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[eBay Plus] Dell 27" 4K UHD Monitor - S2721QS 3840x 2160 at 60 Hz AMD $299 Delivered @ Dell eBay (Starts 27/5 8am AEST)


Perfect price for tax write-off. Pay with discounted ebay gift cards for further savings.

Currently $340.27 after 22% discount.

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Thank you everyone for the support - DB.

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  • +22

    I tell myself.
    Aha found a reason - no USBC input. Pwhew.

    • +6

      You can easily add USBC by using a HDMI to usbc dongle with a charging port

      • +16

        Stop it. I'm trying to talk myself out of it.
        I have a USBC to DP cable.

        • Dew it. You can claim it on tax (under $300)

        • +13

          don't buy it, if it doesn't meet your needs then no point wasting money. you're getting swarmed by 'buy it' comments like the dudes are getting commission.

          • +2

            @prettyflyforawifi: OzB is kind of like AA but for spending addiction, and excepting that everybody encourages each other to indulge.

            I really do feel like buying something…

          • @prettyflyforawifi: I bought it despite the same.

            But then I sold it for $50 more than i paid. It'll be an instant tax write off ~$100.

            Then I bought the one with usb-c for $370. $370-$100-$50 = $220. Boom.

    • +4

      I bought this last time the deal was on a no regrets whatsoever. Delivery was also within a week. Only mild problems are no USB C and slight shadow on the border of the screen which I personally don’t really notice.

      You should buy it

    • +1

      The USB-C model (S2721QC) is a real pain if you have multiple devices, especially if you have both Intel Macs and M1 Macs. Gets worse if you have Windows devices (work well) and Android devices into the mix. Clearly, Apple don't care that much about trouble free support to PC USB-C monitors.

      And, then there is Dell reducing features to ensure there is still a feature gap between that USB-C monitor and Dell's Ultrasharp range.

      • +1

        If you use macs you need ultrasharp to get the full range of dell software features. I am pretty sure that is a market positioning decision by Dell and isn’t Apple’s fault, Dell obviously assuming Mac users only want, or are prepared to pay for higher end displays.

        Maybe some shareware hacker can make Dell Display Manager for Mac work on S series dell displays, but I don’t know of such a hack and it would always be only one dell update from stopping working. For the KVM perhaps if you base the multiple machine setup from the windows machine it might work between machines better?

        On the upside with ultrasharp you get an individually factory calibrated and tested screen.
        The U2723QE is the one at this size. However its RRP at the moment is $920. Rumoured price rises.

        • Dell locking the app to Ultrasharp monitors isn't nice. The app is in beta anyway. That app isn't a big deal, the really useful adjustments are not on the app. Not providing firmware updates to S series monitors is a bigger issue.

          The real issue isn't Dell. It's too many people have been tricked by this USB-C is one cable for all and do everything marketing hype. It has been an evolving standard AND is STILL evolving. When you try to do your setup, you end up with the lowest common denominator and essentially not able to use the full bandwidth in most cases. If you do attempt to use the max bandwidth, you have to pay up (so only the Pros making money with their equipments can really do that, or you have a high pay job).

    • Buy now regret later

    • +1

      ahh same! lol. USB-C connection with at least 65W of power delivery is my condition.

    • +1

      it’s also just a bad quality monitor

    • +1

      Why do people want to use usbc? I thought hdmi is better for monitor?

      • Connect to phone. Or to laptop if there is only USBC ports, rhather than use a converter cable.
        Power delivery to laptop or phone.

      • +2

        With the right USB-C support, you can both charge your PC (typically at 65w or 90w) as well as sending the video signal through. Ends up being one cable on the desk instead of two, which can be especially useful if you have more than one brand/type of PC/tablet, as it becomes more universal.

        • +2

          Ah i see. So I do not need to charge my laptop using the power adapter that comes with the laptop? (Assuming my laptop support this power over usbc)?

          • @Succulent: Yes exactly. Both work laptop and personal laptop do this. Charging, monitor and peripherals all in one cable. Very convenient for home office.

            Look up USBC power delivery and Display Port alternate mode to clarify.

            • @pastrydemon: Thanks. Just found out my laptop model does not support power over usbc.

          • @Succulent: Exactly.
            When you one day upgrade to a new computer, most support charging over USB-C.

  • How does the tax write-off work?

    • +4

      Add deduct on ATO app. <$300 is for one time deduction

    • +6

      Purchases for work use under $300 can be claimed in full the year they are purchased. Amounts over need to be claimed on a depreciation schedule.

