @Stevemao: You may need to log in to shopback after clicking the shopback extension.

              • @Stevemao: yes, not sure why it is happening, but it counts as click activity

          • @noodles619: Hm normally I see this banner all the time… now nowhere to be seen even going through random items

        • I have strong reasons to believe that it will not track/cashback paid as clicking on the "$20 banner" will take you to "fundinginstrument.ebay.com.au" and it will violate cashback as you have moved from "ebay.com.au" to "fundinginstrument.ebay.com.au".

          • @io: In ShopBack it has the $20 as get deal when first clicking through under promo. So surely this means it stacks

        • +86

          Hey everyone! I can't @ everyone who has followed for this, so am just replying here - We have added a link on the page for eBayPlus on our website to the $20 voucher promo to be able to click from us to the voucher page and be able to sign up there! This should make tracking super simple to follow whilst taking advantage of both the voucher and cashback.

          Reach out if you have any other q's :)

          • +1

            @gotyourback: Legend, thank you so much for putting in the effort to do this for us!

          • +1

            @gotyourback: @gotyourback thank u legend

          • +1

            @gotyourback: Thanks rep, great job!

          • +1

            @gotyourback: @gotyourback Great work!

          • +1

            @gotyourback: that's great thanks

            • +1

              @RichardF89: @gotyourback Thanks & hoping mine tracking fine, already done it earlier.

          • +1

            @gotyourback: thanks for confirming! have signed up now and hopefully cashback tracks ok!

          • +1

            @gotyourback: Thanks mate - good job - Have signed up.

          • +1

            @gotyourback: Above and beyond :D

            Thanks, signed up for sure

          • +1

            @gotyourback: Just signed up. Thank you!

          • +1

            @gotyourback: I click on the link from your website and it takes me to the $20 voucher page but the Shopback icon remains red. If I manually activate it, it takes me to another page with no option to sign-up for the voucher.

          • +1

            @gotyourback: So I was a bit eager, and visited ebay via the shopback portal, then clicked to the ebay homepage, and clicked the banner.

            Would I still get the cashback?

          • @gotyourback: Thanks signed up.
            Has anyone got casback tracked email yet?

            • @BinnyC: I think eBay tracking takes at least a day. I am guessing eBay Membership will be the same.

              I was going to DM @gotyourback about it. But I will wait until he has had a chance to catch up.

          • @gotyourback: When I clicked your added link, shopback icon for Chrome extension doesn’t turn green. Is that ok?

          • @gotyourback: Awesome! Thank you for posting and confirming that we can get the $20 voucher promo and this cashback as well!

          • +1

            @gotyourback: this really makes it a deal. upvoted.

          • +2

            @gotyourback: GYB always going above and beyond as usual, you the best!

          • +1

            @gotyourback: Thanks a lot for keeping the promise to get back to us. Great effort.

          • @gotyourback: Thank you.

          • +1

            @gotyourback: bought membership before reading this message today. Wrote to eBay support asking for a $20 voucher that I am expecting as a member. Let's see if they refuse or send the voucher

            • +1

              @alexshel: Dont think they can. Their system is a mess and not that flexible.

              • @fuzor: I'll try my best. At least they could just send a one-off voucher. There is no way for me or ebay to prove that I clicked or not clicked that $20 banner link, so it could be a system glitch that's why I did not get any voucher..

          • +1

            @gotyourback: Same. I clicked through on Chrome using the link from their homepage (see image below), but the ShopBack Cashback Buddy Icon stayed red, but when I hovered over it, it did say it has access to the site… so I don't know.

            Wait n see. Hope for the best?


            • @Graffin: so in the end did you pay for the $49? and did they come up with any updates? Ta :)

              • @ozbargain4liffe: Yeah I did. Was charged $48.99.

                Received $20 voucher on sign up (just shows on screen), and an email saying I’ve joined eBay Plus followed by another as a receipt/tax invoice.

                No tracking from Shopback as yet though!

          • @gotyourback: Thanks GYB. signed up and paid $49 using paypal. $20 voucher is received….just await the tracking now….All through SB app.

            how long this offer is open for if anyone knows?

          • @gotyourback: Clicked via the $20 promotion, got charged $48.99, i think there was a $0.01 authentication. but haven't seen it get tracked, when will I expect to see it tracked in my account?

