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[eBay Plus] PS5 DualSense Controller (All Colours) $70.36 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay


Edit 2/6: All colours are back in stock! :)

Cheaper than the JB Hi-Fi deal by $0.74 plus it’s delivered :)

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      It says you didn’t +

  • good job
    waiting for next ps5 drop

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      waiting for next ps5 drop

      Based in your advice, I tried it. It's broken.

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        I got mine thru this In Stock channel on Discord. Gotta be quick but!! Took me three months.


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          Why is this downvoted?? What the feck is wrong with you people.

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            @Madkant: happens all the time my friend. I said just a couple of days ago I prefer getting everything to my door rather than going in store and everyone lost their mind. haha. I think everyone just folllows the mood in the moment. Upvotes get upvoted. Downvotes get downvoted. No rhyme or reason - but it's absolutely meaningless so don't ever bother about it. I love downvotes because I know a unfunny joke or something has triggered someone. Many knobs here but heavily outweighed by the legends.

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          Got mine through that group too, not sure why you got downvoted.

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            @bobmonkey17: Everyone crying about not getting one and just think it will fall into their lap. Try to help and get downvoted.

            Lol Jokers.

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              @Madkant: I think seamonkey was making a joke based on the word "drop".

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              @Madkant: You missed the joke about seamonkey (physically) dropping their PS5 as a play on to PS5 (stock) drops. That warrants a neg according to some ozbargainers.
              I’ve upvoted for useful information

  • Still have a second unopened launch white controller that I got from Amazon as a replacement, thinking perhaps I should offload that on Marketplace and grab one of these. Purple looks great.

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      Definitely should especially because the drift problem with the white, black and red controllers.

      • If it is replacement, normally they will give the newer version even if it is the white one.
        Just got my replacement recently and it is the newer one based on the serial number

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      I own one of the purple ones and I can say it looks just as good in real life, would recommend.

      • Thank you just went and got a purple one!

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    Will go great with the empty space i have set aside for my PS5 console!!

  • Cosmic red or starlight blue

    • blue coz it's more likely to be a new model with improved trigger design as many people pointed out in previous post. blue/pink/purple these 3 are the newer ones.

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    I have nobody to play with, yet this will be my 4th dualsense controller lol

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      7 colours for 7 days, sony needs to release at least one more

      • Green, yellow or orange!

    • Wanna be friends

    • -2


  • use jbhifi perk voucher and pick up any colour of controller for $69

    • Voucher is once per account though…

      • yeah, i never used mine. Make a new account and use that voucher

        • Requires a new phone number

  • Bummer, purple OOS

  • +1

    Now the only thing I need is Ps5 :(

  • Wish I hadn't bought all these for full price 😅

  • Of course right after I pick mine up from JB

    • buy this sell yours for $80 especially if its not white should sell easy

      • I don't think selling the controller is easy? When I tried to sell a ps5, I had people that look like my life may be in danger meeting them or offering under retail price, lol.

        Lol well price difference less than a dollar but more just driving out for it but I bought other stuff too to make the petrol costs hurt less

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      not a big deal definitely, you still got a great bargain

  • Nova pink also OOS

  • -2

    I can't stand the PS5 controller compared with PS4, it's so much more Xboxy than it is PlayStation.

    I've found it aweful for fast input games like Tekken or Rocket League.

    I've got a white PS5 controller used once - PM me if interested at half this.

    • What about it don't you like? I dislike the Xbox One controller for similar games so I'm wondering if this new controller has similar issues.

      Granted, I also took issue with some aspects of the DualShock 4, namely the thumbsticks feeling stiff and the bad D-Pad (which is par for the course with PS controllers).

      • The X, O Triangle and Square buttons are a little raised instead of flat. That means for me, it's slower to actually press them as well as quickly swap between theme.

        The entire controller feels larger in the hand like an XBOX controller, I think it would be better for FPS, but it kind of extends the hands too much.

        The triggers are a little heavier which again, great for some games that benefit from this (say, accurate acceleration in Gran Turismo) however the PS4 ones are lighter, meaning they can be input faster.

        Pretty personal, but definitely try before you buy.

        • Yeah the dome shape of the Xbox buttons makes it feel slower than the DualShock style flat buttons to me. Shame to hear they've ditched those with the DualSense, but it seems like all good controller design decisions somehow get removed (the excellent SNES d-pad compared to everything Nintendo has made since, for example).

  • If you buy a new Dualsense Controller, make sure the FCC ID number ends in xxxxA which means it's the revised model with stronger springs. If it's not the revised model, I suggest returning it or holding on to that receipt for warranty.

  • why does every controller have drift problems these days, is it really that hard to just make a good quality controller

    i dont remember this ever being a problem with any ps1, 2, or 3 controller

    • Probably skimping on the quality of crucial bits like sticks and buttons to offset the cost of gimmicks like the DualSense adaptable triggers, Joy Con HD Rumble, etc.

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