      • If I buy 2 of these in separate $299 transactions for work purposes, can I claim the full amount (i.e. 2x$299) given each is less than the $300 cap, or does it have to be over depreciation (since total cost of monitors is greater than $300 over fy22)?

        • Not tax advice - speak to an accountant.

          Yes - you can claim the full amount, irrespective of how many you buy.

        • Via depreciation only. If you google you'll find that info on the ato website…

          • @justtoreply: If you buy in two individual orders I think you'd be ok

            I'm not an accountant, so this is not advice

    • the ATO may also call your work and have them state that you needed it and they did not have any alternatives for you - which is fine assuming you have a good relationship with your current/past employer

  • +2

    Can anyone help me with something I haven't found a neat solution for, in so long!

    What's the best way to have 2x [email protected] screens working together, along with USB devices and ethernet, in a one USB-C/TB cable solution, for:
    - MacBook Pro M1 2020 (personal)
    - Dell Latitude 5300 2-in-1 , i5 8365u, 16gb ram (work)

    and then basically i'd just switch the entire setup between the two laptops with 1 USB-C Cable

    What dock do I get and can my Dell even do 2x 4K 60Hz? Ahhh hate this stuff. Work gave me a WD19TB Dell Dock but this can't do what I just said.

    Oh and preferably not DisplayLink!

    • I think there is a Dell KVM monitor that might be up your alley if you want them both connected at the same time

      • As in I need two of those Dell KVM monitors? Which one you talkin bout?

        • Don't know sorry. I think you can daisy chain some usb-c monitors.

    • +1

      I don’t think your M1 MacBook can do two external displays without display link anyway right?

      • oh true, damnit. my other option i'm thinking of is a 49" 32:9 monitor that would be at a 2K resolution - that would basically be the same as having 2x 27" 2K screens next to each other, without the border.

        but the issue with that is when I screen-share on Teams, it would look so stupid. Or I'd have to share application specific windows which is not desirable.

    • +2

      For the M1 there is absolutely no solution. I don't think the M1 supports dual displays outside of a virtual display adapter. Need someone with more Apple experience to confirm.

      Also on the dell, it's going to be either very difficult or very expensive. I had the hp thunderbolt Dock, which apparently did support dual 4k, but i think the MONITORS needed to support dp1.3/1.4 too (for hbr3). I managed to get it to work however because the hp Dock had a separate full usb 3.2+dp pass through, so got a separate usbc-dp dongle on the Dock and that did work. The newer titan Ridge thunderbolt controllers may be better? But I didn't want to spend $300 to find out it didn't work.

      The better solution, is to go qhd at 27" for what distance most people sit. Visual acuity is about 53cm for 4k27 and 86cm for qhd 27. At 27", one would sit much closer to 86cm.

      Going qhd eliminates any scaling issues (native qhd 27 fits great) and also dual qhd60hz works fine on most usbc docks due to the lower bandwidth.

      • +1

        On my Mac Mini M1 I use a USB C to HDMI cable for the second display.

        • +3

          M1 supports max two displays. For notebooks one of those is the built in screen which cannot be disabled. Mac Mini will do two external screens because no internal screen

    • that is exactly my setup. i have a dell thunderbolt wd19 docking station which works fine on dell, and also works with the mac however it does glitch sometimes causing the mac to crash. i think belkin docking station (https://www.belkin.com/au/business/hubs-and-docks-for-busine...) may be more mac friendly.

    • ALOGIC Prime MX2 USB-C Dual 4K works fine on my Mac Air M1 with 2 monitors

      • Is that a DisplayLink dock? it's official page claims to only do 1x display for mac

        • I have displaylink installed on my Mac. Maybe that's how it worked with 2 monitors.

    • +3

      I'll be blunt, that setup poses multiple challenges for both the Mac and the Windows laptop. You get to experience the dark side of USB-C in full.

      • The Mac M1, while supporting USB-C/alt-mode DP1.4, does it in the minimal sense (1 external display). Furthermore, it doesn't play well with USB-C monitors made for Windows (works, but not perfect, try disconnect and re-connect repeatedly, see how fast you get the display on USB-C showing again).
      • i5-8365u, while the USB-C chipset is technically capable of DP 1.4, the embedded GPU isn't. That means, at USB-C/alt-mode, you need to go down to DP 1.2 to achieve 4K/60Hz. What that means is that you essentially have to change your USB-C monitor operating mode to prioritise display (so all USB-A ports via the USB-C link are USB 2.0 only).
      • Next, you need to tackle Apple "clearly" holding back M1 (so M1 Pro and M1 Max look a lot better). Without DisplayLink, you cannot get dual external monitors.

