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Unlimited 2GB / 28 Days Prepaid Mobile Plan $0 (Ongoing Renewal $12) Delivered @ amaysim


Unlimited 2GB / 28 days Prepaid Mobile Plan for $0 (normally $12) delivered at Amaysim
Must activate SIM card by 17 July 2022

2GB data
Optus 4G Plus network
Additional data (if you run out) is $10/1GB

Unlimited data banking
Each time you renew your plan, any unused data will be added to your bank
There's no limit on how much data can be stored in your data bank and no expiry period, as long as you stay with your plan

Unlimited talk & text
Standard talk, SMS and MMS to mobiles & landlines
Calls to 13 & 18 numbers, and voicemail

Renews every 28 days
Automatically renews for $12 every 28 days

Referral Links

Referral: random (630)

$10 credit to both the referrer and referee. Referee needs to provide referrer their email address.

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    40 GB Optus SIM is $10 at Coles if you just want one for a month (visitors). Reduced from $30.

    • +30

      The advantage is… It's FREE!
      Amaysim allows incoming calls & SMS for a year after the 28d use.
      So gives a free number & over a year of use to gain Deals here.

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        Free AND delivered!

        • +2

          Free and esim!

      • +1

        Do you mind sending the link? I didn't know about this thanks!

        Edit: Does the plan just switch to a pay as you go thing with $0 credit but still expires in a year?

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        How we can remove card details to avoid automtic renewal?

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          In your account:
          Change payment method to BPay now
          Turn off auto recharge after activated

          Set up with PayPal - can remove auto payment permission there.

          Been doing that with Amaysim for years of free SIMs

      • Now that's interesting!

      • are you sure about it ?Amaysim allows incoming calls & SMS for a year after the 28d use.?

    • +2

      But this is free :/

    • Usually lots of SIM offers available.

      Nice offer if a Telstra Plus member…
      $80 Belong SIMs @2000pts ea
      Each SIM can be used for 6mth of calls & data, or 500GB as Data SIM. Data is bankable / transferable on both.

      Ways to get extra points for effectively FREE SIMs!

      10k pts for adding card to Telstra Plus market
      Free Gift (Points, Accessories, TV or Other Random Gift) for Telstra Plus Members @ Telstra Plus
      Took a very cheap backpacker holiday in February & earnt 20k pts per night. For 5n @$35/n, 100k pts is a lot of SIMs etc for very little money & holiday in Noosa!

      • does the 500GB of data from a data sim last forever once transferred to a calls & data sim? i've heard people saying the data quota from a data sim will be cleared at end of current billing cycle of the calls & data sim

        • Data is rolled over to next cycle if SIM is recharged. Use / don't let SIM expire.

          Never used it myself. Just received SIMs. As were almost free, a good time to find out. Won't be recharging. Surplus data can be gifted / sold.

          Intending to set up 1 SIM for phone (6months using $20 referral) & another as Data SIM, gifting data to phone SIM to use over 6months.

          See discussion in comments in Belong Deals.

      • Could you help share details about that 500GB for 6months thing?

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      Kogan would be better for visitors 30GB for $1 a month.

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    Also $4.20 cashback with Shopback

    • Nice! Hopefully Cashrewards will match…

    • +1

      Tried. Tracked @$0!
      $4.20 Cashback listed above in Deal or in App / site may not be paid out.

    • +2

      $4.20? What you smoking? In any case, both ShopBack and Cashrewards have 100% cashback on this deal, so take your pick. Tracking guaranteed, or your money back

      • It’s what OzB has listed in the drop down info box. Edit: Which is accurately scraped from their websites. Where did you get 100% from?

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    Signed up another SIM on existing account.

    Requesting to port existing (non Amaysim) number means SIM doesn't arrive preactivated.

    Otherwise SIM is activated when it is sent. But is reset to 28d after first use (within about 14d of being sent.)

    Porting is done when you choose to activate (within 30d is usual for cashback). I've previously decided not to Port & requested new number later.

    • Not entirely correct. You can buy a SIM with a new number and it will not be pre-activated if you select PayPal as the payment method.

      When you select PayPal as your payment method then Amaysim will ask at time of purchase to verify your ID. Do not verify your ID at this time. The SIM will then not be pre-activated when it arrives. Then when you are ready to use the SIM (generally no more than 30 days to get the deal), you can log onto your account, verify your ID, start the activation and then start using the SIM.

      • "…on existing account"
        ID check is then not required, so arrives preactivated, even with Paypal. So was correct.

        For new accounts - easiest as you suggest with Paypal.
        If provide CC - ID check is then not required, so arrives preactivated.

        Or can do as I suggested - provide any number to port to, then change to new number at time of (later) activation.

        Done it the different ways over years of free SIMs with Amaysim.

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    Anyone knows when we need to activate the sim by?

    • See comment above!

      • So I assume I can activate the sim with a new number in a couple of months' time and have the 28 days reset as soon as I activate (in a couple month's time)?

    • +1

      Must be activated by 17/7/22 as per T&C's document in the deal link.

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    This can do an eSIM to your phone, e.g. S21 and etc.. Good deal if you wanna have 2 accounts on your phone.

    • Link for eSim?

  • Terrible customer service, literally lazzy employees who cannot read email from same thread man, refusing to honor the 6 renewals that they themselves activated on different email. Because Cannot order sim or activate plan on one email which already has a number on this small 2 GB plan.

    They have left eBay CS way way behind.

  • It says automatic renewal and they have my card details. Seems like there is no option to remove card details? Do I need to contact customer care to remove the card?