          • @gotyourback: Thanks Rep, cancelled last week and signed up with the $30cr but Ebay claimed there was a problem with the payment when there clearly wasn’t.

            • @GLO: Can't see it tracked in click history though.

          • @gotyourback: followed the link, clicked on $20 voucher banner showing under a product and then signed up for a year membership, hopefully it will be tracked

          • +2

            @gotyourback: I followed this process strictly last Saturday and successfully received a $20 coupon, but the $40 is still not tracked so far. I want to know is this normal? Should I keep waiting?

          • +2

            @gotyourback: I joined eBay Plus late on Fri 20 May and as at 11.15am Thu 26 May the purchase is still NOT being shown in my Shopback account.
            With the lack of response lately from "gotyourback", right now I am extremely worried they we have all been duped!

            Like almost every other person here, I only joined eBay Plus out of economics. I cannot recall the last year I even used my eBay account. But a net $9 (after this supposed $40 cashback) for a year of free deliveries, $5 monthly shopping voucher seemed a no-brainer. Add to that we got a $20 voucher to spend (not used as yet, in case it helps me get a full refund from eBay, should Shopback not fix this issue)

            I have also filed a missing cashback enquiry with Shopback today.

            Let's hope we can all get some clarity on this issue sooner than later.

          • @gotyourback: I've noticed that the "link" that you've added to the page for eBay Plus on your website which goes directly to the $20 voucher promo has now been removed.

            Therefore, we an no longer "click from you to the voucher page to sign up"!

            So is that an indication that getting the $20 voucher makes us ineligible for the $40 cashback?

            So does that mean that all of us who have already signed up as per your instructions above and have got the $20 voucher already are ineligible to receive the $40 cashback?

            Is that the reason why the tracking is not showing up for us?

            • @proudwanderer: Hey mate, don't stress, this was removed because the $20 voucher offer is no longer being offered by eBay, that promo period is now over. Those who took advantage of the promo whilst it was up are definitely eligible.

              Tracking is a more manual process for these subscriptions that with other stores, which is what is causing a delay. I'm working hard to get updates from the relevant teams. As always, DM if you're concerned or have any specific q's, happy to help out.

          • @gotyourback: Damn was waiting for this then missed it. Now I need eBay plus :/

      • +2

        How do we navigate to the $20 voucher for ebay sign up if we visit via the shopback app?

        Are we saying we can visit ebay via the shopback link, but then just copy/paste the $20 voucher promo link to signup and it'll all be good?

        • I don't think that will work

        • I guess we will wait for @gotyourback to reply to this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12151331/redir

        • Well I've already signed up. By visiting shopback, clicking back to ebay front page and clicking the banner at the top.

          We'll see what happens.

          I did not cut and paste any URL

          • +6

            @chillipaste: Risky as you might get the $20 and forgo $40.

          • @chillipaste: Yep done the same way earlier, seeing now able to double up with promotions if rejected be then contacting ShopBack.

        • I've found (https://www.shopback.com.au/ebay-plus-membership) there is a link for Bonus $20 Voucher, click it, and choose sign up annual in ebay. Then I think you can get ebay $20 voucher instantly and shop-back cash $40, 2 days later. ( correct me if im wrong)

    • Damn, that was a good deal but I have this message following your link (I just made one purchase over the past 12 months)

      Sorry, you're ineligible for this offer due to lack of purchase history. You can still unlock a range of exclusive offers & free delivery on millions of Plus items if you join eBay Plus.

  • great

  • +8

    Customers who cancel their Free trial will not be eligible for cashback

    What about folks who had cancelled their free trial a while ago, and don't have eBay Plus currently?
    Would they be eligible?

    • +8

      This Cashback offer is not limited to first time subscribers.
      Repeat subscribers can take advantage of the Cashback offers so long as they do not have a current subscription.

  • +6

    My subscription ended over a year ago; am I eligible?

    • +5

      Mine expired last month, am I eligible?

      • +2

        Mine expired 2 years ago, am I eligible?

    • +9

      Yes to all.

      • +1

        A lot of us have had issues with the transaction not being tracked. Please check the newer pages and advise what to do.

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