      The most sensible way is not to go down this USB-C pipe dream marketing hype Apple and Intel are feeding you. If you insist on doing that, you will end up having to deal with the lowest common denominator for all your devices. If you have a deep pocket, then you could go M1 Pro/Max/Ultra, Intel 12th gen and go Thunderbolt 4 (which, display wise, is really just Thunderbolt 3 with all features implemented). There will be a new revision of Thunderbolt 4 in the future (so the USB-C/Thunderbolt mess will continue, but probably more for 6K or 8K, so the pain will be much later).

      • Agreed. Are you saying that it is possible without the USB-C one-cable dream?

        • +1

          No, I am saying, one cable dream is only feasible for more expensive equipments (and/or newer equipments):

          • M1 Pro or better on the Mac side.
          • Intel 12th gen (or at least 11th gen with Thunderbolt 3 or 4 supporting up to 4 4K displays).
          • Thunderbolt displays are generally better suited for this than USB-C.

          A lot of us have M1 and/or Intel 8th gen mobile / laptop chipset devices. They are good value for money, but corners were cut (on the devices). You might be able to find hubs / docks which will allow you to fulfil your single cable, but you will need to deal with some compromises (DP 1.2 only for that Intel 8th gen device, and the need for DisplayLink for M1). The main issue is the weak GPU in both devices.

        • +1

          Bandwidth problems with [email protected] and multiple displays. Maybe go a single larger 4K screen and it will be OK if only one laptop connected at a time.

          • @entropysbane: It's not a bandwidth problem (for M1 at least), it is the weak / limited embedded GPU issue.

    • +3

      <TLDR>Neither of your laptops support DisplayLink 1.3\1.4 so they have insufficient bandwidth over 1 cable for dual 4k 60hz.
      For the Dell 5300, if you require dual 60hz then it's USB-C for one then HDMI for the second monitor</TLDR>

      Parking the issue that M1 doesn't support 2 displays.
      Video signal over USB-C is DisplayLink

      Here is where it get's misleading and depends on your connectivity.
      eg: Majority of Docks, Laptops and Monitors only support USB-C DisplayPort (Display Link) 1.2, which technically can support 2 x UHD at 60hz (however in the real-world, a dock\hub will be used, this halves the bandwidth as it will enable the USB functionality, leaving the max res at 2 x UHD at 30hz).

      To get dual 4k at 60hz over a single USB-C cable, the Laptop, and Docking Stations must support Display Port (Display Link) 1.3\1.4. Your laptop (like most) is only display port 1.2 so it's a no-go. Technically if you connect the monitor to the Docking Station via HDMI or Display Port (not USB) then the monitor itself doesn't need to support Display Link 1.3\1.4, just standard HDMI\Displayport.

      Yep, too much marketing and confusion.

      • For the Dell 5300 that HDMI port can't do 4K @ 60Hz, I've tried.

        And yes good analysis. USB-C and displays are such a mess, honestly.

        • +3

          More problems in the future with USB-C/USB 4.0 DP 2.0 standard announced. Current Thunderbolt 4 devices are all DP 1.4 based devices, so the mess will continue. If you upgrade now, you will not get the DP 2.0 benefit. So many questions at the moment. Will Apple address this issue with M2 (and if yes, probably at best squeeze in one more external display support). Also, will we be needing new cables (most likely) and they will cost more. Lastly, there is also the need for future USB-C monitors to support DP 2.0 (won't be cheap).

          The reality is USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 doesn't solve everything. The entire pipe needs to be in sync for you to get the max out of it. One weak link messes things up.

          Apple has started USB-C/PD 3.0 and the MagSafe is a good evidence that a lot of these dongle USB-PD/Pass Through (inc. Apple's own one) are not ideal. Looks like AMD will push / support USB 3.2 gen 2x2 in the next Ryzen series (7xxx). We know Apple won't support that. More mess to come.

        • You are correct, the HDMI port on the 5300 is only HDMI v1.4 so doesn't support 4k at 60hz over HDMI.
          By any chance do you know if the laptop came with the optional "Thunderbolt™3"? This was an OPTION and NOT standard.
          In such case a dock like TB16 should support dual 4k displays at 60hz.

    • Your M1 only does 1 display as extended

      I have a 16inch MBP M1 Pro and use an older Dell WD19TB dock

      it's 1 USB Type C connecter into the MBP (i have it on a stand and use the inbuilt display as a 3rd monitor)

      Ethernet. 3.5mm audio out. I have 2 x 4k 60Hz LG displays connected with: DP > DP into 1 display. USB Type C > DP cable into the second, using the Thunderbolt port on the back of the dock.

