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Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump 1S US$35.29 (~A$50.70) Delivered @ Mijia MI Online AliExpress


This popular deal earlier in the week has now become a little bit cheaper thanks to a store coupon. The Xiaomi Portable Air Pump 1S is small, powerful and perfect for topping up tyres on you bike, escooter or even your car. It has a flow rate of 15L/pm, USB-C charging and an inbuilt light.

I use one of these to check my electric scooter tyre pressure every week and it could easily fill from from flat in a few seconds. Larger wheels like those found on 14" and 16" EUCs take seconds as well.

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  • cant comment on price but im happy with mine

  • Will get CB from CR with this coupon ?

    • +1

      Yeah it's an affiliated coupon code and item so despite CR not listing the code you still get cashback. Just make sure that when you receive any products from AliExpress that you confirm it's delivery under Orders in your AliExpress account.

      • Thanks for me showing as $49.46?

        • +4

          I base my US price off the current Mastercard exchange rate as the AU rate will be inflated on the website. If you have a currency conversion free card, add that to your PayPal account, set the website currency to USD and when you go to pay, select the card and click "See currency options" and set it to bill in USD. Then you'll get the exchange rate.

  • +4
  • Does anyone know where I can buy a push on valve attachment? In stead of the screw on attachment included with this.

  • +1

    PayPal $51. Bought one anyway.

    • Same here. Got one at $51.

  • Anyone have experience using this to inflate soccer/afl balls

    • Yes, good for this. Approx 6 litres of air in soccer ball, so roughly 30 secs of pumping. The output of the pump is stated at 15litres/hour but I think it’s a little under that.

      • Wait, per minute right?

  • +1

    Anyone know if this can be used to inflate camping mats or pillows?

    • +1

      It's more for high pressure but small volume. But that said, I haven't tried. I don't think it comes with a suitable tip either.

      • +4

        Yeah I tried
        No way

  • -1

    Not want you want. Will be time to deflate your mattress by the time this fills it up!

    Better off with a mini ozito blower for the price.

    • -1

      Not sure what you're baseline is but this is the updated model with twice the flow rate of the original. I've got the new one and seems reasonably quick to me.

      2022 version 15L/min
      old version 7L/min

    • +2

      These portable battery powered air pumps aren't designed to inflate mattresses. You need a high flow pump for that, it's a completely different use case.

  • +5

    I bought this and used it to top up a car tire (18 to 25 psi). Took about 5-10 minutes.
    Won't do a blow up mattress.
    Also no go on balloons.

    I'd only do balls and bike tires, maybe a car in a pinch if I had an hour.

    • +1

      Yeah cars for emergencies only.

  • I use this for my bicycles and it has been excellent. It is slow and noisy but it does its job.

  • the batteries dont last long on these as well, after 100% to 0% after pumping 15psi into car tyres..

    • +2

      It's not a very big air pump. It's designed for smaller tyres like those on a bike. My scooter's 10" tyres were done dozens of times. The only reason I mention cars is that it can be used in an emergency.

      Get a much larger one or one that runs off the 12V port if you want something better.

  • Can u use this to top up kmart gym ball

  • Can we use this on blowing party balloons 🎈.

  • Does the tip fit for a motorcycle without needing to get an adapter?

    • +2

      Yes, pumped up my motorcycle to 32psi no issues, no adapters needed

  • Hopefully this will make it much more convenient to keep my motorbike tyres topped up before each ride.
    Instead of checking them once every week or two with the one I connect to my car.

    • +1

      Yeah, it's awesome, I ride every once in a while so it's a pain having to ride to the nearest servo every time to check pressures lol

      • +1

        I don’t trust servo tyre pumps anymore.
        I bought one of those 4wd ones that hook into jump starter points under my bonnet a few years back, which is super accurate and works great.
        But it’s cumbersome to set up just to add 1 or 2 psi to my bike tyres. But those 1 or 2 psi are super important on my bike for safety.

  • +1

    The website listing claims it can do 150PSI, can anyone confirm?

    I wonder how long it would take to pump a 25" wheelchair tyre from 80 to 140PSI.

    • +1

      150PSI for sure. 80 to 140 is only 60PSI so that's no problem. Can't give specifics but might take a minute or 2.

    • +2

      Works really well for wheelchairs.

  • Will it work on the Presta valve on my mountain bike? Read through the product description and comments and couldn't find anything. Cheers

  • +1
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