    • +5

      In your account:
      Change payment method to BPay now
      Turn off auto recharge after activated

      Or if set up with PayPal - can remove auto payment permission there.

      Been doing that with Amaysim for years of free SIMs

      • Thanks mate!

        • Also change to pay as you go.

          • @fozzie: @frozzie does that option only appears when I activate the sim?

            • +2

              @Techefy: If you don't auto recharge, it automatically becomes PAYG. So nothing to change to.

              • @Rather be Travelling: It goes into a PAYG state. However, there is still a PAYG plan which you can select to make it official.

                Under PAYG, if you don't have enough credits, does Amaysim still let you make calls and send text (and send you a bill for those items at the end of the month)?

                • @DoctorCalculon: Don't know. Never tried.

                • @DoctorCalculon: No. Because its pay as you go.
                  It's not a phone contract, and they don't credit check you, so they wouldn't let you use the service and send you a bill to maybe pay the next month.
                  It's pay as you go.

  • Does anyone know which provider let's you choose your new number instead of just 5 digits?

  • +1

    Chose ESIM, Activated on my 22 Ultra, cancelled renewal and Paypal susbcription just incase. Can disable/activate Simcard anytime. Good for signing up to promos =]

  • Until when do you need to activate them?

  • Tried but was declined as my number is already on their systen :(

  • I don't need it and I am not getting one but anything delivered free is a great deal.

  • Anyone know if there are any implications for having too many active SIM numbers?

  • I never received my sim from the last time they had this deal.

    • Me neither. I don't know where it was posted to. Gonna get another one then

  • Signed up but for some reason ID verification failed. There was an issue with using IOS so was told to use edge on the computer. Requested to cancel instead, then asked for my information to be removed from their system (to hopefully avoid spam). Was told that they can’t delete my information due to “data laws of Australia”, but that it will automatically be deleted at 2 years… a bit wary of this company’s need to keep my information.

  • +4

    Use the referral for extra $10 credit!

  • Does anyone know if you can activate the international calling pack on this plan? E.g. $10/mth for 10 countries like the other providers offer?

    Their website has a page on it: https://www.amaysim.com.au/plans/mobile-plans/international/... but it doesn't say anything on activating this add-on if your plan originally doesn't have it included.

    • +1

      as far as i can recall, for amaysim, it is either included in the plan or you have to just use it with credit and international calling rates per minute

  • What's the max number of prepaid services we can hold? Is there a limit, from a legal perspective or any other concern?

    • After 5 you might be asked for more ID

  • Hi, can I buy sim now with a new number and activate it later when my current amaysim plan expires in August. I want to retain my number. Is that possible?

    • Once Amaysim plan expires, becomes Pay As You Go. Still receive calls & SMS for a year. But can't make calls without credit.

      Can't port Amaysim number to Amaysim.
      Need to port out to another provider (eg Kogan $1 30d 30GB SIM) & back to keep number.

      • @Rather be Travelling When the Amaysim plan expires and becomes Pay As You Go, is it one year from activation or when it becomes Pay As You Go? and is there any notification when the one year is approaching expiry date?

        • +1

          My experience over years (which could change) is 1yr or longer after the (28d) plan ends. Has been up to 2yrs in rare cases.

          Emails warnings are sent, that the number will soon expire. They hope you will add $10 to keep it as PAYG. Or take up offers of other plans.

          • +2

            @Rather be Travelling: I've got two old Amaysim services which have long passed the "drop dead" date (and disappeared from my Amaysim login), but can still receive calls and text messages. One of them is now 571 days over and the other is 233. Out of curiosity more than anything else, I tried to port the latter to Kogan (one of the $1 deals) yesterday, but it failed. I called the Kogan porting team, who tried again, but it failed again. They've escalated it and said they'd get back to me within 24 hours. If it can't be ported so be it; I'll just run with the number on the Kogan starter pack.

            TLDR: Don't count on being able to port an expired Amaysim number.

            • +2

              @Colin2905: Good point - but I mainly use them as a contact number for Deals, so never ported.

              Have a bag of old SIMs, stored with number, email used, activation date etc. That info is also in old Amaysim emails - easily searched by number. Occasionally check if still active

              And use for cashback services. (SMS verification is needed to payout cashback.) Just remember the number in case it no longer receives calls. Can then change to another number on your cashback profile.

  • Is there a min commitment period like 12 months or so? (Sorry didnt read fine print t&c)

  • Does anyone know how many of these prepaid sim can be allowed under one name?

    • +1

      don't know the hard limit, if any, but i've got 13 numbers under 1 account so far..

      • Thanks!

      • How many from this deal?

        • 1….for now ;)

  • Would that be much trouble if porting from Optus? How long does that take usually, experience from anyone? Thanks.

  • Can I order a sim with new number the decide to port old number on activation? I’ve already ordered a sim last time they had a free one under old number…

  • +2

    another number to get me another $10 off Jbhifi

  • Thanks OP, great esim for a second number for signing up to different deals

  • Anyone get any surprise cashback on this deal? Mine is showing Pending/Calculating on ShopBack.

    • +1

      Early cashback… In just 7 days?
      That would be a real surprise!🤣

      Should stay pending for the 75d.
      But Amaysim is unlikely to pay out to ShopBack, then to us.
      Cashback was changed to $0 after Deal posted. ShopBack was slow to update.

      Clicked through when it showed $4.20 cashback😉

  • How does it work with eSim? Can I have physical sim with data on it, and keep my number on eSim for 12 months with Amaysim after the 30 days expires?

    • +2

      you get unlimited calls/texts and 2gb data to use for 28 days only

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