    • To clarify, do you want to able to have both the latitude and the MBP connected to the displays, show both at once? U2723qe or U3223qe
      Or just one at a time connected to the same USBc cable? -just about any USBc display will do.

      Also, for Mac you want certain U series displays to get full software features. At least for the main one. Check carefully. And if you really want two displays, a DP 1.4 dock, or buy two apple studio displays daisy chained via Thunderbolt. And sell your firstborn to pay for it all.

      Edit: Spammenotinoz said it better.

    • I got the S3423DWC from this deal, with USB C and KVM, it does the job without a doc.

  • Is there any way to add use this next to my other 27" 4K monitor with USB-C, and have my Macbook Air M1 utilise both screens? I believe it can only do 1 external monitor, unless anyone knows a workaround..

    • Display link is the only workaround

    • hp displaylink 4k, works for me. ALOGIC Prime MX2 USB-C Dual 4K also works fine on my Mac Air M1 with 2 monitors.

    • DisplayLink is the only workaround. However, the cheapest DisplayLink dongle deal from OZB was nearly 2 years ago and any decent Thunderbolt dock with DisplayLink will cost you. Furthermore, DisplayLink is a technology most Mac users moved away from previously (prior to M1). Every time you upgrade to the latest major OSX release, the DisplayLink driver will most likely take some time to become available.

  • +4

    Came here for "code not working" or "price is still showing xxxx and not $299" comment

    • +2

      You need to get out more.

      • +8

        I browse ozbargain when Im out too

  • +2

    I don't need it. I don't need it. I dont need it.

    • +1

      don't buy it then : ) simple solution

      • Think of the savings u can get from buying this ;)

  • Any recomendations at 4k for colour accuracy and content creation?? Thanks :)

    • +1


  • Any idea if the stand can be purchased separately?


  • I feel that mid-premium monitors should have 90Hz as the new minimum, especially with budget phones having at least that and users getting used to it.

    It's not the same with a TV you are 1.5+ metres away from, but with phones & monitors you are much closer to the screen.

  • +2

    Thanks for the deals dealbot. Do you think there will be any deals in the near future for the S2721D/DS? Been waiting for those to pop up since seeing it last year in the low 200s.

    • +4

      I am working on some things for dell.com at the moment but won’t be finalised till maybe the weekend.

      Should be a couple of 32” coming up soon.

      • Do you mean 32" 4k under $300?

        • Already have the SE for $380, I don't think will have another one under $300.

          May be the 32" IPS gaming QHD and UHD.

      • 32" 34" or 38" 4K IPS pleaseeeeee 🙏🏽

      • Any indication as to what they are and price? Can’t decide if I should roll the dice and wait or just grab this one.

        • There’s 2000 QS available. I don’t think you need have FOMO.

      • are you planning to get any 34" or higher ultra wide(better model not in S but in U model) at $500-$600 range,
        Got one S3423DWC from this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/701155
        If anything better, I can cancel now.

        • U models are commercial and will never be made on eBay.

  • Does everyone who owns this use UI scaling? You'd be squinting if otherwise?

    • +1

      I own this and use full 4K res at 150% scaling on Windows. Looks great and very very usable.

    • This is one of the monitors I use for working from home. Got it for $299 (non eBay Plus) last year.

      I use 175% scaling on Windows and it's perfect for the home office.

    • +1

      The scaling works well. However these panels have backlight problems.

      I have one, and would not buy it again.

      • +1

        That's a shame. My Dell S2721DGF has been stellar.

        Thanks for sharing. Avoiding it.

      • I've been using the S2721QS for close to two years and it's not very noticeable under normal conditions. I suppose if you regularly use it in a dark room with no ambient lighting, then it could be a problem, but it's pretty par for the course for budget monitors in my experience. For ~$300, this has been a fantastic display for me.

  • Kind of regretting getting the 27" 165hz 1440p one over a 4k. I barely game and I'm sure the resolution would be nice.

    • +1

      Don't worry I've got 3x the 165hz model and I game all the time and am still contemplating this model. I need to learn willpower or have my ISP block OzBargain!

    • +1

      4k on a 27" isn't that great. You want a 32" for 4k

      • +2

        Very much disagree with this.

        • It probably depends on how you use it and how good your eyesight is.
          For me, using mine for work, and doing a lot of drawing and editing of diagrams, I found my 27" 4k monitor too small, and I found myself squinting and having to zoom in a lot more.
          When I switched to a 32" 4k monitor I had none of these problems and it is perfect for my use.

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